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  1. Lily and Snape: Were they very good friends? v.3
  2. Voldemort as a Leader
  3. Why did Snape want to see Tonks' new patronus
  4. Can you use Legilimency/Veritaserum to get the secret out of a secret keeper?
  5. Why would Dumbledore ask Snape to kill him?
  6. Snape knew Sirius was Innocent v2
  7. There's going to be a traitor...v2
  8. Did Snape know Draco's task?
  9. Scrimgeour - An unregistered animagus?
  10. Why Voldemort Would Have Spared Lily: Revisited
  11. Lily and James - Meddlers who thrice defied Voldemort?
  12. Snape: The Bad. Analysis v3
  13. What is the worst part of wizard society?
  14. Could Trevor be a Death Eater?
  15. Orion and Walburga Black - What do we know of them?
  16. The Snape Triumvirate: Snape the Hero
  17. Why did Dumbledore have James's invisibility cloak at the time of his death?
  18. Little Questions Answered v8
  19. Does Snape have any children?
  20. Why did Dumbledore want to be buried at Hogwarts?
  21. Sectumsempra in OOTP
  22. How did James find out about Levicorpus?
  23. Why did Fenrir Greyback attack Bill when he clearly said he had a taste for children?
  24. Slughorn and James
  25. How did Snape interpret the Prophecy?
  26. Fenrir Greyback - What happened to him?
  27. Laughing girl in Snape's Memory
  28. The Timeline of Godric's Hollow
  29. Who put Rosmerta under the Imperius Curse?
  30. Why go after Frank and Alice?
  31. Are time turners common?
  32. Did Grindelwald go to Hogwarts?
  33. What is the Importance of the Room of Requirement?
  34. Reasons why Slughorn used Felix Felicis
  35. Why Did Professor McGonagall Start Working at Hogwarts in December?
  36. Cracking the Veil
  37. Why did the Potters not make Dumbledore their Secret-Keeper?
  38. Ron and Harry: The GoF Fight, An Analysis
  39. Is it significant that James and Lily were murdered on Hallowe'en?
  40. ASSUMING Dumbledore Impersonated a Trustworthy Severus Snape in Spinner's End
  41. Was anyone other than Pettigrew at Godric's Hollow the night the Potter's died?
  42. How close are Ginny and Hermione?
  43. Did Hermione kiss Viktor Krum? v3
  44. Is Draco's dislike of muggle-borns perhaps not that deep?
  45. Why was a Vanishing Cabinet allowed at Hogwarts?
  46. Would the Marauder's Map show Horcruxes?
  47. Snape's reaction to "Coward!"
  48. Is Snape the only Half-Blood Death Eater?
  49. Who's "in hiding" right now?
  50. How did Wormtail get into the Weasleys' Possession?
  51. How did McGonagall know it was Ginny who was taken?
  52. Why did Dumbledore have James's invisibility cloak at the time of his death? v2
  53. Brutal-faced Death Eater
  54. Why didn't Voldemort use some other Portkey in GoF?
  55. The Book 7 Cover Art
  56. Voldemort's Choice
  57. Under what circumstances would Snape and Harry reconcile?
  58. SPOILERS: Book 7 Title Released
  59. Why was Snape spying on Trelawney's interview?
  60. Book 7 Title Released - Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows V.2
  61. Identifying & Tracking Down the Remaining Horcruxes v.4
  62. Is there Instinctive Magic?
  63. "Buzzing" in Harry's mind in GOF
  64. Where did Voldemort's body go after Godric's Hollow?
  65. Little questions Answered v9
  66. Most Trustworthy Character in Harry Potter
  67. Why didn't Voldemort Die?
  68. James & Lily v. Ron & Hermione - Similarities and Possible Significance?
  69. The Mirror in SS/PS was a trap for Voldemort v2
  70. The Great "Deathly Hallows" Cover Art Contest
  71. Snape was never suspect in CoS...why?
  72. Harry's protection(s): how many?
  73. Discussion of the Week: Canon Based Discussion
  74. Discussion of the Week: Beyond Canon Based Discussion
  75. What happened to Dumbledore's hand?
  76. Remus, Sirius and 'The Rift' Theory
  77. The Snape Triumvirate: Snape the Hero V3
  78. Assuming R.A.B. is Regulus A. Black v4
  79. Is Lucius a true Death Eater?
  80. Pure-bloods in Slytherin
  81. How did Sirius find Harry in POA?
  82. Fawkes's gave a THIRD feather
  83. How was Harry rescued from the Godric's Hollow if the Fidelius Charm was used? v2
  84. Similarity between Snape and Sirius
  85. How did Hagrid fly to the Rock in the Sea?
  86. How close are Ginny and Hermione? v2
  87. Did Hermione kiss Viktor Krum? v4
  88. Why didn't Fawkes Save Dumbledore in HBP?
  89. Why did JKR feel it was necessary for us to know the Prime Minister of Britain?
  90. Madame Pince = metamorphmagus = Emmeline Vance = Mrs.Severus Snape?
  91. Priori Incantatem
  92. Why did Dumbledore hire Lockhart?
  93. Origins of The Order of the Phoenix
  94. Snape & Pettigrew and their overlap as spies
  95. What language do the Dementors speak?
  96. Does anyone else feel sorry for Tom Riddle?
  97. Hagrid's wand
  98. "Kill me like you killed him" - Dumbledore?...Or James.
