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megan_black December 1st, 2010 12:59 am

Welcome To My World
I know, I know, it is kinda wierd how i made it as if I am Draco even though I am a girl, but i was kinda tired when I wrote this but I stuck with it

Chapter 1

"DRACO! come down stairs for breakfast!" Mother's vioce called
"Coming mother!" I called back.

I got up, dressed, picked up my wand from the side table and shoved it in my pocket and I went over to the mirror and looked in it... UGH! I looked hideous! It was'nt my fault though, it was my dreams, they were filled with horrifying images of Voldemort. Each night I wake up in a fit of sweat, shaking and sometimes even silent screams.

"DRACO!" now my father was calling me, oops I thought, I must have been staring at my reflection for some time.

I put some magical cream on my face that my father had given me, it turned me back to my normal white and my hair back to sitting some-what neatly on the top of my head.

I walked down two flights of stairs, it was a wonder how my parents vioces carried this far.

"Theres my son!" mother exclaimed as she ran over to give me a hug
"Mother! I am not even going back to Hogwarts yet and you are already trying to squeeze the hell out of me?" I said, puushing my mom off me.

"Yes Cissy. Let the boy breath. I thought you said you would never murder as long as you lived?" aunt Bella chuckled
"Now, now Bella" father said "lets not bicker amongst each other"
"I am not bickering!" aunt Bella snapped "I was joking!!"

"Draco? Do you have everything" Mother asked, and I nodded "Honey, while your at Hogwarts I don't want you tou-" she was cut off by father giving her a warning look
"but-" she argude
"I don't want him tou-"
"NO! We have been over this before Narcissa!"

"Narcissa" he had said, father never calls mother Narcissa unless he is REALLY angry about something.

"Come Cissa, we will talk about this in privet" he said, nodding his head in aunt Bella and mine's direction, as he took mother's hand and lead her to a nearest room.

"well?" aunt Bella looked at me with mischief written all over her face "coming to listen or not?" and she tip-toed over to the door that mother and father had just walked into.

"o-okay" I said walking towards my aunt.

"I will NOT have him touching that mark!" I heard my mother's vioce demand
"but what if he succeds in killing Dumbledore?" father objected
"then the school shall be shut down and we shall be notifyed!"
"and what if that McGonagall woman takes over?"
"then Draco can owl us!"
"but Cissa-"
"NO! this is the end of this conversation!"

"Draco!" aunt Bella beckoned to my chair as she scurried over to hers, I obeyed and ran silently back to my seat. And sure enough, once I had fallen into my chair, mother walked out of the room and said "I am going to talk to Severus. Draco, I will be back later"

"Cissy! NO! you can't do that!" aunt Bella insisted as she sped off after mother


megan_black December 18th, 2010 3:57 pm

Chapter 2, you-know-who

About 5 hours later, mother and aunt Bella were back. Mother had a shocked expression on her face.

"Bella! How could you do that to Severus!"
"Cissy! Please! It was his own fault!"
"Well, you didn't have to make him do the unbreakable vow!"
"I told you Cissy! He would not have done anything if I hadn't! And you know it!"

"He would have done more then you would h-" suddenly, mother noticed me staring at her "Draco, wh-what are you doing?!"
"I got hungrey, you never did make breakfast" I told her "OUCH!" I grabbed my left fore-arm and pulled up my sleve, and suddenly a black snake buldged out

"Let's go!" aunt Bella said with an enthusiastic smile on her face
"Fine. Draco, did your father, I or aunt Bella ever aparate with you?"
I shook my head
"Ok then, take my arm, we will aparate there then, you remember the Riddle house, don't you?"
I nodded
"we are going to th- ouch! gates of it" mother winced

"Hurry Cissy! We musn't be late!" aunt Bella said.


Once we got to the gates, the pain in our arms lifted a bit and we were able to talk without wincing.
"M-mother, wheres father?" I asked
"He is probably on his way" she replyed.

We walked into the creaking old house (which is almost as big as mine!) and walked up some stairs to see, none other then you-know-who himself.

I flinched at the sight of him, this was the man that haughted my dreams...

"Narcissa" he said, nodding towards my mother.
"Bellatrix" his lips curved into an ugly smile as he nodded towards my aunt.

A/N: I will finish this later

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