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Jessica February 28th, 2007 1:52 am

REVISED: Character Bashing/Worship: aka Shades of Gray
Post-DH we're refreshing our rules on Character Bashing and adding a system of action so that everyone is clear on the system.

You do not have to like every character in the books. Many characters are frankly unlikable such as Umbridge. However, we do ask that you refrain from what we call bashing.

Bashing Examples:
Bashing: Umbridge is an evil troll who should be drowned in the lake!
Not-bashing: I think Umbridge behaved in a reprehensible manner towards Harry when she forced him to use the quill during detentions.
Bashing: Sirius is a nasty bully
Not-bashing: Sirius shows distrubing signs of bullying in SWM and my opinion is that this didn't change significantly in adulthood as evidenced by his treatment of Snape at Grimmauld Place.
Bashing: Snape is a vicious horrible man.
Not-bashing: Snape's behavior towards Harry and Neville throughout the series was unforgivable in my opinion.

Worship Examples:
Worship: Harry is the hero :love: so he never does anything wrong :nod: so it was okay for him to look at Snape's memories without permission :tu: .
Not-worship: I think Harry was justified in looking at Snape's memories without permission because he thought it would help him stop Voldemort.
Worship: Sirius is awesome :drool: and fun so his treatment of Kreacher is okay.
Not-worship: Sirius is a great godfather to Harry and I think this makes him a good person on the whole.
Worship: Snape was deserted by Lily so it's okay that he called her a mudblood and joined the deatheaters.
Not-worhsip: Snape made some bad decisions in the past but I feel his heroism in spying on Voldemort to protect Harry more than made up for this.

There are two main things to keep in mind:

1. Many characters are beloved by fans. They are understandably offended by blanket statements implying their favorite characters are complete villains.

2. MAKE IT CLEAR THAT YOU ARE POSTING YOUR OPINION WHENEVER POSSIBLE. "I think Snape is a bully" reads more friendly than "Snape is a bully". A little effort goes a long way.

JK Rowling has written a variety of complex characters but I think without exception none of them are perfectly good or perfectly bad. To treat them as perfect heroes or perfect villains is to do Rowling a disservice. We need to acknowledge both the faults and the virtues of each character in our attempts to understand them. .

I don't expect you to love every character but I do ask that you respect the opinions of those who do and that you attempt to see both sides when you post.
To this end we're instituting a clear system for dealing with Character Bashing:

First offense: Owl is sent to member asking them to refrain from bashing/worship and directing them to this thread.

Second offense: Member is removed from the forum/forums where the offense occurred for five days.

Third offense: Member is removed from the forum/forums where the offense occurred for thirty days.
As always if you see a post you find offensive use the report post function rather than replying in the thread and allow staff to deal with the problem.

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