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An Unusual Patronus

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Old April 14th, 2004, 5:55 pm
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An Unusual Patronus

This one-shot is dedicated to Inkwolf, one of the best Snape advocates on the Forums - it's her birthday today, yay! I posted it before on one of the four "All About Snivellus Snape" threads, back in October, but wouldn't expect anyone to dig it out of the mountains of posts there. So I'm re-posting it here for your convenience.

Disclaimer: None of J.K. Rowling's characters, places, or other creations are mine. This story is meant for the sole purpose of entertainment, not profit. No infringement of copyright is intended.


An Unusual Patronus

The time of battle had come at last. As expected, Voldemort had sent an army of Dementors ahead - they were swooping across the lawn, spreading out to attack the defenders. But they were prepared. "Expecto patronum!" Harry cried, and the spell was echoed by the others around and behind him. Among the misty Patronuses he recognized Hermione's otter, Cho's swan, Luna's unicorn and Neville's hopping Mimbletonia as they advanced at the enemy.

Just as his own stag Patronus was charging at the first of the Dementors, Harry saw another silvery shape brush past him, high enough to reach his waist, and leaping at a Dementor in a perfect curve. A big shining wolf with glittering fur, probably Lupin's.

Hang on - was that wolf wearing glasses?

Harry watched in amazement as the Dementor disintegrated and the wolf turned to attack another. It drove away several others, once charging at a group of the hooded creatures who were trying to sneak past Harry's fighting stag, and with a leap across the Mimbletonia it got at the throat of another Dementor. It was quite a sight, Harry thought, almost more dazzling than his own... Then the wolf began to circle the field, driving the remaining Dementors together like a silvery shepherd's dog. In the middle of the field the other Patronuses were awaiting them, and together they began to wreak havoc among the Dementors until there was none of them left.

Harry's stag cantered back to his master, and from the corner of his eye he saw the other ones approaching as well. The wolf was hard on the stag's heels snapping at them, Harry could see it clearly now - there was indeed a pair of glasses on its nose, and there seemed to be ... a quill tucked behind its ear? Harry was confused. The stag came galloping at him, briefly bowed its antlered head and vanished. The wolf behind it came to a skidding halt, flashed its teeth at Harry - was the animal actually grinning at him? - and bounded past him towards a dark figure in the background. The person patted the wolf's furry head before it dissolved into mist.

Harry stared in utter bewilderment as the dark figure finally looked up. It was Snape, and his lips curled in a smirk when he saw the look on Harry's face.

"You don't want to spend your time catching flies in your open mouth, Potter", he said silkily and sent a beam of red light past Harry. There was a dull thud behind him, Harry whirled round and saw that the spell had hit a Death Eater, dead centre into the chest. He turned back. Snape was still smirking at him. "You see, the war is not over yet."


A/N: Somebody on the very first "All About Snivellus Snape" thread (I think; can't remember who) suggested that Inkwolf was really Snape's Patronus, and the comic wolf in her avatar has glasses and a quill. The happy thought would be of all his loyal fans on the Forums, of course.

I hope you enjoyed the ficlet, and would be really happy and grateful if you could leave feedback. Thank you!

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