Harry Potter and The Dark Lord Voldemort

April 8th, 2006, 11:00 am
This my first fan fic and I have tried to fill in the gaps but This is just for fun and nothing serious. The characters mentioned are J.K Rowlings./ I ahve borrowed some captions from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

A young woman walked out of a room leaving the wooden door open and turned towards a staircase to her right. She went down the steps quickly ending up in a hallway lit by candles. She then turned left towards another door that led to a living room passing by a full-length mirror. She entered the room, lit by numerous candles and saw a bespectacled man seated on a sofa reading a newspaper.
"Is Harry asleep?" He asked his left hand ruffling up his hair as he looked up from his paper.
"Yes James. And I have left the door open in case he wakes up and cries." She replied. "Anything on Voldermort yet?" She asked her jade green eyes staring at the newspaper entitled 'The Evening Prophet' with the screaming headlines 'Ministry at a Loss' and a moving black and white picture of a man gesticulating angrily at her.
“Nothing as usual. Dumbledore knows more about Voldermort than the whole Ministry put together. Lily when did Sirius say he would check on Peter?” James asked.
“I don’t know.” Lily replied. “You still suspect Peter then.”
“Hmmm. I don’t like hiding out from Voldermort.” James evaded her question.
“Dumbledore says it is for Harry’s sake.” Lily said grimly.
Silence reigned as James turned to read the paper again and Lily busied herself with a magazine. A quarter of an hour later Lily put her magazine away, “I am going to bed. Are you coming?”
“You go on. I need to finish this article.” James replied.

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April 11th, 2006, 4:11 pm
well i am continuing

Lily left the room and went up to their room checking on Harry as he slept in his cot at the foot of their bed. James ploughed with the article for another quarter of an hour then he placed the newspaper on the table beside him picking up his wand instead. He walked out of the room waving his wand and the candles went out in the room. He stepped into the hallway and was about to do the same with his wand when his eyes fell upon the mirror in the hallway.
“NOOOOO!” The yell escaped him before he could muster it.
Lily burst out of their room in a nightdress she had jus put on as Harry groggily woke up. “What happened?”
“He is here.”
“What? Who? How do you…?”
“Voldermort, I can see him in the Foe glass. He is very close.”
“Lily, take Harry and Go! It’s him! Go Run! I’ll hold him off-” The urgency and fear in his voice shocked her. She stumbled back into the room and grabbed a blanket to wrap Harry in then turned to the baby cot and leaned on it and reached in to take Harry. There was a crash downstairs and she froze.
Voldermort stepped through the remains of the wall he had just blown apart to see James straight ahead of him wand raised. A cackle of high-pitched laughter escaped him for James had expected Voldermort to come in from the door and had been facing until he heard the crash and had just turned around.
“Stupefy!” James yelled as a jet of red light escaped from the tip of his wand heading towards Voldermort. Voldermort deflected the spell with a flick of his wand. The second flick sent James backwards into the foe glass. James flicked his wand again but Voldermort blocked the spell emanating from the wand and instead jabbed his own wand at James. James went sprawling on the broken glass on the floor, his back and arms getting severely cut.

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April 15th, 2006, 10:38 am
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James went sprawling on the broken glass on the floor, his back and arms getting severely cut.
“I wish I had time to play with you. But… Avada Kedavra.” Voldermort sneered and flicked his wand. A jet of green light escaped Voldermort’s wand and hit James on the chest. James flinched then lay still, dead. Voldermort then turned on the stairs and began climbing up the steps all the time waving his wand and destroying anything in sight. He made it to the top most landing and was faced with three closed doors. He stood still as if deciding then rapidly pointed his wand on all three doors and they all blew apart. That brought Lily out of her reverie. She turned away from the cot and turned to face the remains of door just as Voldermort climbed through the doorframe.
“The boy. Where is he?”
“Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!”
“Stand aside, you silly girl…stand aside now…”
“Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead-”
Voldermort began to laugh at the woman begging in front of him and raised his wand.
“Not Harry! Please…have mercy…have mercy…”
A jet of green light left Voldermort’s wand amidst his laughter, hit Lily and she screamed her last.
Voldermort walked over to the cot and stared down at the baby Harry. “So you are the one who will vanquish me, will you? A baby.” He whispered softly and contemptuously. “And I brought the cup to make the horcrux.” He then raised his wand and pointed it at Harry’s forehead. He whispered again softly:
“Avada Kedavra.”
Again a jet of green light escaped the tip of Voldermort’s wand and hit Harry above his eyes. But this time it bounced right off and headed back to its origin. Voldermort’s slit like eyes widened in shock and disbelief and when the spell hit him in pain. He felt like he was being stretched in two opposite directions until he felt as if he was being ripped in the centre and he was being torn into two. The pain grew to a point it was unbearable, then there was nothing. All around him he could see a shimmering haze and looking down he saw his body!
He felt rather than knew someone coming. Fear then overtook him; he was weak and body less. He had to get out of there and he needed a Death Eater to help him. He also could not leave his body and his wand behind. He knew he could not possess his old body even for a short time. He could not perform any magic with it and rigor mortis would set in and make the limbs immovably stiff. Some one walked into the room, the footsteps echoing, the sound unbearable. He could only do one thing!
He pushed himself into the space ahead and he was no longer in the building but drifting away.

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April 22nd, 2006, 8:56 am
A young man walked towards a severely damaged house. The roof sagging and missing at some points, a whole section of a wall missing and where window were supposed to be there were just gapping holes. He walked into the house through the missing section of the house wall closely followed by another young man and a young woman. Each person’s appearance unique in respect to his or her hair. The leading person’s hair jet black and uncombed, the other man’s hair long and red while the woman’s hair brown and bushy. They stepped over the remains of the missing wall and walked into the hallway of the house right across the main front door. Harry Potter had walked back into the house he was carried out of exactly 17 years ago!
He stopped moving and surveyed the interior of the house. The house was bare save for some broken, useless pieces of furniture and broken ornament. The staircase to his right was barely standing and Harry knew that any attempt to climb it would be futile. His thoughts then reverted to the previous week. The despair all three of them had been in. After a whole year of searching they could not find the house in the village of Godric Hollow. Then exactly a week ago Hermione had found out why.

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April 29th, 2006, 10:20 am
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From this point forth, we shall be leaving the firm foundation of fact and journeying together through the murky marshes of memory into the thickets of wildest guesswork. From hereon Harry, I may be as woefully wrong as Humphrey Belcher, who believed the time was ripe for a cheese cauldron. – Albus Dumbledore (A wise old Wizard)

The bushy haired woman loudly shut the huge book in front of her and yelled, “Of course!”
“Er Hermione I think you should keep it down you know. We have gotten special permission from McGonagall to use this library but I don’t think Madam Prince is thrilled and you making noise is one thing she will not appreciate.” The red haired man seated across her spoke tentatively.
“Ron!” And a withering look is what he got in response.
“So what does this of course mean?” Harry sitting across her asked.
“I read all there is to read about the Fidellius Charm in this library. I think I know why we can’t find your house in Godric’s Hollow.” Hermione replied brightly.
“Yes, I see that. Now you should also see that we are not making the progress you are so care to explain please.” Ron spoke.
“Remember Hagrid got in and found me when… And he also can’t explain what happened.” Harry added

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“Well Wormtail was the secret keeper of the house and he gave the location of the house to V-Voldermort. Voldermort stormed into the house, I am basing that on Hagrid’s description of the house when he went in to get you, and I think that Voldermort’s spells and curses weakened the Fidelius charm on the house. That was closely followed by the fact that Wormtail turned into a rat and fled and Sirius the one who cast the spell was thrown into Azkaban. That seriously weakened the charm to a point of non existence.” Hermione explained breathlessly.
“Remember that muggle who lives in the village, he said he used to see the house until around four years ago. That is the time Voldermort came to power and of course Wormtail also came into the country, under Voldermort’s shadow. Not to forget Sirius came back, powerful once more.” Hermione completed her face glowing.
“So what you are saying is the old charm is active again.” Harry said slowly. “But Sirius who cast the spell is dead so the charm should break.”
“No Harry. The charm only breaks if the secret keeper dies, that is why Lupin quickly made you the secret keeper of the head quarters when Dumbledore died. The death of the caster only weakens the charm it does not break it. We have been twisting in the wind for a whole year since Dumbledore’s death and the answer has been right in front of us.” Hermione said.
“How comes we didn’t find anything in Dumbledore’s pensieve? We have been going through it since Fawkes brought it to Harry last year.” On asked.
“Oh Ron. I told you last year sifting through all those memories takes time because I don’t know in which order Dumbledore stored his memories. The rune symbols only explain how to access the memories and get out of them once we are in. Nothing else.” Hermione replied with a sigh as she rolled up her eyes.
“This means we have to find Wormtail then. He can then tell us where the house is.” Harry said.
“Yes,” Hermione answered smiling.
“That will be very simple, wouldn’t it,” Ron said, the sarcasm very much evident even in his voice.
“It is very hard to get Death Eaters now, isn’t it. I mean since Voldermort broke out the ones in Azkaban six months ago, killing all the guards in the process I might add, the Ministry has no prisoners at the moment.” Hermione pointed out.
“Yes, and Mundugus took advantage and escaped to mum’s chagrin.” Ron said with a grin. “I still remember the fit she threw that day.”
“But how and why?” Hermione mused out loud.
“I was wondering the same thing.” Harry spoke up.
“Er have you two left the realms of normal conversation,” Ron said, annoyed at the sudden turn of conversation.
“Voldermort and his Death Eaters killed everyone in Azkaban who was not with them including Sturgis Podmore and Stan Shunpike, but Mundugus got away. How?” Harry explained.
“I think you should put that question to Mundugus himself, mate. I have no clue about it.” Ron said.
“I don’t think we will get a straight answer from him. Remember Dumbledore was the only person Mundugus feared. I think its time I put my legilimency to test.” Hermione thought out loud.
“Are you sure you can do it. We have been practising it only for a month now since we saw it in the book and you have only been good in getting Harry whom …er…” Ron stammered.
“In case you are forgetting Ron, both Harry and I broke into your memories the last time and what we saw should…” Hermione began but Ron cut her off going scarlet, “Alright, alright no need to rub it in.”

