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  1. What is the Order of the Phoenix and what do they do?
  2. Is Dumbledore Evil? The "Look of Triumph" whats that about?
  3. Why did Voldemort try to kill Harry?
  4. Why was Lily killed? and Why didn't Voldemort want to kill Lily?
  5. Could Harry have been prophesied?
  6. Does Malfoy really know what he's getting into?
  7. Hogwarts and Death Eaters' Children
  8. Sibyll Trelawney's First Prediction!
  9. Before Hogwarts...?
  10. Religion in the wizarding world...
  11. Professors - Children & Marriage
  12. "Was Sirius a Slytherin?" aka "The Marauders and their Houses"
  13. Dumbledore, an Animagus?
  14. Dumbledore's Letter to the Dursleys
  15. Snape teach DADA? Does he really want the position?
  16. Homorphus Charm: A Permanent Cure for Lupin?
  17. How Powerful is Harry?
  18. Lily had two children
  19. Aunt Petunia - a squib?
  20. *SPOILERS* Great news about Book 5
  21. Book Two "Key" to Series?
  22. Bloomsbury & Scholastic Cover Illustrations for OotP
  23. Thoughts on Draco
  24. Snape's Mission
  25. What Harry owes Snape
  26. Is Harry a pure-blood? aka Were the Evanses half-bloods? aka Lily's parents, wizards?
  27. Grindlewald (and Dumbledore's past)
  28. Godfather/Mother Similarities -- Does Harry Have a GodMother?
  29. Marauder's Map Queries
  30. Dumbledore's trying to tell Harry something in Book 5.
  31. Why wasn't Hermione sorted into Ravenclaw?
  32. The New DADA Teacher
  33. Significance of Harry's green eyes?
  34. Draco Malfoy, misunderstood?
  35. Magic without wands
  36. How did Voldemort get his wand back?
  37. Could James be alive in Lupin's body?
  38. Hermione mysteries
  39. SPOILERS: Book Five Discussion Thread
  40. Book 5, Hogwarts School, first day.....
  41. That "certain room" JKR mentioned
  42. The Noble and Most Ancient House of. . . Potter?
  43. The Death
  44. Umbridge: Bad or Evil? Trying to kill Harry? Working for Voldemort?
  45. Dumbledore's Army
  46. Book Five Romance -- was it all you were expecting?
  47. The Sorting Hat & house relations
  48. Beyond the Veil
  49. Harry Using the Cruciatus Curse
  50. The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black
  51. Mark Evans!
  52. Ginny Weasley
  53. Foreshadowing in the series
  54. Return of Sirius Black?
  55. All about Remus Lupin
  56. Harry's O.W.L. results
  57. Little Questions Answered
  58. James and Sirius - NOT bad people
  59. Heir To Gryffindor
  60. Who overheard the prophecy?
  61. Aberforth Dumbledore -- the Hog's Head barman?
  62. Possible clues dropped for books 6 & 7
  63. Opinions On: The Kiss
  64. Snape and DADA....revisited.
  65. Why did Sirius have to die?
  66. Can Snape really be trusted?
  67. The two-way mirrors that Sirius gave to Harry
  68. Neville, Voldemort, and a LOT of gum
  69. Rank The Books From Favorite to Least Favorite
  70. Healer Strout, Death Eaters and St. Mungo's
  71. Snape loved Lily?
  72. Tonks: Loyal servant of Voldemort?
  73. Luna Lovegood - More than meets the eye?
  74. OWL results & classes everyone will take
  75. Could Petunia be a witch that got expelled from Hogwarts?
  76. Wasn't Molly kind of rude & angry?
  77. A late blooming Witch/wizard
  78. All About Dementors
  79. Percy placed in the wrong House?
  80. Character Discussion -- Bellatrix Lestrange
  81. Where do the professors sleep?
  82. Why was Tom Riddle in Slytherin?
  83. The Importance of Alchemy
  84. 280 Students?
