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The final chapter: Beyond Death

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Old March 8th, 2004, 6:08 pm
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The final chapter: Beyond Death

This will be my first real fan-fic and as you probably know, I did not invent any of these characters or locations (I wish I had though!!!). This is my version of the very last chapter. I will write the chapter in segments, because I believe it will be rather long as a whole. Please post feedback Here and remember, it's my first fic and I would sincerely like to know what you think.

Beyond Death

A rustling wind swept through the dark and silent streets of Hogsmeade. There were no signs of life or movement whatsoever until a man suddenly materialized in front of the entrance to the Hogshead, a local pub of the little village. This was no ordinary visitor, and one could have walked past him without even noticing him. If it weren’t for the man’s abnormally red eyes, exposed within a hood covering his face, it would have been almost impossible to spot him. Dressed in black robes, which seemed to absorb the surrounding darkness, the stranger stood on the doorstep of the pub, apparently considering what to do next. With a last deep breath and a swift cloak movement he was gone, but reappeared only seconds later walking stealthily through the gates leading to Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry.
Only moments later a rather skinny boy woke up in a four-poster bed rubbing his hands against his forehead, where a peculiar scar resided. Harry Potter had awoken because of a disturbing dream, a dream where he himself had attacked the caretaker and his dear friend Hagrid. His scar ached badly, which indicated that it indeed hadn't been a dream. On second thought Harry was almost certain that his dream had been a vision of Voldemort's doings. An escalating sensation of horror spread through Harry's body like an electric shock, leaving no time for consideration: He had to save his friend.
Harry pulled his robes over his pajamas with such speed that he thought he had woken up one of his fellow Hogwarts students, but to his relief it had only been a particularly loud snore from somewhere beside him. Harry then pulled his invisibility cloak around him on the way down to the Gryffindor common room and was completely invisible when he proceeded through a portrait covering the exit. The painting, otherwise known as the fat lady, bewildered of the late disturbance asked quietly who dared to interrupt her sleep, but Harry was long gone.
As Harry pushed open the doors leading to the grounds of Hogwarts he knew something was terrible wrong, he could feel it in his bones and sense it in the chilling air. He felt his heart pounding inside his chest and felt ill, as thought he needed to throw up any second. He also had a nasty headache. Nevertheless he started running faster towards the edge of the forbidden forest, where Hagrid’s cabin was located. The icy cold air made him feel dizzy and he soon realized that the invisibility cloak had slipped off him, but he couldn't care less. As Harry approached Hagrid's Cabin he felt for a fleeting moment the ubiquity of an evil force, and he knew he was walking into a trap, his own doom. But how could he stop now when he knew Hagrid needed help. Harry started running even faster.
The door to the cabin was ajar and as Harry approached it he could hear the sound of heavy panting somewhere beyond. He opened the door slowly and muttered lumos, to bring light into the darkness as he held his wand in front of him. Harry shifted the beam of light from wall to wall but couldn’t locate the source of the now moaning sound. He then moved the beam of light so that it illuminated the floor. Harry's mind and heart froze, his eyes filled with tears. There, right before him on the floor....was the lifeless large body of Hagrid, evidently dead. Hagrid’s beetle black eyes were cold, all life drained from them. The dog Fang was beside Hagrid, licking his master’s cheek, taking no notice of the newcomer. Concurrently as a drop of clear saline liquid fell from Harry's eye, hitting the dusty floor, the door to the cabin burst open. Harry, completely caught off guard, was pushed forward tripping over the corpse of Hagrid. Fang on the other hand flung himself at the attacker barking loudly, but was deflected by a tremendous force created by a smooth wand movement courtesy of its caster. There in the door opening stood a tall black hooded man, with sparkling red eyes.

