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hplova15165 August 7th, 2007 3:53 am

This is a sequel to "The Last Horcrux", but you don't have to read it for this to make sense. It starts at the beginning of the year party in the Great Hall.

A/N - Rob Dame is Emma Dame's son. Emma will be married after Rob graduates from Hogwarts so she can travel the world with her boyfriend, Dan, a Magical Cooperation worker and Auror from the Ministry.

DISCLAIMER: Most of these wonderful characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I just borrowed them for this story.


"Haha, I got you Rose!"

Rob Dame had dumped a cup full of ice cold water down her shirt. They were at the beginning of the year party, which had taken place in the Great Hall this year, and someone started a water fight.

"Not for long! I'll get you back!" She plunged her cup into the water bowl and ran after Rob. The Great Hall was a maze of people throwing water, so she could barely keep up with him. He ran through the door and outside, where the party continued. He turned around to laugh at her.

"You'll never catch meee.. crud!" Rob had tripped over someone. Rose took this chance to grab his shirt collar and drop the water on top of his messy brown hair. "Wow, that's cold!" Rob spluttered, swiping the water off his face. Rose turn to get back to the party, but Rob took her shoulder. "I'll beat you there," he said, grinning and staring into her eyes. She laughed and nodded, but before she could start, he had flipped her hair and run off. She knew it was a worthless attempt to follow.

Lily Potter cought up with Rose, also drenching wet. Lily was two years younger than Rose, but they were still best friends as well as cousins. "How many people did you get wet? I've gotten at least 10! You know, there's still time to cancel that bet you were making... And I've been hearing all these rumors that the only person you've dumped water on was Rob Dame!" Rose's ears turned red, but she said nothing and walked towards the lake.

"Oh come on... You know you like him as... well, more than a friend! Just admit it!" Lily said. Rose shook her head.

"Why does everybody say that? What has this world gotten to?! Can't a guy and a girl be friends without anything going on?" Rose said.

Lily stopped, lost in thought. "I guess... but Rose, look what happened to your parents. And why else would you have those childish races everywhere?"

"Well... that's... it's just... that's completely missing the point!" Rose said, her cheeks turning a bit pink. "And those races are just fun, come on!" Lily laughed, flipping back her wet red hair.

"If you say so... I'm off to find Albus and give him a taste of his own medicine!" Lily pointed her wand at the cup of water, and it turned a nasty shade of purple. "He'll never get it out of his hair!" She ran off. Rose walked down to the edge of the lake and sat down, sliding her shoes off and putting her feet in the black water. She needed to be alone for a while.

Rose was a skinny girl for her age, a picky eater who'd rather read than play sports. Her long brown curls framed her heart shaped face and her big hazel eyes made the moon look small and pale. She leaned over to look in the water and her hair nearly touched the lake's smooth surface. She stared at her reflection on the surface. She didn't consider herself pretty at all. No wonder no boys were particularly interested in her. She sighed and looked away.

She was thinking about what Lily said. She had known Rob Dame her whole life, and he was her best friend. They told each other everything: secrets, crushes, grades... and not once did he say anything romantic to her. She didn't think he liked her, and that's what turned her away from him. Suddenly, there were footsteps behind her. It was Rob.

"Hey, can I sit down?" he asked. Rose nodded.

"So..." Rob started, sitting beside her, "why are you out here all alone instead of enjoying the party?" He kicked off his shoes and put them in the cold water.

"Just thinking," Rose replied, "about stuff." She kicked water at his ankles, and he splashed her back in return. She laughed.

"Come on Rosie, tell me what's on your mind." Rob wasn't easily distracted. She looked into his intense blue eyes.

"Well then, Robbie, if you must know... then I must know why you've left the party and joined me here," Rose said, smiling for no apparant reason.

"You looked lonely," Rob said, "besides, I have to tell you something. I've been thinking about this girl." Rose looked at him and smiled. He had a crush... Rob continued, "but before I say anything, I want you to know that just because I think Lily's beautiful doesn't mean that I like her." Rose's mouth dropped open. She kicked her feet out of the water, soaking Rob with water.

"Do you have a crush on Lily?!" Rose exclaimed excitedly.

"Calm down, do you want the world to know?" Rob said, glancing around frantically. "I don't like her, just because I said she was pretty - "

"Not just pretty, you said she was beautiful!" Rose said happily, "Shouldn't that mean something? Should I go ask her if she has a crush on you?"


hplova15165 August 14th, 2007 11:18 pm

Re: Lovestruck
"NO! Don't tell her something that isn't true!" Rob said, running after her. Rose stopped and turned to look at him. His face was full of shock and his eyes were slightly angry.

"Fine... but I might drop a little hint," Rose said. Rob gave her a look that plainly said 'I'm supposed to believe that...' and she said, "Just a little one! She'll never know, don't worry."

The party was ending so the huge crowd of students were parting. Rose walked towards the Common Room, closely followed by Rob, who was basically listing everything that could go wrong with this plan.

When they finally got through the Fat Lady, who wanted to help with Rob's love problem, Rose plopped down on the couch in front of the fire while Rob went to change his clothes. She groaned; the Fat Lady could be extremely annoying sometimes. Lily was sitting across from her in her pajamas, drying her hair with her wand. Rob mouthed "Don't tell her anything!" from behind Lily, but Rose just smiled and started reading a book from the table. Rob's footsteps were heard as he went upstairs. As soon as Rose was sure Rob had left, she dropped her book and looked at Lily excitedly.

"You won't believe what Rob told me at the lake!" Rose said.

"What is it? What happened?" Lily said excitedly.

"Rob said a few things... something about a girl he likes..." Rose said. She knew that Lily had a crush on Rob for the longest time. But all he had ever done was laugh at the so called "childish crush". And, of course, the first thing out of Lily's mouth was:

"Who is she? That dirty rotten girl who thinks she's all that - " Rose gave her a look.

"You didn't act like that when you said he liked me!" she said.

"Well, that was different. You're my friend, I'd understand," Lily said. She smiled and continued, "So... who's this girl?"

Rose shook her head. "I promised I wouldn't tell." Lily rolled her eyes.

"And since when has that stopped you before?" she asked, her brown eyes imploring.

"Fine, fine... he just said this girl was beautiful..." at this point, Lily was looking depressed and ready to say her love life was a bust.

"But since this girl is you, I guess that shouldn't bother you at all," Rose finished with a satisfied smile on her lips.

"He has a crush on me?!" Lily said, grinning, "Rob Dame?! Are you sure we're talking about the right person?"

"Of course I am! And don't yell, do you want him to hear us?" Rose said nervously, glancing towards the stairs of the boy's dormitories.

"I won't let anything change between us. But after all those years of rejection and humiliation from him... this will be fun," Lily said, a mischevious glint in her eyes.


hplova15165 August 18th, 2007 7:10 pm

Re: Lovestruck

It was double History of Magic class the first thing the next day. They were asked to read a short story that took place several hundred years ago, and the whole class groaned. How dull. The story was about a poor, selfish witch whose kind husband got her an invitation to a ball. She took all his money and spent it on a dress. She went to her friend's house to borrow a very expensive-looking amulet. She had lots of fun at the ball, ignoring her husband completely. At the end, she realized she lost the amulet. Her husband went out looking for it, but he didn't find it. They bought a new one to replace the old one, and it took 10 years to pay off the debt and expenses. At the end, it turns out the necklace was only worth 10 galleons, as where they had spent 10,000.

Rose's other friend, Alice Watson, was reading next to Rose. "Wow... what a depressing story."

"I know," Rose said. "And - "

"Now class," Professor Binns intterupted, "I have an assignment for you today. I will split you up into groups and you must debate on whether this woman got what she deserved. Both groups will debate that she did NOT get what she deserved, and I will debate that she did get what she deserved." Alice and Rose looked at each other. This was probably the most exciting thing that had ever done before.

"Ok.." Professor Binns continued, "This half of the room," he waved his hand from Rose over to the side of the room, "is on one team and this side," he pointed from the girl next to Rose to the side of the room, "and I will be thinking of an arguement over here." He stood in front of the chalkboard, about to write something, but his head fell over and he started snoring. Alice rolled her eyes.

Rose's half of the room was sitting in front of her. Rob Dame and Hugo were sitting together, telling each other jokes and laughing. "Ok," Rose said, "Here's what we're going to do..."

"No, no I'll just make up something stupid," Hugo says, "Here it goes."

"Hugo's group, come up front and debate," Professor Binns said, who had finally woken up.

Hugo walked up to the front of the room. "Ok, she didn't get what she deserved because... um... as a kid, her dad hit her," Rose's group started laughing. "And when she was little, she wanted a doll really badly, and she'd look into the little window at the toy shop on Diagon Alley, wishing she had it. Oh yeah, and there was a toy broomstick next to the doll, and her future husband would go up and look at it next to her. That's how they met." Hugo smiled. Rose's group was laughing really hard at the end. Hugo had a talent for making something up really quickly.

"Herm herm," Professor Binns said, "Well, er, that was very, er, different. Let's hear the other group's take on it."

Charlie Thompson, representer of the other group, got up. "We researched the whole beating and doll thing, and it turns out it wasn't true. Actually what happened was her mom hit her dad when they met, so she hit a boy on the street, and they got married." He was interruped by Hugo poking Rob in his side. Rob yelped and jumped out of his seat. Charlie laughed, "Hugo, stop touching Rob, unless you plan to marry him, of course."

Lance Creevey said, "Yeah. You'd have to go to Maryland." Rose, who knew Maryland was in the United States, laughed along with the majority of the class. Some pure-bloods looked confused. Charlie sat down and raised his hand. Professor Binns nodded in his direction.

"Sir, if a house elf writes a story, does that make it a short story?" he asked. Rose and Alice giggled.

Charlie's best friend turned and said to him, "Then what's a novel?"

Lance said, "It's a story written by gnomes. Everyone knows that." The bell rang.

"That was probably the most fun anyone has ever had in History of Magic, and Professor Binns was asleep the whole time," Alice said, her brown eyes sparkling as she laughed. They approached the Common Room.

Rob was chatting with Charlie, and Lily looked from them to Rose with an evil grin on her face. She had an idea. Both girls dropped their bags on the couch and walked towards them. Rob gave Rose a significant look which Lily caught. He looked down and turned red in the cheeks. "So, what's going on?" Rob asked.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just here to talk to Charlie," Lily said. Rob made a gesture that he was going to follow them, but Lily looked at him and said, "Alone." He blushed once more and joined Rose on the couch.

"What's Lily up to? You didn't tell her did you?" Rob said, looking her straight in the eyes. She hated looking at his eyes and lying, so she looked away.

