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Wuffy and Fuzzball

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Old February 14th, 2004, 7:50 am
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Wuffy and Fuzzball

Disclaimer: The only thing mine is Wuffy. Odd story behind him. Everything else is J.K. Rowling’s.

Wuffy and Fuzzball

Dumbledore was standing in his office, talking to the Mirror of Messages, which was broken diagonally across the top, where your face would be. The really weird part about it was that because of where the crack was, the mirror only spoke in pig latin. It’s function is a bit like voice mail. You can send messages to people with mirrors to be retrieved at a later date. If need be, it could also act like a bullhorn. That makes it very easy to yell very loudly at someone and not have to be in the same place. And since it’s old, it’s a little hard of hearing.
“I would like to leave a message for Maupin, the seamstress.” Dumbledore told the mirror, looking over at Wuffy, his teddy bear, who was sitting on his desk.
“Ouyay ouldway ikelay otay eavelay aay essagekay orpay Oufimnay, hetay creamstresssay? Ho’sway hattay?” the mirror asked.
“No,” Dumbledore said, raising his voice. “I would like to leave a message for Maupin, the seamstress.”
“Aay essagemay orfay Autinmay hetay eamsresssay?”
“No!” Professor Dumbledore said even louder, separating his words so that the mirror would have to get it. “It’s a message for MAUPIN, the SEAMSTRESS!” Can’t this thing get anything right? Dumbledore thought, annoyed.
“Hoay, ouyay eanmay Aupinmay, hetay eamstresssay. Koay, eadyray henway ouyay reaay.” Dumbledore sighed and left his message.
“Maupin, Wuffy is falling apart again. When you get the time, could you come fix him?” After he had left his message, Dumbledore started pacing. Maupin had her own mirror, but there was no telling how long it would be before she got the message. As he was pacing Fuzzball, Snape’s malamute puppy, quietly entered the room. Dumbledore didn’t notice him at first.
“Fuzzball! How did you get in here?” Dumbledore asked him kindly when he finally did notice him.

Fuzzball had been sleeping on Dumbledore’s bed for a while. He had slipped up with Snape, unnoticed by either men, found that the bed was rather comfy, and had laid down for a nap. Fuzzball let Dumbledore pet him for a while, but as the sleepiness wore off, he got to feeling rather playful. He looked around for something to play with. At first he saw nothing to interest him, but then he caught sight of Wuffy. He casually walked over to the desk and sniffed at one of Wuffy’s feet. As Dumbledore came towards him to move Wuffy out of his reach, Fuzzball seized the teddy bear and took off out the door with it held firmly in his mouth. He ran down the staircase and out into the hall with Professor Dumbledore hot on his heels. Fuzzball gleefully pranced down the hall with Dumbledore running after him, shouting for him to stop and drop the teddy bear. Fuzzball dashed into the Great Hall. It was the middle of the day, so the hall was empty. Fuzzball jumped over one of the tables to put it between him and Professor Dumbledore. He was very lucky that there wasn’t anything on the tables at the time, but Fuzzball soon realized that that wasn’t going to work because of the way that the tables were sitting. Professor Dumbledore could simply cut him off at the ends of the table, and block the door at the same time. There were other doors in and out of the room, but they were firmly shut at the moment. He instead ran to the end of the hall and put the teachers table between Dumbledore and himself. In doing this, he lured Dumbledore over to the other side of the table and away from the door. He thought that it would be a cinch to get around Professor Dumbledore and back out the door, but the old man was faster than he looked. Fuzzball found this out after he had nearly been caught several times. It took a while, but finally Fuzzball’s opportunity came. As Dumbledore came around the end of the table, Fuzzball ducked underneath and ran back out of the hall, Dumbledore right behind him still.

Fuzzball ran gleefully through the halls, winding up and down the stairs, and round and round through the halls. Several times he almost took turns that would have led him into dead ends. He also almost went outside, but he realized that if he did, Professor Dumbledore could catch him quickly. Besides, he could get locked outside and have to surrender. Puppy’s don’t surrender. Then, as he ran, Professor Dumbledore still on his heels, he saw a passage he knew. Man, this guy can run. Fuzzball thought. I wonder what’s so special about this teddy bear anyway. Fuzzball turned down the passage, realizing that it headed down to the dungeons.

Snape was in the middle of class when Fuzzball came charging in, a teddy bear in his mouth, and Professor Dumbledore hot on his heels. The students jumped, and then stared. Some of them rubbed their eyes, or pinched themselves, trying to determine if what they were seeing was real, a dream, a hallucination, or just a figment of their imaginations. They soon realized that others were seeing the exact same thing, and so it had to be real. Even knowing that, it was hard to believe that the headmaster was chasing a puppy around the school, and now the classroom. Dumbledore chased the dog around the room for what must have been five minutes. The students who had been rubbing their eyes in disbelief, were now rubbing their eyes because they were so dizzy from watching this escapade. Dumbledore chased the dog in circles, zigzag’s, and figure eights. Back and forth, back and forth. One of the students was starting to look like he might get really sick, when there came a loud ‘BANG!’ Dumbledore and the dog froze in mid-stride. It sounded like a cannon had gone off. Actually, it turned out that Professor Snape had popped a very large balloon to get Dumbledore and Fuzzball’s attention. The two were now still as statues.
“Drop it.” Snape commanded the dog, and the dog dropped the teddy bear. “Now, let’s get you back to your bed.” he cooed in a very un-Snapeish way, picking the puppy up. “Come on, now. Back to bed. Oh, yes, you’re such a sweet thing. You didn’t mean any harm now, did you? No. Yes, you’re so cute…” Snape’s voice faded as he walked out, Fuzzball happily licking his chin. Dumbledore then picked up the old, tattered, and now slobbered on teddy bear. Clutching it to his chest, he gazed suspiciously around the room, almost as if he were afraid that someone might try to take it from him again. Dumbledore quickly left the room, and the class just sat there, stunned.
“What was that?” someone whispered.
“That has got to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.” A boy said, loud enough to be heard throughout the room. The other students could only nod their agreement.

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