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Harry flung himself up with his wand ready, but no sooner than he was up he found himself wandless, disarmed by his opponent. Seconds later a strong force prevented him from moving as if he had fallen into buoyant cement. His scar emitted simultaneous waves of pain and rage, which surged through his body like an electric shock. But Harry felt no pain; he felt only anger and hatred. He wanted nothing more than to kill the murderer standing a few steps before him.
"Now, now Harry Potter" hissed an icy cold voice, as its owner removed the hood covering an ivory snakelike face. "That is no way to greet a guest... hasn't Dumbledore taught you any manners, Potter"
Harry gazed into those intimidating red eyes of Lord Voldemort and felt something erupt inside him. An inexorable emotion so strong it made Harry's whole body tremble was dwelling within him. Hatred so powerful it consumed all other emotion. It was at this precise moment that Harry, somehow freed from his bondage, launched himself at Voldemort like a rocket. With amazing agility Harry seized Voldemort's right hand just in time to alter the direction of the curse, which seconds later penetrated the ceiling. Harry clutched his free hand around Voldemort's left ear and pressed his thumb as hard as he could into the left eye socket of Voldemort. Harry felt his thumb pierce the cold surface of Voldemort's eye, which split open. A warm yellowish fluid covered Harry's fingers as Voldemort let out a psychotic cry of agony. As Harry pushed his finger even deeper into the now bleeding eye socket, the door to the cabin burst open for the second time that night. Harry was instantly pushed away from Voldemort and flew against the opposite wall with such force that he lost consciousness.
Bellatrix Lestrange had entered the room with an unconscious Neville Longbottom at her side. She aimed her wand at Harry simultaneously observing her master with a nonchalant expression on her face.
"Master, are you all right?" Bellatrix asked, as she tossed Neville to a corner of the cabin.
"Do I look okay?" cried Voldemort, turning to face Bellatrix.
Lestrange’s casual expression changed instantly as she saw Voldemort's mutilated face. Voldemort's face was covered in blood and segments of thick yellowish liquid, which dropped onto the floor and his robes. The remaining eye was also covered in blood, which gave Voldemort an even more savage look.
"Oh...master let me try to fix that" Bellatrix begun with a shaky voice.
"NO, there is nothing you can do fool" yelled Voldemort, picking up his wand and pointing it at his face. His wand sucked up the blood covering his face, but the left eye socket remained hollow and dark.
"Who have you brought with you?" Voldemort continued, now gazing at Neville. "Why have you presented me with this boy?"
"He was apparently following Potter. So I stunned him and might want to...investigate" Bellatrix answered.
Voldemort was only partially listening as he directed his attention towards Harry. Dislike could be seen in every line of Voldemort’s snakelike face as he flexed his wand slightly, which lifted Harry from the floor and placed him against the wall. Harry's head lolled sideways and a great amount of red saliva poured out of his mouth.
"Wake up Harry…no time to sleep" Voldemort hissed and stepped forward pointing his wand at Harry's chest. "Crucio"
Harry regained consciousness immediately when the curse connected, screaming ear-piercingly loud. He felt as thought every particle of his body was burning. But as suddenly as the pain had begun, it was gone. Harry focused his eyesight and found himself staring at his archenemy, the Dark Lord. Harry was bound to the wall by an invisible force and could not move. He felt extensive pain in the back of his head where a deep cut bled. He could feel the cold blood running down his back and a curious sensation surged through his body.
"Look what you have done, boy...look" Voldemort shouted, pointing his long white finger at his left eye socket. "Unfortunately for you it will take a lot more than that to hurt me, Harry. Nevertheless it fascinates me how hard it is to kill you. It seems as thought you are not meant to die…but your time has come Harry, and I will take even greater pleasure in ending your life. You have eluded death far too often.....time to die."