"You always called her crush on you stupid, so why would you care now?" Rose said, nervously avoiding the question.

"What did you say?" he asked threateningly, grabbing her shoulder and pulling her face to look at his. Rose was staring at his shining blue eyes.

"I - I - " she mumbled, unable to look away.

"We're back!" Lily said. They both turned around, and Rob pulled his hand away from Rose. Charlie and Lily were holding hands, and Charlie was smiling. Charlie let go of her hand and went with Rob into the boy's dormitory. Lily grabbed Rose's arm and pulled it up the stairs to the girl's dormitory. She sat down on the bed and whispered something excitingly into her ear. She smiled afterwords. Rose was left speechless.

I borrowed the story at the beginning. Its called "The Necklace", by Guy de Mounttiesse (I'm not so sure what his name is). I kind of revamped it with wizardry stuff though.

I'd really like some feedback! PLEASE POST FEEDBACK IF YOU'RE READING THIS RIGHT NOW! I don't care if you like it or not, tell me your views.

hplova15165 August 22nd, 2007 12:21 am

Re: Lovestruck
"You and Charlie are dating!?"

"My plan is to get Rob jealous and make him feel bad for making fun of me for all those years!" Lily said happily.

"So... you're just using Charlie?" Rose said slowly. She pitied the poor boy. He probably thought Lily liked him. "I kind of feel bad... Rob's my best friend, and making him feel that terrible! He may just hate the both of us afterwards." Rose shuddered to herself. That was a terrible prospect to face.

"I feel bad too," Lily said, sighing, falling backwards onto her bed. With a little persuasion, Professor McGonagall allowed Lily to stay in the 6th year's girl's dormitory. The only friends she had in her year wanted to goggle over and question her Albus. And luckily, McGonagall favored Lily since she was one of her favorite students, so it was easy for her to say yes to Lily's request.

"So we shouldn't carry through with this plan?" Lily said.

"Hmmm, well," Rose started. She was going to say no, but a sudden feeling, something she had never felt before, urged her to say yes. "I think you should do it," Rose said, smiling. Lily grinned back at her.

"Sounds great," Lily said, "So there's a Hogesmeade trip coming up, and I was thinking..." the rest of the words were drowned out by Rose's thoughts. What was that strange feeling that told her to say yes? Why did she say yes!? Rob's her friend, she shouldn't do that to him. "... and are you even listening to a word I'm saying?" Rose heard her.

"Sorry, I just... could you repeat that last bit?" Rose said.

"Ok, so the Hogesmeade trip's coming up, and I'm going to ask Charlie to double date," Lily said.

"Great," Rose said, "So who's the other couple?" Lily smiled.

"Me!? Who are you going to make me go with!? I don't know one person who would agree to such a barbaric suggestion, like taking me to Hogesmeade!" Rose said loudly.

"Oh, I know one person who would," Lily said, "A person with the initials R.D..."

"NO!" Rose said, for some reason, frightened, nervous, and... was it happy? "I can't do that! And Rob would never say yes. I'm not his type - pretty, stupid, and fan girlish! And after all the things I've done to him, why on earth would he say yes?"

"He will, I just know it," Lily said. "So, I want you to go ask him, right now. Go check if he's in the common room." Rose opened her mouth to protest, but Lily beat her. "Please do it? For me?" Lily batted her eyes and put on a pouty face. Rose rolled her eyes.

"Fine, fine, but ONLY for you," she said. Rose left the room and went down the stairs to the common room. It was empty except for Rob Dame, who was staring into the crackling fire place from the couch.

"Can I sit here?" Rose said. Rob didn't say anything. She sat down anyways.

"I didn't say you could sit down," he grumbled.

"I don't care. I have to ask you something," Rose said. He turned and looked at her. His blue eyes sparkled in the firelight made her speechless. "I... um... well..."

"First, I have to ask you something," Rob said, leaning back on the couch casually. "I heard that Lily and Charlie are... well... yeah, and since they're looking for someone to double date with them, I was wondering if... if you want, that is... would you go with me?" He looked into her eyes desperately. Rose couldn't say no to that. She rolled her eyes, as though she really didn't want to go.

"All right, all right... I'll go with you," Rose said. Rob smiled. "And you just want to go so you can spy on Lily, don't you?" He grinned sheepishly.

"I guess I'm happy for Charlie, he's my good friend and all, but I still have to protect Lily. Just in case," he whispered, as though someone would overhear them.

"You like Lily, Rob likes Lily, Rob luuuuvees Lily," Rose chanted, laughing. Rob turned red but grinned none the less. He pulled a pillow off the couch and through it at her. She took another one and hit him back. Soon they had a pillow fight, laughing, until a prefect came in and told them that lunch was over and that they were making such a racket the drunken monks were waking up.

"We missed lunch! My favorite time of the day!" Rob said. "Thanks a lot, Rosie." He through a pillow at her.

"Well sooorrryyy Robbie," she said, laughing from the ground. "I've got to get my books for my next class." Rose struggled to get up, but she just fell back down. "What did you do to me?" she asked Rob immediately.

"Oh nothing..." he said secretively, a mischevious grin playing on his face. As he reached for his wand, Rose did a non-verbal accio charm. Her wand zoomed back into her hands and she freed herself.

"You little - " she yelled. Rob ran across the room, trying to get into the boy's dormitory's. She pointed her wand at him and his feet stuck to where they were.

"You're evil, you know that Rose?" Rob said, trying to grab his wand, which Rose was holding hostage. She grinned.

"All you have to do is say I'm sorry," Rose said, waving the wand in his face.

"Fine, fine... I'm sorry," he mumbled. "Now give me my wand!"

"And that I'm the smarter than you," Rose said, smirking at his awful luck to be placed against the smartest Gryffindor witch of their year.

"If it'll get me out of here... you're smarter than me," Rob said under his breath.

"Good for you!" Rose said, unbinding him. He toppled on top of her. "Get off me!" Rose said, laughing. His body felt nice and warm against hers. She tried to push him off her, but the attempt was futile - he was so big! Lily chose to come down the stairs at that moment.

"Hey, I hear we missed lunch, and I've got your books for Transfiguration here, so I - " she stopped short. Rob quickly got up off Rose.

"Catch you in a minute, Rose," Rob said, sensing that the two girls needed some time alone, although Rose could sense that he was dying to know what was going on between them. His footsteps could be heard up the stairs.

"It was nothing, really," Rose said when Lily gave her a look, "By the way, he mentioned something about protecting you." Lily blushed.

"Ok ok... here are your books, and let's grab some snack from the kitchen then we can go to Transfiguration," Lily said. They were about to leave when Rob caught up with them.

"I need a snack too," he said. They laughed. The three hurried down to the kitchens and grabbed a snack. After taking some cookies, they closed the painting of fruits and hurried to class.

"I thought you had never been to the kitchens before?" Lily said to Rob. He laughed.

"Are you kidding? Rose and I go down there all the time for midnight snacks," he explained. Lily smiled at Rose with raised eyebrows. Rose mouthed Nothing happened!, But Lily just smiled and looked away, slightly jealous of Rose.

"I'll race you to the classroom," Rob said to Rose.

"I'm there," Rose said, chasing after him.

"Wait! Wait for me!" Lily said. But they were far ahead, running after each other. Lily sighed. She had never told her, but she envied how close Rob and Rose were. Why couldn't she be like that with anyone? Charlie was a nice boy, but she always wanted Rob. His blondish brown hair, blue eyes, thin muscular body... he was perfect. There was a shout that interrupted her thoughts.

"Hey Lily? Where are you? We're going to be late!" It was Rose.

"I'm - I'm coming!" Lily said. They reached Transfiguration just in time. Rose smiled at her, and Lily returned the smile, which was forced. They walked into the classroom as McGonagall began talking

That was the longest chapter so far. Took me a while to write. It's not very good or organized, but I was just writing it without thinking about that. Leave feedback!! Its in my sig!!

hplova15165 August 24th, 2007 1:53 am

Re: Lovestruck

The group of four were laughing and strolling down the chilly streets of Hogesmeade. It was decorated for Halloween, since it was approaching in several days. Charlie and Lily were holding hands while walking, laughing together. Lily seemed to be having a great time, haven forgotten about the plan to sabatage Rob.

Rob was looking at them sourly, and Rose didn't seem to know what to do. He had been like that for the last half hour, ruining the trip itself. He had even almost insulted Lily about her hair, which she was wearing in a beautiful braid. If Rose hadn't stepped on his foot, Lily would have been in tears. He was acting so stupidly and irresponsibly; he wasn't thinking of anyone's feelings but his own, which was unusual for him. Rose decided to have a word with Rob before they decided where to go to next.

"You guys go ahead... we'll catch up," Rose said as Charlie and Lily entered the Three Broomsticks. Rose pinned Rob to the wall with her wand. "Okay, Rob. You better listen up. You're ruining my friend's day, and whether you like it or not, mine too. So cheer up and try to enjoy yourself while you can. Keep your pathetic little sad emotions to yourself, all right?" Rob nodded, looking surprised. Rose hardly ever got angry.

"I'm sorry... it's just hard to see Lily with another guy like that," Rob said. He looked crestfallen. Rose smiled sympathetically.

"Brighten up, Rob. It's Halloween, the time witches and wizards should enjoy the most," Rose said, causing Rob to smile.

"Yeah, all right. Just point your wand somewhere other than my face and I'm ok," Rob said, pushing Rose's wand away. She laughed and they entered the Three Broomsticks. There were cobwebs everywhere and floating pumpkins decorating the room. The old but still very pretty Madam Rosmerta was dressed in purple and black in honor of the holiday. Her heels were covered in purple sparkles. She waved and smiled as Rob and Rose entered.

Charlie and Lily were sitting at the table. The group sat down together. They chatted for a while, but Rob noticed that most of the time, all the talking was going on between Lily and Charlie. Lily noticed this and decided to engage Rob in a conversation about Quidditch, which he complely ignored. Charlie put his hand on Lily's.

Rob's face hardened. "I'll just go get us some drinks then," Rob said, looking away, "Rose, would you mind coming?" Rose nodded, passing a bewildered look to Lily. They got to the bar.

"How could she do this to me! It hurts, you know, seeing them together like that," Rob said. There was a hint of sadness behind his blue eyes.

"You really do like her, don't you?" Rose said softly.

"Yeah, I do," Rob said, watching Lily. Charlie said something and Lily laughed. He put his arm around her. Rose felt Rob's muscles tighten.

"Um, Rob, maybe we should get those drinks?" Rose said, but to no avail. His eyes were glued on Charlie and Lily. Charlie brushed some hair out of Lily's eyes. They moved closer and Charlie kissed her cheek.

