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Snape's Need for Bile

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Old February 11th, 2004, 5:31 pm
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Snape's Need for Bile

The night air was cold and bitter as fall descended upon the grounds of Hogwarts. Hagrid's hut glistened in the moonlight sky and the forbidden forest cast its long fingered shadow along the pathway leading towards the school. There in the distance where three young figures approaching in a hurry. The door to the hut flung open, the light piercing the shadow cast pathway.

"You three in trouble again I see. Any how I can't accompany ya on detention tonight. Got an errand to do for Dumbledore, I have." Hagrid tapped his torn pocket and began to move off towards the entrance hall.

"Are we meant to go into the dark forest on our own.....?”

"No Ron Weasley you’re all going to accompany me tonight." Ron turned towards the still opened hut door and standing there with his usual grin was no other than professor Snape. The three stood there motionless and without a word. Ron gulped and Harry just stared at Hermione with a look of shear annoyance.

"So what are we going to be doing in the forest tonight professor," Harry stated in a discontented tone.

"You'll see Mr. Potter; I have a surprise for you three, something big you could say. I am sure you can handle it though I mean if you can fend off the likes of Lucious Malfoy and Bellatrix then this should pose no trouble for you three at all." Snape's lip began to curl upwards as they moved into the gapping darkening forest. The moonlight faded behind them and the trees closed in on the four intruders wondered freely into the misty forbidden forest. Fall was definitely here, the crunching sound of orange to brown leaves could be heard as they tracked through the whineding pathways behind Snape.

"Great of all the people to take us into the forbidden forest it had to be him."

"Well Ron it will be over soon, besides Snape would not let anything happen to use or he would have Dumbledore on his back. I wonder what task he could possibly have for us in here though."

"Hermione have you been awake over these past five years or so; Snape would not let anything harm us, yes right so potion lessons where fun then to you." Whispered Ron in Hermione's direction while Harry clung onto the broken mirror left in the wake of Sirius’s death.

"Will you three be quiet," snarled Snape as he whipped his head around and looked at them in anger. "I think this is where we shall split up. Now I want you three to listen very carefully. I am looking for an armadillo that has escaped from the dungeons only last night. I want you three to help me find it."

"An armadillo, in a forest this size," Ron chuckled.

"Yes Ron Weasley an armadillo; I need its bile for tomorrows fourth year potion lesson. Size is not everything Ron, I'm sure you will have no problem in seeing this armadillo."

"Oh I see, it’s for the wit-sharpening potion that we made, remember...."

"I don't care if you can remember it or not, I just want you to find that creature. Ron and Hermione I want you to search the west side of the forest while both I and Harry search the east area. Hagrid last reported seeing it around here. Well what are you waiting for, where not leaving till you have found it." Snape looked almost distraught as he bellowed at the three standing besides an old fallen tree.

With that Hermione and Ron began there descent further into the western side of the forbidden forest.

"It's going to be like looking for a needle in hay stack. How does he expect us to find a stupid armadillo in the middle of the night within this thick bushy and stony out cropping forest?"

"Ron, you realize that there are normally few bushes and well we do not normally have large stones protruding out of the forbidden forest floor, well not in these parts anyway."

"Oh really Hermione, then what do you call this then," and with that Ron tapped his knuckles upon a large house size plated boulder. "Erm...Hermione are boulders in this forest by any chance encharnted."

"What are you talking about Ron, of course there not?"

"Well this one just moved Hermione." Both looked upwards as the creature before them turned its large snout in there direction with a look of shear frustration at the rude awakening it had just received.

"That’s the armadillo Snape keeps in his dungeon..."

"Why it’s huge, he must have used the Engorgement charm on it. Makes sense really because one small armadillo would not provide enough bile for even a single....."

"Hermione can we discuss this later." Ron stood there with his wand held in front of his chest and before he knew it he was stuttering out words but his brain just could not find the right spell at all. They both backed away as the armadillo turned quickly and began to charge at them as they screamed out loud. "Wait a minute; I'll handle this one Hermione. I got a spell," Ron whimpered. "Nataliciusaumand out of his wand came a laughing clown, party streamers, different coloured balloons and jelly flying across the air hitting the armadillo pointed face." The creature came to a sudden halt; its little fat feet dug in and ruffled up the dark sodden leaved earth before its huge weighted body.

"I don't believe this, Ron you gave it a birthday party." Frowned Hermione, "well at least it stopped him in his tracks, not bad Ron I guess."

"I was trying to shout out fiery sparks to scare it into running in the opposite direction; stop laughing its not funny Hermione." Bang....The armadillo began to snort and at the same time re-started its persuite of Ron and Hermione.

"It stepped on one of your balloons Ron. The red on too, well that’s says something as we are in danger." Ron and Hermione began to run back to the fallen fungi tree, jumped over the top of it and hid low down in the moist soiled floor. "Look the spell you where trying to use is this, Relashio" and golden sparks began to emanate from Hermione’s wand in the direction of the now charging armadillo.

"Well I see you found my pet then."

"Your pet, that thing is your pet, well it’s pretty annoyed right now Snape, get down." Harry and Snape both stood there, Snape admiring his pet as it slowly charged it way towards the four of them. Harry was too pre-occupied with the broken mirror again that Sirius had left him to listen to Hermione’s advice. He held the mirror up high and as his arm stretched out the mirror caught the brightness of the sparks coming from Hermione’s wand. The golden light dazzled and danced off the now talking broken mirror and began to glow more intensely. A single beam of powerful sun rayed light bounced off the mirror and hit the armadillo straight between its eyes. "Bulls eye," the mirror proclaimed. The armadillo froze on the spot. Its eyes glazed over, its body not moving and the front leg lifted up in the air as though it was about to start the case again but nothing. No sound or movement came from the creature.

"Is it dead," Ron wondered out loud.

"No it’s still got a weak pulse I think."

"Did you say it had a pulse Harry?"

"Yeh." Snape pushed Harry to the floor.

"If you have so much as harmed a plate on my armadillo; why I will...." Snape bent down and realized that his armadillo was fine. "I see you have hit it with some sort of petrification spell. Well luckily it should not be that difficult to rectify. Then again how did....."

"Have you thought about how we are going to get this enormous armadillo back to Hogwarts?" Harry hastily deterred Snape's attention from his broken mirror to his beloved pet.

"Easy. Reducio." There was a popping sound and the armadillo shrank back to its original size, still motionless and with its front left leg aloft in the air. Snape picked up his pet and began to walk ahead, his pace quickening with every step. The three of them turned to each other and smiled.

"Tomorrow’s potion class is going to be interesting to say the least, hey Ron, Hermione." As the three began to walk behind Snape their sniggers and giggles could be heard throughout the cold dark forest.

Snape halted. "Not a word do you three here me.” Spat flew onto their faces from Snape's growls.

"No professor, not a single word will be uttered from our lips." The three began to walk on, their smirking grins where visible to everything around. "No not a word from our mouths but I think that quill of yours Hermione will come in handy tomorrow."

HBP = 608 pages = What a beauty.

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