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hpdreamz March 2nd, 2004 1:20 pm

A Mark Of Betrayal
Hi everybody, this is my first fan fic and it's going to be novel length. I'm going to be posting Chapter by Chapter. So read and review. Smile.... :p

Green with Envy

Hermione woke up to the sudden burst of gasping coming from the corner of the dorm. She sat up to see Harry and Ron bent double commending each other about something.

“Harry! Ron!” she said struggling to cover herself up,

"Good Morning to you too, I’m glad we got up that slide,” Ron said to her sitting down on her bed
Hermione however didn’t hear him, she was still trying to remember her dream, and it had been a good one. Harry had asked her out to the Halloween Ball….She looked over to him now, he was sitting on the other side of her bed. He was looking at her in concern,

"Hermione are you all right? You seem to be taking this very well considering we spat out pumpkin juice “

"What’s happened, Harry?” She asked peacefully, very conscious of how she looked.

“Snape finally got the job for the Defence against the Dark Arts job and I am sooo doomed” he groaned

“And if that isn’t enough it’s double trouble, we’ve still got him for potions” Ron moaned.

“It’s not that bad, he’s a good teacher we just…don’t get on that’s all” Hermione said flippantly

“Yeah that and he’s got it in for me” Harry said hotly voicing his recent worries

“Harry we should be going there’s only 5 minutes to finish breakfast, time flies when your trying to run up a long slide” Ron tapping him on the back, thinking longingly of his bacon awaiting him in the Great Hall

“Yeah, Hermione we’ll see you down there” Harry told her smiling snapping out of his worries and they stood up and left. Hermione watched them leave and wished they had stayed longer. She sighed dreamily.
She got dressed quickly and pulled on her socks and shoes. Hurriedly she fed Crookshanks, her bandy legged cat and swept out of the dorm in a hurry to get down to the Great Hall before breakfast finished

Ron and Harry collapsed down either side of the house table in front of their golden plates and goblets, which were already filled with half eaten eggs bacon and toast. The hall was deserted now with only a measly 3 minutes to finish breakfast, Ron and Harry were the only few left.

“What you doing today Harry” Ron asked curiously

“I’ve arranged to go and study in the library with Cho and then maybe I’ll go and see Hagrid to help him out organising the Wedding, it depends” he replied after much thought

“When is it?" Ron asked

“12th December, it’s supposed to be a lucky day” spearing his bacon on his fork

“Yeah I suppose when Hagrid and Maxime get married luck’s the first thing they need I mean it’s not exactly a normal wedding is it” Ron thought aloud

“No, it’s amazing how they just hit off isn’t it, it’s the last thing we expected” Harry announced matter – of - factly

“Any idea who’ll be the best man?” Ron continued

“It’ll probably be Dumbledore” Harry told him

“I suppose Cho’s going to be your partner” Ron asked

“What about you Ron?” Harry asked

“Dunno, you know don’t you; we’ll be expected to dance at the party afterwards”

“Uh huh, but unsurprisingly the thought doesn’t really cheer me up.“

“Hi,” Hermione panted behind Harry who spun around to see her

“Hermione finally, hurry up and sit down we’ve only got a minute left” he said patting the empty space on the bench next to him, she sat down hurriedly, turning to them both

“Sorry, I woke up late, Lavender didn’t wake me” she apologised

“It’s all right, It took us about 15 minutes to get up that slide otherwise we’d had had our dinner by now, anyway how come Lavender didn’t wake you up” Ron asked her with a puckered brow

“We had a row last night, I’m surprised you didn’t hear, we were shouting that loud ” she said sipping some pumpkin juice. “ I heard her talking about Hagrid saying that his wedding was going to be a joke, and so I told her what I thought of her, McGonagall had to come up and tell us to calm down”

“Woah!” Harry exclaimed shocked as Ron snorted with amazement, he had never imagined Hermione arguing, it just wasn’t her and he looked up from his plate to see Hermione looking at him dreamily, she quickly looked away
Hermione took a deep breath Harry had just seen her looking at him. She hoped it hadn’t looked suspicious, as long as Harry was dating Cho she had to keep her feelings secret even from Victor, but even Victor had mentioned that she seemed different, he had mentioned it in the summer holidays when they met up.