Rob slammed his hand onto the table, causing a disturbance to everyone. He realized what he had done and turned to leave, embarassed and angry.

"Rob, I'm sorry, you shouldn't have seen that -" Rose said gently, placing her arm on his shoulder. But Rob pushed her to the ground.

"You set me up! I knew something was going on... I bet you're the one who put Lily and Charlie together, because you wanted to get back at me for making fun of Lily all the time! Well you know what? I don't ever want to hear you or your little friend talk to me again, is that clear Rose!?" Rob yelled.

Charlie and Lily turned from each other and were now staring at Rose, who was on the ground. Rose's eyes started to fill with tears.

"I did no such thing Robert Dame! Well, something like that.. But if that's how you feel, then I won't ever talk to you again!" Rose said, standing up and stumbling backwards. She pushed Rob to the side and ran out the door, sobbing. And Rose rarely ever cried.

Charlie and Lily stood up. "What was that all about?" Charlie said, stepping forward bravely. His brown eyes were fiery with anger. The pub had gone silent. Rob looked out the door.

"I just... lost it," Rob said quietly.

"Well, you don't loose it so much you hurt a girl, not in my books," said Charlie standing in front of Rob. He drew his wand.

"Is that a threat?" Rob said angrily, turning back and looking at Charlie.

"No!" Lily said, pushing the boys apart. "It's not worth it," she whispered to Charlie. Charlie put down his wand, and with one last look at Rob, the couple left to find Rose.

Rob suddenly felt ashamed of himself. He and Rose always had fights, which resulted in her getting angry at him, but never had he made her cry before. In fact, Rose would be the first girl he's ever made cry. Thinking that thought made him feel sick of himself. She was his best friend since childhood, and this is how he treated her. He gathered his thoughts and walked out the door, ready to search for Rose and apologize.

It's quite short, but it's all I have for now. I'll post soon!


hplova15165 August 25th, 2007 4:07 am

Re: Lovestruck
Rose walked alone towards Hogwarts, trying hard not to cry. The air was getting chilly as winter was almost there. She walked up the path to enter Hogwarts when she heard a voice behind her.

"Rose! Wait!"

It was Lily. Charlie was right behind her. "Rose, we have to talk. Come on, let's go to the Common Room," she said. Rose nodded and wiped her eyes.

Charlie sat in front of the fire while both the girls went up the stairs to the girl's dormitory. Rose collapsed on her bed with a fresh wave of sobs.

"There there... it's all right, Rob was just being a slimy jealous git, it's not your fault," Lily said soothingly. Rose looked up at her with hurt eyes.

"It's not that, it's just... I think it's my fault. I told you it was okay to go out with Charlie to make Rob jealous, and now he's feeling terrible. You don't even like Charlie, so he must feel terrible too. It's all my fault!" Rose finished, sniffling. "Everything always comes back to me! And Rob hates me... I'm just not good enough to be his friend."

"Don't ever say that! You're wonderful! And actually..." Lily began, blushing, "I like Charlie. I really do. I think things between us are going to work out fine." Rose smiled at her. "AND that doesn't mean you have to blame yourself, Rose!" Lily continued, "Just because Rob's jealous..."

"No, he's a stupid git. I don't even know why I'm friends with him," Rose said, wiping her eyes. Lily looked at her.

"Rose, I know you're mad, but I don't think that's a reason to wash your friendship down the drain," Lily said.

"Lily, he said he hates me. Does that mean nothing anymore?" Rose said, depressed. "I just don't want to get hurt, and I don't want him to get hurt, so I'll just not talk to him."

"Just remember what I said, Rose," Lily finished. Rose rolled her eyes.

"Yes, mum," Rose said. Lily laughed.

"I'm going to wash up before dinner, I'll see you in a few minutes," Lily said. She grabbed her stuff and left towards the bathrooms. Rose decided to read a book in front of the fire place. She pulled her hair up in a pony tail and grabbed the book from her bedside table. She went down the stairs to the common room and headed towards her favorite chair, but saw it was already occupied. The boy sitting in it looked to her. It was Rob.

Rose immediately turned around to go back into her dormitory. "Rose, wait a minute!" Rob called, standing up.

"I've got to read this book, Dame, and I don't want to be disturbed," Rose said coldly. She started walking when Rob grabbed her arm. Warmth spread from his fingertips and through her cold arm.

"Rose..." he said, looking at her. She stared angrily back at him.

"Will you let me go?" Rose said. Rob dropped her arm.

"I just wanted to apologize," Rob began, but Rose cut him off.

"Save your breath, Dame. I don't want an apology from you," she said nastily. Rob grew angry at this remark.

"Fine then, Weasley. Have it your way. I won't be talking to you," Rob said. He stormed off and exited the room through the portrait hole. Rose went to the girl's dormitory, more depressed than before.

He's better off without me, Rose told herself. All I end up doing is hurt him. And I don't know why I do it! And he obviously thinks he's better off without me too, after that act of cruelty.

She fell on her bed angrily. It hurt Rose to see how much Rob wanted Lily and how Lily felt more comfortable with Charlie. She felt sorry for Rob, but that didn't mean he could take his anger out on his friends. She took out her book and began to read to distract her mind.

~ * ~

Lily had just gotten out of the shower. She was drying her hair with her wand. There were a lot of things on her mind, the first thing was Rose and Rob.

Lily had always had a crush on Rob until she had gotten to know Charlie. Not the Charlie that everyone saw, the one that acted cool for the crowd, the sweet, funny, and kind Charlie. She really liked him.

And Lily knew that Rose really liked Rob, but wouldn't admit it to herself. The little game of close friends they always played really bothered Lily at points. She wanted them to give it up. But Rose always said profusedly that they were just friends. But sometimes Rose would stop reading and just smile, and Lily knew who Rose was thinking about. Rose wouldn't admit it, but she was in love with Rob Dame. Lily just needed to get her to admit it.

That was short, I know, but oh well! At least it was kind of informative, I guess.


hplova15165 August 26th, 2007 12:19 am

Re: Lovestruck

Rose woke up very early the next day. She had gotten little sleep the night before because she had been thinking of Rob. She changed out of her pajamas and pulled her hair back into a pony tail. She went downstairs to the common room, planning to grab some breakfast then go on a walk around the lake. Right as she exited the portrait hole she bumped into someone.

"Oh - Sorry Lance!" Rose said. Lance was also in his 6th year.

"That's all right, Rose," Lance said. "Would you happen to be going to breakfast?"

"Yes, I happen to be doing so," Rose said, laughing. "Go together?" Lance nodded. They walked down to the Great Hall, chatting about homework and Quidditch. They grabbed some toast and took it to eat next to the lake. Rose and Lance sat under the beech tree, eating their toast.

"So... how's life?" Lance said. Rose laughed.

"Normal, sad, a bit of both," Rose said, remembering her fight with Rob. It seemed like childish fighting now that her head was clear of angry thoughts.

"What's on your mind?" Lance asked, concerned. Rose smiled sadly.

"It's nothing important, really," she said, "I'm just glad I'm not alone here."

Lance smiled. "That's why I'm here! To brighten up your day. Oh yes, isn't there a Quidditch match coming up? Gryffindor vs. Slytherin?"

"Yes," Rose said, "and it should be very interesting, with Ro - I mean, Alice as Chaser on the team. She hates Scorpius Malfoy, and he's the Chaser for Slytherin." She was going to say Rob's name, but decided to use Alice instead. She was on the team, anyways, and it wasn't a lie that she hated Scorpius. Gryffindors hated Slytherins on any terms. As she thought about this, a giant tentacle reached out of the water. Rose gasped. Lance pulled her over and out of harm's way. But the Giant Squid wasn't interested in the students, it was after their toast. After taking all of their toast along with their napkin, it pulled it's arm underwater. Rose laughed and fell on her back. Lance was lying next to her, laughing as well. He turned and looked at Rose for a moment.

"You have a pretty laugh," he said quietly. Rose blushed and changed the subject.

"I can't believe we got all upset over the Giant Squid," Rose said. "After all, it is harmless." She sat up.

"It never hurts to be cautious," Lance said, sitting up next to her. "It's tentacle could reach out and... grab you from behind!" He started tickling her sides. Rose laughed until she was in tears.

"Ok, ok, I've got to be careful, I get it!" Rose said, laughing. Lance stood up and pulled her to her feet.

"I had fun, Rose," Lance said as they walked back towards the castle.

"Yeah, me too," Rose said. They smiled at each other. "I better get ready for class," Rose continued after a moment of akward silence.

"Me too," Lance said, glad for the interruption. "Pixie dust," Lance said to the Fat Lady. She opened the door. They walked through and saw Lily, Rob, and Alice sitting together. Lily and Alice stood up, but Rob remained on the couch, as though unaware that anyone had entered. Lance sat by Rob. Lance tried to start a conversation, but Rob stood up and left to the dormitories. Lance looked confused, but picked up a Quidditch magazine that Rob had left and began to read. Once they were out of earshot in their dormitory, Lily and Alice began talking at once.

"Rose, what were you doing with Lance?" Alice said. "I saw you out under the beech tree together."

"Rob saw you too, and for some reason, he's really upset. I'm not sure why," Lily said. Rose rolled her eyes at this.

"He's just still mad at me, and I'm still mad at him. It was a stupid fight, but if he really hates me, I'll just stay away from him," Rose said sensibly. It was really his fault, after all. She wasn't going to go through all that trouble for Rob. He was better off without her problems for now, anyways.

"I just think it's stupid that you think it's okay for him to be angry with you for making him come to Hogsmeade and see Lily and Charlie together, but it's also okay for you to be angry with him for hurting you!" Lily said, summing up the fight and it's childishness.

"Later you two, come on, let's get ready for class," Alice said, glancing at the time. "Oh, d***! Class starts in ten minutes! Hurry up!" Rose brought out her wand and pointed it at her makeup and clothes. In several minutes she was dressed, clean, and ready for school, while the other girls were looking at her jealously.

"You have to teach me that later, Rose," Lily said, putting a little mascara on her eyes.

"Me too, I'm sick of it taking me this long to get ready for school," Alice said, pulling on her school robes.

"Now let's go, before we're late," Rose said. They rushed down the stairs to the Common Room where they found Lance, Charlie, and Rob, hurrying to get to class as they were.

"Well, see you at lunch," Lily said. She disappeared to Potions. The other girls and boys hurried to Divination. They reached there right before old Professor Trewlany pulled up the silver ladder.

"Hurry up, dears!" she called down to them. They climbed up quickly and took the seats at the tables nearest to them. Rose noticed that Rob sat far away fom her. He looked troubled.

