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Old February 12th, 2004, 7:36 pm
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Disclaimer: Characters and places belong to JK Rowling and Warner Bros. Inc. I intend no profit ect. The only thing I own is Cassie who happens to be loosely based on a real life 'someone' so I guess I don't really own her either.

Cassandra Snape padded her way carefully over the decoration strewn floor of the Slytherin Common room. The party celebrating their earlier qudditch victory had been quite the bash - unfortunately no one had bothered to clean up afterwards. Cassie slowly made her way towards the hearth side chairs and finding them empty quickly claimed one for her own, curling up contentedly to watch the dancing flames of the fire. Slowly she relaxed, languidly basking in the warm glow of the flames and the pleasant peace and quiet of night. Her eyes gradually narrowed to slits and she felt herself begin to slip into a doze.
Whap! Snap! Pop! Cassie flew straight up in the air whirling around to face a grinning boy, clutching the remnets of several balloons in his fist. “Gotcha” he laughed. Cassie flew into a rage. It was not funny. The poor boy never expected the attack that followed. Letting loose her furry in a whirlwind of temper Cassie lunged at the boy,clawing him visiously. For no matter how small and delicate she might appear at first glance, inside her small frame beat the heart of a spitfire hellion who could take down near anything when brought to a suitable rage.

The door to the common room opened, “What on earth is going on in here?” An angry voice yelled. Cassie felt hands grasping her, pulling her away from the boy that had become her prey. She struggled and with a hard kick of her strong legs she managed to twist away from the restraining hands. In no mood to be mollified she bolted through the door and down the hall, listening to the boy’s astonished voice. “She bit me. The little fiend bit me.” Yes you silly fool she thought. I bit you and I would do it again if you were so deserving.

Heavy footfalls and angry curses followed her down the hall. Her heart pounded and blood rushed through Cassie’s veins as sprinted down the hall. She was fleet of foot however and quickly out distanced her pursuers. Even though the footfalls where fading away behind her she continued her mad dash down the corridor, bounding up the steps two at a time and through the door that some one had left carelessly ajar to the grounds outside.

Out on the cool grass Cassie slowed her pace. She was free. Free to do whatever she felt like. The moonlight brought about a certain recklessness to her normally mild personality, and feeling full of mischievousness and light of heart Cassie ambled towards the forbidden forest. It had always drawn her and tonight it was the same. There was just something about the endless expanse of cool,dark shadows, and paths dappled with moonlight, who knew what critters she might find sheltering beneath the thick underbrush. Cassie darted in amongst the brush for a time, but as the hours flew by the clouds came to cover the face of the moon. Still she continued in her wild hunt. Even starling a young unicorn colt who bolted after she rustled the brush near his hiding place. Then the rain began to fall.

If there was anything Cassie hated it was rain. The drops came small at first but then larger, the trees were no shelter against the wet cold. Feeling miserable she crept up along side the small hut that stood by the forest looking for shelter among the young plants growing in the garden. None of them were any protection against the rain. Finally crying piteously in her small voice she sat down out side of the hut’s door,pressed against the wood so the water falling from the eves would not come down upon her. The door opened and a large man looked down upon her small body soaked through to the skin. “Oy, what yer doin’ out here. Come on in” Cassie hesitated, she didn’t know if was alright but the warmth called to her and grudgingly she allowed her self to be brought in, wrapped up in a blanket, given some warmed milk, and set down on a cushion in front of a cheery fire. She watched with interest as the man, Hagrid she thought he was called, went over to a cupboard. He pulled it open to reveal a small cracked mirror. “I’ve got a message for Professor Snape.” He told the mirror.

“What, what, you want a snake?” The mirror replied in a weazing voice.

“Arg. No” Hagrid continued. “I need you to send a message to Professor Snape.”

“I haven’t got any snakes.” The mirror replied sounding quite irritable.

“ No, not snakes, Professor Snape.” Hagrid tried again. “Can’t yer understand a bloomin’ thing?”

The mirror and Hargird continued arguing for quite some time before the mirror finally figured out that a message needed to be sent.

“Ahh Professor Snape. Why didn’t you just say so?” the mirror finished before disappearing to deliver the message.

Hagird gave Cassie a pat on the back and smiled down at her. “Don’t yer worry now. The Professor ‘ll take ye back to the castle in just a minute.”

With in a few moments Professor Snape arrived. “There you are. I was worried after you ran off like that.” Cassie just stared at him with her large green eyes, slightly reproachful. Snape continued in a slightly condescending tone. “I still can’t believe you attacked a student.” Cassie slowly blinked her eyes. And he had expected her to do what instead? Look adorable and sweet?“I gave the boy detention. Will you come back to the castle now.” Slowly she stood up, arching her back. Then carrying herself as though she were doing him a great favor Cassie walked over to him and begged to be picked up and carried. “Alright, come on” Snape lifted her gently. “Thanks for looking after her Hagrid.” Snape called as he left the hut and began walking towards the castle.

Her wild night was rapidly catching up to her. Cassie felt her eyes close and drowsiness threatened to over take her. Still she kept awake until she was able to curl up on her own pillow, safe and sound in the teachers’ corridor where she belonged. Feeling Snape adjust the covers of the bed around her Cassie felt happy and comfortable. Reaching out in the dark, Cassie rested a single paw on Snape’s face,and drifted into a relaxed state, purring herself contentedly to sleep.

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A: 4 - 1 to put on the helmet and 3 to make sure her hair is tucked up. ~This randomness brought to you by real adventures in band compition.

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