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Fan-Fiction Contest!

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Old February 9th, 2004, 5:58 pm
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Fan-Fiction Contest!

Fan-Fiction Contest Guidelines

The staff of Chamber of Secrets forums have decided to run a Fan-Fiction Contest beginning on February 1st and ending on February 27th with a view to extending the deadline, should we have to. Below we have given you instructions on what to include in your fan-fic, as well as the rules of the contest. Over the next few weeks, you will then have the opportunity to write a piece of fan-fiction and submit it to the contest.


You may choose one of the following three themes to write about_: the Forbidden Forest at night; a visit from the Order of the Phoenix to Privet Drive; or an unusual classroom incident. Regardless of which you choose, your fanfiction must feature everything below:
  • You must include a broken, talking mirror and a popped balloon.
  • There has to be a chase scene.
  • You must include Snape and his pet.
Contest Rules
  • Any member can participate.
  • The fanfiction must be from 1,000 to 1,500 words.
  • Winners will be given a custom title of their choice.
  • Please post your entry in our contest forum. You must post the fanfiction in one post.
The forum rules and slash fiction policy apply to this contest.


These are hints that will aid you in your entries. If you follow these guidelines, the judges will probably like your work.
  • Include all aspects of the challenge in your story and follow the rules, both for this contest and for the forums in general. If you don't, you're automatically disqualified.
  • Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. CoS has a spellcheck, so you should be safe for minor errors. Smilies and cell-phone-speak are not acceptable in entries. These are stories - make it look like it.
  • Elaborate on what you come up with. Detail is fun to read and makes your story more convincing.
  • Give it your best shot and don't worry about taking chances. It'll pay off.
  • Have fun!
As said before, the contest will end on February 27th, however, there may well be justification for extending the deadline, though any decision will be a staff one and it will be final.

We all hope you enjoy creating your stories.

Good luck

The CoS Staff

WINNER: Sirius83
Entry: Living Nightmare

...and of pearl were the mansions of Olwë at Alqualondë, the Haven of the Swans, lit with many lamps...
...For that was their city,
and the haven of their ship...

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