"Today we will be looking at palmistry," Professor Trelawny said. "Turn to page 264..."


hplova15165 August 28th, 2007 2:04 am

Re: Lovestruck
The next two weeks passed by in a blur. The whole time, Rose and Rob remained angry at each other. This would be the longest fight they had ever had. The weather started changing with Rose's mood, too. It soon got colder and closer to Christmas. At the end of Transfiguration, McGonagall had a word to them about it.

"As you all know, the Winter Ball is approaching," Professor McGonagall said. "It's open for students from the 4th year up, but if you want to accompany students younger, they are welcome as well." Rose saw Albus Potter wink to Charlie Thompson, who was sitting next to him.

"It shouldn't be hard to land myself a girl," Albus said, "They're all already falling for me." True, Albus was followed around by a group of giggling girls. He was looking much like Harry, even up to his dazzling emerald green eyes. He had black hair that stuck up in the front, and an athletic Quidditch body. He was Seeker for the Gryffindor team, as his father had been. But Rose rolled her eyes at him. He'd probably land himself with a stupid, pretty, giggling girl who wore a lot of makeup, as James did. Both James and Albus seemed to have inherited James' (Harry's dad's) arrogance. Lily seemed to be the only one that acted like Harry. The two boys acted as if they owned the place.

Professor McGonagall glared at him. "As I was saying, the Ball will be in two weeks. Until then, there will be a Hogsmeade trip this weekend, where you will be allowed to do Christmas shopping." McGonagall glanced at the time. "Off you go now."

"Hey, Watson!" Albus said, walking over to her. "Will you go to the Ball with me?"

"I - I don't know," Alice said, blushing as he looked into her soft, brown eyes.

"Are you sure?" Albus said, "Because there are plenty of other girls who would know the answer to that." Alice's blush turned to a scowl.

"Well then go find some other girl who does know the answer, Potter," Alice said nastily. She slung her bag onto her shoulder and pulled me out of the room.

"He makes me sick!" Alice exploded, right as we got out of the hall. Lily caught up with them, having just left Potions.

"What's up?" Lily said, seeing the angry expression on Alice's face.

"Alice has convinced herself that she doesn't like Albus," Rose said, smiling, "But she knows deep down inside that she's completely in love with him."

"That's not true!" Alice said, blushing deeply.

"Oh yeah?" said Lily, "Then why don't you explain why your face just turned as red as a tomato?"

"It's just - he's so obnoxious sometimes! Like an air-headed, arrogant git!" Alice said. "But when he's not around his friends, he's nice. It's like he's got two different sides."

"Speaking of boys..." Lily said, grinning. Lance ran up to Rose. Both Alice and Lily managed to disappear quickly.

"Hey, Rose!" Lance said, catching up to her. He smiled.

"How've you been doing?" he said. She smiled, glad for his caring gesture.

"Pretty bad, actually," Rose said, "I've got a cold because of the weather and now my nose makes me look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!" Lance laughed.

"I think you're nose is cute the way it is," Lance said. Rose smiled and blushed. "Have you heard about the Hogsmeade trip?" Lance added.

"Oh, yes," Rose said, "I was planning on getting my Christmas shopping done there."

"I was wondering... if maybe..." Lance paused. Rose laughed.

"Spit it out, I'm going to be late for Ancient Runes!" she said.

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me," Lance said. He turned red and looked away.

"Why I - Yes," Rose said. Lance grinned widely.

"Great then," Lance said, "I'll see you there. I've got Muggle Studies now." He waved and disappeared in the opposite direction. Rob ran up next to her.

"Rose, I overheard you and Lance - " he began. Rose heated up at those very words.

"So you were eavesdropping, were you now?" she said angrily.

"No, it's not that! I'm just concerned for you - " he started again.

"Well, I don't need your concern, Dame! I'm perfectly capable of handling myself!" Rose yelled. Several people around them stopped to stare.

"He's bad news, I'm telling you!" Rob said angrily, "But if you don't believe me, fine! But don't say I didn't warn you!" He stalked off angrily to Muggle Studies.

"Ugh!" Rose said, plopping her books down in Ancient Runes. "Rob is so annoying!"

"Yet, you know you love him," Alice said without looking up. She and Lily had been through this conversation every time that Rob got on Rose's nerves.

"I know," Rose said, "He said he was trying to warn me about Lance, but what could Lance be doing? He's so sweet!" Rob, who had just entered the room, heard this comment. He looked as though he was ready to start another argument with Rose, but Professor Vector got the room's attention.

"Class, come now, settle down," he said in a croaky old voice, "We have a lot to cover today." Rose sighed and closed her eyes.

"This is going to be a long week," Alice said. Rose couldn't have agreed better.


hplova15165 August 30th, 2007 1:59 am

Re: Lovestruck

The week went by slowly in Rose's eyes. Every class and day seemed to drag on forever. They were assigned so much homework that by Friday, Rose had procrastinated work piled to the cieling.

"I shouldn't have waited this long to do my homework!" Rose said, sitting down in the library with Lily and Alice.

"I know," Lily said to them. "I have Astromony, Charms, and I have to finish this nasty Potion's essay that Professor Eliv assigned us."

"More like Professor Devil," Alice commented, checking her homework. "We have to write a three page long essay by Monday! And I have a Transfiguration essay, Astronomy charts, and an Ancient Runes essay!" She groaned.

"Me too," Rose said dully.

"There's no use in waiting any longer, we may as well start now," Lily said. "We're witches, right? Then why isn't there a spell to zap all this homework done!"

"Did I hear someone say homework?" Lance said, walking in. He smiled, lying his books down next to Rose's.

"Hey Lance," Rose said. "Come to finish your homework with us?"

"No, I just wanted to tell you I'm looking forward to tomorrow," he said. Lily and Alice looked at her questioningly, and Rose realized she forgot to tell them about her and Lance. Lance smiled at her.

"Well, I've got to go meet some friends," Lance said. "Catch you later, Rose." He took his books and left.

"What was that about?" Lily said excitedly.

"Oh... nothing," Rose said, blushing, "Only that Lance asked me to go to Hogsmeade with him tomorrow." Lily and Alice gasped.

"Wow, this is news!" Alice said. "I have to rearrange my dating news." Alice had always tried to keep up with who's dating who. She always wanted to know the latest gossip. "My recent news has told me that he is dating Chelsea Stewert from Ravenclaw, but her best friend Laine told me, so it was probably a lie. Laine's always been a little liar."

"Chelsea, that snob who thinks she knows everything?" Lily said. "It can't be! I know Lance can choose better than that!"

"Of course he can," Rose said, "But I'll ask him tomorrow just to make sure."

"So let's start on that homework girls!" Alice said. They pulled out parchment and started writing.

~ * ~

Rose awoke with a yell. Lily was jumping on her bed.

"Wake up, sleepy head! You missed breakfast!" she said, laughing.

"Whaddareyoutalkinbout?" Rose grumbled sleepily. "It's only..." she checked the time. "I did miss breakfast!" Rose jumped out of bed. She flicked her wand at her hairbrush and it started brushing her hair.

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" Rose said. Lily paused.

"Don't blame me! It was Alice's idea!" Lily said nervously.

"What are you talking about?" Rose said, perplexed. Lily relaxed.

"Oh... you don't know, I thought - " Lily began, but Rose cut her off.

"Thought what? What's going on?" Rose asked suspiciously.

"Oh, nothing," Lily said casually. "Just get dressed and go down to the common room." Rose did. She exited the portrait hole and was going to head down to the kitchen to get some food. As she came down to the common room, she met Rob coming down from the boy's dormitory's.

"I was just - " Rose said.

" - going to get some breakfast. I slept in." Rob said. Rose smiled.

"Want to go down together?" she asked. He grinned back at her.

"Sure," he said. They walked together out of the portrait hole.

"I just don't know why Charlie didn't wake me up," Rob said. "He purposely woke me up late, then started mumbling when I asked him why."

"Lily did the same thing!" Rose said. Suddenly she realized what was going on. They had planned this so Rob and her would stop fighting. She smiled at the genius of her best friend. She didn't reveal this to Rob.

There was an awkward silence that Rob broke. "Look Rose, I'm sorry, I was just really upset - " Rob began. Rose stopped him.

"It's all right, I should be the one saying sorry... I shouldn't have taken advantage of you liking Lily," Rose said, spilling everything out.

"Actually... I... don't like her anymore," Rob said. "Seeing how happy she is with Charlie makes me realize that I never had a chance with her. I think... I may like someone else now."

"REALLY!? Rose said excitedly. Who could it be? "Who is it? Tell me, please?"

"It's someone at this school and in our year," Rob began his eyes averted from Rose. "But I really don't want to talk about it. Look, we're here!" Rose stopped and realized they were in front of the fruit painting. Rob tickled the pear and pushed the door open.

"After you," he said, laughing. They both walked in.

The house elves immediately walked up to them. "What would you like, sir and miss?"

"I'd like some toast and pancakes, thanks," Rose said. Rob asked for the same. They took a seat at the table in the corner of the room. The house elves had come back with their food at once.

"Thank you," Rose said, and they bowed. Rose started eating ravenously. She hadn't realized how hungry she was until then. Rob was the same. They looked at each other, seeing how both of them had stuffed their face with food. Rose swallowed hard and laughed, joined by Rob several moments later. They ate and continued talking to each other, trying to catch up on news.

About an hour later they were back in the common room. Rose had just told Rob about Lance and her going to Hogsmeade.

"Listen, about Lance - " Rob said.

But Rose, who didn't want to get in another fight with Rob, said, "I've got to go find Lily and Alice, see you at Hogsmeade if you're there." She ran up the stairs before Rob could say anything more.

Lily and Alice were brushing their hair. They had dressed for Hogsmeade and were ready to go.

"You better hurry up and get ready, Rose. We're leaving in a moment," Lily said. Rose pulled out a pair of jeans and her red, long sleeved shirt. She pulled on her brown vest and got her brush to brush her hair. She was ready to go in five minutes.

"Come on, let's go!" Rose said, grabbing her purse. Lance was waiting for her in the common room.

"You look great! But we have to go, come on!" he grabbed her hand and they rushed out of the class room. They met a group of their friends outside the castle gates. Professor McGonagall was waiting for the rest of the students to get there.

"Let's get going now!" she said, seeing the last of the students coming down from the castle. Rose headed down to the carriages that took them to Hogsmeade with Alice, Rob, Lily, Albus, Charlie, and Lance.

Everyone stepped into the carraige. Alice rubbed her hands, shivering. She had forgotten her jacket in their room.

