Join an Awesome Harry Potter RPG

September 27th, 2007, 1:34 am
-Name: Your character's name
-Wand Specs: Core, wood, length, excells at, etc.
-Appearance: What your character looks like, detail is appreciated
-Signiture Spells: Feel free to use existing spells, or create your own. New characters start with up to three. The more powerful a spell is, the more likely a mod/admin is to disallow it under normal circumstances.
-Starting location: Where you are in The Wizarding World
-Cash: Galleons can be earned in various ways, any newly created characters can start out with up to 500 Galleons, save for special, admin-allowed characters.
-Items: What items you start with, you automatically start with a Phoenix Tear, completely revives you when you die
-Vehicle: 1 vehicle at all times, what you ride. Under normal circumstances, new characters can only choose brooms. Please provide full broom specs.
-Story: Provide some history for your character.
-Occupation: Under normal circumstances, all new characters start out as first years. Please seek admin permission to create a character who is of age.
-Special Abilities: Traits, such as anamagi. Read rule 14.
-Blood Status: Self-explanitory
-House: Admins will decide on all new character's houses, based on properties.

This takes place two hundred years after the death of Voldemort. The school has just reopened. No one knew why it was closed.
New dark lords are on the rise, but the stronger the shadows, the brighter the light burns. Brave men convulse with pain as a dark end to this saga draws near. Hundreds have died and in this time of uncertainty, only one thing is clear.

Hundreds more shall follow.

You may do whatever you like in the Wizarding World. Make friends or enemies, and watch them grow up with you. Watch as your best friend becomes a death eater, or the minister of magic. Emphasise relationships. (But if you want to date Gwen, sign your name here).

Occasionally, a mod/admin will make a mission. Complete it, and you may be able to add one signiture spell. (Seriously occasionally, we haven't had one of these for a while, and nobody cares about sig. spells anyway.)

If you die, your character is dead unless you have a Phoenix Tear, you are completely revived and the item disappears. IF AN ADMIN KILLS OFF YOUR CHARACTER, YOU MAY APPEAL TO THEM UNLESS YOU ARE PERMA-BANNED.

Objective: Have fun, role-play, socialize, etc. And kill Sierr.

Major positions such as MoM, Hogwarts headmaster, etc, will be admin-elected at character death.