The Stone

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  1. The Forum Rules
  2. Frequently Asked Harry Potter Questions
  3. The Black Family Dynamics Revisited
  4. REVISED: Character Bashing/Worship: aka Shades of Gray
  5. How to have a pleasant conversation on any topic.
  6. Fred Weasley's Death
  7. Remus Lupin's Death
  8. Discussion: Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody's Death
  9. Discussion: The Horcruxes
  10. Discussion: The Deathly Hallows
  11. The Dumbledore Family
  12. Harry almost was a horcrux... wow
  13. Nymphadora Tonks's Death
  14. Here lies Dobby, a free elf
  15. Hedwig's Death
  16. Percy's Reconciliation
  17. Secrets of Death
  18. Secrets of the Soul
  19. All about Goblins
  20. Harry's "Death" -- What was it really?
  21. The Dursleys Departing
  22. The Battle of Hogwarts
  23. The Evans Sisters
  24. The use of Unforgivables
  25. Discussion: Voldemort's Death
  26. The Prophecy in light of Deathly Hallows
  27. R.A.B. Revealed
  28. Discussion: Colin Creevey's Death
  29. Harry's reaction to Ginny after the final battle
  30. Harry was related to Voldemort - the Peverell connection
  31. Timelines
  32. Voldemort's (first) Downfall Revisited
  33. Godric Gryffindor's sword
  34. Voldemort's arrogance against Kreacher
  35. Rufus Scrimgeour: His death and beyond
  36. Did You Grow Weary of the Repeated Miraculous Escapes?
  37. Discussion: Bellatrix Lestrange's Death
  38. Peter Pettigrew's (Wormtail's) Death
  39. Do you think Fenrir Greyback died?
  40. Potterwatch
  41. The Name's Tabooed!
  42. The graves, house, and memorial at Godric's Hollow
  43. Wizarding Society: Discrimination, Blood Status, Non Humans...
  44. Love, and the consequences of our choices
  45. Narcissa Malfoy's Revelation
  46. Neville Killing Nagini
  47. Voldemort and the Room of Requirement
  48. Snape Threads: Post DH
  49. Harry's 'Death' Gave Protection to Everyone
  50. McGonagall vindicated!
  51. Hermione Granger: not just a bookworm
  52. The last word isn't scar
  53. The Greater Good
  54. What were you dead wrong about?
  55. The Fidelius charm - how it works and where it can be used
  56. Which side is Draco on?
  57. Discussion: Crabbe's death
  58. The Invisibility Cloak
  59. Ron and his deluminator return
  60. Fiendfyre
  61. Shouldn't Voldemort have become a ghost?
  62. Missing Plots: What did you expect to be in the book, and wasn't?
  63. Voldivision!
  64. How did Kreacher get to Hogwarts?
  65. The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore
  66. Helena Ravenclaw
  67. Godric's HOLLOW (deathly HALLOWS) Gryffindor and Slytherin related?
  68. What were Regulus's real reasons?
  69. Kingsley Shacklebolt - Symbol of Hope?
  70. Expelliarmus
  71. Did the locket possess Umbridge, if so then why didn't she take it off?
  72. Ron Weasley's abandonment in DH
  73. Friendship and Loyalty themes in DH.
  74. The emphasis on fog and mist in the epilogue
  75. The Absence of Revenge in "Hallows"
  76. Hogwarts teachers - do they have spouses and families?
  77. New characters in DH
  78. James and Lily
  79. Charity Burbage
  80. Does Voldemort never learn?
  81. Viktor Krum's Return
  82. Lessons Learned by the Malfoys
  83. What happened to the dementors and Azkaban?
  84. Sirius didn't return - what are your thoughts?
  85. Harry / Hermione: their friendship in DH
  86. Umbridge, A Death Eater?
  87. Why did Voldemort give Lily the chance to live?
  88. Should sorting have continued?
  89. The tunnel between the Room of Requirement and the Hogs Head
  90. When did Dumbledore realize that Harry hosted a part of Voldemort's soul?
  91. So, where lay the flaws in Dumbledore's plan?
  92. Albino Peacocks
  93. Should House Slytherin be disbanded?
  94. Stan Shunpike really was a death eater after all?
  95. How did Dumbledore beat Grindelwald?
  96. Is Harry a powerful wizard?
  97. Why does Voldemort hate the Sorting Hat so much?
  98. Disappointment with the Final Duel
  99. Would have Voldemort taken over the world?
  100. Dean's, Cho's, and Lavender's behavior in HBP and DH in relation to the war
  101. What was Aunt Petunia going to say?
