Magic is Might

March 11th, 2011, 2:37 am
Okay, I searched this and I don't think anyone has posted about this so I will. Magic is Might. There was a post about it on Mugglenet a few days ago, maybe a week now, and it is amazing, IMO.

I'm bad at explaining stuff so I'll just copy what it says on their website: "The Magic is Might experience is a real time look at the Ministryís role in the events of book seven. Itís meant to be a fun, educational and interactive experience through the use of news, puzzles, text and voice messages, emails and more."

It has all these "news" posts about things that happen in DH after Voldemort takes over the Ministry (They even have the Mudbloods and the Danger They Pose To A Perfect Purblood Society pamphlet), and it's a role play site so all these people comment on them. Some of them are from the Ministry's side (Like me, I'm a snatcher named Jean, mwhahaha) and some of them are from the resistance's side. Its really fun.

Link: Magic is Might (

March 25th, 2011, 1:59 pm
Leave the scar rebellion event is today! (Yeah, I switched sides)

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