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  1. The Journey Beyond Time
  2. Harry Potter and the Crystal of Turmad
  3. Aftermath of the Great War
  4. Melody Aira Snow; Hogwarts Assistant!:))
  5. Green Eyed Flame
  6. Is There No Sanctuary?
  7. The Female Snape
  8. Dumbledore - he's evil, don't misunderstand
  9. Looking Back On Today
  10. Trust and Hope
  11. 'Wild Heart of the Young'
  12. Green Eyed Ice
  13. Heir of the Phoenix
  14. Black beyond Hogwarts
  15. Disastrous Days
  16. Draco Malfoy
  17. The Dream
  18. Harry Potter and the Potion Master's Daughter- The Sequel!
  19. Swapping with Snape
  20. Harry Potter And Serendipity Snape.
  21. Snape's Saga
  22. Harry Potter and the Shadows of Watchgate (Book6)
  23. Harry Potter and The Alma Flame (OotP Spoilers!)
  24. Meetings
  25. Out of my Element. a year 6 fic (spoilers abound)
  26. Bird of Prey
  27. On the Case
  28. A High Price (AU - With Snape)
  29. A Strange Love
  30. Harry Potter and the Chariot of Thunder {OoTP Spoliers}}
  31. Harry Potter and Dumbledore's Feint
  32. Severus Snape and the Morning Routine (Quick Fiction)
  33. That Night at Number 12 (Quick Fiction)
  34. Harry Potter and the Goblins' Tomb Bug
  35. The Guilt of Severus Snape
  36. Harry Potter and the War Against Voldemort
  37. Big Voldie
  38. Luna's Year
  39. The Low Shine of Light
  40. The Ship of Madness
  41. Living In Your Letters II: Dear Diary
  42. Christmas Eve with the Snapes
  43. Counsel, Guardian, Intruder, Heir (OotP spoilers)
  44. Return to the Wizarding World
  45. Escape
  46. The Second Year
  47. Harry Potter and the New Fight Against the Dark Lord
  48. Professor Potter
  49. How It All Began - A Christmas Story
  50. Harry Potter and the Sixth Year
  51. Harry Potter and the War Against Evil
  52. A New Beginning (changed title!!)
  53. Dark Bloody Knights (formerly Lovegood)
  54. Unlikely Love
  55. As I Ebbed With the Ocean of Life
  56. The Order of the Phoenix and the Purloined Prophetess
  57. Severus Snape and the Philosopher's Stone
  58. The Map Makers:A Tale of the Marauders
  59. Harry Potter and the Gryffindor Sword
  60. The War Within
  61. "Alone"