  102. Ravenclaw's Password!
  103. GoF and Priori Incantatem revisted
  104. Arabella Figg's Living Arrangements
  105. What happened to Fudge?
  106. Was Ollivander a Death Eater?
  107. The Sorting Hat - did it know about Harry the Horcrux?
  108. How did Harry turn out as well as he did?
  109. Lack of magic protecting the remaining Horcruxes
  110. Master of Death?
  111. Dudley and the epilogue
  112. The Veil - What do you think it could be?
  113. Bathilda
  114. Why did Harry never use a killing curse?
  115. Chapter One revisited
  116. Problems with the Imperius Curse
  117. Should everyone in Hogwarts battle be in Gryffindor?
  118. What was the curse Molly used to kill Bellatrix?
  119. Did You Enjoy Beedle's Story of the Three Brothers?
  120. Did the Malfoys get what they deserved in DH?
  121. The 3 Absent Death Eaters in GoF
  122. Did Augusta Longbottom change her attitude?
  123. Seekers
  124. Ron Weasley did not speak Parseltongue
  125. What did they do with Voldemort's body?
  126. Hermione's purse
  127. Deathly Hallows Legend and 'The Pardoner's Tale'
  128. Ariana's Power
  129. Anyone else have these theories?
  130. Aberforth and goats
  131. Where were the Aurors?
  132. What character has redeemed themself in your eyes for you?
  133. Hermione and Australia
  134. Things that were too easy / convenient in the book/s
  135. Heroes of the War
  136. All Those Weasley Cousins
  137. Order of the Phoenix not really trying?
  138. Dumbledore's death - discussion following Deathly Hallows
  139. Moral Ambiguities
  140. Harry's Firebolt
  141. Hermione crying.
  142. How did Umbridge get Moody's magic eye?
  143. Who should have died and who should have lived?
  144. Little things that surprised / pleased you in DH
  145. Petunia and "that awful boy"
  146. How did Snape find Harry & Hermione in the Forest of Dean?
  147. Exact location of Durmstrang
  148. The Miracle of the Trio Surviving
  149. What happened to the missing day?
  150. The amazing battle between Mrs. Weasley and Bellatrix
  151. What does killing actually do?
  152. The Aeschylus epigram.
  153. Teddy Lupin and the parallel to Harry
  154. Life Debts
  155. Why not one extra Weasley?
  156. The strongest Weasley
  157. Mad-Eye Moody: not that impressive
  158. Malfoy Family Analysis
  159. Dumbledore's House
  160. Why couldn't James and Lily escape?
  161. Who would you have wanted to come back as a ghost?
  162. The Avada Kedavra
  163. Everybody loves Gryffindor?
  164. "The Dark Lord will rise again...greater & more terrible" Was he really?
  165. What should the Peverells have done?
  166. Who was the best Father?
  167. Different ways to escape Privet Drive
  168. Petunia and Harry: Who expected more?
  169. Trelawney's Correct Predictions?
  170. Werewolves in DH
  171. Felix Felicis In DH
  172. Deathly Hallows: A disappointment? v2
  173. What Hallow played the biggest part in DH?
  174. The Grey Lady's Tale
  175. Anyone Could Have Killed Voldemort
  176. Why Lord Voldemort would show no remorse
  177. Capturing Trelawney
  178. Why was the "Deathly Hallows" concept necessary?
  179. Ariana: Was a Memory Charm Possible?
  180. How did Dumbledore put the ring in the snitch?
  181. Did Dumbledore have any real friends?
  182. Why didn't Snape reveal that Peter was the secret keeper?
  183. Why did Ginny try to steal the sword?
  184. Voldemort no good at Occlumency
  185. Which book was the Turning Point in the Series?
  186. Lupin and Tonks: the relationship
  187. Is Harry really that good at quidditch?
  188. The Creature at King's Cross
  189. Did The Trio Kill Anyone in DH?
  190. The Epilogue v2
  191. What they should have taught in DADA
  192. Cedric and Cho
  193. Why was Filch allowed to remain at Hogwarts?
  194. Which death was the saddest v2
  195. Fires, the Floo Network, & Hogwarts' Security
  196. All about the names in the epilogue
  197. Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw Rivalry
  198. JK Rowling: Revelations Since Deathly Hallows
  199. Homosexuality in Harry Potter v2
  200. References to the Deathly Hallows outside of the seventh book: did you notice any?