January 11th, 2011, 10:23 pm
Hello! I'm very suprised nobody has done this yet.... Well, everyone can add on to this story! I guess I'lll start then the next person and so-forth!

Ella was astounded. She had just returned from school and saw one of her frineds vandalizing the principal's office. All of his papers and such were destroyed. This crime, in her town was punishable by death.
"What are you doing?" Ella asked.
" Showing our secret town what I think of them," replied Stella.
" The officials are going to find you...."
"I really don't care! Everyone in Nodisopia knows that Principal Will is hiding something from us."
I sighed and walked off. When I heard the officials' footsteos, I panicked. My last thought was: please spare Stella