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Suddenly the library was filled with the noise of shuffling feet and general chatter coming from outside the library. Hermione looked at her watch and gasped, "It is already lunch time. Lets go back to the head quarters and see if we can find a way to destroy the locket in the pensieve."
They all got up and picking the books on the table headed towards the restricted section of the library. They returned the five books they had borrowed back to their shelves and left the library passing by the librarian, Madam Prince, who looked away. They walked towards the entrance hall each of them lost in his or her own thought.
"The students seem to have reduced more since last year, haven't they?" Harry commented as they passed a bunch of third years who were gaping at him.
"Yes you could simply judge by the fact that only a quarter of the original number of students in our year did the NEWT exams. Luckily Mrs. Weasley and I convinced you to come back last year and do your NEWT exams." Hermione spoke.
"Yes you managed to waste my whole year when I could have been finding ways to destroy the locket." Harry retorted.
Hermione opened her mouth to answer Ron spoke before she did. "Who would have thought Sirius's brother would have the locket and lucky for us Kreacher managed to save it when we threw it out two years ago."
"Oh yes, I was lucky Harry was around when I shot a reductor curse at it. If Harry had not deflected it when it rebound upon me…" Hermione shuddered.
"You wouldn't have sat for the NEWT exams." Ron completed as they reached the door leading out of the castle.
"Hey Harry!" The trio turned to see another red haired Weasley waving at them.
"Hi Ginny." Harry said a smile slowly coming to his lips.
"Yes we don't exist, do we Hermione." Ron snapped.
"Oh hey you two." Ginny said then promptly turning back to Harry. "Professor McGonagall just told us that we will be taking the apparition test next week in London and then we will get a full day off. So I guess I will pop into Grimmauld place." She said, very excited.
"Yeah that would be nice. But why are you going to London for the test and I thought you were too young to do the test." Harry said.
"Well the Ministry thinks that due to the present circumstances knowing how to apparate could be useful and age does not matter. The tests are being carried out in the Ministry of Magic itself for obvious security reasons." Hermione explained.
They heard a crack in the doorway behind them and they all whirled round their wands drawn. A house elf wearing a weird assortment of clothes was standing there looking at the wands with great trepidation. "Dobby is sorry to startle you but Dobby has a message for you Harry Potter sir. The headmistress wishes to see you and your friends in her office. She also told me to tell you that she is an animangus.
"Thank you Dobby," Harry said.
Dobby bowed low then said "Dobby wishes he could stay and talk but Dobby will be needed in the kitchens sir." With another crack Dobby was gone.
"Well bye Harry. See you next week then." Ginny said as she skipped off towards the great hall her red hair bouncing in the air.
"Yeah," Harry sighed as he watched her go.
"What do you think it is?" Ron asked as they turned back and headed for McGonagall's office.
"Maybe the NEWT results are in. They have been unusually late this time." Hermione said hopefully as they reached a gargoyle standing in the corridor.
"Animangus," Harry muttered to the gargoyle who immediately sprung to his side. In Dumbledore's time the password would most likely be a name of a sweet but McGonagall preferred words related to her favourite subject, Transfiguration.

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May 13th, 2006, 1:13 pm
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They went up the stairs that had been behind the gargoyle and were faced with a door. Harry raised his hand and knocked the door using the griffon knocker.
“Enter,” came the voice from inside the room.
The three pushed the door open and into the office. Harry automatically looked around and saw that the office was exactly as he had left it the night Dumbledore died. The only item missing was Fawkes’ perch. He then looked at the portraits on the wall and his eyes finally rested on the last one. The other people in other portraits were as usual pretending to be asleep but Dumbledore was looking down at him and smiling benignly.
“I am sure you are all wondering why I called you all over here.” McGonagall spoke and Harry turned around to see her seated behind a desk that he had come to associate with Dumbledore.
“Our NEWT results must be here.” Hermione said brightly.
“No Ms Granger. Due to the situation we are currently in, the marking of the papers has taken an extraordinary time. The good news is I hope to receive them in the course of the week and I will call each one of you regarding your career development.
“Right now, however, I have called you here to give you some disturbing news. Apparently Lucius Malfoy attacked Moody so as to get some information from him.” McGonagall continued.
“What!” Ron exclaimed.
“What information?” Hermione asked.
“He wanted to know who is the secret keeper of the Head Quarters at the moment now that …” McGonagall trailed off.
“Is Moody alright?” Harry asked fearing the worst.
“Yes Harry. Lucky for Moody, he was carrying some bobtuber pus to make some kind of a potion and as Lucius was about to begin torturing him he managed to uncork the flask carrying the pus and fling the contents on Lucius’ face.” McGonagall said shaking her head.
“Ouch!” Hermione exclaimed, her mind on her own experience with the pus.
“I don’t think it was that bad. The pus was dilute and a simple potion would clear him up. Lucius however fled and lucky for him Moody’s wooden leg had come off. So by the time he had groped for his wand and stood up Lucius had taken off.” McGonagall finished.
“Well you should say unlucky for Malfoy.” Harry spoke up.
“What do you mean?” McGonagall asked her eyes narrowing suspiciously.
“Dumbledore told me that Voldermort (Minerva McGonagall gasped) was already not too happy with Malfoy because of the goof up at the Ministry and some other reasons.” Harry explained.
“And you will not tell me what those other reasons are, will you Potter? They are the ones Albus told you to keep a secret.” McGonagall said, a slight bitterness in her voice.
Harry turned to look at Dumbledore’s portrait. Dumbledore winked at him. Harry turned to McGonagall and said, “Exactly.”
“Fine. That will be all. I will contact you again when your NEWT results are out. Till then goodbye.” McGonagall dismissed the trio.
They left the office, went down the stairs and past the gargoyle. They walked on the corridor lost in thought on what McGonagall had just said.
“Ouch!” Hermione said again as she stopped and placed her hand at the back of her neck.
“What happened?” Ron said turning around and stopping too. Something hit him on his face with quite some force and he reeled backwards. Then there was a barrage of small pieces of chalk hitting them anywhere and everywhere.
Harry noticed the chalks were coming in a circle around them; there was a pattern. Then it hit him. He raised his wand slowly then he pointed it at some point in a single swish. “Petrificus totalus.” He heard Hermione say “Apparicium,” at the same time.

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May 20th, 2006, 12:28 pm
A frozen poltergeist suddenly appeared out of thin air. A cheesy grin was stuck on his face and in his hands he held a wild assortment of chalks. He was floating aimlessly frozen by Harry’s spell and forced to be visible by Hermione’s.
“Peeves. I should have known. That is a good one Harry; I guess he will stay frozen for quite a long time. There is no one in this castle who will unfreeze him.” Ron said smugly.
“Oh Ron,” Hermione said rolling up her eyes. “Peeves is not completely solid so the spells we used on him will not last for more than an hour depending on the caster’s power and concentration.”
“Well then at least he is stuck for an hour. I know Harry’s power.” Ron replied.
“Er… Thanks Ron,” Harry said going red. “Come on lets go.”
The three began moving again and managed to reach the entrance hall a second time. No one stopped them this time and they went through the doors and went towards the Hogwart’s gates. Harry looked up and in a distant he saw a half horse and a half eagle flying above a familiar cabin.
“There is Buckbeak. I wonder where Hagrid is.” Harry spoke up.
“I don't know and they won't even tell us. I mean he has been missing since our NEWTS. Which reminds me we had better hurry or we will have to skip ours and get to work on the pensieve.” Hermione replied and that quickened their walk as they came nearer the gates. They made it to the gates, which were chained shut. Hermione took her wand out and concentrating on a spell McGonagall had given them a week ago she tapped the chains with her wand. The chain unwound itself from the gates and they opened up. The three stepped out and at once the gates shut and chained themselves.
“Lets grab something to eat at Hogsmeade then we can apparate to take a look at the pensieve.” Ron suggested.
The others agreed and turned left towards the village. They had taken only a couple of steps forward when they heard a rustling noise behind them. They whirled round as Ron and Harry made a grab for their wands. Hermione was already pointing her wand at the source of the disturbance. A scrub growing near the wall on the other side of the gate and standing over it was.
“Malfoy!” Harry almost shouted, the bitterness in his voice very much evident as he finally managed to extract his wand from his robes. His hand froze as it rose to point the wand at Malfoy. Because the person standing in front of them was not the Draco Malfoy they had known in school. The Malfoy who had strutted around and had insulted Harry and his friends many times. His usually sleek blond hair was messed up and dirty. His robes dishevelled and shredded in many areas. But the most astonishing observation for Harry, the observation that made him freeze was the tears running down his very dirty face.
“My parents, he …” Malfoy broke down, sobbing uncontrollably.
“Leglimens!” Hermione said her wand pointed at Malfoy’s face. Harry and Ron turned to look at Hermione more shocked at her action then at Malfoy’s appearance. They watched as her expression changed from shock and disbelief to revulsion and finally to anger. Some time later she lifted her wand and looked at Draco wit pity then she turned to her two friends.
“We need to move fast. Harry we need he pensieve, you two need to see this memory and probably other members of the order too. Ron go back to McGonagall and tell her about this and tell her to get Moody too. Harry go get Dumbledore’s pensieve we will use that. I am taking Malfoy to Madam Pomfrey. I don’t think he is in a good shape and my spell did nothing to help him. Maybe even made it worse but we had no option, we had to know.” Hermione said very fast.
She stopped and stared at her two astonished friends who were looking at her strangely. “GO!”
That brought them out of the shock and Harry at once turned concentrating on Grimmauld place and the last thing he heard was Ron say, “There goes lunch,” before he felt himself being squeezed through a very tight rubber tube.

