The Common Room

  1. Do you believe that there is a lack of strong female characters so far?
  2. Book 5 Handed In To Publishers!!!!!!!
  3. Your Reaction to Cedric's Death
  4. Book Five Review Thread
  5. Book Six release date??
  6. The Fidelius Charm - Revisited
  7. Egyptian Mythology - Dig In
  8. J.K. Rowling's Official Site
  9. SPOILER WARNING: New Harry Potter Book Six Title
  10. Things that took several readings to catch v3.0
  11. The worst possible ending - v2
  12. Where Did Umbridge Get Her Quill?
  13. British Slang #3
  14. J.K. Rowling's Official Site - v6
  15. Dumbledore: The Christ Figure and Biblical parallels
  16. Snape's Point of View 2: Post-HBP PTSS version.
  17. Thoughts and Questions about Secret Keepers
  18. Questions about Wands.
  19. Boggart as a weapon?
  20. More from JK Rowling after Book 7?
  21. Hermione in the books- Why don't people like her the way she is written?
  22. Who is More Useful to Harry: Ron or Hermione?
  23. Questions about Muggle Borns and their Families
  24. Who would answer the most questions in Herbology, Hermione or Neville?
  25. Any plans to avoid Book 7 Spoilers?
  26. Why are some wizards more powerful than others?
  27. Are the first six books still suitable for children?
  28. What's your favourite Ron and Hermione moment in the first six books?
  29. Who have you Soul Bonded to? (Explanation inside)
  30. Questions about Horcruxes
  31. Real Life Potter Incidents
  32. Your feelings on JK Rowling and her success
  33. Harry Potter Musical
  34. Questions about the Hall of Prophecy & its Keeper
  35. If Harry dies which character should write his lifestory?
  36. Why do people like Dumbledore?
  37. J.K. Rowling's Official Site v9
  38. What will we do when the HP Series is over? v2
  39. Names: Their Meaning, History and Significance v2
  40. HP-Related Dreams v2
  41. Your feelings if Harry dies? Would it ruin the series? v2
  42. What do you reckon Snape's Boggart and Patronus would be? v2
  43. What would the American version of Hogwarts look like?
  44. How would you imagine wizarding schools in other countries?
  45. J.K. Rowling's Official Site v.10
  46. Would Harry have killed Snape?
  47. The Prophecy in different languages
  48. Can a dementor suck the soul out of a Horcrux?
  49. How often do you visit this site?
  50. What do you think of Tonks?
  51. Whose betrayal was worse: Snape or Wormtail?
  52. If someone else continues the series after book seven, would you read it?
  53. Open Ending - Would you be satisfied?
  54. Enslavement & Discrimination in the Wizarding World: Thoughts and Critiques
  55. What would Harry see now in the Mirror of Erised?
  56. Who's a better Minister, Fudge or Scrimgeour?
  57. Do you think there will be (or is) a series as good as Harry Potter?
  58. What did you think about Order of the Phoenix?
  59. All about the Inferi in Voldemort's Cave.
  60. J.K. Rowling's Official Site v.11
  61. Marauder's Map Queries v2.2
  62. Do you need love to survive?
  63. Why doesn't Harry have Contacts?
  64. How, when and at what age did you first read Harry Potter? v.2
  65. What companion books would you like J.K. Rowling to write?
  66. How many times have you read and re-read each book?
  67. The Hero's ultimate fate: Harry Potter at the End of All Things
  68. Dumbledore in the role of mentor
  69. The Beasts of Harry Potter: their symbolism and mythology
  70. Beyond the Veil: The Hero's journey to the Land of the Dead
  71. What is your favorite Dumbledore moment?
  72. Who is Voldemort's most "faithful" servant?
  73. Does your age have an affect on which characters you like best?
  74. Do Hogwarts teachers live longer?
  75. J.K. Rowling's Official Site v.12
  76. Your First Reaction after you Saw the Title of Book 7?
  77. Questions about Ghosts
  78. What was the most disturbing sequence in the series? v2
  79. Things You Don't Like About the HP Books, Plotwise
  80. What do the characters smell in Amortentia?
  81. Harry Potter and Tarot
  82. How will you approach "Deathly Hallows"?
  83. J.K. Rowling's Official Site v.13
  84. (Re) Introducing the Anti-Spoiler Association!