“What time is quidditch practise Harry?” asked Ron, Harry was however preoccupied, Post had arrived and Harry had received a note from someone so he turned to Hermione for an answer instead

“He said everyone has to be down at the pitch at 6pm, we’ll walk down at ten to” She scrambled down the rest of her breakfast before a second later all the plates and goblets disappeared

“Oh, right" he muttered staring dolefully down at his plate where his bacon had been a second before as Harry tore his note open, he read it out

“I was planning to go anyway after I’d met up with Cho, I’ll meet you two in the common room, then we’ll go” he told them. Ron and Hermione acknowledged this with a nod.

“Hello everyone” someone chimed in, they twisted around to see Dean and Seamus standing straight backed, looking remarkably like Ron’s Brother, Percy

“Hi” they said back, over looking this somewhat disturbing detail

"You are looking at the bouncers for Hagrid’s wedding,” they puffed out their chest and looked at them with an air of superiority, a look reminiscent of Percy Weasley yet again, who had spent the last of his years at Hogwarts, puffing his chest out, so that no one could miss his shiny badge, (Whether a prefects badge or Head Boy badge), and giving that very look to troublemakers

“You can’t be serious,” Hermione said frowning as they stood up

“Trust me Hermione we are being serious, Dumbledore’s given us the job of making sure there’s no trouble”

“Who are you expecting trouble off?”

“The ministry and co. aren’t exactly over the moon about this wedding,” he said quietly”

”They wouldn’t!” they said surprised

"They would,” they said in unison, “anyway we’ve got to drop by Hagrid’s to sort out things later, maybe we’ll see you there."
Hermione heard someone call her name and she turned around to see Crabbe and Goyle looking meaningfully at her, she spun round to Harry, Ron, Seamus and Dean, who were about to leave

“Got to nip to the loo, see you later”

“Bye” they called, but she was already half way down the corridor

“Honestly, I don’t know what’s got into her later, she’s been acting very odd” Harry said to them all

“I’ve noticed that as well, she seems…” he cast around to find a word to explain Hermione’s behaviour “preoccupied” Ron confessed truthfully

“Maybe she’s broken up with Victor” Seamus suggested sniggering slightly

“No, it’s something else” Harry said frowning, what had got into Hermione? She didn’t have her usual bickering rows with Ron anymore like she used to. She let things go and didn’t hold a grudge. Hermione’d changed a lot over the last few weeks ever since they got back to Hogwarts…

Hermione arrived at the library a few minutes later and not soon after a disgruntled Crabbe and Goyle turned up.

“Hello, Did you do what I told you?” Hermione blurted out

“Yeah, but now he says if we do there’ll be trouble” Crabbe confessed sitting down next to her

"Better than having to be used and abused”

“Hmmmmm, we’ll tell him we don’t mind the trouble,” Goyle said slowly cottoning on

“Think about it, you’ve fought all Draco’s battles for him for the past 4 years which just shows he can’t fight himself” she stated genuinely

“You’re right,” Goyle said thickly tightening his fist

“Thanks, Hermione, you’re a star” he said deeply in a gruff voice

“Just don’t make it too obvious that we’re meeting up like this," she cried urgently, Crabbe and Goyle nodded in unison and waddled, penguin- like to the door. Hermione made her way to the Gryffindor Common Room; Ron would be there.

Cho had finally turned up …late. Harry must have been sitting there 15 minutes when she stumbled in. Harry was annoyed, the emotion dissolved however when Cho kissed him. Cho was the best thing that ever happened to him, he was really glad he’d asked to get back together at breakfast on the first day back and the funny thing was that she never mentioned Cedric anymore and that was fine with him. Harry remembered the last time they had met, it’d been up in the air like Harry's feelings, during his last Quidditch match Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw, they’d arranged to meet up today after the match. It had been a good match he thought smiling, Gryffindor had won, all thanks to a great save by Hermione who had been eager to join the Quidditch team ever since it was made apparent that Gryffindor would need a position as Chaser filling. She was an excellent player, really good at blocking those goals; Harry, the new Gryffindor Quidditch Captain had wasted no time letting her join when she tried out.

