The Cloak

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  1. Questions about Thestrals
  2. The Forum Rules
  3. Who did you think the Half Blood Prince was?
  4. Americans for calling the first book Philosopher's Stone
  5. MuggleCast
  6. What color do you imagine Lavender Brown's hair to be?
  7. Questions about boggarts
  8. Post Your Potter Tattoos
  9. Potter Puppet Pals
  10. HP RAT HBP Ch 4: Horace Slughorn Ch 5: An Excess of Phlegm Ch 6: Draco's Detour
  11. Arithmancy, how far useful?
  12. REVISED: Character Bashing/Worship: aka Shades of Gray
  13. How are there about 1000 pupils at Hogwarts?
  14. Do you think that there's a wizarding world?
  15. How to have a pleasant conversation on any topic.
  16. Magic without Wands v.2
  17. J.K.Rowling's Official Site: What's New?
  18. Food at Hogwarts
  19. Questions about Unforgivable Curses
  20. Where does DH rank in your top seven?
  21. The Ministry of Magic
  22. References to WWII
  23. Names: their Meaning, History and Significance v3
  24. The Most Memorable Scenes.
  25. Post-Hallows Depression
  26. Significance and Meanings of Patronus Forms
  27. The Dedicatory
  28. Favourite Chapter of Deathly Hallows
  29. The inside of the book jacket
  30. Dumbledore and the Mirror of Erised
  31. The Quotes after the Table of Contents
  32. Will Harry still be able to speak Parseltongue?
  33. The Five Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration
  34. Peverell Family Trees
  35. The number of deaths
  36. Dumbledore's quote also a nod to JK Rowling?
  37. The Resurrection Stone - how did you react to its use?
  38. Which kiss was better?
  39. Who changed the most?
  40. Questions about portraits
  41. Reaction to DH deaths
  42. Mrs Weasley and the B WORD!
  43. What other character's point of view would you like to hear the story from?
  44. Chocolate frog cards
  45. Any Places in Which People Got Misty Eyed?
  46. Greatest Literary Event of 21st Century?
  47. Does Harry now have two scars?
  48. Questions about the Marauders
  49. Questions about wands
  50. All about house elves magic
  51. Number Twelve Grimmauld Place
  52. Plot twists you had NEVER heard about
  53. "Hundreds of students"