  85. Female Death Eaters.
  86. Higher Education in the Wizard World
  87. Am I the only one re-reading book 1-6 before summer?
  88. Questions about Portraits
  89. Is there anyone here that wants Voldemort to win?
  90. Mugglenet's What Will Happen In Harry Potter 7: Speculation, Review and Discussion
  91. Questions about the 101 Questions survey
  92. "Spinner's End" = "The Cave" = Plato's Cave?
  93. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: The Metaphors, The Themes and The Symbolism
  94. Celebrity in the Harry Potter World...
  95. Would the series be better if it were set in the past?
  96. Do the last words in each book have importance?
  97. Who is better at Defence Against the Dark Arts-Harry or Hermione?
  98. Favourite/Wisest Quotes
  99. JK Rowling's literary future
  100. Why the magic world stays hidden
  101. Who do you see when you read the books?
  102. Have you ever received an HP book early?
  103. What's your favourite HP cover?
  104. Why Do You Like Harry Potter?
  105. Will you Cry after you've read DH?
  106. What if Deathly Hallows is a disappointment?
  107. Dumbledore's House
  108. What would you do if your family/someone close to you spoils Deathly Hallows?
  109. Does a wizard's patronus represent his soul?
  110. Growing Up With Harry Potter
  111. Which Came First - The Wizard or The Wand?
  112. Do you regret being a serious HP fan?
  113. How does inter-marriage between muggles and wizards/witches actually work?
  114. Are you buying the Collector's Editions of the Books?
  115. Who is narrating the Harry Potter story?
  116. The strange way the Wizarding World has handled orphans...
  117. Anti-Potter People v.3
  118. Does Hermione have any muggle friends?
  119. What Aspect of DH are you most looking forward to?
  120. Voldemort, OOTP, the MoM, and how it relates to Hitler, Chamberlain and WWII
  121. Which Character do you believe is JKR's Greatest Achievement
  122. Why can't House-Elves use wands?
  123. J.K. Rowling's Official Website Thread v.14
  124. Do you own a Deluxe Version?
  125. The Secret Meanings of Flowers and Names
  126. Book Covers
  127. Am I the only one disappointed with the physical quality of the books?
  128. How did you act immediately after finishing book 6?
  129. What does each room at the Department of Mysteries represent?
  130. How many of you are "older" HP fans?
  131. Would you join Dumbledore's Army?
  132. HP exclusive merchandise/promotional items
  133. Isn't it odd how the half-bloods are stronger than pure-bloods?
  134. Which couple would you like to see survive the most? Harry & Ginny or Ron & Hermione?
  135. Where can you find Harry Potter costumes?
  136. Has the Harry Potter series led you to pursue any new hobbies or interests?
  137. WOMBAT test part three
  138. Anyone won a place to the JKR midnight event?
  139. What do you think of JKR's writing style?
  140. Magical Education before the founding of Hogwarts
  141. What was your first impression of Dobby when you first read about him?
  142. Voldy's Top Five to Kill List
  143. Do you write in your HP Books?
  144. British words
  145. Average personal reading time?
  146. Are the books less fun as the series progresses?
  147. Anyone else getting nervous?
  148. What would be better means of Sorting?
  149. Who do you hope survives?
  150. What would REALLY surprise you?
  151. What is the difference between the UK and US versions of the first six books?
  152. Most Users Online Record
  153. How do you make an HP fan?
  154. Favourite moments from books 1-6
  155. Children of Veela
  156. Harry Potter and The School Curriculum
  157. American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?
  158. Who has which Patronus?
  159. JK and her visit to America
  160. Education?
  161. Books 1-6: Most exciting ending
  162. Other fantasy stories with boarding school themes
  163. It is not polite to point!
  164. Hogwarts entrance
  165. US/UK Magic Relations?
  166. Which spell do you wish you could perform?
  167. Harry Potter Characters for Halloween?
  168. If you attended Hogwarts, what subjects would you take?
  169. The End of Harry Potter Mania
  170. Would you join the Order?
  171. Hooked on Harry moment?
  172. How would you react?
  173. Will Quidditch exist in the future?
  174. Luna Lovegood in COS