When Harry’d received his results for his OWLs in the post he hadn’t been too surprised. He had obviously failed History of Magic and Divination and Harry didn’t really care. History of Magic was unbelievably boring and as for Divination he had a funny feeling he wouldn’t miss Professor Trelawney predicting his death …every lesson. Harry had now decided he would like to be an Auror and you hardly needed these subjects for that career path. He had had one little surprise instore for him; he’d scraped an “Exceeds Expectations” in Potions. Obviously when he’d read this certain mark out, he rubbed his eyes several times thinking he was dreaming, but then when he read it again he realised he wasn’t and gave a huge triumphant yelp. Potions was a key subject you needed to know like the back of your hand to become an Auror. Professor Snape the Potions Master looked deeply disappointed as if he’d been denied a big treat when he’d heard this news. Just as he had expected he’d got an Outstanding in Defence Against The Dark Arts, all thanks to the illegal Defence Against The Dark Arts Group he’d started up last year and the Advanced Patronus Charm he performed in the Practical Exam, conjuring up a silver wispy stag, the only one in the year to be able to do this.
It was the timetable Harry had nightmares about but this was the year. Every Monday they had Double Potions followed by Herbology, Care Of Magical Creatures and Double Defence Against The Dark Arts, it hadn’t been so bad for the first few weeks as Defence Against The Dark Arts were free lessons due to a lack of a teacher being found to teach it. However this morning they had received the news that Snape was going to fill the position, and Snape was bad news he never resisted taking points off Gryffindor. Care Of Magical Creatures had taken a turn for the worse, with Sraco schemeing to ruin every one of Hagrids lessons, who seemed to have lost his former confidence. Herbology was becoming vile, one hour stuck in a green house which smelled like horse manure wasn’t what you’d call appealing. Harry's mood was lifted however as Cho came over to speak to him at Breakfast, Hermione was preoccupied as ever she just sat and stared at the enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall, she didn’t eat a thing. There was a commotion at the Slytherin Table where Crabbe and Goyle appeared to have refused to sit next to Malfoy, Harry and Ron couldn’t help grinning broadly as they watched a rejected Malfoy eat his Breakfast unhappily with only Pansy Parkinson at his side trying to smarten up his ruffled hair. Hermione hadn’t noticed…
Ron was feeling worthless, Percy had just been promoted as the assistant to the ministry of magic and he had the sinking feeling he’d have to live up to Percy’s standards, he was always being told that he should set a better example for his sister, Ginny. But even Ginny didn’t seem to want to follow in Ron’s footsteps she was more likely to turn out like her other twin brothers, Fred and George. Who had been renowned class clowns at Hogwarts. Harry was one of his best friends, but sometimes he found himself comparing himself to him. It was so hard being friends with a boy who was famous worldwide. He was always being shunted to one side and he felt useless! It was hard enough having to be shunted to the side before he started dating Cho, the girl he’d had a crush on since Primary School. Harry had everything Ron wanted.

“Weasley, are you even listening to me?” Snape snarled maliciously

“Huh” he mumbled perplexed

“I said are you even listening to me” he repeated murderously

“Yeah, sure I am” he said gathering himself, it was half way through Potions and Snape had been giving them a lecture, Ron however had been thinking so therefore didn’t realise that Snape had asked him a question.