  85. Why did Dumbledore make Draco a Prefect?
  86. Can the films help us determine what's important for future books?
  87. Closer than Headmaster-Student, Harry and Dumbledore's Relationship
  88. All about Dumbledore's "gleam of triumph"
  89. Why are the Malfoys still friends with Snape?
  90. Do you think Voldemort knows that Snape is a spy?
  91. Possible Directors for Future HP Films
  92. Everything about the final battle/duel
  93. Members of The Order Have "Other" Ways of Communicating...
  94. Layers in Harry Potter
  95. Tom Riddle's grandfather Grindelwald?
  96. The Prophecy: Its Impact, Meaning and Importance
  97. "That awful boy" and "her" discussing Dementors
  98. Ron--Missing in Action Anomaly or Series trend
  99. Lily & Petunia's relationship
  100. The Three Missing Death Eaters
  101. Ron is Dumbledore and Flamel--due to time travel...
  102. Percy was a Polyjuiced Wormtail
  103. Is Harry capable of killing? Will Harry let Voldemort live?
  104. How Harry and Voldemort both survived -- the "crucial and central" question
  105. Trelawney-- your new thoughts
  106. Why was Peter Pettigrew in Gryffindor?
  107. Future Plot Twists
  108. Before COS- 'The Half-Loved Prince'
  109. Was 18-year-old Harry also at Godric's Hollow that fateful night?
  110. The Brains in the Department of Mysteries
  111. What did Dumbledore see in the Mirror of Erised?
  112. The prophecy and how JK worded it CAREFULLY..
  113. Harry's Discovery
  114. Significance of Harry's green eyes? v2
  115. Beyond the veil v2
  116. Which side is Snape really on? v.2
  117. Anti-Potter People v2
  118. The Power of Peter Pettigrew
  119. All About James Potter
  120. Harry's Discovery v2
  121. Time Travel and the Time-Turner: Questions and Ponderance v2
  122. Something Huge About Lily Potter (and maybe James)
  123. So Dumbledore's LAST is not his FIRST....
  124. 7 tasks, 7 books - Clues in The Philosopher's Stone
  125. Neville, Voldemort and A LOT of Gum v3
  126. Discussion of a possible Pureblood Supremacist Agenda?
  127. Half-Blood Prince Release Date: 16th July 2005
  128. Harry's O.W.L. results - V 2.0
  129. Do you think Voldemort knows that Snape is a spy? #2
  130. What Plot Twists Do you NOT Want to See?
  131. Development of Snape's Character through OotP v2
  132. Book to Film: adapting OotP
  133. Lily had two children #2
  134. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Discussion #8
  135. Have any Slytherins ever been trustworthy?
  136. Foreshadowing in the PoA Film
  137. Unfogging the Half-Blood Prince Cover Art
  138. Deconstructing the Marauders V.9
  139. Little Questions Answered v.2
  140. Did Ginny send the Valentine?
  141. Petunia and the Creaky Stair
  142. Harry's Attitude in OotP--did it turn you off?
  143. Who Over-Heard the Prophecy #2
  144. Layers in HP 13: When 13 dine together ...
  145. Why will "some not like the sixth book"?
  146. Harry and Cho: Who was the jerk?
  147. What did Dumbledore help Flamel with?
  148. Development of Snape's character through OotP, v.3
  149. Could Draco be Snape's son? Does he have any children?
  150. Petunia Dursley aka There's Something About Aunt Petunia v3
  151. Separable Soul
  152. The prophecy and how JK worded it CAREFULLY v2.0
  153. Things that took several readings to catch v4.0
  154. Neville, Voldemort, and A LOT of Gum v.4
  155. Little Questions #3
  156. The Sibling Theory v 2
  157. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Discussion #9
  158. Comparing objects that can think for themselves
  159. Lily's significance: Two parts
  160. Unfogging the Half-Blood Prince Cover Art v2.0
  161. Do any wizards homeschool their children INSTEAD of sending them to Hogwarts?
  162. Muggles & Purebloods - Are the prejudices parallel?
  163. So who will get Bellatrix? v2
  164. Why were all those strange objects from the Black family mentioned?
  165. How was baby Harry rescued from the Potter's house if the Fidelius Charm was used?
  166. Things That Took Several Readings To Catch v5
  167. Development of Snape's Character Through OotP, v. 4
  168. Little HP Questions Answered v2
  169. Unfogging the Half-Blood Prince Cover Art #3
  170. Unfogging the Half-Blood Prince Cover Art #4
  171. The Half-Blood Prince Revealed: Discussion
  172. How can the Death Eaters ever be a threat to the Wizarding World?
  173. Returning to Hogwarts
  174. Dumbledore's Portrait: Can it talk? Will it be able to help Harry?
  175. Lupin in HBP
  176. Zacharias Smith: Descendent of Helga Hufflepuff?
  177. Snape's Potions Book
  178. All about the potion in the basin that Dumbledore drank.
  179. Dumbledore isn't Dumbledore
  180. Ron and Hermione at Privet Drive
  181. Why did Dumbledore let Snape teach DADA?
  182. Slughorn - Good Or Evil?
  183. Harry Breaking up with Ginny: Noble? Or Selfish?
  184. Hermione's Character Change: Did You Notice It?
  185. Information and Questions on Horcruxes
  186. All about Mundungus Fletcher (and his stealing)
  187. The All-inclusive HBP Movie Thread
  188. Will Draco join the good side?
  189. Little Questions Answered
  190. Snape's Parents
  191. Huge Blonde Death Eater
  192. Why Voldemort Would Have Spared Lily
  193. What do you reckon Snape's Boggart and Patronus would be?
  194. “Nitwit,” “Oddment,” “Blubber,” Tweak.”
  195. Was Tonks really Tonks?
  196. The Importance of Alchemy Post HBP
  197. Dumbledore's boggart
  198. Dumbledore's Pleas
  199. Raspberry Jam
  200. Who else was at Godric's Hollow the night James and Lily were killed?