The Wand

  1. The Forum Rules
  2. REVISED: Character Bashing/Worship: aka Shades of Gray
  3. How to have a pleasant conversation on any topic.
  4. The Next Dark Lord
  5. Beings, beasts and ghosts: What next
  6. The Potter children
  7. The Weasley Children
  8. Questions about Scorpius Malfoy
  9. A Harry Potter encyclopedia
  10. Teddy Remus Lupin (Or, what happens when a werewolf and metamorphmagus have a child?)
  11. Careers of the Trio & More
  12. What will happen to George Weasley?
  13. Who remained to rebuild Hogwarts?
  14. Harry's "Oops!"
  15. Lavender Brown - What happened?
  16. Memorials
  17. Who should become Minister of Magic?
  18. The Resurrection Stone
  19. Can Gryffindor and Slytherin get along now?
  20. Drivers license
  21. What do you think happened to the Dursleys?
  22. Hagrid and Grawp... the giant duo
  23. Speculation: The Weasley Family Tree
  24. Who will Harry pass his magical artifacts on (cloak, map, ...)?
  25. Whatever happened to Dolores Umbridge?
  26. Teddy and Victoire
  27. Neville being Herbology teacher
  28. The children's ages in the epilogue
  29. Hagrid, Maxime and the Triwizard Tournament
  30. #12 Grimmauld Place
  31. The Dark Mark
  32. The fate of the pure-blooded families
  33. Did Harry get an Order of Merlin?
  34. What does the Next Generation look like?
  35. Trelawney's predictions
  36. Gringotts
  37. New Headmaster of Hogwarts Candidates
  38. Who will be the new wand maker...?
  39. The new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher
  40. Rose / Scorpius: What do you think?
  41. What's going to happen to the Founders' relics?
  42. The fate of the minors
  43. What will Rita Skeeter do to Harry?
  44. If the trio went back to Hogwarts
  45. The cottage in Godric's Hollow
  46. The Significance Behind 19 years later
  47. Luna and Newt Scamander's Grandson
  48. Weddings
  49. Neville and Hannah
  50. Narcissa and Andromeda
  51. Will the idea of "Pureblood" die out soon?
  52. Man overtakes Magic
  53. Master of the Elder Wand
  54. Which characters have portraits?
  55. Tri-Wizard Tournament
  56. Lee Jordan: What happened to him?
  57. Who would become godparents?
  58. The heroes of Hogwarts. What happened to those who fought or fell in the final battle
  59. The Malfoy Family
  60. What became of the Death Eaters?
  61. Just how rich is Harry Potter?
  62. Mirror of Erised: 19 Years Later
  63. Draco and Astoria
  64. The Fifth House of Hogwarts
  65. Did/Will Lockhart ever recover from his malady?
  66. Pansy Parkinson... What ever happened to her?
  67. Cho and Ginny - Can they be friends?
  68. Was the Story of Harry's Past Told To the Children?
  69. Where do the characters live 19 years later?
  70. What Happens to Kreacher 19 years later?
  71. 19 Years Later - The Fate of the Order of the Phoenix
  72. Will The Wizarding World and The Muggle World ever re-integrate?
  73. "Magicology" Advances in 19 years later
  74. Who became a ghost?
  75. Hogwarts staff 19 years later.
  76. Dumbledore 19 years later
  77. Zonko's Joke Shop
  78. Do you think that Hagrid will ever get a full education?
  79. What became of Sybill Trelawney?
  80. Charlie Weasley - speculate all you want
  81. Godric's Hollow - A new memorial?
  82. Hogwarts Pranksters 19 Years Later
  83. If Big D got a Wizard Child...
  84. The Patil Twins
  85. Would you want to be in Albus Severus Potter's shoes?
  86. Saying Voldemort's name Post-DH
  87. Harry Potters biography... who would write it?
  88. What happened to Dennis Creevey?
  89. Krum and Hermione
  90. The trio's schoolmates
  91. Harry and Cho... future speculation
  92. Whatever happened to Snape's body?
  93. The Wand: discussion & speculation policy
  94. Enemy relationships mended
  95. Loophole that means Voldemort could still be alive
  96. Another secret society in magical world?
  97. Hugo Weasley
  98. What happened to Goyle?
  99. How Would Harry Die?
  100. Did Ron and Hermione have a happy marriage?
  101. What do you think happened to Grimmauld Place?
  102. What did they do with the Chamber of Secrets after Voldemort died?
  103. How will Harry cope with his experiences?
  104. Parenthood: Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione as Mum and Dad
  105. Would Harry ever help his muggle family medically?
  106. The Weasley family post-DH
  107. Post-War trials of Voldemort supporters
  108. Future Quidditch World Cups
  109. The end of the Statute of Secrecy
  110. Did Hermione ever find her parents in Australia?
  111. The best way to continue the spirit.
  112. How much do you think Neville's 7th year at Hogwarts changed him going forward?
  113. Slytherin's Future
  114. What do you think the wizarding world would be like now?
  115. Future Novels in the Harry Potter World v.2
  116. Albus S. Potter - Slytherin or Gryffindor? v.2
  117. Do you think Harry told anyone about ...
  118. A Muggle Villain (A Witch Hunter)
  119. Layers in fantastic beasts and where to find them