“Could you kindly repeat what I just said then, Weasley”

“You were just … erm … saying that … erm …”He could see Hermione mouthing out something but couldn’t make out what it was so gave up

"Detention for an hour tonight, Weasley be at my office at 6pm,” he smirked
Harry looked over to Ron to see how he reacted to this and was astonished to see him shrug his shoulders he didn’t really look bothered. This was new, normally Ron would grumble. Harry was distracted by the sight of Malfoy sitting next to Ron, he looked terrible his robes were heavily creased, there were bags under his eyes and he looked very pale, as if he was about to vomit. He looked utterly miserable and deadbeat. Harry suddenly felt a strange feeling and it was a few minutes till he realised, to much disbelief, he felt a tad bit sorry for Draco. It suddenly struck him that Draco hadn’t been his self lately, in fact Harry was certain that teasing anyone didn’t bring the pleasure it use to. It was like he only bullied people for the mere sake of it.
Maybe it was just him but everyone seemed a bit preoccupied lately, something weird was going on…he could feel it…
Ron was annoyed, it was weeks into term and he still hadn’t managed to tell Harry, it just wasn’t the kind of thing you could bring up in a normal conversation, the time had to be just right…yet again the time had to come soon…very soon…
“What have you got in store for us today?” Hermione asked enquiringly

“I think we’ll make us practise diversionary tactics, dives, things like that probably, but I doubt in this weather we’ll be able to see anything. We’ll get some practise though as it won’t be long till we’re trying to dodge each other because we can’t see a bloody thing“ he said running his hands through his sopping wet black hair
Hermione chuckled and he looked at her

“I haven’t heard you laugh in a long time, what’s the problem?”

“Really, it’s n-no-nothing…i-it’s all right” She stammered quickly

“Come on you can tell me, I know something’s wrong,” he said quietly

“Now’s not the right time, maybe some other time Harry” she told him, switching her brand new Nimbus 2003 to her other hand

“In your own time, it’s just that I’m worried about you that’s all” explained Harry running his hand through his hair once more

It was Thursday evening and Harry and Hermione were making their way to the Quidditch stadium for Quidditch practise. It had been raining all throughout the day and Harry had got the team together at lunch to announce as the conditions were likely to be the same for their following match against Hufflepuff a practise session would be held that evening at 6pm. For the simple reason that Gryffindor needed practise flying in these appalling weather conditions.
Ron made his way to Gryffindor Common Room with a furrowed brow and a buzzing mind. He was wondering where he was now? How far away was he? What was he planning?…Did he have inside help? This all seemed a bit scary for him I mean Voldemort planning something bad to happen at Hogwarts and Harry not knowing…if only his dad hadn’t been called away to that emergency at The Ministry Of Magic, then he wouldn’t have the huge responsibility on his shoulders to tell Harry…this was bad…real bad…
Draco sat on his bed twiddling his thumbs, he was completely alone, and he had no one, no one to tell. No one he could turn to and say, ”I know something bad’s going to happen, but if I tell you my father’ll kill me, and I’m scared…really scared…”
Surely there had to be someone…a friend?…got none…family…no one who wouldn’t kill him for doubting them…a teacher…maybe, but which one?…Dumbledore?…out of the question…McGonagall?…hell no…Snape?…yes!…
Practise was pointless, they couldn’t see where they were going let alone muster up the energy to go there and Neville and Ginny kept mucking about. The atmosphere up in the air was deeply depressing and Harry called it a day after only 20 minutes of “practise” and so the Gryffindor Quidditch team retired to the changing rooms having gained nothing from the evening’s experience.
Hermione gazed at Harry dreamily from across the Gryffindor Common Room, he was talking to Cho and she couldn’t help feeling green with envy. She scowled at the thought of being jealous of Cho. She tore her eyes away from the heart aching scene and turned her head around the rest of the common room, where her eyes met another disturbing scene. Everywhere she looked people were having fun, Ginny and Dean were laughing at a joke he’d just told her Ginny kissed him passionately on the cheek out of gratitude, to which Dean stopped laughing to actually snog her keenly, Colin and Dennis Creevey had set off some Dr. Filibuster’s Wet Start Fireworks, some first years were playing exploding snap and Ron and Seamus were playing Wizards Chess. She wondered whether Ron knew that Dean and Ginny were an item.
Hermione watched as the deck of cards the first years were playing with exploded with a huge BOOM that shook the ground. The girl, who had leant forward to put her card down at the time, got her face covered with soot… there was a moments pause as they all realised what had happened then a tidal wave of laughter broke out, the sooty faced girl included who stopped only to magic herself clean with her wand. She sighed heavily. What she wouldn’t give to be one of those people, not a care in the world, no one who keeps popping up in their mind… She couldn’t stand it any longer, she had to tell him, but the problem was, when? How?