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June 24th, 2006, 9:54 am
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Harry appeared on a silent and empty residential street. Ahead of him were two houses numbered 11 and 13. He concentrated on 12th Grimmauld Place and suddenly a house appeared between the two pushing them aside. He strode up to the door of the house that had just appeared and flung it open and stepped in.
“Wotcher Harry,” A woman spoke as he was about to shut the door.
Harry turned around to look at a young woman standing halfway up the stairs. His hand let go of the door, which shut with a bang.
“Hi Tonks,” Harry said taking in her bubblegum pink hair and a wide grin on her face before an explosion of noise interrupted them.
Tonks immediately took off to silence the portrait, as Harry stood rooted on the spot wondering what had made Tonks so happy. For the past year she had been hanging around looking very morose and sad. He was answered instantly though as the door to his right flew open and a man dressed in shabby patched up robes walked in. The noise by the portrait subsided.
“Harry, how have you been? I haven’t seen you for a whole year now, I think. I have some very good news.” He looked at Harry and stopped. “Harry, what is wrong?”
“Malfoy has turned up … Hermione did legilimency and she needs the pensieve.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Let’s go I will fill you in over there.” Harry said. He saw the confused look on the other man’s face and then added, “Hogwarts!”
Harry dashed up the stairs passing Tonks coming down. He ran along the landing stopping in front of his room, went in and picked up an object like a bowl from his bedside and dashed down again.
“It is O.K Remus. I will hold fort here, you had better go.” Harry heard Tonks as he reached the last stair. Remus Lupin nodded then he and Harry strode out of the house and vanished into thin air.
They apparated in front of the Hogwart’s gates. Harry waved his wand muttering the spell and they opened. The two walked in and the gate shut behind them. They walked up to the castle briskly, entered, and headed towards the hospital wing. They met a matronly woman on the way who said, “They are in the Headmistress’ office.”
“Thanks Madame Pomfrey.” Harry said and they turned and headed for the office Harry and the others had just left sometime back. “Animangus!” Harry said as soon they came close to the gargoyle outside the office. The gargoyle sprang aside and they went up to the office door and knocked it using the griffon knocker.
“Enter!” McGonagall’s voice came through the door.
Harry opened the door and went in followed by Lupin. McGonagall was seated behind the desk as Harry had left her. Hermione and Ron occupied the other two chairs available in the room.
“Remus, How are you?” McGonagall asked.
“I am fine thank you. Hello you others.” Lupin smiled at Ron and Hermione.
“Hi!” They replied.
Harry stepped forward and placed the pensieve in his hands on the desk. He looked up at Dumbledore’s portrait and saw its brows were furrowed as if it was thinking hard.
“Have a seat,” McGonagall said waving her wand and two chairs appeared beside the ones Ron and Hermione were sitting on. “So Remus, it has been a year now. Any success?”
“Yes, in fact I just came back. I think we have a near victory. But now is not the time. What is this business about Malfoy?” Lupin replied.
“Well Draco Malfoy turned up outside the gates and they found him and brought him. Hermione has apparently extracted a memory from him and we wanted to see it.” McGonagall explained.
“So what’s the hold up?” Lupin asked.
“We are waiting for Alastor. He should be here any moment.” McGonagall said.
Hermione lifted her wand and placed its tip on her forehead. She screwed her face in concentration and drew the wand away, a sticky silvery substance attached to it. She then placed it in the pensieve and the silvery matter began to swirl until Malfoy’s face became clear.
The door burst open and a wooden leg entered the office followed by a heavily scarred man. “Remus, Minerva, and you three.” The man said, one of his eyes circling round his head. “Blasted leg. Could have gotten here earlier if this leg had not been damaged by Malfoy. It’s Malfoy you got, isn’t it?” He suddenly asked Harry both his ‘mad’ and normal eyes trained on Harry.
“It is Draco Malfoy. The son.” Hermione interrupted, “And what we got is that memory.”
“Let’s get on with it then.” ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody said closing in on the pensieve.
Five heads leaned on the table to look into the pensieve. Then one by one they went into cool depths of the memory.

July 8th, 2006, 8:47 am
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They landed in a large stone walled room. A fire burning in the fireplace threw the only light in the room. Three people were by the fireplace conversing in low tones. The five intruders in the memory moved closer to the fire. A man was seated in a plush armchair as a woman was dabbing his face with a cloth and another young man stood near the fire.
“Have you told him Lucius?” The woman asked.
“No Narcissa, not yet. But he probably knows.” The man on the armchair replied.
“But father why did he send you for such a small job why didn’t he just ask…” The young man by the fire began.
“No Draco, they changed the secret keeper and he also doesn’t know who it is. This time they have kept the person’s name hidden.” Lucius interrupted.
“Lucius do you think it is safe to be here at home. The aurors are looking for you.” Narcissa asked.
“Yes, it is. They would never think of coming …” Lucius left his sentence hanging as a distant crack reached the room.
“It’s him,” Lucius said, fear suddenly making it to his voice. “Draco get into the chamber quick.”
“Don’t argue. Go! And don’t come out until he is gone. You are not supposed to be with me.” Lucius spoke in a harsh whisper.
Malfoy turned to the fire and walked into it and right past the stonewall behind the fire. Harry and the others followed him, noticing that the stonewall was just an illusion. It hid a small chamber but did not hide the room from the chamber. They could still see the room but with a restricted view. The door suddenly burst open and two hooded figures entered and stood across the couple already in the room. Harry saw Lucius rise from his seat but he could only see their sides and could not recognise anyone.
“Master I was just about to come…” Lucius began.
“You have disappointed me Lucius. Too many time now.” The voice of Voldermort came from person closer to Harry.
“Forgive me master, I did not know he had the pus.” Lucius bent forward to kiss the hem of Voldermort’s robes. But he raised his wand and Lucius was thrown backwards and fell down on the floor.
“That lowly thief is better than you. You can now see my wisdom in sparing him in the prison. He came with the information you failed to retrieve. It is Potter once again.” Voldermort said.
“But Snape said…”
“I know what Snape said Lucius. We are not here to discuss this. You have spoilt all the jobs I give you and your son has done no better…”
“But Draco cornered Dumb…” Narcissa began but Voldermort lashed his wand over her face and she was struck dumb.
“I have not finished. The job at the Ministry was Bella’s and your responsibility. You failed but I gave both of you another chance, Lucius you failed again and I have no further use of failures. Bella here is your second chance. Kill Him!”
Narcissa silently flung herself on her husband shielding him from her sister. Bellatrix Lestrange raised her wand and pointed it the two figures on the floor and her hand began shaking. Suddenly Voldermort yelled, “No, wait. She is protecting him.” He waved his wand and Narcissa was thrown away from her husband and sent sprawling across the room. “Now!”
“Avada Kedavra,” The second hooded figure finally spoke and a jet of green light left her wand and hit Lucius Malfoy on his chest, killing him instantly. The room then became misty and Harry turned to look at Malfoy whose eyes had filled with tears. He turned his attention back to the room and saw Narcissa rising from the floor and running towards Bellatrix.
“Cissy…wait…stop.” Bella began but was cut as a second jet of green light hit Narcissa Malfoy, killing her too.
The room became fuzzy and grew dark. Harry turned to see Malfoy closing his eyes tightly then heard two cracks and then Draco burst into tears.
“Lets go!” Moody’s voice commanded and they left the memory and landed back in McGonagall’s office. Harry turned around to look at the expression of shock in his companion’s faces then turned to look at Hermione who was still seated in the chair he had left her in.
“I think seeing that once was enough.” She answered his unasked question.

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July 30th, 2006, 11:41 am
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Silence reigned in the room after that. It was finally broken by Moody, “I think he was referring to Mundugus. He must be their new spy.”
“It is him.” Harry said, his voice filled with rage. Then he turned to look at Dumbledore’s portrait but saw him instead looking at Moody who was equally staring back with both his normal and magical eye.
“We will need to handle this carefully,” Moody began slowly. “It is best that I handle it. Until tomorrow morning do not mention anything to anyone.” He turned and headed for the door his wooden leg clanking all the way there. “But you must maintain constant vigilance. Do not relax under any circumstances.” He walked out.
“Can we talk to the Malfoy boy?” Lupin asked after some time.
“No, Poppy said she is giving him some rest potions and we won’t be able to talk to him till tomorrow morning.” McGonagall replied with a sigh. “But do tell us, did you succeed?”
“I think so,” Lupin replied.
“What do you mean?” Harry asked.
“After Dumbledore’s funeral I went underground so to speak. Fenrir Greyback had been captured thanks to you, I saw it as the best opportunity to move in.” Lupin began.
“But the prisoners they all broke out.” Ron interjected.
“No not all. By some good luck it was a full moon and Greyback had been taken to a special isolation room in London and was not present in Azkaban during the break out. Anyway his absence was a huge boost for our side especially after the werewolves heard the rumours that I had been involved in the fight that led to his capture. Then Damocles obliged us by coming up with a better Wolfsbane potion.” Lupin explained.
“Oh yes. He improved on his invention I think, didn’t he? But the Ministry is keeping a lid on it, saying they are still testing it. So how is it any better?” McGonagall interrupted.
“Well the former potion would only tame the wolfish mind for the night it was taken but the improved one, which is easier to make and can be stored for longer, keeps us from totally transforming in the whole month we take it in.” Lupin said unable to hide his excitement.
“So if you can store it you can also sell it in a shop?” Hermione spoke at last.
“Exactly. Therefore making it available to werewolves and since it stops the transformation totally we can lead normal lives once more. Guess who put Damocles on the right track?” Lupin asked.
Harry automatically turned to look at Dumbledore’s portrait and it winked at him. “Right on Harry. So Dumbledore’s plan is working and we have nearly won the war with the werewolves. They officially rejected his offer to join his Death Eaters yesterday.”
“That is great. Congratulations.” Ron said the excitement affecting him also. Lupin acknowledged his and the others comments with a tired smile.
“I suppose you would like to stay at Hogwarts tonight and be close to Malfoy?” McGonagall asked to which she got four assents. “Right then there are a few extra beds in Gryffindor you can take. I am sure you haven’t had lunch either. You can go down to the great hall; the students must have finished with their meal.”
They all rose from their chairs and moved out of the office on to the spiral staircase at the foot of which McGonagall said, “I will join you shortly, but if you need to go to the tower before we meet the password is Unity.” She turned away from them and walked away from the entrance hall.
“Harry I am really sorry I disappeared like that and stayed out of touch but I feared that if I left then the progress we had made would regress and cause us great loss.” Lupin said.
“It is o.k.” Harry replied.
“Thanks Harry. I wish Tonks had taken it as lightly.” Lupin joked.
“What happened?” Ron asked foolishly.
“Oh nothing much, she just trapped me into agreeing to marry her by the end of the month.” Lupin said grinning infectiously as everyone else did the same.