  62. Harry Potter and the Mystery of Time
  63. Smile From a Stranger: A Snape Mystery
  64. James Potter and Lily Evan's 7th year
  65. The Apollonian Locket (Lily's Story, Year 2)
  66. Mary Sue and Cal Pue
  67. What if..?
  68. Remedial History
  69. Harry Potter and the Arithmentic Theories
  70. Attack of the Snuzzlebleep
  71. The First Cut is the Deepest (L/J) *Revised*
  72. A crazed fan's theoretical ramblings... **Update: ALL NEW!!! Never before seen**
  73. Hogwarts: A Revised and Twisted History
  74. The Marauders: The Screwed Up Edition
  75. Ena's Story: The Early Years
  76. Why?
  77. Secret Agent: Sexy Severus Snape
  78. The Return of Regulas Black
  79. Harry Potter and the Potion Master's Daughter 3
  80. The Only Choice
  81. Behind the Story of the Boy Who Lived
  82. Hermione Granger and the Unseen Element
  83. The Red Light of the Sun
  84. There will be dark days ahead
  85. A Chance To Live
  86. All By Myself - short songfic
  87. A Dinner of Figg (Quick Fiction)
  88. Harry Potter at the Movies (Quick Picko Story)
  89. Dangerous Revenge - a tale of the Marauders
  90. The Go Must Show On [better & recovered version]
  91. Reality
  92. A Twin Trouble
  93. Ron'
  94. The First Halloween - One Shot
  95. Harry Potter and the Veiled Archway
  96. Fantastic Tales - Thestrals
  97. The Shocking Truth!
  98. Dreary Summers
  99. The Harry Potter Monologues - Expectations
  100. Please, Please Forgive Me!
  101. Mysteries Abound
  102. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
  103. Surrounding Mists
  104. THE BOOK OF KAENS (the story after the Potter epic)
  105. A Match Made in House-Elf Heaven (HMS Krinky)
  106. Now or Never (Marauder Fluff)
  107. SpellBound
  108. Running Close to the Ground
  109. Voldemort And His Complicated Plans
  110. McGonagall's daughter
  111. A Lily Story
  112. Mark Evans and the Attic of the Wind
  113. Harry Potter- Sixth book
  114. Harry's Special Power
  115. Harry Potter and the Hidden Keeper
  116. Mysteries of Phoenix
  117. Oblivious
  118. Harry Potter and the secret of the Dementors
  119. Life of a Ladybird
  120. The Woman I Killed
  121. The Dark Peace
  122. Severus Snape and the Whomping Willow Incident
  123. Help Me Remember
  124. Nymphadora Tonks and the Liquor of Jacmel
  125. A Muggle In The Magic World
  126. Sixth Book- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  127. Planting Seeds of Doubt (Marauder fic)
  128. I was a Teenage Voldemort
  129. Lily
  130. Luna's Story-Year One
  131. Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Secret
  132. The Other Side of the Moon
  133. First Year at Hogwarts
  134. Cold
  135. Last Chance and Last Year
  136. A Christmas Spell
  137. Forgiven or Forgotten
  138. Just One Last Time (a Remus Christmas Story)
  139. The Lost Wizard
  140. Black Christmas', Beginning, Middle and the End
  141. The Marauder Chronicles
  142. Harry Potter and the Balancers of Death, book 6
  143. The Light of the Moon
  144. Cho Chang And The Christmas Murderer
  145. Lily and James: a Journey to the end
  146. HP and the Half-Blood Prince
  147. The Night that changed Remus Lupin's life forever
  148. The Problem with Prophecies
  149. The Dark Side of the Moon
  150. In The Shadows
  151. Mordant
  152. The Lost Witch
  153. Telling Remus
  154. reed and pipe organ
  155. Oh What A World
  156. The Last Battle
  157. Life with Lord Voldemort, as told by Peter Pettigrew
  158. A Walk Along the Lake- A book 6 fanfic of love at Hogwarts.
  159. Imperius
  160. HP year six
  161. Hermione -Year 1 & Year 7 (offsite)- "The Making of the Brightest Witch of Her Age"
  162. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: The Cool Version
  163. Survivor- A Comedy!!
  164. Behind His Eyes
  165. Confusion's a Funny Thing
  166. Harry Potter and the Goblin Rebellion
  167. The Time Has Come L/J fic
  168. In Their Own Words ~ L/J Love Story
  169. The 7th Year: Full of Posibilities
  170. A prophecy, the tale.
  171. Harry Potter and The Prophecies of Her
  172. Harry's Proposal
  173. From a couple
  174. Always Remember What You Can't Forget
  175. Nightmares
  176. Harry Potter and the Snares of Fortune and Folly (YEAR SEVEN! Final ships: H/Hr, R/L)
  177. Into The Darkness
  178. Another H/G fanfic
  179. Something more(L/J fan fic)
  180. Memoirs of a Forgotten Gryffindor
  181. Love and Confusion- H/G
  182. Ironic
  183. An IM conversation between the trio and Ginny!
  184. Forever and for Always (H/G)
  185. Bellatrix: A Black Tale
  186. *Another Granger*
  187. Entries Thread - CoS Writing Contest
  188. Marauders and Mudbloods
  189. Ancient Magic: The Final Confrontation
  190. The Ambush of Voldemort
  191. A Letter
  192. I cant give up
  193. The Long Night
  194. Alternate Endings: If Riddle Killed Fawkes
  195. Trust and Betrayal: A Prequel
  196. A Million Times (One Shot Collection)
  197. Entries Thread - CoS Writing Contest v2
  198. An Interesting Night For Romance - A R/Hr oneshot (plus alt. endings!)
  199. An Issue with time
  200. Harry Potter and the Dark Lord