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Before Voldemort moved a muscle the whole hut exploded. The roof flew fifty feet in the air and the walls imploded. Bellatrix was thrown off her feet and landed like a sack of potatoes some ten feet away, unconscious. Voldemort swung around with his wand ready. There, only thirty feet away stood Dumbledore with his wand outstretched. Dumbledore's half-moon spectacles gleamed menacingly in the dark and a surge of energy could be felt all around him. Neither Voldemort nor Dumbledore took any notice of the roof landing with a crash only ten feet away. Both men only stared transfixed at each other, blind of everything around them.
"Here to save the boy, I assume" Voldemort said perturbedly to Dumbledore shifting slightly but keeping his target in sight and wand ready. "Soon it is you who will need to be saved, old man.”
And without warning or incantation a blinding green light exploded from the tip of Voldemort’s wand. The curse soared through the air and only inches away from its target something unexpected happened. A concrete brick wall materialized before its path, shielding Dumbledore. The summoned wall shattered into small pieces leaving behind a cloud of dust.
“Quite impressive, Albus….But you can’t hide from me, no one can” Voldemort hissed, sending numerous spells and hexes into the dusty cloud. “Come out and finish this like a man. I know you’re somewhere inside that cloud, you can’t apparate within these grounds, even you must know that.”
“Indeed I do” said Dumbledore with his ever so calm voice from behind Voldemort, who instantly turned around. But before Voldemort could react Dumbledore had already cast his spell, which hit Voldemort right in the face. The mighty spell took affect without delay and paralyzed its victim from head to toe. Voldemort’s wand fell to the ground with a thud as thought it was much heavier than it looked.
A few feet away Harry regained consciousness and had no clue where he was. All he knew was that he was bleeding from the back of his head and that he was lying on his back staring at the sky. Hundreds of stars were revolving rapidly forming different shapes and forms in the dark sky above him. He felt unbalanced and weak. “Am I dead”, Harry thought for himself. “If so, death sure feels uncomfortable.” And at this precise moment Harry fully realized where he was as his mind filled with various images from the events earlier that night.
Harry stood up and felt extremely dizzy and wobbled uncontrollably. He massaged his eyes and put his glasses back on to see better. At first Harry saw nothing but the remaining bits of Hagrid’s demolished house, but when he focused his eyes he could distinguish two tall figures only some forty feet away. Harry tried to take a few steps forwards but felt too weak and shaky to walk. He then concentrated hard on seeing and to his amazement he suddenly saw considerably better. At the same time as his vision improved so did his other senses. He felt more lightened and relaxed.
But Harry’s sudden change of mood changed once more when he saw what was about to occur right before his eyes. Voldemort looked like a stiff breeze would blow him over and Dumbledore towered over him with his wand pointing at Voldemort’s chest. But it was not this that worried Harry, nor the fact that Dumbledore seemed to be in deep conversation with Voldemort. No, it was the fact that Harry also saw four Death Eaters approaching Dumbledore from behind him.
Harry tried to scream but his throat was too sore. He started running towards the scene but fell to the ground as his legs would not support him. Harry was completely helpless when the Death Eaters attacked Dumbledore from behind. It was as thought time slowed down and it all happened in slow motion as Harry watched it all unfold. Dumbledore's body absorbed the spells slowly and froze after which the four Death Eaters surrounded him. Harry attempted once more to move or to scream but in vain. He heard his own heart beat faster and faster. Coils of fear wrapped around him and held him immobile and mute. Tears and sweat flowed down his face as his heart crumbled. Harry could do noting, but watch.
Voldemort had picked up his wand and was surveying Dumbledore with a pleased grim on his face.
“You should have finished me when you had the chance” Voldemort said pointing his wand at Dumbledore. “Don’t worry; I won’t make the same mistake…AVADA KEDAVRA”
Dumbledore’s body twitched when the flashing green lightning made contact. Harry, with tears running down his cheek, witnessed for the second time in his life when a persons whole life got blown away in the blink of an eye. Harry felt as if someone had stabbed him in the heart. But as Dumbledore’s limp body started descending towards the solid surface of the Earth, Harry thought for the briefest moment that he saw his Headmaster glare into his own eyes. And when Harry’s eyes met with Dumbledore’s mortified glance a voice soared higher and farther within Harry than anybody in a gray place dares to dream. It was like some beautiful bird flapped into Harry’s drab mind and made the sorrow and pain dissolve away. Harry felt free, free from the coils and boundaries around him, free from human emotion.
“End what I could not, and fulfill the prophecy” whispered a beautiful echoing voice in his ears. “Wield the power that resides within you….and good will prevail where evil rules, darkness will pass where light will prevail”
And just like that the elevating state occupying Harry’s mind was gone, but it left Harry with extraordinary vitality and Harry found his body fully enervated. He felt stronger and more alive than ever before.
As thought no time had past Harry reentered reality and watched as Dumbledore’s carcass fell to the ground creating a whirling cloud of dust, which filtered through the air. Eccentric rage erupted inside Harry, uncontrollable passion to kill dwelled within him. Harry knew what he had to do, or so he thought.