August 19th, 2006, 9:39 am
Harry, Ron and Lupin pushed past the portrait hole covering Gryffindor tower the next morning. They had spent the night in Harry’s old dormitory that was nearly empty except for Colin Creevey. They headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Harry was amazed at how empty the Great Hall looked since the last time he had been in school. They sat downat the Gryffindor table and began the break fast.
“Where is Hermione?” Ron asked.
“Don’t know. Probably in the library.” Harry said whose thoughts were on the previous evening, which he had spent with Ginny. He saw Hermione enter the Great Hall and move towards them. He remembered Hermione’s expression when he had told her he was breaking up with Ginny.
“Oh Harry! What were you thinking? The whole school knows about you and Ginny and Snape and Malfoy left with the information. So being noble doesn’t count this time. Your break up will only serve to hurt you both.” She had exploded.
“Unless of course you take out an advertisement in the Daily Prophet.” Ron had added. “Not that I am saying it is a bad thing, not with you two snogging all over the place.”
“Malfoy just woke up.” Hermione had reached them.
Leaving the Great Hall as quickly as they could they headed to the hospital wing. They reached there and Harry flung the door open and stepped in. Malfoy was lying on the second bed from the door and the hospital wing was otherwise deserted apart from Professor McGonagall seated next to Malfoy.
“We are really sorry about your parents. There is only one thing for us to do now. And you can help us bring their killers down.” Lupin began.
“I will!” Malfoy replied, his voice different from what they had all been used to.
Harry began feeling a new emotion for Malfoy. One he had never felt before. He felt sorry for him. Silence reined for some time as Malfoy closed his eyes in anguish. Harry felt awkward he had never seen Malfoy so weak and vulnerable. Malfoy had always been the bully with a sneer on his face.
“Mundugus has turned,” Malfoy finally spoke.
“Yes we know from the uh memory,” Lupin said delicately.
“I am really sorry Ma …Er… Draco,” Harry began awkwardly. “Do you know where other Death Eaters are?”
“No, I was mostly kept out of the loop. I only know one place. There is usually a liaison there in case there is a communication break down among us… Them.” Draco began. “Spinners end.”
“That is Snape’s place,” McGonagall said.
“But the Ministry searched it. There was nobody there.” Hermione spoke up.
“They didn’t look behind a wall of books. That was what Aunt Bell…” Malfoy’s voice broke.
“Silence reined once more. Everyone afraid to say something wrong. McGonagall finally spoke up, “Well Draco, you had better stay here for sometime. Madame Pomfrey will take care of you and you will be safe here.”
Draco just nodded in gratitude.
“I will go to Spinners end. You will inform Alastor I suppose.” Lupin said looking at McGonagall. She nodded at Lupin. “Draco, who is the liaison.”
Draco looked at Harry before saying. “Peter Pettigrew.”
“We are coming with you.” Harry told Lupin in a voice clearly indicating suppressed rage.
“Right. Let’s go.” Lupin said as they turned to leave.
“Harry…” Malfoy began tentatively. “I am really sorry about what I used to say about your parents. I did not know how it feels to know...”
“It’s O.K” Harry cut him off, both feeling awkward until Hermione made some impatient noise. They left the hospital wing and the castle and began walking towards the gates.
“You know where Snape used to live?” Ron asked
“Yes, I went there once,” Lupin answered delicately. The look on his face clearly indicating that he did not expect any further questions. “Hold my hands I will guide you there.” He added holding out his hands as they came out of the gate. Harry took his left arm as Hermione and Ron took his left. Guided by Lupin they felt themselves being squeezed through a rubber tube as they left Hogwarts.

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They appeared on a deserted marked Spinner’s End. Lupin led them straight to the last house in the street. He motioned them to take out their wands as he did his. He performed a complex wand movement causing the whole house to shimmer.
“I just removed a few protective spells.” Lupin explained as he led them to the door. Hermione pointed her wand at the door and it flew open. The quartet stepped into the house that was in total shambles. Apparently the Ministry had thoroughly searched the house. But they had left one place untouched: A wall of books.
“Reducto!” Harry said pointing his wand at the wall of books and a hole blew itself right in the centre of the wall. The spell was very strong though and the whole wall fell in, revealing a flight of stairs. They heard timid footsteps approaching the hidden entrance. Peter Pettigrew’s face appeared in the space where the wall had stood.
“Wormtail old friend.” Lupin began pointing his wand at his old friend’s chest. The threat clearly implied. Wormtail stepped out into the room, shaking.
“Remus, Harry,” He began, his voice filled with fear. “How did you…”
“That is not for you to worry about, Peter. What we need from you is information. Then we will be on our way.” Harry said. “Oh and this time I will not prevent any curse thrown at you.”
Silence followed the statement. The threat sinking in deep.
“Please… Don’t do this. If he comes to know he will…”
“He need know about it. We can protect you.” Lupin said.
“The way you protected Sirius I…,” Harry whipped his wand across Peter’s chest, who was thrown into a wall on his left. The shock of the impact silencing him.
“Do not mention Sirius again. You…” Harry began his hands shaking in anger.
“Do you know where Voldermort is?” Lupin asked. The question least expected to be answered yet most expected to be asked.
“No, I don’t,” Peter replied with amazing clarity and composure.
“Remember Peter. Harry saved your life once. You know how a life debt works. I am casting a spell to strengthen it. You will then have to answer all of Harry’s questions.” Lupin said before muttering an inaudible spell. A jet of red light left his wand hit Wormtail then hit Harry. “Question him Harry.”
“Do you know where Voldermort is?” Harry repeated. Wormtail shook his head. “Then where are his horcruxes?” Lupin shot Harry a questioning look, wondering what horcruxes were.
“I don’t know what horcruxes are.”
“His souls, the pieces of his soul,” Harry nearly yelled.
Wormtail began fidgeting and shaking slightly. His voice quavered as he spoke, “He mentioned it to me once.”
Before he could proceed Hermione pointed her wand at him and said, “Quotus.”
Harsh laughter escaped his mouth before he began saying, “The muggle loving fool has a piece of my soul in his grasp and protects another in an attempt to hide my death.”
Wormtail began convulsing and jerking violently. Lupin rushed forward to hold his once dear friend. Wormtail suddenly pushed his right hand forward catching Lupin in the chest, the silver hand going right into the flesh. Everything suddenly froze to Harry as Lupin screamed in pain and surprise.
“Impendimenta!” Hermione yelled pointing her wand at Wormtail. He was thrown away from Lupin and lay totally still. Harry ran forward his wand pointed at Lupin’s chest as he attempted to cure Lupin who was lying on the floor.
“It is too late Harry.” Lupin said. The all too familiar words for Harry.
“Listen to me Harry. I have been cut silver you can’t save me. Remember I am a werewolf. But promise me Harry. You won’t grieve me. You will find and finish Voldermort. Peter gave the clue… We are … winning…war. Tonks …I am sorry.” Lupin collapsed and lay still as deathly silence surrounded them.

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Harry sat still on the armchair staring at the fire burning merrily in the fireplace. Harry had been sitting there since afternoon. It was night and Harry had not moved yet.
Hermione and Ron stepped into the room and sat to Harry’s left. “Harry,” Hermione began tentatively.
“How did he die? Wormtail.” Harry asked.
“The Unbreakable vow,” Hermione replied.
“What! How?” Harry asked, turning to look at them.
“Remember I once told you about it. You break the vow you die.” Ron answered.
“So it means Voldemort put an unbreakable vow on him so he wouldn’t say what he told us,” Harry said.
“I guess so,” Ron said.
“The bond between him and me. We used the bond to get answers from him. That’s why the vow broke and they both died.” Harry said.
“No Harry, the bond between you was because you saved his life. There is no way that bond would again cause his death. As soon as the spell Lupin cast to enhance the bond met the unbreakable vow it failed. Whatever he said he did with his will. Nobody forced him to die. He chose it himself.” Hermione said, her voice quavered slightly.
Silence reined for some time as Harry reverted to look at the fire again. “Harry…” Hermione began again and then turned to look at Ron.
“Listen, I think…”
“I know what you want to say. We will hunt down those Horcruxes. We will use Wormtail’s Phrases.” Harry interrupted, his voice cold.
“Well I think we should start with the first one. The one in Dumbledore’s grasp. That can only be one place.” Hermione paused as the other two turned to look at her.
“Hogwarts.” All three spoke in unison.
“We should go there tomorrow.” Harry said before silence reined once more.
Tonks then came into the room and they all turned to look at her, shocked at her appearance. Her hair had turned brown and hung around her limply. Tear marks ran down her face. She walked over and sat beside Harry. None looking at the other. Each knowing the grief would increase on looking.
“How is he?” Harry asked.
“The same as you left him in the afternoon. The healers have no idea how he is. They only said that if he regains consciousness in the next day or two then there is hope. If he doesn’t wake up soon…” She couldn’t complete her statement as she was wracked with sobs.
“Don’t worry Tonks. He will be fine. He is going to make it.” Harry covered up the awkward silence. They both stared at the fire for a little while longer. Thoughts and memories filling them up. Tonks then stood up and walked out of the room.
“It’s lucky Hermione came up with that spell that somehow froze Lupin’s blood and stopped the silver from doing too much damage.” Ron began awkwardly.
“Yes and we were also lucky that he was not transformed otherwise the silver would have worked faster. Still there might have been an effect…” Hermione left her statement unfinished.
Mrs Weasley then stepped into the room. “Dinner is ready,” She announced and turned to go. She stopped when she saw that the other two had stood up but Harry had not moved. “Harry dear, please have something to eat.”
Harry stood up and they followed Mrs. Weasley to the dining room. Bill, Fleur and Tonks were already seated. Harry and the others followed suit. The door opened and Mr. Weasley and Alastor Moody stepped in.
“I have some bad news,” Moody began without a preamble.
“Not now, I…” Mrs. Weasley began but Moody cut her off.
“Mundugus has disappeared. Can’t get him anywhere. I think he found out we are looking for him.”
“Oh No!” Everyone turned to look at Tonks. “He came here yesterday looking for you Harry and I told him you had Malfoy and … Hogwarts…” She broke down again.
Mrs Weasley rushed over to her shooting Moody an angry look. With Fleur’s help she managed to get Tonks away from the room, the sobs slowly receding.
“Malfoy is not safe in Hogwarts. He should be brought here.” Moody said.
“Not now. Let’s wait for some time. We are going to Hogwarts tomorrow to do some more research.” Hermione spoke up.
“You don’t trust him.” Mr Weasley said.
“No the information he gave us was on Mundugus and Wormtail. Both are expendable members of the death eaters. Besides Hermione says the memory could easily have been planted. She can find out if it was or not. Also we need some more concrete information from him.” Harry said.
“Then why don’t you question him some more tomorrow. I will try to find Mundugus, Bill tell the twins to go to Hogwarts with their new invention.” Moody gave out the commands tersely the scars on his face looking like they had increased with his worry.