"Cold, Alice? Want my jacket?" Albus asked. Alice smiled at him and nodded gratefully. He slipped off his jacket and put it around her shoulders. She blushed slightly as he touched her shoulder, but it was unnoticeable to everyone except Rose.

Once they reached Hogsmeade, everyone got out of the carraiges. Rob looked around. "Where should we go first?" he asked.

"Hmm... how about Honeydukes? I was going to buy some candy for my mum and dad," Lily said. They all decided to go to Honeydukes. As they walked down there, Lance held Rose's hand. Rob looked at them suspiciously, but Rose didn't catch this look. They entered the store and started to browse through the chocolates. Rose picked out some Chocolate Frogs for her dad and a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans for her mum. She also grabbed some Sugar Quills for Rob and Lily. After everyone had made their purchases, they left the store.

"How about some butterbeer?" Lily said. "I could use some warming up."

"Yeah, it's getting pretty cold out here," Charlie commented. He put his arm around Lily and they walked together down to the Three Broomsticks. The seven of them spotted a table next to a huge Christmas tree. The table was also right next to a window.

"I'll order," Rose said. She and Lance ordered the butterbeers and brought them back to the table. As Rose sat down, she looked out the window. It was snowing. She sipped her butterbeer and sighed.

"It's so beautiful," Alice whispered, pressing her freckled face against the window. She pushed her wavy, curly brown hair behind her ears.

"It is," Albus commented so quietly that only Rose and Lily could hear. He wasn't looking at the snow, though. His eyes were only for Alice. Lance put his arm around Rose and began talking.

Soon the table was talking about school and the teachers. They were talking about the worst teacher, and they all had to agree that it would be Professor Eliv.

"It's evil, just the v and the l seperated!" Charlie was saying. They all laughed.

"I agree, and the amount of homework he assigns!" Lily said.

"I think he just hates Gryffindor," Lance said.

"I know, he loathes us! And he's always telling us how the Slytherin students are better!" Rose said, and Alice said something. But Rose wasn't listening, because Lance was looking at her. He smiled when she noticed and whispered something in her ear.

"Could we go to the Shrieking Shack? I wanted to talk to you about something in private," he said. I nodded.

"We're going off for a while," Rose said to the table, "Maybe we'll run into you guys if we're on our way back." They all said bye and Rob watched them leave. He looked worried.

Lance and Rose held hands and walked up to the Shrieking Shack. They sat down on the steps.

"So, why did you ask me here?" Rose asked.

"I wanted to know if...," Lance hesitated. "If... if... if you'd be my girlfriend." He said. He closed his eyes and turned red as though it was embarrassing.

Rose was taken back. She had not expected this. "Well, I - " she said. But she stopped when she looked into Lance's eyes. They were a beautiful shade amber. There was something off about them... maybe it's that they were so pleading, but Rose wasn't sure. She suddenly felt a rush of love towards him. He really liked her, and she really liked him. They'd be a good couple, and would hopefully last for a long time.

"Yes," Rose said, grinning. "I will."


hplova15165 September 1st, 2007 11:52 pm

Re: Lovestruck

"Wow," Alice said softly. "Now you have a boyfriend. I feel so unlucky, I'm the only one here without one!" The three girls were back in their dormitory, talking to each other before bed. Rose was telling them about her and Lance.

"But I thought you had the hots for Rob?" Lily said. Rose rolled her eyes and giggled at the expression her friends used.

"No, I don't. I never have," Rose said. "Why does everyone think that I do? Why can't anybody ever leave me alone about it! Why are we talking about him!?" Lily and Alice looked at each other, and Alice spoke first.

"She's got it bad," Alice whispered to Lily. "She's got it really bad for Rob."

"What?" Rose said, "What am I to Rob?"

"You're lovestruck," Lily said, point blank. "You have been since you were six years old. Don't you remember that day he told you he loved you?" Rose smiled and looked away.

Rob was 6 years old and they had both been playing in the backyard of the Potter's house. Rose was reading in the midst of the flower bed and Rob was playing with his toy broomstick. He had gotten off and walked over to Rose.

"Rose, am I your best friend?" Rob asked her, plopping himself on the ground beside her.

"Of course you are Robbie," Rose said, putting her book down.

"Can best friends say they love each other?" Rob asked.

"I don't know," Rose said softly.

"Well, I love you, Rose," Rob said. "You're pretty and smart, and I love you." Rose smiled.

"Well then I love you too Robbie," Rose said, "Cause you're my best friend and always will be." Rob grinned. He picked something up beside him and put it in Rose's lap. It was a rose, picked from the garden.

"It's so pretty Robbie!" Rose said. "I love it." Rob grinned again.

"Rosie... I don't like it when you call me Robbie!" Rob complained.

"Fine then..." Rose said. She started thinking. "How about... Roberina the Ballerina!"

"NO!" Rob said in horror. "Only girls are ballerina's!"

"Roberina the Ballerina! Roberina the Ballerina!" Rose chanted, and Rob chased her into the house...

"Rose?" Lily said, waving her hand in front of her face. "Earth to Rose?"

"Roberina the Ballerina," Rose said to herself, giggling. Alice looked confused.

"What did you say?" she asked. Lily rolled her eyes and explained what had happened that day Rob confessed his love at 6 years old.

"You must have been really close," Alice said. "For Rob to say he loved you at six years old, I think that's cute." Rose tried hard to stop thinking about Rob.

"Light's out," said a prefect, opening the door. The girls rolled over in their beds. Rose shut her eyes and dreamed about Rob, ballerinas, and snow.

~ * ~

Rose woke up very early several days later from a nightmare. She glanced at her friends. Alice was sleeping peacefully, but Lily had somehow managed to turn upside down in her bed. Her long, silky red hair was hanging off the side of the bed.

Her nightmare had been terrible. She was in a green forest, and Rob was there with her. He talked with her, laughed, but as Rose blinked, he disappeared. She searched the whole forest for him, but she never found him. She had sat on the ground and cried for the longest time. Rose awoke with tears actually falling from her eyes.

She wiped them away and changed her outfit. She put a little make-up on her face so it wouldn't look red and puffy from crying. She checked the calendar. It was December 15th, and Christmas was around a week away. Rose grabbed a book and crept down the stairs to the common room, not wanting to wake anyone up. But it seems there were two people who were already awake. One of them was Lance, and the other was Rob. They appeared to be in an argument. Rose hid in the shadows of the stairs, not willing to be seen.

" - sneak around behind her back!" Rob was saying. He was fighting to keep his voice down.

"You make it sound so bad, Dame," Lance said easily. His voice sounded somewhat different, slightly obnoxious and lacking the kindness it usually had. Rose had never seen this side of Lance before.

"Well, if you can't see that it is bad, then I won't bother to explain it to you!" Rob said. He left upstairs to his dormitory. Lance walked over to the portrait hole. Rose came out of the shadows and ran up to Lance.

"Wait up, Lance!" Rose said. He turned around, probably thinking it was Rob, because he had an arrogant expression on his face. But he changed his features when he saw it was Rose. The innocent look returned to his eyes and he looked much kinder. Rose was surprised by this quick change.

"Hey beautiful," Lance said, kissing Rose on the cheek. Rose giggled, forgetting about anything else. "Come on, I've got to show you this place!" Rose laughed and followed him.

"Where are we going?" she asked. Lance just grinned.

"You'll have to see," he said. They reached a statue of a troll. Lance tapped it with his wand and it moved aside, revealing a secret door. There was a small passage behind it. Rose and Lance entered and the door closed behind them.

"What is this place?" Rose said.

"It's a secret passage to the first floor," Lance said, "but I thought we could make use of it's coziness while we're here." He moved closer to Rose. She felt his body closer to hers. The passage was dark and small. She could make out the features of his face. His curly hair was falling right above his eyes. He slowly moved his head towards hers and... they kissed.

It was like nothing she had ever experienced before - warm and passionate. Lance pulled her closer, trying to deepen the kiss, but Rose pulled away.

"I'm sorry, Lance, but I'm just not ready for something like that," Rose said. Her heart was racing, and she felt exhilerated. Lance looked slightly disappointed, but nodded.

"I guess I understand," he said. "Come on, let's go get something to eat." Rose nodded and held his hand as they walked down the passage way to the main floor. They came out from behind a tapestry and walked into the Great Hall. Alice and Lily were already there.

"What took you?" Lily said. Alice glanced at Lance and whispered something to Lily. Lily blushed and said, "Never mind."

Rob entered the Great Hall. He looked from Rose to Lance and scowled. He slumped off to the other end of the table and ate alone.

Rose was thinking about the kiss. It felt stupid that she was 16 and having her first kiss with a boy who just became her boyfriend. But she had imagined it... sweeter, softer, and more... well... fireworks. Rose looked after Rob and suddenly remembered the argument that he and Lance had. She decided to forget about it. It was none of her business, after all.

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hplova15165 September 2nd, 2007 6:39 am

Re: Lovestruck
fThere were one day until the Rose had to go home for Christmas holidays, since she was leaving Monday. Since it was their last day at school, Rose decided she would spend the day with Lance. But she couldn't seem to find him anywhere.

Lance had been acting pretty unusual since the day in the secret passage. He had been distant and vague about everything. They had shared several other kisses, but none like the first. Her mind still set on finding Lance, Rose left her dormitory to the common room. Rob was sitting in front of the fire, reading a book.

"Hey, Rob, have you seen Lance?" Rose asked. She immediately regretted it.

"No, but I need to - " Rob started.

"That's all I wanted to know," Rose said quickly. She ran to the portrait hole. "Bye!" Rose ran out of the portrait hole. Rob sighed and stood up, ready to follow her. He climbed out of the portrait hole and she was no where in sight. He started walking in a random direction.

Meanwhile, Rose was searching for Lance. He couldn't have gone far. Maybe he was looking for her. Rose had asked him the day before if he could spend the day together. Of course, Lance had nodded vaguely, probably thinking about something else.

Suddenly, Rose thought she heard voices. They were coming from an empty classroom. She stopped and peeked through the crack in the door. It was Lance, and he wasn't alone.

"Oh, Lance. Why do you have to keep dating that horrid, clingy Weasley girl?" the other voice said. It was the evil Chelsea from Ravenclaw.

"I liked her," Lance said, as though he had explained this many times to her, "But that was before I met you. You're not like her, Chelsea. You're even better." He smiled and caressed her cheek. She flipped back her straight, dark brown hair.

Chelsea put her arms around his head. "I promise not to tell if you promise," she said sweetly. Lance set his arms at her waist. Rose wanted to do something, but her body was immobile and frozen.