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Old March 11th, 2004, 6:50 pm
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Even Lord Voldemort could feel the sudden vibrations of fury in the air and looked unusually puzzled. But it was too dark for him or his henchmen to see the raging bull approaching from the side. The Death Eaters were too slow and bewildered to defend or organize themselves as Harry came out from the darkness. Four swift wand movements sent the Death Eaters rocketing through the air and crashing down with broken bones and limbs. Now, only two figures stood firmly on the ground staring at each other waiting for a sign of when to strike. The air around them was electrified.
Then, without warning a jet of green light issued from the tip of Voldemort’s wand, but Harry had also relinquished his cures instantaneously. The two jets of dazzling light met in mid-air and merged together.
Harry felt the familiar vibrations in his wand as the beams connected. He knew that priori incantatem was occurring. The beam of light between Harry’s and Voldemort’s wands turned into a scintillating gold as Harry gripped his wand more tightly. But Harry was not about to let priori incantatem take full effect. Thus he wrenched his wand upwards. The beam curved as a rainbow until the connection broke with a blinding flash of light.
But Harry needed not to see where his opponent was. No, he knew exactly where to strike the second the connection broke.
It was with malicious pleasure that Harry took aim and shouted Crucio. The air filled instantly with a loud piercing cry, echoing through the grounds. If the students and teachers of Hogwarts had not already awoken by the diverse noises throughout the night, this would undoubtedly even wake the most intensively sleeping person. And just as Harry’s eyesight started recovering he heard someone roar Avada Kedavra from behind him. Harry felt a negative wave of energy slash through his body and forcing its way to his heart, which collapsed and discontinued beating.
The cold weight of his physical body faded and Harry felt light as a feather. The laws of physics did not apply to where Harry was nor did any conventional dimensions exist. Consequently, Harry soon realized that he had abandoned his body and found himself staring down at his unmistakably dead self, lying on the ground. This was undoubtedly the most surreal experience of Harry’s whole life. In fact he didn’t think he saw at all or at least not through eyesight, but rather sensed the presence of things. It was brighter and more focused and clearer than normal vision.
Harry felt a shadowy women pass through him as she ran to a dark shape with red eyes, inside whom Harry sensed great grief and redundancy. Harry heard the woman whisper something to the tall person who responded with a provoked voice: “No… I was just about to finish him myself, only playing around. Although, it seems like young Potter here was much stronger than I could ever have imagined. Never have I felt pain like that. But I would have preferred to do him myself. Regardless I still appreciate you helping…”
Harry’s attention drifted elsewhere as he saw a long, dark tunnel to which he felt drawn. Before Harry entered it, his entire life flashed before his eyes. He saw his mother and father. Then, he was lying on his back watching falling stars. Then, there was Ron and Hermione. And as he viewed these beautiful images from his life he sped at great speed through the dark tunnel. After a while he saw a light that became brighter as he drew closer to it. Finally Harry left the tunnel and found himself in a graceful garden, where a fence barred him from going any further. It was the most beautiful place he had ever witnessed.
Harry could hear beautiful majestic music all around him and was drawn to climb over the golden fence. Meanwhile, an unearthly brilliant light radiated warmth, love and peace from the other side of the fence. Although Harry couldn’t distinguish what the entity of clear light was he felt a fixed attraction to it. And at that precise moment his heart filled with love and longing, as he realized that he was inches away from his parents. He could feel their indispensable presence of tenderness and adore. It was emotionally the most profound moment of Harry’s entire life. He wanted to go to the light but the fence prevented him. Harry found he was so excited he could barely be still or hold a thought in his head. He imagined it’s the excitement only a redeemed person can feel; a person at the start of a long awaited reunion. Harry felt right at home.
Harry then heard the most beautiful voice come from the light, the voice of his mother, which said, “Your time has not yet come, Harry. You have not lived as intended. You must return and finish the task that was appointed to you…don’t worry we will wait for you. One day we will meet again”
“Hurry, time is crucial” whispered the sublime voice of his father.
Harry tried to speak his heart out and express his emotions towards his parents but could not muster the strength nor the words to do so.
“We know Harry…we love and miss you too. And remember, what ever happens we will always be proud of you Harry, always” Harry heard his parents say.
“Come” Said a familiar voice from behind Harry. A lustrous light glided towards him. It was the spirit of Dumbledore, even if not recognizable through appearance, still identifiable through heart. The situation was beyond Harry’s control as he started descending from the garden with incredible speed. Instants later he felt a cold sensation all around him and gathered that he had returned to his physical body. He could feel his strengthening heartbeat and the weight of his body. But Harry’s mind was continuously sharp and peaceful. He then heard Dumbledore’s echoing voice ring in his ear:
”Harry, you must come to understand that you can never defeat Voldemort through anger… nor by means of retribution. You can never equal Voldemort’s animosity or malice. No Harry… you must make use of the very essence of what you are. You must reach deep down and find the core of your substantial quiddity. You are fundamentally everything that Voldemort is not, thus the only one capable of eradicating him from the universal equation. If you do not succeed, no one will, consequently the equilibrium between good and evil will deteriorate. I know it’s a burden no one should have to carry, but the outcome of tonight will shape the future. You need only to recognize what you are and then, even Voldemort can’t stop you. Perceive the profoundest beauty and allure in the world and you will triumph over your contrast; the Dark Lord.”

