Hogwarts Stories - MMORPG

July 23rd, 2010, 7:54 pm


Like everyone else who got his hands on HP and the Sorcerers Stone at a very young age I dreamed about getting my letter and going to Hogwarts - School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. :lol:

How cool would it be to attend classes, learn magic, fly around the Quidditch pitch and meet magical creatures... :lol:

But the series had to end sometime and in 2007 Deathly Hallows came out, leading to a global "Post-Potter depression". :err:

That was the primary reason me and a couple of good friends started this project...

Harry's adventures at Hogwarts - School of witchcraft and Wizardry may have ended, HIS "Hogwarts story" may have ended but there is no reason why Yours shouldn't begin!

It all begins here (so keep reading) :D

Hogwarts Stories

Hogwarts stories is a 2D MMORPG that allows you to experience a little bit of the magic of the HP universe.
In the very beginning it was meant to be a neat little game for a couple of friends.
Now everything has been translated to English so that most people can play it.

Here are some features that Hogwarts Stories offers you :

1.All the maps are true replicas of the places from the books.

2.Over 50 spells for dueling + non-combat spells.

3.You can make over 20 different potions with the ingredients all over the castle exterior.

4.Hogsmeade is included in the 3.0 version that is coming out this August.

5.You can play Quidditch.

6. Over 90 original items from the books like (chocolate frogs, butterbeer, nimbus brooms, wands...)

7.The players can have pets.

8. The Forbidden Forest with all its scary creatures is available in Hogwarts Stories 3.0

9. This school year we are organizing a Triwizard Cup (probably February 2011)

10. And last but not least it's just plain fun :D

Visit us at :

The Official site (http://www.hogwarts.game.ba)
The Official forum (http://hsowaw.forumotion.net/index.htm)
The Official Facebook page (http://hr-hr.facebook.com/pages/Hogwarts-Stories-online/119919711361810?ref=ts)

Also feel free to PM if you have any questions :D

Here are a couple screenshots from the latest stable version HSo 2.0 and two more screenshots from the upcoming release 3.0 :D.

Hogwarts stories 2.0 (the latest stable version)

http://www.hogwarts.game.ba/gallery/HSO2.0/30673_119925391361242_119919711361810_185053_45182 9_n.jpg

http://www.hogwarts.game.ba/gallery/HSO2.0/30673_119925418027906_119919711361810_185059_45667 34_n.jpg

http://www.hogwarts.game.ba/gallery/HSO2.0/30673_119925404694574_119919711361810_185056_24880 16_n.jpg

http://www.hogwarts.game.ba/gallery/HSO2.0/30673_119926388027809_119919711361810_185067_62709 22_n.jpg
Hogwarts stories 3.0 (the upcoming release with new features)