"I promise," he said, closing in on her face. They kissed. Rose felt as though a shock had gone through her body. She looked through the crack again. They were still kissing, and Lance and Chelsea were "all over each other", using one of Lily's American expressions. Tears started pouring down Rose's cheeks like never before. She was heart broken. How could he do this to her? Right before Christmas, too!

Rose pushed open the door and barged in. Lance and Chelsea broke apart, surprised and scared.

"How could you do this to me!?" Rose yelled at Lance. Lance started stuttering and tried to make up an excuse.

"Do what to you, Rose? I haven't done any - " Lance began, but Rose cut him off.

"Don't you dare finish that sentence, Lance Creevey!" Rose yelled. "You're horrible! I saw you, sucking her face out! Don't lie to me!"

"Rose, you've got to understand, I - "

"There's nothing to understand, Lance. You cheated on me," Rose said, looking disgusted. Chelsea looked from Lance to Rose and pushed Lance over.

"You're just jealous because Lance is my catch now," Chelsea said smartly. "I'm just prettier and smarter than you, so Lance chose me instead of you. I bet that just made you jealous. But you'll have to face it, Rosie. Lance is mine." She pulled Lance over by his shirt collar and kissed him again.

Rose was shocked and hurt, but she wouldn't let herself cry in front of Chelsea. Instead, she pushed Chelsea away and slapped Lance.

"I hate you, Lance!" she said. "I never want you to speak to me again!" Lance looked enraged.

"And you!" Rose said, looking at Chelsea. "You two deserve each other." Chelsea smiled proudly at Lance. But Rose added, "You despicable, stupid, idiotic, slimy gits!" The grin slid off Chelsea's face. She looked ready to yell, but Lance cut her off.

"How dare you speak to Chelsea like that!" Lance said. "I will not tolerate this!"

"You won't have to," Rose said coldly, tears still streaming down her face, "because we're through."

"Well, well I don't ever want to speak to you again, Rose!" Lance said to her through gritted teeth. Rose started sobbing and ran out the door and into... who else, but Rob. He put his arms around her and she cried on his shoulder.

"What's the matter with you?" Rob yelled. "You hurt her feelings, and you don't even care!"

"We've gone through this discussion before, Dame," Lance said, bored. "I've got Chelsea now, so it doesn't matter." He grinned and left with his arm on Chelsea's back side. Rob was ready to go after him and start a fight, but Rose had sat down against the wall, shivering. She was still crying, but trying hard to stop.

"Rose?" Rob said softly. "I'm sorry, I should have - "

"It's all ri - right," Rose said shakily. "I'll be okay, you can leave."

"I'm not going anywhere," Rob said. "You're my best friend, remember?" Rose smiled through her tear stained face. Rob brushed her tears away and put his arm around her. Rose rested her head against his shoulder. She turned and found herself looking straight into his clear eyes.

"Rob, I - " Rose started, but she was interrupted. Alice and Lily ran down there.

"Rose, we've just seen Lance and Chelsea, they were snogging like prats in the Great Hall, someone said something about an empty class room, so I..." Alice said, and trailed off. She looked from Rob to Rose. "How did you get here before us?" she finally managed. Rob shrugged.

"I guess I was up earlier," Rob said. Then Rose pieced the facts together in her mind.

"You knew," she said to Rob, "You knew all along and you never told me!"

"Rose, you've got to understand, I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen!" Rob said pleadingly. Rose suddenly understood.

"So that's what you were trying to tell me about Lance," Rose said. Her eyes started to grow watery again, but Rob pulled her into a hug.

"How did you find out?" Rose asked him. Lily and Alice listened intently.

"I walked in on them," Rob said, "He was all over Chelsea, she was just giggling, and he was - " Rob stopped. He knew it wouldn't make Rose feel any better to talk about this.

"Go get some toast and marmalade from the Great Hall," Rob whispered to Lily. She nodded. "I'll take her back to the common room." Both Alice and Lily left. Rob put his arm around Rose and took her back to the Common Room.

Rob sat Rose down on the couch, where she just stared into the fire. Rob stroked her hand and whispered softly to her again and again. "It will be all right," he kept saying. "It will be all right."


hplova15165 September 3rd, 2007 6:05 am

Re: Lovestruck
Not my song, it's Hold On by the Jonas Brothers. Don't sue me.

When you love someone
And they break your heart
Don’t give up on love
Have faith, restart
Just hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

When it falls apart
And your feeling lost
All your hope is gone
Don’t forget to hold on, hold on

Cause an empty room can be so loud
Its too many tears to drown them out
So hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on


Rose woke up Monday morning feeling depressed. She was the only one who had woken up early. Typical her. She got dressed and went down to the common room. Rob came down moments later and sat beside her on the couch.

"Are you feeling better?" he asked cautiously. Rose shrugged. She really didn't know. "It's Christmas time Rose," he said. "The time to love each other."

She leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed. "I don't know how to feel, Rob," she said. "I just don't feel like feeling anything at all, least of all love. And it's not like anyone loves me," she pressed on.

"Don't say that Rose," Rob said quietly. "There are many people that love you. I know you can get through this. And you won't have to do it alone. You'll have Alice, Lily, Charlie, and me. We'll all be there for you." Rose smiled.

"Thanks Rob," Rose said. She wiped her face; she hadn't realized she was silently crying. She got up, and he stood up too.

"I think I'll go wake Alice and Lily up," she said. Rob grabbed her arm before she could leave.

"You sure you're still all right?" he asked. Rose looked into his blue eyes and saw concern.

"I'm all right," Rose said. She stood on her toes and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "But thanks for everything." She turned and went up to her dormitory, not noticing that Rob hadn't left.

Rob was standing still. He touched his cheek where she kissed him. It tingled slightly. He shook his head; why was he feeling like this? It was Rose, his best friend! He had been comforting her, she had thanked him with a kiss. Nothing suspicious about that... or was there? Rob decided to forget it when Charlie came down.

"How 'bout some breakfast?" Charlie said. Rob nodded. They walked down to the Great Hall together. Charlie was going on about his date with Lily, but Rob really wasn't paying any attention. His mind had wondered to Rose.

~ * ~

Rose had woken up Alice and Lily. Lily was grumbling something about being able to sleep in on a holiday, but Rose ignored it. The trio was staying at the Potter Manor, along with Charlie and Rob. Lance had been invited, but... circumstances changed. The subject was still painful to Rose.

As they walked down to the Great Hall, Lily suddenly gave Rose a giant hug. Alice joined in. "Um... no offence, but why the bloody heck are you hugging me in the middle of the Great Hall!?" Rose asked. The girls let go.

"Well... I thought you needed one, after yesterday," Lily said. Alice agreed.

"Hold on, Rose," Alice said. "Remember that we love you, and there are better people out there than gits like Lance." She said his name with such venom that Rose laughed.The girls sat down at the table.

"And that we're your friends," Charlie said. He was sitting across from them with Rob. "We're here for you, always, Rose." Lily smiled at her boyfriend. He's so sweet! Lily thought.

Even though Rose had heard all of this from Rob, it still made her heart considerably warmer hearing it from her friends. She couldn't wait for Christmas break at the Potter Manor.

~ * ~

"We're home!" Lily said, squeeling. The gate in front of the house opened and the group walked up to the front door. Lily knocked. Her mother, Ginny, answered.

"Oh, Lily dear!" she said. "And my little Albus!" She pulled her son and daughter into a hug. Charlie and Rob snickered at Albus. He shot them a look.

"Mum, this is Charlie," Lily said, introducing Charlie.

"Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Potter," Charlie said politely. Ginny seemed impressed with his manners.

"Please, dear, call me Ginny," Ginny said, "Everyone does." Harry appeared next to his wife.

"Hey, kids," he said, hugging Lily and Albus. "And who might this be?" Harry asked, nodding at Charlie. He knew everyone in the group except Charlie.

"Daddy, this is Charlie," Lily said.

"Nice to meet you, sir," Charlie said nervously, shaking Harry's hand. Harry looked at Ginny quickly, as if to confirm something, and said the exact same thing as Ginny.

"Call me Harry," he told him. Charlie grinned.

"I've always been good with parents," Charlie whispered to Lily. "For some reason, they all seem to like me." Lily and Rose laughed. They walked with the group into the house.

The Potter Manor had been decorated for Christmas. There was garland streamed across the banners, a huge un-decorated Christmas tree in the living room, and mistletoe hanging on top of every door ("Great..." Rob muttered, eyeing the mistletoe darkly. Rose giggled). There were boxes of ornaments lying around the Christmas tree.

"Why isn't the tree decorated?" Charlie asked Rob.

"The Potters have made a tradition that every year, everyone decorates the tree together," Rob replied. "It's loads of fun." The group dragged their bags up the stairs and into their rooms. The girls were sharing a room and the boys another. Rose fell onto a bed in a long, rectangular room. The girls sat down on their beds as well, dropping their luggage on the ground.

"I need to tell you guys something," Lily said suddenly. Alice and Rose sat up quickly. "Well," Lily said, blushing furiously, "I know I should have told you this yesterday, but we were so busy, I forgot." When she said busy, she meant with Rose. "I just wanted to tell you that... Charlie kissed me."

"WHAT!?" both girls yelled excitedly at the same time. Lily's first kiss! They bombarded her with questions.

"Is he a good kisser? What was going on? How did you start? When did this happen? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US SOONER!"

"We were out beside the lake," Lily began. "It was late Saturday night, past curfew. We were talking under the beech tree. He started pointing out stars, and then he pointed to one that was shining especially bright. He said it reminded him of me." She blushed at this point. "Then... he kissed me. And yes, Alice, I'd have to say he's an excellent kisser." The girls broke down giggling.

"Do girls always giggle?" Rob said, appearing at the door. He looked up, noticing the mistletoe. He stepped back cautiously. Alice looked at him seriously.

"Good idea, Rob," she said. "They could be infested with Nargles." They all started laughing. Alice had found Luna's talk about Nargles and so... well, interesting.

"Girls, put on some warm clothes, because it's snowing!" Charlie said, pointing out the window. The ground was white. The girls smiled and grabbed scarves, mittens, hats, and jackets. They went outside.

The girls were half way through the process of making a snowman when something cold hit Rose on her back. She turned and saw Rob making another snowball. She grinned maliciously and made one herself.

SPLAT! It hit Rob right on top of his messy, dirty blonde hair. "You're going to pay for that, Rose!" Rob said. She laughed and made another snowball. Soon all the girls and Charlie got involved, and it was a snowball fight. The day went by fast, and Rose held on the whole time.


hplova15165 September 6th, 2007 4:01 am

Re: Lovestruck
OMG MY COMPUTER DELETED ALL OF MY SAVED WORK ON THIS CHAPTER!!! I hate my old computer! GAH! I'll try to post from memory. It won't be as good, but oh well! I can't do anything about it.