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Harry, Ron and Hermione apparated outside the Hogwarts gate the next morning, their wands drawn. Hermione waved her wand at the gate and it swung open to let them in. they stepped in and it shut itself behind them. Ron led the way up to the castle his long strides keeping ahead of his two friends. He stopped at the door as two men stood there blocking it.
“You know you shouldn’t leave your friends behind mate.” On of them said as Harry and Hermione caught up with them. The two men were totally identical from the red hair to the last freckle on their face.
“Fred, George. How are you doing?” Harry asked
“Smashing. How about you three? Everything fine.” Fred answered.
“Bill told us you wanted us here.” George said after shaking hands with the three.
“You know the last time we were here was when Ron was poisoned.” Fred said reminiscently.
“Oh yeah, we went to check out the swamp we made. It is still there.” George said.
“Moody said you have an invention that can help us.” Ron broke in impatiently.
“Yes we do,” Fred said as he pulled out a parchment from his pocket.
“Our latest touch of ingenuity. We call it the ‘LieNot’” George announced. As Ron took the parchment from him.
“It works simply like this. The person you want to question writes his or her name on the parchment, no need of ink, then you ask him or her questions, which appear on the parchment in black ink.” Fred began.
“When the person answers, the answer appears on the parchment in blue ink. You wait a second and the ink changes colour. If it turns green then the person is saying the truth. And if it turns red.” George continued.
“The person was lying.” Fred completed.
“How can that work there is no way a parchment can…maybe.” Hermione fell into a thoughtful silence.
“Oh ye of little faith. Let us go and test it then. Muggles have their own invention for doing that so why can’t we?” George said as they turned in and headed for the hospital wing.
“Besides we did possess another parchment that could answer back.” Fred said.
“The Marauders map. I remember it telling Snape to wash his hair.” Harry laughed out.
“Muggles have something that can detect a lie?” Ron asked incredulously.
“Yes it is called a lie detector. But it measures the heart rate and other functions of the body there is no way a parch… unless of course.” Hermione’s eyes lighted up in excitement.
Harry pushed open the door to the hospital wing, preventing Ron from asking Hermione any question. Harry motioned the twins to wait outside as he and the other two walked into the hospital wing. Harry turned to look at the bed where he had last seen Malfoy sleeping but was surprised to find it surrounded by screens.
“Oh Harry I forgot to tell you. I used your DA coin to get someone to guard him.” Hermione said calmly.
Harry looked at her startled, “And you tell me this now.” His voice slightly rose.
The screen was flung aside and a dark haired, young man stepped away from the bed brandishing his wand.
“It’s OK Neville. Its just us.” Ron said as he stepped up to Malfoy and looked at him.
“Oh, Hello you three. He is sleeping.” Neville said nodding at Malfoy.
Malfoy though opened his eyes and looked blearily at them, “’S ok. Just woke up.” Awkward silence followed his statement.
“Pettigrew is dead. I guess Voldemort placed a spell on him.” Harry said carefully, watching Malfoy’s reaction closely. But there was no reaction; even the shudder at the mention of Voldemort’s name was missing from Malfoy though evident in Neville and Ron.
“We need your signature on this parchment.” Ron said after a pause, handing Malfoy the LieNot. He turned to look at Hermione who produced a quill from one of her pockets. “There is no need of any ink.”
Malfoy looked quizzically at the parchment, “What is it for?”
“We just need your signature so that we can make take your statement. We will just ask you questions and the answers will be recorded in the parchment. The signature will just be there to authenticate them.” Harry lied
Malfoy did not object after that and took the quill and signed his name at the bottom of the parchment.

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“Do you know the whereabouts of any other Death Eaters?” Harry asked, his eyes on the LieNot. His question appeared on the parchment in black ink just as the twins had said it would.
“No,” Malfoy replied, which the LieNot registered in blue ink. The ink then turned red.
“We know you are lying. There is someone else you are not telling us about.” Ron said also looking at the red ‘no’.
“It’s Snape, isn’t it? You know about Snape. You know where Snape is. Come on tell us where he is.” Harry burst out.
“I don’t know where Snape is. The last I saw him was when we ran out of here after…” Malfoy did not complete his statement. The three looked at the parchment and saw Malfoy’s answer turning green.
“No, it is Bellatrix. You know where Bellatrix is,” Neville finally spoke up.
“No I…” The ink in the LieNot had already turned red before Malfoy completed his statement.
“You are protecting her! She killed your father and you are protecting her! How can you do such a thing? She didn’t think about you and you are protecting her!” Hermione nearly yelled at Malfoy.
Malfoy looked at the four of them, his eyes filling up with tears.” You are right I guess.” He said giving them the address. “The house is unplotable and has a disillusionment charm on it,” He added.
“Thanks,” Harry said as they turned away from the bed and walked towards the door. Harry turned to Neville who was also looking at him. The look on the face was enough for Harry. Neville wanted to go for Bellatrix Lestrange. Neville was the other person beside him with a personal grudge against Bellatrix. He deserved to go.
They opened the door and found the twins hastily putting away their extendable ears. “Well the LieNot worked well then.” Fred said cheerfully.
“You know it did,” Hermione said scathingly.
“Fred, George, I need a favour from you, please guard Malfoy. More like make sure he stays here and doesn’t send out a message or anything of the sorts.” Harry said.
“No Problem.”
“You know where we are going, if we are not back in an hour please inform McGonagall.” Harry said as the others gave him a questioning glance.
He then led the other three towards the Entrance Hall as Fred and George nodded and went into the hospital wing.
“Do you think she will still be there?” Hermione asked.
“She must be. I think she trusts that Malfoy wouldn’t babble on his favourite aunt.” Ron said. “I don’t think she knows he saw her kill his father.”
“I think so too. Besides I don’t think she knows Malfoy is with us,” Harry said. “At least I hope not.” He added.
They walked out of the castle and then Ron turned to Harry and said, “Moody.”
Harry nodded and pointed his wand up in the sky and a silver phoenix erupted from his wand and took off into the sky.
“I still can’t figure out how you can switch between two patronuses,” Hermione said incredulously. “When you face dementors you get a stag but when you want to send a quick message you get a phoenix.”
“Well when Dumbledore I guess the phoenix became a part of me. But I really don’t know how I can switch between the two patronuses.” Harry replied. “Anyway I have told Moody to meet us outside Grimmauld place.”
They crossed the Hogwarts gates and Neville automatically took Harry’s hand as they apparated to 12th Grimmauld Place. They only had to wait ten minutes before there was a crack and Mad-eye Moody complete with his spinning magical eye and wooden leg stood before them.
“Bellatrix,” Harry answered Moody’s questioning glance, giving him the address. “And we are coming with you.”
Moody clearly did not like the last statement but had no option but to agree with it. “Fine but first, basic instructions. We will apparate some distance from the house There will be some protective charms on the house itself. I will handle those. When we enter, according to the situation I will give you further instructions and I expect you to obey them without a question. Understood?”
The others nodded and Harry added, “The house is disillusioned. Neville hold my hand I will guide you.” Neville reached for Harry’s hand and with a crack they disapparated.

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The five appeared on a deserted road that was bordered by trees and scrubs for as far as they could see. “This way,” Moody growled his magical eye behind his head. He turned around and led the others to a shaded clearing on the side of the road. He drew his wand and began waving it in front of him, muttering something. A two-storey house complete with a front lawn suddenly appeared in front of them. The windows had shutters on it and they were all shut. The house though looked clean and well kept although deserted.
“The walls are protected. I can’t see through. We need to move quickly.” Moody said. “ Be careful and vigilant.” He added. He led them to the front door, he jabbed his wand at the door and it blew open. They all stepped in as Moody scanned the house with his magical eye. “Upstairs third door to the right. Three of them, two are moving one is still.”
Harry sprinted up the stairs leaving the others in his wake. As soon as he reached the top and saw a man open a door to his right and fire a jet of red light at him. He jumped to the left yelling, “Protego.” The spell bounced back and hit the man on the chest making him crumple on the floor.
“Rud…” A female voice from inside the room yelled. Harry picked himself up and saw the others had arrived. They all moved towards the room, Moody motioning the others to stay behind him. As soon as they reached the door, Harry nodded to Ron who nodded back. Ron pointed his wand at the wall of the room. “Reducto,” He said and a hole appeared in the wall. Harry and Hermione moved into the room their backs turned on each other shooting stunning spells all round the room. They stood still after completing the revolution, as silence filled the room Harry heard a sobbing voice coming from the corner of the room. He turned around and saw Bellatrix Lestrange squatting in a corner her head in her hands and crying.
He turned to survey the room and in the centre he saw a human form lying in an awkward position. A certain smell came from it and the robes were quite dirty. It took Harry a while to recognise that it was Mundugus.
“He’s dead,” Bellatrix said as Moody moved in through the door.
Harry quickly swivelled back to look at her and saw Hermione summoning Bellatrix’s wand. Bellatrix though was looking at Harry a curious expression on her face.
“What is the matter Potter? You don’t want to kill me. You were angry enough at that time. Or have you forgotten your poor godfather already.” She said her voice becoming steadier as she spoke. Neville then walked into the room.
“Oh you brought Longbottom to do it. I am sure he hasn’t forgotten his parents. Although I am sure that he wants to, don’t you?” she began laughing derisively.
Neville’s face flushed as he raised his wand to point at Bellatrix.
“Neville no. She is trying to incite you to do something foolish.” Hermione said. Neville didn’t lower his wand. Ron who had just walked into the room raised his wand to point at Neville.
“You cant do it can you, you bi…” Bellatrix began but Neville moved and before Ron could react Neville yelled, “Silencio!” jabbing his wand at her, striking her dumb in mid sentence.
She was shocked as she tried to talk but no word came from her mouth. She stared wildly at the five in front of her and resorted to sobbing again.
“Phew, for a moment there I thought you … Anyway good work Neville.” Ron said a funny look on his face.
“O.K lets go. I have already sent Lestrange and Mundugus’s body ahead. I will handle her.” Moody said as he stunned Bellatrix. “Outside Headquarters we can’t talk much here.” He added before waving his wand over Bellatrix, making her disappear.

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Neville still shaking, dissaparated with a crack. The others followed suite and found him waiting for them out side 12th Grimmauld place. “How did you pull that stunt on the room?” Moody growled
“We had discussed such a situation before. The reducto curse would provide a perfect distraction. Make someone think we are coming in from there.” Hermione explained.
“It was pretty good. But next time you are with me you don’t pull off such a stunt without telling me first. You do have what it takes to be aurors though.” Moody admitted. “Anyway you three I need you to go to the Shrieking Shack. That is where I have sent the Lestranges. Stay there until I get a proper place to guard them. Hermione come with me I need you to help me.” Moody issued the commands tersely.
“What about Azkaban?” Neville asked.
“Not secure enough.” Moody replied. “And talking about Azkaban keep this quiet I don’t want the Ministry getting a wind of this. I think it is time we broke ranks and strike out alone.”
Harry nodded and dissaparated with the other two to the Hogwarts gates. Ron and Harry led Neville o the Whomping Willow. Ron found a branch on the ground and prodded the knot that froze the tree with it. They were soon in the Shrieking Shack with their two prisoners.
They waited in silence on chairs Harry had conjured up with some difficulty. Two hours later a bunch of wizards led by Hermione came and took the Lestranges away.
“Where did you go?” Ron asked Hermione.
“Oh we went to set up a prison. Moody knew of an old abandoned muggle prison. We went to magically fortify it and set up some security measures.” Hermione replied.
“What did he need you for? He could have done that himself.” Harry spoke as they reached the Hogwarts grounds.
“Well I had told Moody last week about how I can modify the age line spell Dumbledore used to perform. No one with a dark mark can come out of the line so even if someone does go in to rescue the others…” Hermione began”
“They are also stuck in. A trap as well as a prison. Nice one Hermione.” Neville said as she went pink. “I need to go home if it is O.K.” He added after some time. “And thanks for letting me come. If you need me any time …”
“I should thank you instead. You helped us. Lets go I’ll let you out.” Harry replied. They let Neville out and the trio turned back to the castle. As soon as they entered the castle Harry ran up to the second floor and straight to the bathroom haunted by Moaning Myrtle.
“Hey Harry what are you up to?” Ron asked suspiciously.
“We didn’t finish what we came here to do. Hunt for the horcrux. If Voldemort hid it in Hogwarts this is the only place I can think where he would have hidden it.” Harry stopped and explained.
“This is where we brewed the potion. Oh it is also the entrance to the chamber of secrets. Of course why didn’t I think of it? He was the only one who knew how to get in or he thought he was. O.K. Harry how do we get in.” Hermione said eagerly.
“Wait Lockhart blocked it, remember. How do we go through it? I am sure we can’t pass through the hole we created the last time,” Ron added sceptically.
“We can easily vanish the rubble.” Hermione said.
“Stop wasting time Ron lets go.” Harry said as he turned to the basin that was an entrance to the Chamber Of Secrets.
“Looking at the engraved snakes on the tap, he imagined they were alive and said, “Open up,” His voice a bare hiss and unintelligible to the other two.