Harry looked intently into Cho’s eyes…they were so beautiful…so unfathomable…Harry was lost in them… but she was waiting for an answer

“Yeah, of course I’ll help” he replied coming out of his reverie

“Thanks Harry,” she said taking his hand gratefully, which was on the table “I really haven’t had time to write it up myself, I’ve had a lot to think about lately…”she trailed off

“About what?” he questioned

“Never you mind,” she said playfully

“Come on you can tell me” Harry wheedled ”I mean we are going out!” he shouted suddenly flaring up.

“I said no, Harry” she said firmly

“WHY NOT?” he exploded getting to his feet suddenly

“YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW HARRY?” screamed Cho who was on her feet too now

“YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW “she yelled poking Harry roughly with her forefinger several times


“It’s OK Cho calm down” he told her quietly, his anger having dissolved as quickly as he’d felt it


“I’m so sorry Cho I didn’t mean to-“

“DIDN’T MEAN TO WHAT? HARASS ME? UPSET ME? WELL I HOPE YOUR HAPPY HARRY, NOW YOU’VE BEEN “UPDATED”!” she roared quoting with two fingers from each hand, Harry was startled to see there were tears streaming down her hurt face. He looked on as she chucked all her things fiercely in to her bag swung it over her bag and dashed out of the common room. Leaving Harry to feel extremely guilty…Why had he harassed her like that? He thought through his feelings as he had “attacked” Cho. He vaguely remembered that he felt exceptionally angry and then…he understood. Lately he had the feeling that people were from him and he wasn’t going to let Cho sit there and lie through her teeth. I mean he was friends with all the people who hid things from him, so why did they lie to him? He snapped out of his thoughts to see people looking curiously. The whole common room was silent. Even Colin and Dennis had froze the fireworks in mid air to watch the argument and Dean and Ginny had stopped snogging to watch attentively

“What are you all looking at?” he said hotly, why did people feel the need to butt in when it was none of their business, he thought angrily, only too well knowing that that was what he had done to Cho…it really had been none of his business… He gathered his things, shoved them in his bag roughly, picked it up and hurried out of the common room towards the library amid many suspicious looks. Out of the blue Harry remembered about Hagrid's Wedding and so stopped in his tracks and dashed in the opposite direction towards the school grounds instead. He took the time to reach Hagrid’s hut to think. What had come over him? He’d never been nosy… it just…wasn’t him. Something funny was going on. He reached Hagrid’s Hut and knocked on his door loudly…

Hope you liked it guysthanks for reading and, please post. The next chapter will be called A Dreadful Joke. :angel:

hpdreamz March 10th, 2004 1:27 pm

Hello Guys, i know a lot of people have read this first Chapter but no ones posted, if i don't get a reply soon i won't carry on because i get the feeling that no one likes it. So if you like it, if i get one reply i will keep posting chapters otherwise you might as well forget reading the rest and trust me guysni think you're missing out, because all my friends think i'm a great writer, i'm sorry if i'm being harsh but i'm a bit pee-ed off that so many people have read it, but no body's posted feedback, come on guy's this is a great fan fic!! :upset:

hpdreamz March 12th, 2004 1:36 pm

Still not replying eh? I'll give you a week, till Wednesday, if there are no replies i'll just forget it! :upset:

hpdreamz March 16th, 2004 4:05 pm

Originally Posted by hpdreamz
Still not replying eh? I'll give you a week, till Wednesday, if there are no replies i'll just forget it! :upset:

i'm so sorry guys, i've been stupid, i got angry because there was no feedback because i didn't know you had to start up a new forum if you wanted feedback, i'm so STUPID :huh: and very sorry :sad: the feedback forum i've started is in The Flourish and Blotts Book Club and is called "Feedback For "A Mark Of Betrayal"" i hope to hear some feedback from you all!!!

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