The group trudged in after a long day of snow fights. Dinner was on the table, and Ginny was telling them to wash up for dinner. Rose was covered in mud, along with her friends. They were laughing and talking about near misses and wins.

The girls entered their room and Rose headed towards the showers. She took a long, hot shower, making sure she got all the mud out of her hair (and it was there no thanks to Rob). She pulled her towel around herself and walked into her room. She was pulling out some clothes to wear when Rob walked in.

"Charlie told me to ask if Alice had his scarf - " Rob started, then noticed Rose. Rose pulled her towel more tightly around her and screamed. Rob yelled and ran out the door, slamming it behind them. Rose stood there in shock for several moments before starting to laugh histerically. Alice and Lily walked in, fresh from their showers and in their bath robes.

"What's going on? We heard screaming!" Alice said worried. Rose laughed and explained what happened. Lily started laughing with Alice as soon as she got over the shock. Rose put on jeans, a white tank, and a green, v-neck sweater. Lily put on the same thing, except with a red turtleneck. Alice wore a white, long sleeved shirt and a green skirt. The girls looked cute as they examined each other's outfits.

"How long does it take a girl to get ready!" Rob shouted from behind their door. Rose rolled her eyes.

"You should know, you are one!" Rose called back. She heard Rob stumble for a reply and Albus laughing at him.

"Shut it mate," Rob said to him, punching his arm. Rose and the girls giggled. They exited the room.

"You look absolutely dashing, ladies," Rob said, "But can we go down to eat? I'm starving!" Rose rolled her eyes.

"You men and your stomachs!" she said, smiling.

"Control yourselves!" Alice said, in a good imitation of McGonagall. Albus grabbed her arm.

"Now now, McGonagall, let them off easy, won't you?" Albus said, looking deeply into her eyes. She couldn't pull herself away from his emerald eyes.

"And she's fallen for me!" Albus said, pulling her closer and kissing her on the cheek. Everyone laughed as Alice turned red.

"I have not fallen for you, Albus Potter, you arrogant git," she said calmly, but Rose could tell she was embarrassed. Albus shrugged, disappointed.

"We all try," Albus said, holding her hand. "But I try the hardest." Alice rolled her eyes.

"You two can stop your love fest," Charlie said.

"It's no love fest, mate," Albus said, "It's a love party!"

"As I am for Lily," Charlie said softly, looking her in the eyes. Alice averted her eyes long enough to see the only two not talking.

"And that leaves... well what do you know it! Rob and Rose," she said sarcastically. "Come on, you two, get over yourselves and snog a bit."

Rose turned red as always. Her defenses immediately rushed up. "I am not crushing on Rob!" she said. "And Rob doesn't like me that way, do you Rob?" and without waiting for Rob's reply, she said, "You see! We're just friends." For some reason, Rose felt like she was lying to her friends. Lily smirked at Alice.

"Whatever you say..." Lily said. "But you're missing out, Rose." Rose, remembering what it was like before Lance broke up with her, nodded faintly.

"I know," she said shortly. She didn't want to be reminded of such pleasant times.

They started walking down to the kitchen, where James had just arrived. He was training to be an Auror, like Harry. He was in his first year of training.

The group sat down at the table and started eating dinner. They laughed and talked, and it was time to decorate the tree.

Charlie and Lily took out the fairies together and let them hide in the tree. The tree suddenly seemed to have a white glow around it.

"I'll race you to see who put on the most ornaments," Rob whispered to Rose.

"You're on," Rose replied, smiling. She grabbed a box and started piling ornaments on the tree along with everyone else. Soon the tree was covered in a rainbow of ornaments, teddy bears, candy canes, color-changing ornaments, and even singing ornaments. Rose plopped onto the couch next to Rob.

"I obviously did more," Rob said. "I did 3 boxes." Rose giggled. "Well, then how many did you do?" Rob said, annoyed.

"4," Lily said simply. Rob shook his head.

"You always beat me... even if it was by one..." Rob said, muttering to himself. He got up and left the room with the rest of the kids. Rose was about to leave, but she heard James getting up to go back to work

"It's great to see you all, but I have to go," James said, pulling on his cloak. Ginny rushed over to him.

"Not on Christmas night, dear! Stay a bit longer!" she begged. He shook his head and pulled away.

"I'm sorry, Mum. But it seems a group of Death Eaters have escaped Azkaban, and they're out for revenge," James said. "And I've got to go help sort it out. They're tearing down Muggle houses everywhere. I'm really sorry, Mum." He gave her a hug and left. Rose watched Ginny run over to Harry.

"I thought it was over, but it's not," she said, sobbing like a school girl. "Oh, Harry, I want our little boy back! I want my little James again!" Harry stroke her head.

"It's all right Ginny... he's just growing up," he said, kissing her forehead. Rose's thoughts were disturbed by Rob pulling her arm.

"Give them some privacy," he said softly. She nodded and left up to their room.

The girls were changing into their pajamas when she returned. She pulled out another white cami and a pair of silky, purple pajama pants. Rose pulled the covers over her eyes and tried to go to sleep. She heard Alice get into bed.

"Tomorrow's Christmas morning!" she said excitedly.

"Christmas is always full of surprises," Lily said, laughing. They both fell asleep soon afterwards.

But Rose couldn't sleep. It was late at night, and Rose felt an urge to have some hot chocolate. She slipped on her purple robe and fuzzy slippers. Her hair was down; she could never sleep with it up. She tip-toed downstairs and into the kitchen.

There was already a pot of hot chocolate on the stove. A bag of her favorite mini marshmallows were out as well. Probably Ginny made it, she was a wreck, Rose thought sadly, feeling bad for her. She poured herself some hot chocolate and lots of marshmallows. She heard a creak in the living room. She put down her hot chocolate to see who it was. And right as she was about to turn the door handle, Rob opened the door and looked at her.

Rose looked up at the mistletoe. She expected Rob to back away, but he did something completely unexpected and... well, surprising. He pulled her close and kissed her.

It was a short kiss, but it was tender and loving. It sent a tingle through Rose's lips. A zing went through Rose's body, and she wanted more. Rob suddenly pushed away at two different sounds.


It was the clock, announcing the fact that it was midnight. It was Christmas. Rose laughed to herself. Lily had no idea what kind of surprises Christmas held in store she thought.

The second sound was...

"You gits finally took my advice but decide to snog in the middle of the night on Christmas?"

It was none other than Alice. And she was with Lily, Charlie, and Albus.

"We would have joined the snogging party if you had told us," Albus said. "Right, Alice?" Alice slapped his arm.

"How did you guys get here?" Rose said, finally speaking. "I thought you were sleeping?"

"We were, but I woke up hearing you go down," Alice said. "I woke Lily up, and she woke Charlie up, and he said that Rob wasn't in their room. We were going to have a midnight party and you guys already had all the fun."

Rob flushed. "It's the mistletoe... remember last year? I got jinxed because I kept avoiding it! So this time... I just didn't avoid it! And it was only a friendly kiss, right Rose?" Without letting her answer, he continued. "You see! Really, you guys need to back off!"

"Well, there's nothing more we can say when we walk into the kitchen and see two people kissing in the dark, under mistletoe, in their pajamas, at midnight," Charlie informed him. Rose blushed. It sounded much worse when he put it that way.

"What are you waiting for?" Lily said to all of them, "Grab some hot chocolate and let's get in the living room!" They all took some hot chocolate and sat down in the living room. They chatted for a while, sat in silence, and Lily and Charlie would start snogging (to everyone else in the room's disgust).

Rob took Rose's attention away from them. He changed the subject, and Rose was grateful for it.

"So, where's Hugo? Why couldn't he make it?" Rob asked.

"He was invited to his best friend's place for Christmas," Rose said. Rob was gazing at Rose with such an intensity that Rose needed to look away. His eyes were so... intruiging. But Rose couldn't dwell on Rob's eyes, as Lily and Charlie snogging got more akward.

"Oi! You two! Get a room!" Albus finally said. They broke up, faces flushed. "And get your hands off my little sis!" Albus said. Charlie immediately took his hand off Lily's waist. They all started laughing.

"One night of surprises," Rose said, staring out the window at the gently falling snow flakes.

"It sure was," Rob agreed, staring at Rose.

Cus an empty feedback forum can be so loud
Its too many tears to drown them out
So hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

hplova15165 September 11th, 2007 12:32 pm

Re: Lovestruck

The rest of their Christmas holiday flew by. Rose and Rob returned to their normal conversations, trying to make it seem as if nothing had happened. Before anyone realized it, it was time to go back to school.

Ginny and Harry hugged their children good-bye on Platform 9 3/4. "Oh, don't forget to tell me who you're inviting to the Christmas ball!" Ginny called out to Lily. The group entered the train together, but split up into different compartments. The girls entered one, and the boys entered another. Alice told them that they "needed to catch up on some girl-talk."

"I completely forgot about the Christmas Ball!" Alice said, sitting down.

"So did I!" Rose said. "Who are you planning on going with?"

"Well, Albus asked me, so I might go with him..." Alice said. "But if he continues being a jerk, then I'm going with someone else."

"I'm going with Charlie, he already asked me," Lily said. "Who are you going with, Rose?"

"I dunno," Rose said. She hadn't really thought about it.

"You should go with Rob," Lily said. Rose smiled at the thought. Her mind went back to the kiss...

"Rose? Hello? Anyone there?" Alice said, waving her hand back and forth in front of Rose's face.

"Oh, don't bother her," Lily said. "She's just thinking about Rob. I recognize that expression." Rose colored up.

"For your information, I was not thinking about Rob," Rose said angrily. But was she lying to her friends? Or, more importantly, was she lying to herself?

"Then what were you thinking about?" Lily said.

"I - I - " Rose said, stuttering. "I was thinking about what outfit I should wear to the ball."

"I've been thinking about that too!" Alice said. She started rambling about the colors she looked good in, and which one she should wear. Rose let out a breath of relief. At least she had distracted her friends.

The compartment door opened. "Hello, sis!" Hugo said, sticking his head through. "Just wanted to say hi, and Happy Christmas. Berty was sick, so I couldn't send you a letter on Christmas." Berty was Hugo's owl. Rose had been wondering if he forgot about her. But her little brother wouldn't do something like that. She stood up and gave him a quick hug before pushing him out of the compartment.