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March 3rd, 2007, 8:26 am
At once, the tap glowed with a brilliant white light and began to spin. Next second, the sink began to move; the sink, in fact, sank, right out of sight, leaving a large pipe exposed, a pipe wide enough for a man to slide into. Harry slid into the pipe feet first. A long familiar ride later, he landed deep under the school. He quickly moved out of the way and muttered, “Lumos.” His wand tip at once flared up giving him light. Ron and Hermione arrived in quick succession and lit their wands too. Hermione began exploring the outer chamber her face indicating the amazement she felt. Ron however was looking weary as Harry began moving towards the actual chamber.
Hermione followed him at once while Ron took his time in moving but joined them reluctantly. A short walk later they arrived at a roof fall created by the inept Lockhart when they had first entered the chamber. Harry raised his wand to vanish the rubble as Hermione had suggested. Before he could the spell Hermione said, “Wait.”
“What?” Harry asked.
“The horcrux is not here.” She said simply.
“What are you talking about?” Ron asked her incredulously.
“Voldemort was the only one who knew about this chamber. Dumbledore never knew how to get in.” Hermione began.
“That is exactly why we are here looking for the horcrux, remember.”
“Will you let me finish?” She snapped at Ron. “Remember Wormtail’s no Voldermort’s words, ‘it is in Dumbledore’s grasp’. In not within.”
“What are you going on about?” Ron asked exchanging a tired look with Harry who looked just as perplexed.
“In Dumbledore’s grasp would mean it is where Dumbledore can get to it. Where he maybe goes to every other time. If Voldemort’s words had been within Dumbledore’s grasp then it would be here.” Hermione explained.
“Right, that makes sense. So where in Hogwarts could he hide his horcrux where Dumbledore can get to it but has never gotten it?” Ron said as a thoughtful silence filled the place.
“Where we once hid ourselves too. Remember Harry, you said Dumbledore first mentioned it to you.” Hermione said.
“The Room Of Requirements!”
They all spun around and ran back to the pipe that led back to the ‘haunted’ bathroom. A spell from Hermione put them right in front of Moaning Myrtle who was trying to peer down the pipe.
“Ooh you came back. You couldn’t resist it could you?” She began. “But I don’t think I like you any more. You hurt a friend of mine. Made him bleed.”
“I didn’t know the spell would do that. And your friend was at the time planning on killing Dumbledore and you were supporting him.” Harry countered.
“No time to chat now though. We have to go.” Ron said curtly. They all stepped past Myrtle and dashed up to the seventh floor corridor. They reached the blank stretch of wall opposite the troll painting.
“Harry wait. How are we going to get into the place where he hid it?” Hermione asked.
“Yeah mate. You tried to get in when Malfoy was up to something but couldn’t.” Ron spoke up.
“Right, but I was using the wrong words. When I went in to hide the potions book, I saw the vanishing cabinet that Malfoy was hiding. It is simple I need to think of a place where I want to hide something.” Harry replied and thinking furiously, he walked by the wall thrice and opened his eyes to see the familiar door that led to the Room Of Requirements.
“Yes,” He said as he yanked the door open and was followed in by the other two. Once again mountains of stuff hidden by several Hogwarts generations greeted him.
“We are supposed to hunt for the horcrux here?” Ron asked rhetorically.
“Harry how do we do it?” Hermione asked.
“I think you should be the one in a better position to answer that.” Harry replied. Wait the last time Dumbledore told me to try summoning it. He told me it was the best way to find the protection surrounding it.” He raised his wand and said. “Accio horcrux.”
Nothing stirred and the three stared at each other for quite a while. Harry raised his wand again and said, “Accio Hufflepuff cup.” Nothing happened again. Harry turned to the other two, his shoulders slumped and his face registering defeat.
“I don’t think it is here.”


March 19th, 2007, 12:01 pm
Harry was roughly shaken awake. Ron’s whispered voice then filtered through his sleepy senses. “He’s here.” Harry opened his eyes and saw Ron’s outline in the dark. He shivered slightly as a cold burst of wind hit him. He raised his head from his arm and peered through the brush that was surrounding him and saw a huge blonde man walking away from them towards a house on the street they were in. He raised Ron’s hand and looked at his watch and saw it was two in the morning.
Anger welled up inside him. The last time he had seen the man was when Severus Snape had been telling him to leave Harry for Voldemort. Sleep immediately left him as adrenaline took over. He nodded to Ron and the two pressed themselves out of the bushes they had been hiding in. Hearing the rustle of leaves the blonde Death eater turned round his wand pointing at the source of the noise. Before he could utter a spell though both Harry and Ron had their wands on him and had yelled, “Stupefy.” After a brilliant flash of red the Death eater keeled over, a surprised look frozen on his face. Harry and Ron ran up to him and Harry waved his wand over him sending him to their newly established prison.
Harry yawned and looked at Ron’s watch again. They had been on the stakeout for most of the night waiting for the Death eater. Ever since the capture of the Lestranges three days ago several other Death eaters had been arrested. Bellatrix Lestrange had broken the day of her capture. The depression of killing her brother in law and watching her sister die had finally gotten to her. Coupled with the promise of her nephew’s safety she had revealed quite a lot about Death eaters and their locations.
“Let’s go back to Grimmauld place. I don’t think I can stay awake much longer.” Ron said and Harry nodded at once. Tucking their wands they dissaparated to outside 12th Grimmauld Place. As soon as the house appeared before them they yanked the door open and stepped in.
“Harry, Ron,” A voice boomed from the kitchen as they passed in front of it.
“Hagrid!” The two exclaimed and went into the kitchen. “Where have you been? You left without a word.” Harry added.
“Oh we have been away on some business,” Hagrid replied mysteriously, a grin on his face. “Oh O.K I’ll tell yer. Yeh were doing yer Newts didn’t think it would be wise ter tell yeh anything. Grawp told me that there was another giant settlement we din know about. So we went there. You know to look fer support. Carrying on with Dumbledore’s original plan. I couldn’t disturb you.” He added hastily seeing the looks of indignation on the two’s faces.
“And we found ‘em. Grawp could translate fer me and we gained their trust. They agreed to come over to our side.” Hagrid said triumphantly. “Then we got news of a giant attack on a nearby village and with the giants we beat ‘em. Grawp is with ‘em right now. I am going back today though. Just came to see how yer kipping.”
“We are fine Hagrid. But how about Hogwarts and your classes?” Harry asked.
“Don have any more students now, do I? As fer Hogwarts, I will go back after the war. Seeing how yeh are progressing here I know it won’t be long now. Yeh just need to get him. Just get him.” Hagrid replied.
Harry and Ron went to bed after some time. Hagrid’s words kept reeling in Harry’s head. They were winning the war according to Hagrid. It was just Voldemort he had to get. If only he could get the Horcruxes. He had the information if only he could figure out what it meant. Harry fell asleep and his usual dream took over. He saw the Horcruxes out of his reach, then the prophecy and finally the statement by Wormtail. He was awakened by a terrible shriek from downstairs. He opened his eyes and reached for his wand by his bedside. He saw Ron also reaching for his own wand.
“Hermione,” they both yelled at once and dashed out of the room.


March 31st, 2007, 7:16 am
They arrived at the landing where Mrs. Black was also screaming her head off. They saw Hermione holding a parchment at the foot of the stairs.
“The Newt results are here.” She whimpered.
“That was what you were screaming about,” Ron yelled above the din. He then turned to the portrait and yelled, “Silencio.”
A calm followed the spell and both Harry and Ron turned to look at Hermione.
“The results are with McGonagall. This is from her. She is expecting us today in the morning.” She said.
“But it’s Saturday,” Ron said.
“Does that matter. We had better go it is already ten.” Hermione replied.
“Where were you last night?” Harry asked.
“At the prison, I had guard duty. Which reminds me, I received your parcel and you will need to go and make a report on it.” Hermione said she glared at the two.
“Well have you met Hagrid yet, he was asking about you.” Harry said.
“Hagrid? He’s here? Where was he all this time?” It was Hermione’s turn to be surprised.
“He said he is going to Hogwarts. But he will be leaving again tonight.” Ron replied as he turned and began climbing the stairs.
“Leaving again, where, how?” Hermione began.
“Well we are getting late, aren’t we? We had better hurry up.” Harry said and laughing the two went back to their room leaving Hermione dumbfounded. The two came back soon to find Hermione impatiently tapping her foot.
“Well hurry up, I nearly left without you,” She said as they left the house and apparated to outside the Hogwarts gates. They found Filch there manning them. He let them in and they hurried up to the castle. Harry reached the castle doors first and bumped straight into Hagrid who was leaving the castle. “Hagrid!” Hermione exclaimed as Hagrid took her hand and began leading her away from the castle.
“Come on yeh lot. Lets have breakfast at my place.” Hagrid offered.
“But McGonagall, Newt result.” Hermione sputtered.
“She is not ready fer yeh yet.” Hagrid said as he dragged them off to his cabin. As soon as they entered Fang bounded up to Hagrid and began licking him. “Down fang, down yeh dozy dog. Poor guy had to leave with someone while I was gone,” he said as Fang went for Harry and began drooling all over him. Hagrid went to his stove to prepare the tea and the three sat down.
Hagrid soon had a plate of rock buns on the table and four steaming mugs of tea. Harry though asked him suspiciously, “When did you bake them Hagrid? You just came in last night.”
“Oh well. Er … Sorry. They must have gone bad.” He said and picking the plate he tossed all the buns out of the window. “Not to worry though, I told Dobby to bring us some cakes. Ah there he is.
Dobby came into the room and placed a tray full of cakes where the plate of buns had been. He then bowed low, one of his several woollen hats nearly falling off. “If you need anymore you just need to call Dobby and I will bring for you some more cakes.” He said.
“Thanks Dobby.” Both Harry and Hermione said at once.
Dobby bowed once more and then with a crack k he was gone. The four soon were nearly through with the tray of cakes. Hermione and Hagrid were busy discussing the new giant settlement.
Hermione suddenly stood up fast, the mug she was holding slipped and fell from her hand and landed on the floor with a crash. “The others are here.” She whispered.
“Reparo,” Ron said mending the mug in a trice and standing up to look at their former classmates.
“Thanks for the tea Hagrid. We should be going now.” Hermione said.
“Oh and stay in touch with what you are doing with the giants,” Harry said.
“Yeh too. Tell me all about your victories here.” Hagrid replied as they left his cabin and walked up towards the castle. Hermione rushed the other two into the castle. They brushed Ginny’s class leaving the castle.
“Well we are going for the apparition test. Good luck on your results.” She told the trio.
“You too. Good luck on the test. I am sure you will pass.” Harry smiled at her.
They reached the gargoyles outside McGonagall’s door and saw the people that managed to complete seven years of Hogwarts education. They all greeted each other enthusiastically and soon they were speculating each other’s results. The most anxious of the lot being Hermione and Ernie.
Suddenly the gargoyle moved out of the way and McGonagall stepped out in the corridor. “I am glad you could make it. This is not the usual way the results are handed out but these are unusual circumstances. I will be calling you one by one so that I can discuss with each one of you your career options. Lets do it alphabetically, shall we? Abbott Hannah if you will follow me.”

