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  1. The Post Hogwarts Characters
  2. Will Sirius's name ever be cleared? aka Will the public know about Sirius's death?
  3. Seriously now, will Harry die in book 7?
  4. Professors - Children & Marriage
  5. Lily had two children
  6. Dumbledore and Harry..one in the same?
  7. Grindelwald
  8. The Mystery of Sinistra and Astronomy
  9. Are Harry and Dumbledore related?
  10. Dudley, a wizard?
  11. Is Arabella Figg who she says she is?
  12. Crouch buried in Hagrid's garden
  13. "When One Wizard Saves Another Wizard's Life...
  14. Will JKR use all the creatures in "Fantastic Beasts"?
  15. Seventh Book last word is 'scar'
  16. Aberforth Dumbledore
  17. The Secrets of Malfoy Manor
  18. Goblins -- whose side are they on?
  19. Minerva and Myrtle... related?
  20. Dumbledore and Invisibility
  21. Book Seven "Graduation"?
  22. The Second War...
  23. The Sorting Hat & house relations
  24. Percy Ignatius Weasley -- where to now?
  25. Evolution of Neville
  26. The Future of Quidditch?
  27. Grawp's Future
  28. Wizarding Cards, a true wealth of info!
  29. Harry vs Neville
  30. Who will inherit Sirius's fortune and estate?
  31. Foreshadowing: Find anything?
  32. Harry will become an Auror! McGonagall said so!
  33. So who will get Bellatrix?
  34. Heir To Gryffindor
  35. Is Harry a metamorphmagus?
  36. Who is the spy in the Order of the Phoenix?
  37. Dumbledore and Voldemort's Duel aka Why didn't Dumbledore kill Voldemort in the MoM?
  38. NEWTS
  39. Book Seven: The Final Battle and The Final Chapter
  40. Weasleys Wizard Wheezes
  41. Neville, Ginny and Luna -- Bigger Roles in the Future?
  42. Will JKR ever kill a Weasley?
  43. Harry's Power
  44. Lily & James' Secrets
  45. Lucius Malfoy's secret life!
  46. What future revelations do you see in Book 6 and 7?
  47. The Prophecy and its relation to future books
  48. Jobs of Harry and the gang
  49. THE VERY ENDING (Book 7)
  50. Why did Sirius have to die?
  51. What will Hagrid come up with next?
  52. How Snape served Voldemort!
  53. The Gryffindor Quidditch Team
  54. Harry as Head Boy
  55. Which one of Harry's classmates will become a teacher?
  56. Tonks: Loyal servant of Voldemort?
  57. Would Lucius be fired...?
  58. Remember Wormtail?
  59. Luna Lovegood - More than meets the eye?
  60. Vampires
  61. Cornelius Fudge - What next?
  62. What are you MOST looking forward to in the Last two books?
  63. When Harry comes of age
  64. Tonks and Lupin?
  65. Harry's New Pet?
  66. OWL results & classes everyone will take
  67. What will happen if Dumbledore dies?
  68. Hedwig
  69. Mirror of the Erised theories
  70. Characters you hope to/not to see in book six.
  71. A late blooming Witch/wizard
  72. Nagini owing Harry a favor?
  73. Stubby Boardman and the Hobgoblins
  74. How will Harry kill Voldemort?
  75. Summer with the Dursley's--improved this year?
  76. Which side is Snape really on?
  77. Rita Skeeter's back...uh oh!
  78. What will become of Cho Chang?
  79. The Fidelius Charm - Revisited
  80. Title for book 7
  81. James Potter's Job
  82. How will Harry change in Book Six?
  83. Harry's power/greatest weapon?
  84. The snake at the London Zoo in PS/SS is Voldemort
  85. Will Harry or Voldemort get a new wand?
  86. Does Dumbledore want to die?
  87. How Love Will Destroy Voldemort
  88. Book SIX: Who will fall in love with whom? Part Two
  89. The Real Hermione
  90. In the end, what do you think will become of the Dursleys?
  91. Kloves: "There is one thing"
  92. Firewhiskey
  93. On Ron in Book Six
  94. Trelawney "Safe" at Hogwarts?
  95. Ludo Bagman
  96. Lupin a Death Eater?
  97. Did Snape try to save James's and Lily's lives?
  98. Hermione's Parents
  99. Harry and the Unforgivable Curses
  100. Snape's Other Secrets
  101. The Future of Kreacher?
  102. Will Harry become a ghost?