  99. Snape is Fawkes the Phoenix
  100. Snape's Silent Treatment of Harry after his Worst Memory
  101. The Weasley Siblings - How close are they?
  102. The Potters and their money, how and why were they so rich?
  103. Snape & Lily: Defining their relationship?
  104. Why did Dumbledore teach Transfiguration?
  105. Identifying & Tracking Down the Remaining Horcruxes v.5
  106. Second Chances: Who else has been given one, or will be given one?
  107. Percy placed in the wrong House? v2
  108. Theory on Neville/Hermione
  109. Why did Voldemort aim for Harry's head at Godric's Hollow?
  110. Why Doesn't the Order use Avada Kedavra
  111. What is the significance of Ron getting a new wand?
  112. Why would Mad Eye Moody/Barty Jr. teach Unforgivables?
  113. Wine, potions, and the unbreakable vow
  114. Ron and Harry : The Goblet of Fire Fight, An Analysis v2
  115. Why did Snape spare Harry at the end of HBP?
  116. Little Questions Answered v10
  117. 101 Most(?) Important Questions for Deathly Hallows Survey
  118. Why wasn't McGonagall in the original Order
  119. Why didn't Dumbledore extend the ancient magic to protect Harry forever?
  120. Why does Malfoy have Crabbe and Goyle with him always?
  121. Cassandra Trelawney - What did she do?
  122. Dumbledore and Flamel - What did they work on together?
  123. Dumbledore's Cold Feet
  124. Dumbledore's Contradicting Actions - Two questions
  125. Why was Voldemort's true identity as Tom Riddle not common knowledge?
  126. Did Grindelwald mentor Tom Riddle?
  127. Who "coerced" Peter Pettigrew into being a Death Eater?
  128. Crookshanks and Untrustworthy Characters
  129. Why don't they sack Professor Binns?
  130. Chapter art
  131. The Potter/Evans Wedding
  132. Deathly Hallows Cover Art - Plot Speculation v2.
  133. Snape & Lily: Defining their relationship? V2
  134. Dumbledore, Snape, and Moody
  135. Dumbledore: Animagus?
  136. Fudge quote on spies...
  137. How did Snape interpret the Prophecy? v2
  138. Lily's Friends??
  139. The RAB Note: Why was it addressed specifically to The Dark Lord?
  140. Why did Dumbledore insist on wearing the Ring Horcrux?
  141. Tri-Wizard Blues
  142. Dumbledore Taught Severus Occlumency?
  143. What did Dumbledore really see in the mirror
  144. Dumbledore's Death - General Speculation
  145. Why didn't the ministry try to expel harry?
  146. Do any other people have Horcruxes apart from Voldemort?
  147. Detention with Snape
  148. Why did Snape need to stupefy Flitwick?
  149. Is Snape good? If not, will he come back to the good side? v5
  150. Scholastic Marketing Campaign - Poll 1 Discussion
  151. Phineas Nigellus-working for the Dark Lord?
  152. Why did Dumbledore let Snape teach DADA? v2
  153. Why Was Hagrid Chosen to Bring Harry to Privet Drive?
  154. "One too cowardly to return..."
  155. Theory on Fawkes
  156. The Dementor's Kiss
  157. How much does Dobby know about Voldemort?
  158. Snape and Dumbledore - An Unbreakable Vow?
  159. Harry & Cho: Who was more selfish? v.2
  160. Assuming R.A.B. is Regulus A. Black v.5
  161. Voldemort - Angered by blood impurity or by his father?
  162. If R.A.B. isn't Regulus A. Black, then who is s/he? And who helped them? v10
  163. Why was Snape in Slytherin?
  164. The curse on the DADA position could have been lifted.
  165. Why did Dumbledore repeatedly turn down the Minister of Magic Job?
  166. Why did Voldemort wait so long?
  167. Assuming Peter Pettigrew was at Godric's Hollow
  168. Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon
  169. What did Umbridge have against Harry in the first place?
  170. New deputy head
  171. The Harry- Snape Relationship.
  172. The meaning of Dumbledore's offer to hide Draco
  173. Dumbledore`s strange behaviour at the beginning of HBP
  174. Voldemort's appearance
  175. Spiders - Hidden Meaning
  176. Scholastic Poll #2: Snape's Loyalty
  177. Snape/Harry Parallels.
  178. Are the Weasleys descended from Helga Hufflepuff?
  179. Snape's Loyalty - Discussion Thread
  180. Florean Fortescue
  181. Identifying & Tracking Down the Remaining Horcruxes v.6
  182. Little Questions Answered v11
  183. How does one gain access to another's Gringotts vault without a key?
  184. The Dursleys and Harry as a Baby
  185. Dumbledore's Half Moon Spectacles
  186. What if Severus Snape was at Godric's Hollow the night the Potters died
  187. Was anyone other than Pettigrew or Snape at Godric's Hollow when the Potters died?
  188. Hermione and Percy - what makes them different?
  189. Luna in Ravenclaw?
  190. Why does Harry have a scar?
  191. McGonagall and Dumbledore on First Name Terms?
  192. Why wasn't Trelawney at Dumbledore's funeral
  193. Did Dumbledore Study Dark Magic?
  194. GoF: Who else was supposed to die?
  195. Why don't the Death Eaters use the Avada Kedavra
  196. Why don't Ron and Hermione resent Harry?
  197. Why was the Ministry of Magic empty???
  198. I was asked why Harry didn't just say "no" at GOF
  199. Scholastic Question #3: Will Hogwart's reopen?
  200. Why Didn't Dumbledore Ask Myrtle?