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April 28th, 2007, 8:31 am
Here goes another post. Nothing major in it except... you'll have to read to find out

Hannah stayed up in McGonagall’s office for a while then the gargoyle called out, “Bones Susan.” As Susan stepped past the gargoyle Hannah came out, her faced flushed. Neville walked up to her and tilted his head in questioning manner.
“Well I passed four subjects. I haven’t decided my career yet. I can’t be a healer with this results.” She replied, her voice slightly broken.
She left and the process continued for some time. Soon it was Hermione’s turn to go up. She stayed in the office longer than any others had. When she finally did come down her face was a mass of confusion.
“What happened?” Harry asked her as Neville went up to get his results his face as anxious as Hermione’s had been when she had gone up.
“Well I got an Outstanding in all the subjects, except Defence against the Dark Arts. I got an E in that.” She replied.
“So what career are you going for?” Ron asked.
“I don’t know. I have so many options that I just can’t make a choice. McGonagall thinks I should join St Mungos and become a healer but I really wanted to take S.P.E.W. forward and set it up properly you know.” She replied anxiously.
“Potter, Harry.” The gargoyle said as he moved aside for Harry to go in. He passed by Ernie on the way and he looked very pleased with himself. Harry knocked on McGonagall’s office and once more he was told to enter. He stepped into the familiar office to see her smiling at him.
“I believe you wanted to be an auror.” She began.
“Yes, I did.” Harry replied.
“Well you have ‘E’s in all your subject except of course in Defence against the Dark Arts. You have an ‘O’ in that. You can now become one. You will need to write an official application to the Ministry of Magic, department of magical law enforcement for training to be an auror. Given your past experience and your results, they can’t deny you a chance.” She said as she handed him the parchment containing his grades.
“Thank you Professor,” Harry said taking the parchment and stepping outside the office. “Weasley Ronald,” He heard the gargoyle say as it stepped aside and Ron stepped into the staircase.
“Passed,” Harry told Ron as they passed each other on the stairs. Ron gulped hard and patted Harry on the shoulder. He took a deep breath and continued up to take his own result. Harry turned to look at him reach the door and grasp the griffon knocker. He turned around again and reached the gargoyle. Before he could push past it something clicked in his head. He whirled round and ran up the stairs. He reached the door and looked at it excitedly. He ran his fingers over the griffon knocker. Then he grasped it tightly and tried pulling it. It was firmly fixed and yielded nothing. He then stepped back and drew his wand.
“Specialis revelios.” He muttered. The spell hit the knocker, which glowed for some time then a jet of light cam from the knocker-heading straight for Harry. He ducked just in time and the light passed over him hitting the wall behind him. Harry turned to look at the wall and saw it slowly begin to crumble away. He shuddered slightly then smiled and ran down the stairs past the gargoyle and into Hermione.
“Where were you?” She said.
“Found it. The griffon knocker… Come with me.” And ignoring the others there he dragged her back to the staircase. He pushed the gargoyle slightly and it covered the entrance at once. “The griffon knocker is the horcrux. Don’t you get it, ‘in Dumbledore’s grasp’? I tried a spell on it and it is protected like the necklace is.” He explained. They reached the door and Hermione gasped as she looked at the wall that had crumbled away.
“Careful I think we should avoid touching the knocker, it will react like the ring did with Dumbledore’s hand. Now that the protection has been activated.” Hermione said glancing at the knocker.
Harry swung the door open and interrupted McGonagall who was telling Ron, “You have just made it… what is the matter with you?”
“Professor we need to borrow the griffon knocker outside,” Harry blurted out without a preamble.
“What are you talking about? Have you gone out of your mind.” McGonagall yelled out.
“No Minerva let them take it.” A voice from the side interrupted them. A voice extremely familiar to Harry, a voice Harry had come to associate with the office. But as Harry spun around he wondered how it was possible because that voice belonged to Albus Dumbledore.


June 9th, 2007, 9:50 am
Harry came to face Albus Dumbledore’s portrait. The Dumbledore in the portrait appeared to be lost in thought. It then stared at Harry then spoke again, “But how could he have done it? Ah of course, when he left that night. I thought he only cursed the Defence against the Dark Arts job. Hermione be very careful, it will be well protected.”
The three turned to the door and walked towards it. “Send the others away Minerva. Tell them to continue in the afternoon.” McGonagall breezed past them as they stood at the door staring at the knocker. She gasped, as she looked at the wall then continued moving down.
“So do we cut it out?” Ron asked.
“Of course not. This is a Hogwarts door, the door to the Head teacher’s office. It must have enchantments so that we can’t damage it in any way. Maybe they can…” Hermione suddenly broke off and went back into the office. Ron and Harry exchanged glances and nervously looked at the Griffon knocker. She came out in a short while looking extremely pleased with herself.
“I knew one of the former Head teachers should know something about this.” She told the other two who watched her wave her wand over the door, muttering something. The door began to glow until Hermione stopped and it reverted back to normal. She then carved out the knocker using her wand. Harry quickly conjured a bag and Hermione levitated the knocker into it.
McGonagall then came back and her eyes narrowed at the sight of the hole in the door. she waved her wand and a replica of the original knocker appeared, covering the hole. She then turned to the wall and pointed her wand at the base and uttered a spell and the wall began rebuilding itself. Hermione in the meantime re enchanted the door.
“I have told the others to come back in the afternoon. You three should also be seen leaving so that we don’t raise any more suspicions.” McGonagall said slightly curtly. “Oh and Mr. Weasley you will need to apply at the department of Magical Law Enforcement for your auror training. Mr. Potter will explain to you the salient details. And Miss. Granger I do hope you will decide what you want soon.” She added as she entered her office and shut the door behind her.
The trio exchanged confused glances then at once moved down the stairs. They walked to the Hogwarts gates in silence. Hermione opened the gate and they stepped out and disapparated to 12th Grimmauld place. Harry immediately led the way to the kitchen and to the space underneath the boiler where Kreacher used to stay. They had found the locket there and had voted to keep it hidden there. They added the Griffon knocker beside it and Hermione commented, “We really need to find a way to destroy them.”
“Well right now I need to sleep.” Ron said as he stretched and yawned. “The stakeout last night was pretty rough.” He moved towards the kitchen door and ran into Fred and George Weasley. They were carrying some black cloaks, which nearly fell to the floor as they collided.
“Shield cloaks. We are improving them so that the shield lasts longer.” Fred explained.
They left the twins laughing and began climbing the stairs to the room Harry shared with Ron.
“Hey Harry,” Draco Malfoy called out from behind them. He had been moved into the house soon after the arrest of Bellatrix Lestrange. “Moody told me to tell you to be careful. The Ministry is inquiring a lot about you and is watching you.”
“Thanks I will be.” Harry replied and gave a yawn. “I guess I am rally tired too,” He commented to Hermione as they entered the room.
“Well I am doing a little more research on the Horcruxes.” Hermione said as the two boys flopped into bed. Hermione went to a cupboard and extracted Dumbledore’s pensieve and began swirling the memories with her wand.
Harry fell asleep immediately. His recurring dream came to him almost immediately. Wormtail’s words pierced through blackness at first then suddenly Trelawney’s image took over and he heard the prophecy from her suddenly Voldemort’s laughter interrupted everything. Then a new voice came into the dream. One that Harry hadn’t heard for quite sometime. “Not Harry please…” Harry woke up and began shivering slightly. He stared ahead and began to make out external sounds.
Ron and Hermione were standing next to him looking worried. “What happened? Has someone been attacked? You screamed like anything.” Ron said.
“Everything is fine. Its just that I know where a Horcrux is hidden.” Harry announced. “At least I think I do. It can’t be anywhere else.”


June 29th, 2007, 10:28 am
I just read about the closing down of Flourish 3 days ago so I really tried to finish this fic up since I wanted it to be an expected ending and not an alternate one once the book is released. I do hope it is Ok and not to shabby. Feedback will be much appreciated
Enjoy your reading: This and The Deathly Hallows