  54. Questions about Horcruxes
  55. Initials
  56. Non-English Speakers: Did you have trouble reading?
  57. Chapter Art of the HP series
  58. Hufflepuff Common Room
  59. A Holey Heart Without Fred
  60. What plot twists did you like the best?
  61. Questions about Dementors
  62. What are Dark Arts really?
  63. Anyone had their books signed?
  64. Harry Potter and the Table of Contents
  65. The evil or good: which allures you more in HP?
  66. Questions about time traveling
  67. Unknown Boggarts
  68. Has fanart / fiction altered the way you perceive canon?
  69. One of these days - once seven is finished - I'll revise all seven books.
  70. Finishing the last book
  71. Who would win in a duel? Voldemort or Dumbledore?
  72. Why didn't people enjoy CoS?
  73. Death Eater ranking
  74. Death Toll
  75. Gringotts Dragon
  76. What song were you listening to while reading DH?
  77. What Magical Object / Tool Would You Want?
  78. Do you have a dictionary propped open while reading?
  79. Do wizards shower/brush their teeth?
  80. The Future of Fan Fiction
  81. Everyone's Patronuses
  82. Astrology - How do the characters relate to their zodiac signs?
  83. References to fans in books
  84. Platform 9 3/4, King's Cross
  85. What will HP be like in 20 years?
  86. Does magic prolong life?
  87. Which book had the best opening chapter?
  88. Magical Transportation
  89. Questions about Muggle-born witches and wizards
  90. Latin in Harry Potter
  91. The Magical Economy
  92. Scholastic J. K. Rowling Open Book Tour
  93. Are we too old for Harry Potter?
  94. Do you wish you had started reading HP earlier in the series?
  95. Harry Potter Merchandise
  96. How, when and at what age did you first read Harry Potter? v.3
  97. Real Life Places Mentioned in the HP series.
  98. In which languages have you read HP?
  99. Does Anyone have a First Edition of any of the HP Books?
  100. Differences between book editions (e.g. UK and US)
  101. Do you think Hogwarts sorted too soon?
  102. Your favorite Ironies in the Harry Potter Series?
  103. Who is to blame for Voldemort going bad?
  104. Have the actors in the movies replace how you imagine them in the books?
  105. Who in Harry Potter do you relate to the most?
  106. Magical phrases
  107. Why do many people not like the OotP book?
  108. Harry Potter translations
  109. HP-Related Dreams v3
  110. What are Nargles, anyway?
  111. Most favorite and funniest little moments in the series
  112. Questions about Metamorphmagi
  113. Unexpected Side Effects of Reading HP books
  114. J.K. Rowling - A Year In The Life Of
  115. Hogwarts Graduation
  116. Maps of HP locations
  117. Which book had the best ending chapter
  118. Questions about the Marauders Map
  119. Pre DH shipping
  120. Polyjuice Potion: Does It Last After Death?
  121. How Do Handicaps Translate into the HP World?
  122. Sharing Worst Traits with Voldemort
  123. Owl Post
  124. Book Chapters in which Harry was not involved
  125. Did anyone taunt you for reading Harry Potter?
  126. Falling out of love with HP
  127. Magical Diseases
  128. Not dead, the UNdead
  129. Did you change your ratings of the books?
  130. Character/Reader Relations?
  131. Plot Points That Weren't Needed
  132. What would you have done with the Inferi?
  133. Did Harry really only do it all because Dumbledore wanted him to?
  134. Winky's "broken English" and its connotations
  135. The Harry Potter Lexicon - Legal Debate
  136. Extended Edition. Which would you choose?
  137. Harry Potter to be included in A-Level syllabus
  138. Harry Potter Exhibition
  139. Do wizards use magic too much?
  140. Self Defense and Defense of Others Against Death Eaters in HP
  141. Which non JK HP books are best?
  142. 10th Anniversary Editions of the HP Books
  143. Rowling pens Potter prequel to benefit charity
  144. Things change - boggarts, patronuses, and worst memories after DH
  145. Will you pass the books to your children?
  146. The nature of summoning
  147. The Gaunt Family
  148. What was the plothole in GOF that made JKR rewrite half the book?
  149. Which is your favourite animal?
  150. White, black & grey characters
  151. England, Harry Potter journey by car
  152. Hogwarts Financial Aid
  153. One-hit Wonders
  154. Good-looking heroes; bad-looking villains
  155. Which blood state would you prefer?
  156. Deathly Hallows Anniversary
  157. Every Flavour Beans
  158. Questions about Animagi v. 2
  159. Algebra taught in Hogwarts?
  160. HP Police
  161. Transferring between magical schools
  162. Questions About Sorting
  163. What Kind Of Shoes Do You Think Harry, Ron, and Hermione Wear?
  164. Moody's Eye's Capabilities
  165. The Chamber of Secrets Appreciation Society
  166. The Department of Mysteries
  167. Harry Potter Censorship in Schools and Libraries
  168. Fundamental laws of magic
  169. Sybill Trelawney: True Seer or Right Old Fraud?
  170. What OWL and NEWT grades did they get?
  171. Are spells an international language?
  172. What is your favourite HP memory?
  173. Harry, A History
  174. Chapter names. What did you think?
  175. Your very first impressions of the characters
  176. The meaning of half life
  177. Why was Harry Potter so successful?
  178. The Dark Arts and The Good Arts
  179. Other schools in the Wizarding World
  180. Dumbeldore's Ancestry
  181. In tribute to all those odd odd theories
  182. The magic Quill
  183. Who's your favourite Weasley and why?
  184. How would Sirius have adapted to life as a free man?
  185. Quidditch - would you really play?
  186. What does the Diadem look like?
  187. Squibs
  188. Do you remember memories in a pensieve?
  189. Wizard Forensics
  190. What happens to the spirits of Non-Witches or Non-Wizards?
  191. Slytherin Rebels in Deathly Hallows and possibly OOTP
  192. Brooms Sports and Racing.
  193. Who was your favourite DADA teacher?
  194. Obesity in the Wizarding World
  195. Humour in the series
  196. If You'd Been at Hogwarts...
  197. Do your HP books break easily...?
  198. What is your favourite chapter from all the books?
  199. Can you kill someone who's with you when you're inside a memory?
  200. About female characters