  103. Will Lupin bite anybody?
  104. Dumbledore's missing years
  105. Sirius and Neville...death omens??
  106. Will Fred and George join the Order?
  107. The big issue: Has time/history been twisted?
  108. Harry venturing off into the Afterworld?
  109. The snake still resides in Harry
  110. Godrics Hollow
  111. Book Six: Main Plot Line
  112. Harry does not have to kill Voldemort aka VANQUISHING Voldemort
  113. Book Two and Book Five
  114. Why Black/Harry's parents aren't dead...
  115. Mundungus Fletcher, the Death Eater?
  116. The Elder Weasley Brothers
  117. Another Ball In Book Six?
  118. Why Did J.K. Make Ron So Bad At Quidditch?
  119. Is Ron a Seer?
  120. Pensieve Theory/Question
  121. Who will betray Voldemort?
  122. What will become of Dean Thomas??
  123. New theories on Dumbledore's "Look of Triumph"!
  124. How did Lupin know so much about the veil?
  125. Caduceus theory
  126. June 24, 1942 (6-2-4-4-2)
  127. Book SIX: Who will fall in love with whom part three
  128. The Role of Magical Creatures in the Final Battle aka What creatures will join Vold.?
  129. Will Neville ever know about the Prophecy?
  130. The REAL Petunia Dursley and Prof Snape!
  131. Snape's mum
  132. Duelling in NEWT DADA
  133. The Potters' House Destroyed?
  134. Sympathy For Ron?
  135. Will Harry learn to Apparate?
  136. Runes, anyone?
  137. Questions you want answered by Book Seven
  138. How/why will Harry leave Privet Drive this time?
  139. Sirius's Suicide
  140. Luna and Lupin, related?
  141. New broomstick in Book Six?
  142. Veil & Mimbulus Mimbletonia Connection?
  143. Ouroboros Theory: the Serpent biting its Tail
  144. And as in the beginning as in the end
  145. How will Voldemort become stonger than ever?
  146. Location of the Final Battle
  147. Ron and Hermione's Reaction to the Prophecy aka Should Harry tell Ron and Hermione?
  148. Can Voldemort be fought off with a Patronus?
  149. Complete reversals on prior info
  150. Does Dumbledore have a scar?
  151. Severus Snape/Regulus Black
  152. Free will and time travel in HP
  153. Dumbledore, Snape's father?
  154. Veela and Voldemort
  155. The memory of Aunt Marge's dog...
  156. The starting of a new Hogwarts?
  157. Dean, Lavender, Parvati, and Seamus--what is to become of them?
  158. Second Chances
  159. Future Gifts and Christmas Presents
  160. Dumbledore's Army, more meetings in the Future?
  161. Switching Spell
  162. Is Ron THAT Bad?
  163. McGonagall a traitor?
  164. Is Harry destined to be greater than Dumbledore?
  165. Which Weasley will go to jail?
  166. The best possible ending?
  167. Madam Marsh
  168. Who will be sacrificed?
  169. Unforgiveable Curses in Book Six?
  170. Lily - Wandless?
  171. Four Houses united in one - has it already happened?
  172. Book Six: A good or bad start?
  173. Ginny ... not Ginny ?
  174. Greek historical allusion to future house unity?
  175. Return of Regulus Black
  176. The Room of Requirement: a clue to new spells
  177. Harry fighting with Dudley
  178. Stan Shunpike
  179. Harry's 16th Birthday
  180. Dudley Dursley's GCSEs
  181. Red Alert.... or Red Herring?
  182. New Quidditch Commentator?
  183. Book 7 without Voldemort?
  184. The new "Fred and George" aka Who will take the twins' place?
  185. Will Voldemort kill the Dursleys?
  186. More than one secret in the chamber?
  187. Tom Riddle's grandfather Grindelwald?
  188. Rowling's Chessgame
  189. How will Harry being a Parseltongue affect his future?
  190. Harry a squib?...
  191. Future problems for Harry at Hogwarts?
  192. Lockhart's Future
  193. Harry and the muggles
  194. The Lake
  195. "That awful boy" and "her" discussing Dementors
  196. Who will guard Azkaban?
  197. New Peeves the Poltergeist theory
  198. Dragons and Harry
  199. The danger of having Muggle parents?
  200. The Next Headmaster?