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Potions class

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Old February 11th, 2004, 7:39 am
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Potions class

Disclaimer: I Zachary Estroger acknowlege that the Harry Potter Charactors belong to J K Rowling and not me. Feb 14. 2004

Zachary, Richard, Ollie and Leroy were in potions class with Snape. Snape as usual was favouring the Slytherin's and the four young Gryffindors wanted to get back at him.

Zachary had made a mistake with his potion and it was blue instead of green.

"What are you doing" Can't you Gryffindors ever follow directions?" yelled Snape. I want you to drink that potion.

"No way!" said Zachary."

"Yes, drink it now or I will take fifty points from gryffindor."

Zachary drank his potion which made him grow heir on his arms and legs?" All the slytherin's laughed.

"I will show him thought Zachary. I will get back at him some how."

Now I want you to write a five foot essay on how to make potions this potion work and I want it by tomorrow.

"oh great thought Zachary more homework."

The four boys were discussing on how to get back at Snape. Zachary's older brother Trevor overheard them.

"May I suggest that you feed the potion to his pet snake. "

You are just saying that because you are in Slytherin said Zachary you want our team to lose.

"Hey do you want to get back at him. I can guarantee a plan where you won't get caught. Take my word for it.

Okay said Zachary how do we do it.

"Well, I have taken first year potions and I happen to know that Snape brings his pet to class everyday because of the time that Peeves somehow turned it into Snape's dad who he did not get along with. Anyway I know this spell that can freeze time it only works on people though and not animals. There is a potion that you must take so that you don't freeze like everyone. But you must get the ingredients from the forbidden forest.

And I thought this was going to be hard said Ollie.

"Do you want to know the plan or not asked Trevor"

"okay okay we all hate snape what is the plan"

Meet me at the library we will discuss our plans there.

After supper they all meet at the library.

"Now I don't want my little brother going in the forest alone so I will go with you. The forest is very dangerous for first years.

"and you think you can handle it said Ollie
"Quiet, now there is a special kind of tree in the forbidden forest. You go and take juice from the root of the tree got it.

"Yeah" said Ollie

My brother and I will get the root the rest of you see what the professors are up to if anyone comes out distract them.

" I can make one of my spells go wrong so then they should have to put me in the hospital wing said Richard.

"Good then the rest of you shout a warning after the professor has left it should not take long."

"This will not hurt his pet snake will it?" asked Leroy.

"No we will be using the same potion that Zachary made now do you remember what you did wrong.

"I added one tablespoon of Jonash instead of one teaspoon.

"Okay do the same thing after you make the time freezing stopper potion. Here is how to make it and try not to mess up this or else....

"Or else what" asked Richard.

"You don't want to know. Now as one cup of uproot to freshly dug Thene roots which is the roots we just dug out. Make it before you enter potions class. Then quickly wave your wand and yell.

"I know" said Richard "Avada Kedavra."

" Are you nuts that's the killing spell now come on don't fool around we must make this work. Anyways you yell Acana Kednava it sounds the same doesn't it just don't get the two mixed up or you will be in deep trouble. More than you can imagine. Yell it quick so that Snape does not hear you."

The five boys decided that Richard should make the potion since he was most careful in potions. Richard maked the time freezing stopper potion.

"Okay said Trevor you each take a sip before you enter class." Then when Snape is not paying attention you yell acana Kednava make sure you yell that and not the other thing.

Trevor goes to his common room and the four young gryffindors go to theirs.

The next day they each take a sip of the time freezing stopper potion and go to class.

"Okay class today we are going to learn how to make a really powerful sleeping potion. We are going to try it on our pets.

"Should we do it now?" asked Leroy.
"Let's wait for a few minutes." said Richard.

Richard, Leroy, Zachary and Ollie disturbing the class again come on what ever you say you can share with the whole class. Share it now or you will lose house points."

Um.... Um.... Leroy quickly took out his wand and yelled Acana Kednava. Suddenly everyone froze except for the four boys.

Zachary quickly made the potion as he did the previous day. He fed it to Snape's snake. Suddenly the snake grew hugh.

"Wait, stop." yelled Trevor. He saw the hugh snake and yelled run."

The five boys ran as they were running they were yelling at each other.

"What happened" asked Ollie.

"Um I did not read the potion completely. On human's it only makes them grow hair. On animals it makes them huge and dangerous.

"We can't even get help because everyone is frozen" said Richard.

"Don't worry both spells will wear out in an hour.

"An hour" Said Richard. By then the snake will have killed us. What have you done

"These hugh snakes animals are scared of loud noises. We need to find something loud. and it will faint if it sees itself.

The five boys kept running in the castle. Suddenly they saw a door they had never seen before.

"Let's go in there yelled Richard and close the door."

The boys went in the room but they were too slow. They had never been in the same room in the room they saw a mirror and the biggest balloon ever.

"I know this room it is the room of requirement, said Leroy. Dumbledor told me about it." You can never find it unless you really need it. Then if you look for it again it is not there and it has all the stuff you need in the room."

"Well what are you waiting for yelled the mirror pop the balloon."

Leroy popped the balloon. It made a hugh noise. It scared the snake for a few seconds enough for it to lose it's sences and stare at the mirror and faint suddenly the mirror broke.

"Well done boys!" yelled the mirror.

"You talk?" Yelled Zachary.

"Well what do you expect this is a magic school."

"How are we going to get the snake back to potions class?" asked Leroy.

"Don't ask me I am just a mirror."

Come on everyone grab the snake it should wear off soon. Everyone will be awake and we must put the snake back before we get caught all five of us drag it.

They just made it on time. Everyone woke up from their spell.

"What are you doing in poitons class." asked Snape but before he could everyone had seen the snake and ran out of the classroom screaming.

"My snake who did this to my snake?" asked Snape.

No one ever found out who enlarged the snake and it grew back to it's normal size five minutes. People did talk about it in the common room but Zachary and his friends never mentioned it was them because who would believe a bunch of first years could do something like this." but they knew one thing for sure they would never do it again.


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