“Where could it be?” Ron asked as they surveyed a damaged sitting room.
“What I can’t get is why I didn’t think of you as Voldemort’s death. This being where you were being protected would mean that this is where his death was protected.” Hermione said as they walked around the room. Harry had thought of his parents’ house as the only likely place Voldemort could have hidden a horcrux. Harry remained silent as he walked around the room. He silently touched the walls and thought of his parents in that house. How would they have lived now if they had been alive? What would have been the state of the house with them alive?
Harry suddenly saw a scrap of paper stuck between two pieces of furniture. He pulled it out and peered at it. He saw it was a torn piece of the Daily Prophet. “More muggle deaths read the headlines. He suddenly came back to his senses and turned to the others. “Let’s search for the horcrux. Ron and I will go upstairs. Hermione see what you can get here.”
He led Ron to the stairs. “I don’t think they will hold us.” Ron said as he drew his wand and pointed it to them. “Let’s fortify them a little.” The two of them pointed their wands at the stairs and muttered the same spell at the same time. The stairs glowed slightly then looked the same again. This time the two ran up the stairs though. They reached the top landing and were faced with two rooms. Ron automatically took the one directly across him. Harry turned to the one along the landing. Harry stepped over a door lying on the floor and entered the room. That had to be the room that had been damaged the most Harry thought as he looked around. Splintered pieces of wood and metal lay all around the room but in the midst of all that there was a baby cot totally undamaged and untouched.
“Hey you guys! You had better come up here and see this.” He yelled. Ron ran in from the room next door as Hermione apparated from downstairs both their wands drawn. “Look at the state of this room and look at that cot. It is totally untouched.” Harry said excitedly.
“What cot are you talking about? I don’t see any.” Ron said.
“I can’t see any either.” Hermione added.
“Its there I tell you. Of course the horcrux has to be there.” Harry said and he stepped up to the cot. He lifted the mattress from its position and saw a familiar looking cup underneath it. He had last seen it in a velvet cover in a pensieve: Helga Hufflepuf’s cup.
“Oh my!” Hermione exclaimed as the cup suddenly materialised in Harry’s hand. Hermione then looked around the room. “I think this is the room where Voldemort attacked you Harry. When the curse backfired it caused something like an explosion with your cot as the source that damaged not only this room but the whole house as well.”
Ron shuddered slightly then he turned to Harry. “You O.K mate,’ He said as he saw Harry had stopped moving and was standing silently.
“Yeah, let’s go.” He replied. They all went down the stairs and left the building to run straight into a group of wizards led by ‘Mad- Eye’ Moody.
“What are you doing here?” He growled at Harry.
“What… This is my house. What are you doing here?’ Harry shot back at him.
“I have had this house watched ever since Pettigrew died. I was hoping some Death Eaters may try to use it as a hideout. I was just told three people walked into the house. Anyway every body lets go.”
“Wait I need two of you to go watch Lupin. I am short of guards and I can’t leave him unguarded.”
“Ginny is supposed to come today.” Harry said simply.
“We’ll go.” Hermione and Ron volunteered in unison.
Harry apparated to 12th Grimmauld Place. He went to add the cup to the other horcruxes. He glanced at the shield cloaks the twins had left on the kitchen floor and he decided to wrap the horcruxes in them before putting them away. He then went up to his room and his eyes fell on the calendar. He realised with a start that it was 31st October. It was the anniversary of his parents’ death. Trying to take his mind of that realisation he took Dumbledore’s pensieve and began swirling the memories. He stopped as he saw a tall boy striding purposefully. He recognised the background at once as the hall outside the library in Hogwarts. It took him a while to realise that the boy walking into the library was Albus Dumbledore.
Curiosity finally got the better of him and he entered the memory. He turned to see Dumbledore enter the restricted section and he followed. Dumbledore stopped in front of a shelf and furtively looked around him before extracting a book and then took it to a table in the corner. Harry caught a quick glimpse of the title of the old book. “Advance Magic-The Soul and Conscience” Dumbledore opened it carefully and turned to a page he knew.
As Dumbledore sat down to read it Harry leaned over his shoulder. Harry managed to read it twice and managed to cram most of it before he felt someone shaking his shoulder. He turned round to see Ginny. The worried look on her face was enough to draw him away from the book and follow her out of the memory. As he looked at Dumbledore before leaving he saw him waving his wand over the book and it vanished.
”What happened?” He asked as soon his feet landed on solid ground. Then his voice became softer as he added, “I thought you wouldn’t come. The Halloween feast and all.”
“Harry its Voldemort. Moody just told me that he has been told He has just shown up at Godric Hollow. They have all gone and he told me...” Ginny burst out.
“Stay here I have to go.” Harry cut her off.
“I am going with you,” She said, her chin jutting out and a familiar stubborn look coming over her face. “I passed the apparition test and if you don’t take me, I will go there myself.”
“Fine I will guide you. But first let’s go down.” Harry said as he held out his hand for her. She took it and squeezed it gently as they ran down the stairs.
“You are more important to me than a Halloween feast.” She said smiling.
Harry picked the horcruxes and turned to Ginny, “I need to hide these first.”
“No problem.” She said as she crouched on the kitchen floor and drew a circle with her wand. “Drop the bag on the circle. It will go down at least two metres.” Harry followed her instructions without a word.
“Oh and by the way. Lupin woke up. Tonks is not taking any more chances and she has announced their wedding for next Saturday.” Ginny said her grin widening.
“What! That only leaves seven days.” Harry gasped.
“Right, which means you have to get Voldemort today so that we can prepare well for the wedding.
Harry grinned and the last thought in his head before they dissapparated was that life couldn’t have been more perfect. A promising career in front of him, his girlfriend found him important and his father’s close friend was getting married. Apart from the looming factor of Voldemort of course.
Harry and Ginny apparated in his old room. The room where he had just found the horcrux. Ginny tightened her grip on his hand as they heard shouts and crashes from below.
“Harry that cot, why is it the only undamaged thing in this room.” Ginny asked shocking Harry as he stared at the cot. A flash of light came from behind them and Ginny flew forward hitting the baby cot which splintered under her weight and collapsed with Ginny on top of it.
“Ginny!” Harry screamed as he ran forwards and slid on is knees and grabbed her by her shoulders. His wand fell down and rolled under her robes as he shook her vigorously.
“She’s alive yet.” A voice quite familiar to Harry came from behind him. Harry spun around to stare into the slit like eyes of Lord Voldemort. “This is the last time we meet Harry Potter. No one to protect you this time is there?”
A crack interrupted him and they both turned towards the window to see Draco Malfoy standing there, his wand drawn and a wild look plastered on his face. “You killed my mother you…” He shook as he shot a curse at Voldemort, who lazily deflected it.
“Foolish boy.” Voldemort said as started walking towards Malfoy deflecting his curses. “You can’t use the curses I taught you against me.” He whispered suddenly slashing his wand at Malfoy who flew back against the wall.
Harry began groping for his wand under Ginny’s robes. He grasped it and held it firmly, a plan forming in his mind as he saw the sun setting in the horizon. He had just remembered the first step in performing the spell he had just read in Dumbledore’s memory. “It can only be performed on a Hallows Eve as soon as the glow of the setting sun encompasses the land. The power of that glow shall only weaken souls that have been split and can instil the pain in between the splits.”
“Avada Kedavra.” Voldemort muttered and Malfoy’s lifeless body collapsed on the floor. “Your people are putting up a good fight but to no avail. I just want one thing from you and I will make sure you die a painless death.” He said as the shouts from below increased. “Where is my Horcrux? The one you took from there.” His long finger was pointing at the cot under Ginny.
“On it’s way to be destroyed.” Harry answered simply as he focused all his thoughts on his parents and any little memory of theirs he had. That had been the second step in casting the spell. “The thought of pain caused further strengthens the power of love infusing it with the power of the Hallows.”
Suddenly Harry’s scar burst into flames as Voldemort lowered the guard he had put since the night in the Ministry of Magic. All Voldemort saw though were the faces of James and Lily Potter. He burst out laughing then spoke up again, “I killed them in this very house you know. You must have wondered why I chose this date. It is because of Halloween. The one night every year when magic gets an extra special boost.”
“Not of all magic. Of some magic. The magic that stopped you seventeen years ago and will tonight.” Harry said, his voice filled with rage. He did the last step of the spell with his thoughts on Ginny and them. He drew out his wand out from under Ginny with speed he had not thought possible and yelled “Conciencia.”
Voldemort’s slit like eyes widened as a jet of green light left his wand already pointed at Harry. The Jet of golden light that left Harry’s wand passed below the spell cast by Voldemort and hit him in the chest. Silence reigned for some time. Then Voldemort screamed. He then screamed again. And again. He then clawed at his chest. “Stop it. Mercy! I didn’t mean to kill … Please Stop it! I am sorryyyy.”
A group of wizards burst in through the door at that moment. The death Eaters wearing their masks held their opponents by their wands in front of them.
“We wanted to kill them there and then but Snape wanted us to bring them up and…” Dolohov spoke up but froze as he saw Voldemort standing in the centre of the room looking at them strangely. Hermione and Ron stared at the room helplessly held by the spells of the Death Eaters.
Snape took in the room in one glance from Harry crumpled over Ginny to Voldemort’s look and the glow of the setting sun in the room. He had only heard about it a long time ago but he realised it had to be the ancient spell to create painful conscience. He moved just then waving his wand and sending the whole of the captured Order of the Phoenix to the ground. Voldemort slashed his wand too but it cut across his team of killers killing them in an instant.

My epilogue didn't sound too well so I haven't put it up yet. But I am still writing it out and will post it as soon as it seems right. I had already thought of the reference about Hallows before the title of the book was released but I have to admit that the title really made me emphasize it a lot in this post.


July 6th, 2007, 2:13 pm
Well finally ...

Hermione dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief then turned to her left to see that Ginny was in the same position she had put her in for the past one hour. Sitting straight and staring ahead.
“She is in shock, Hermione.” Ron suddenly spoke from her right.
“I know that. The healer said that the potions he had given her would put her right in a week. It is now a week.” Hermione said slightly distraught.
Lupin and Tonks then left the front of the room they were all in and came to where Ron and Hermione were sitting. The bride and her groom on their wedding day. They both were smiling and looking very happy.
“Thanks you two. I really owe this day to you and Harry. I now realise that Harry would have wanted us to go on with our wedding no matter what happened.” Lupin said.
“Will she be O.K?” Tonks asked as she leaned forward and hugged Ginny then turning to Hermione.
“Yes, but she may have a short term memory loss,” Hermione replied
Lupin and Tonks nodded and turned to leave. There was a general clamour as the few guests at the wedding also rose to see the two off. Ron and Hermione helped Ginny up and began to lead her out.
“Do you have a clue where Harry hid the horcruxes?” Ron asked. A question he had wanted to ask since they had come to Grimmauld place to find the Horcruxes missing. They had not talked about that night since then but Lupin and Tonks wedding seemed to have lifted the heavy burden that had been in their hearts for so long.
“No Ron, I believe he and Malfoy were alone in the house when hi hid them. Maybe Ginny was there but like I told Tonks the potions she is taking may give her a short term memory loss so even if she knew where he hid them she may not remember.” Hermione replied.
“Voldemort’s own body becomes his prison. He really looks like he is suffering. He seems to be sorry now for committing all those crimes. But the torture is there. I don’t even know why they have bothered keeping him in Azkaban.” Ron said.
“Well you saw what he did to his death eaters. He killed them all with a single curse. Tortured or not he is still a dangerous person. And as we can’t seem to find his horcruxes and destroy them, he is immortal. Even if he tries to kill himself and is ripped from his body, it’s his soul that is suffering so he will too.” Hermione replied.
“Snape! Where does he come in. I mean he did save us. If he hadn’t pushed us down we would surely be dead.” Ron asked.
“I don’t know Ron. I simply don’t know. He died with that answer. I guess we will never know on whose side he really was on.” Hermione answered.
“I guess the prophecy was fulfilled though. Harry had the power that not only the Dark Lord didn’t know about, but us too.” Ron said.
Hermione sighed then added, “Yes and in the end only one of them did survive. But he is in a state even worse than dead.”

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