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January 28th, 2010, 1:55 am

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It's the year 1998. Evil won against good and now it's the bloodsnobs who make the rules. Bellatrix Lestrange decided it was time to join her true love, Voldemort thus leaving Rodolphus to cope with their 15 year old daughter, whose existence had been kept hidden for many years. Bella was appointed Headmistress of Hogwarts School and things have undergone drastic changes, not only at Hogwarts but in every part of the wizarding world. Changes which have also effected the muggles.

Harry Potter still lives and along with his fellow friends, mud-bloods and blood traitors he has become an Outsider. If caught they could be sent to Azkaban. Despite this there's a plot going on; The Outsiders are having secret meetings, trying to find a way to regain control over the wizarding world.

How will this end? Will you join forces with the bad guys? Or will you become an Outsider? The decision lies in your hands. Join now and see what will happen.

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On a side note...The site is rather dead at the moment...We really need a lot of people...this means that chances are you can get a role you would like...Im Opolious Korr.. Half vamp...and purely awesome..I would reccommend at least checking it out...Well hope to rp with some of you soon