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After comprehending every word of Dumbledore’s oration Harry took a deep breath and stood up. Harry felt different; more aware, alive and somehow more complete than before. He saw things in a new light-everything was so beautiful and peaceful. He wanted to feel and see it all at once, but was overwhelmed by its magnitude. Harry’s heart swelled up like a balloon that’s about to burst. But then he understood to relax, and to stop trying to hold onto it and let it flow through like rain. It was the most unique sensation Harry had ever felt; it was like he was the lord of all creation.
Lord Voldemort and five of his Death Eaters were staring at Harry with disorientated looks on their faces. “NO, this can not be” Voldemort murmured to Bellatrix. “Didn’t you use the killing curse?”
“Yes I did master” Bellatrix responded with a shaky voice. “What do you want us to do?”
“You can surrender and receive fair judgment.” Harry said spontaneously, turning around to face the six people staring at him. “Or pay the unsparing consequence of disapproval.”
The five Death Eaters laughed madly while Voldemort remained rigid, with the look of a person who has just seen a ghost.
“Who in the hell do you think you are...speaking to us as if you had any authority over us, you simple-minded fool” Bellatrix spat abruptly, not laughing anymore. Harry could feel the tragic hate within the corrupted soul of Lestrang as she continued. “Master, just tell me and I will put him out of his misery, no one can save him now.”
“Put him to sleep and make sure he stays dead this time” Voldemort said with a tone of madness in his voice.
All five Death Eaters shouted AVADA KEDAVRA synchronically, but to no avail. And as they looked down at their wands they could not believe their eyes; instead of wands they were gripping the shafts of oak twigs.
“Can’t you do anything correctly…must I do everything by myself?” Voldemort shouted, pointing his wand at Harry, who had a very grave look on his face. Harry felt ascendant and could somehow foresee things before they occurred.
A jet of green lightning erupted from the tip of Voldemort’s wand and glided through the air, but just before reaching Harry, the curse transformed into singing starlings, which flew past Harry with their dark glossy speckled feathers. And when the beautiful song entered Harry’s consciousness daylight started penetrating the darkness all around them. A new day had come and the sun shined out the clearer as darkness withdrew into nothingness.
Voldemort could not believe his eyes and the Death Eaters were completely stunned. Never had a spell failed Voldemort before and never had he lost control of a situation until now. How could a boy be more powerful than Voldemort. Why would this boy not die? Why did he continue to persist?
Harry started walking towards Voldemort and his perplexed Death Eaters. In fact Harry strolled, like a man in a park without a care or a worry in the world, like he had on an invisible coat that would shield him from everything evil in the world. And as he walked the grass behind him started growing and took the color of flourishing green. Harry radiated positive energy all around him, the very energy that dwelled within him. And as Harry glared at Voldemort, he saw not the Dark Lord, but a person corrupted by irresistible evil. He saw a frightened and feeble person who has stepped over the line of morality and surrendered to pure evil. Tom Riddle was beyond redemption, the grasp of evil would never let him go. Harry knew now that Voldemort could never die completely through any curse or spell, thus there remained only one alternative which would function.
Bellatrix Lestrang came running towards Harry while her fellow Death Eaters sprinted the other way, past Voldemort who stood still, petrified like stone. But as Bellatrix came close to Harry she fell to the ground as if pushed down by a great shock wave. Bellatrix felt a shivering jolt of energy pass through her numb body.
Voldemort’s expression grew more and more daunt as Harry drew nearer. And as Harry was only inches away, Voldemort whimpered with a nervous baby-like voice: “Please don’t hurt me, I don’t want to die. I am no worthy adversary to you, please.”
Harry then sized his hands around Voldemort’s shoulders as if he were to kiss him and said calmly: “Don’t worry Tom, in a way…you’re already dead.” Voldemort’s whole body jerked and his skin transformed into an even paler shade. Immediately hereafter Voldemort’s red eyes slowly perished and became pitch black.
White light was issuing from underneath the area where Harry’s and Voldemort’s bodies made contact and the ground was trembling all around them, as thought an earth-quake was taking place. And as Harry squeezed his arms tightly around Voldemort’s body the bright light widened so that it was impossible to distinguish the two people from which the light came from. And then, the blinding light withdrew into an amazingly bright and small orb, which nano seconds later exploded in a grand display of dazzling white light. Harry and Voldemort had disintegrated and left was nothing but a small crater and a whistling sound in the air.


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