The girls continued talking about their outfits, but they were suddenly disturbed by a loud yell in the hall. Rose quickly stood up and opened the compartment door. A boy with white-blonde hair and grey eyes was backed against the wall. It was Scorpius Malfoy. Rob had his wand pointed at Scorpius's throut. Charlie and Albus were giving Scorpius terrible looks from behind Rob. Several others had stuck their heads out of their compartment as well.

"Watch where you're going, Dame," Scorpius said, pushing Rob's wand away. Scorpius looked at everyone watching, and his eyes landed on Rose. Rose would have been angry with him, but she saw a sadness in his eyes that no one else saw. Scorpius looked away from Rose, as though burned. He stalked off towards another compartment.

"What the heck was that all about?" Lily said as Rob, Charlie, and Albus sat down in their compartment to explain what happened.

"Rob here had gotten out of the compartment to get some sweets," Charlie said. "so we went with him. But Scorpius was walking down the hall, and Albus was a git over here and hit his shoulder quite hard. Scorpius started yelling at him, then Rob started to pull Albus away."

"Then Scorpius tripped me!" Rob said, a little loudly. "Then I yelled, 'What was that for?' and I pointed my wand at his throut. Everyone came out to see what was going on, so I couldn't get anything out of him."

The girls gave each other looks. Scorpius had never been mean to them before, so why start now?

The chapter's not over! The rest got erased from my computer. :no: So post feedback on what's there, I wanna hear what you guys think!

hplova15165 October 10th, 2007 12:07 am

Re: Lovestruck
The Winter Ball was less than 3 days away, on December 29th. Rose, like everyone else in her year, was coming home for the Ball and going back to her parent's house for New Year's. Rose couldn't wait for the Hogesmeade trip that was coming up that night; it would give her a chance to shop for new dress. Dressy Muggle attire was requested. Rose was trying to finish the homework that Professor Eliv had given them over the holiday.

Rose just couldn't seem to find out what ingredient would turn the Draught of Living Death purple. She was sitting alone at a table in front of the fire place in the library, completely surrounded by books. She was flipping frantically through the book for help. There was less than two hours until the trip, and she still had a History of Magic essay to finish as well. Someone set their books down on the table in front of her.

"May I sit down?" he asked. Rose didn't bother looking up. She nodded her head and turned a page in a book next to her.

"UGH! I can't find it!" Rose said angrily to herself.

"What can't you find?" asked the boy across from her. She looked up to see who it was. Rose was surprised to find out that it was Scorpius Malfoy. What could he want?

"Please don't leave!" Scorpius said when Rose stood up, picking up her books. She sat back down reluctantly.

"What do you want?" Rose said sourly.

"To apologize," Scorpius said, "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for what I did to your boyfriend. It was an accident, I was had other things on my mind." His voice was full of bitterness as he said this.

"He's not my boyfriend," Rose said, correcting him automatically. "We're just... friends." Scorpius's face lightened slightly at this.

"Well, here, let me help you..." Scorpius said. "I've already finished my Potion's essay." He came over to her side of the table and looked at the question. "Here," he said, picking up a book that was under a pile of others. "It should be in there."

Rose opened the book and flipped through the index. She found a page on color changing in potions. There it was: to make the Draught of Living Death turn purple, add Aconite. Rose smiled and looked up.

"It's here," she said. "Thanks." He smiled back at her. When he wasn't depressed and when he was smiling... Scorpius didn't look half bad. Rose shook her head; what was wrong with her? He was a Malfoy. She wasn't supposed to think of a Malfoy as half bad.

"Friends?" Scorpius asked, putting out his hand.

"Friends," Rose said, grinning, shaking his hand.

They got back to their work, helping one another, talking, and laughing. She was having a pretty good time with Scorpius. After they finished their homework, Rose realized she only had an hour before she had to go to Hogesmeade.

"I've got to go," Rose said, picking up her things. Scorpius stood up to pick his up too. "I'm going to Hogesmeade - "

"I'm going to Hogsmeade too," Scorpius said. "Want to hang out while we're there?" She stopped unpacking her stuff and looked at him. His blonde hair was falling in front of his deep, grey eyes. She blinked and looked away.

Rose hadn't made a promise to go with Rob or her friends, and they probably wouldn't let Scorpius hang out with them after what happened between him and Rob. But her Alice, Lily, and Charlie would forgive her if she missed this trip. But Rob... she'd think about him later.

"We can hang out," Rose said, smiling. Scorpius grinned back at her.

"Catch ya later then, Weasley" he said, picking up his bag and leaving.

~ * ~

Rose worried about what her friends would say more than anything else. Lily and Alice had already left to the Great Hall, so Rose brushed her hair quickly, grabbed her brown purse and left. It matched her shoes perfectly, and set off her white shirt and jeans quite nicely.

Rose avoided Alice and Lily on the way to Hogsmeade. She didn't want any questions coming up. She traveled in a carriage with a group of 4th years who were laughing animatedly at a joke someone had told. Rose had been looking forward to this trip until she realized the situation she got herself into. Rose remembered what her father said about never getting tangled in a Malfoy web. She now realized why.

Rose exited the carriage with the 4th years. She camoflauged herself behind them and walked into Hogsmeade. Malfoy said he would meet her there, so where could he be?

"Looking for me?" someone said from behind her. Rose turned and smiled, expecting to see Scorpius. But instead she saw Rob. Lily, Alice, and Charlie were looking into a shop nearby.

"Um... no..." Rose said, flustered. "I'm... kind of..."

"What?" Rob said, confused.

"I'm kind of here with someone else," Rose said quickly. Rob straightened up a little.

"I hope that someone isn't Lance," Rob said angrily, "Or anyone like him."

"No, no, it's just a friend..." Rose said, muttering fast, unable to look Rob in the eyes. "We're just doing shopping together."

Rose left the impression that the person she was going with was a girl. Rob's expression cleared.

"Oh, well, have fun, I guess," he said. Rob's shoulders slouched slightly as he walked back to their friends. Rose let out a breath of relief. The questions were over with, and as long as she avoided her friends all afternoon, she'd be all right.

"Bring your friend over for a drink later!" Rob said, turning around and calling through the snow. Rose didn't have the option to say no. She hurried off.

"Weasley!" someone said. Rose turned around to see Scorpius running towards her.

"Hey," Rose said. "Sorry I'm late, just had to tell some friends we were gonna meet them later."

"What!?" Scorpius said. "I didn't agree to this!"

"You don't have to go if you want to," Rose said. Scorpius sighed.

"Sure," he said gloomily.

"Come on," Rose said. "Let's go to Wizarding Wear and grab some new robes for the Ball." Scorpius smiled.

"Sure," he said. "Come on, let's run." They ran together, and by the time they reached Wizarding Wear, they were out of breath. But Rose loved shopping, and she was definately in the mood for some now.

"Get in here, Malfoy!" Rose said, grabbing Malfoy by the cuffs and pulling him roughly inside the store. Rose went to the back of the room to the small section of Muggle dresses. After half an hour of trying on dresses, she finally found one that looked perfect on her. She purchased it and met Scorpius outside the store. He found a suit and blazer that looked good on him. He showed them both to Rose and tried to peek in her bag.

"No way!" she said, laughing. "It's a surprise." Scorpius laughed and stopped in front of a shop that Rose had never seen before. It was the Hogs Head, only it looked much different. It was clean looking, newer, and now called Hogsmeade Inn. Rose and Scorpius went inside. It was nice place to have a snack and a couple of drinks. There was also music playing and a large dance floor to dance on.

Rose and Scorpius sat down to have a drink. She laughed at several of his remarks. It was nice talking to Scorpius, not the same as talking to Rob. Scorpius was sarcastic, making him humorous as well. He seemed depressed most of the time, but while talking to Rose, he was energetic and almost happy. When Rose talked to Rob, she was always worried she'd say something stupid. Even after knowing Rob her whole life, she had always been nervous around him. With Scorpius, it was nicer. She wasn't always as self conscious about herself. It felt great.

"Let's dance," Rose said.

"Over your dead body," Scorpius said. "I don't like dancing."

"Oh, come on, it's so much fun," Rose said, pulling him onto the dance floor. The band playing was called the "Witchburns." It was an upbeat song. Rose held Scorpius's hands and moved him around the crowded dance floor until he got a beat. He smiled and moved with her. The song suddenly changed to a slow song. He suddenly seemed to know what he was doing.

"How do you know - " Rose started, but Scorpius answered her question.

"Catillions. Since I was 7," Scorpius said, dancing with ease. He twirled her smoothly, and pulled her back.

"You're good," she said, smiling.

"The best," Scorpius said, grinning back at her, his grey eyes sparkling. Rose was so immersed that she forgot about the time. When the song ended, Scorpius was ready to keep on dancing, but Rose realized the time.

"I've got to go, I'm so sorry!" she said, apologizing. "Lily and Alice will be looking for me! I'll talk to you later, all right?" Scorpius was ready to protest, but as he stared at her desperate face, he nodded. She ran off to find her friends. Scorpius sighed.

"And I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the Winter Ball with me," Scorpius muttered under his breath to no one in particular. "Yeah, that was completely worth 30 minutes in the mirror."

~ * ~

"Where's your friend?" Rob asked, looking behind Rose, as though she was hiding him.

"Decided not to come," Rose said. "How about we get some drinks, I'm thirsty." They walked into the Three Broomsticks together. Lily, Charlie, and Alice were sitting at a table with drinks. They beckoned Rob and Rose to come sit with them.

"You've got to see the dress that I've picked out for the ball!" Lily said as Alice set the drinks down on the table.

"Can I see?" Rob asked.

"No!" Lily said. "It's a surprise."

Rob sighed. "I just wanted to see what it looked like."

Rose rolled her eyes. "I'm so sorry to stop this love fest," Rose said. Alice snickered. "But we really must be going." Rose stood up and picked up her bags. Alice, Lily, and Rob followed her suit.

Lily, Alice, and Charlie left the building giggling about something, leaving Rob and Rose behind them, confused.

"They sound like a bunch of first year girls who just met Lockhart," Rob said.

Rose laughed. She shivered. It was getting pretty cold outside. Rob put his arm around her.

"Is little Rosie getting cold?" Rob said, in a voice as though he was talking to a child. Rose looked up to him and smiled.

"I'm all better, Robbie," she said in the same, childish voice. They walked after Lily and Alice together.

~ * ~

Scorpius watched Rose and Rob from a distance. Rose laughed at something Rob said. Scorpius scowled as Rob put his arm around Rose and walked off.

It looked like he was too late. But Scorpius wasn't going to give up hope. He'd ask Rose to the Winter Ball.

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hplova15165 November 19th, 2007 2:26 am

Re: Lovestruck

Rose woke up early the day of the Winter Ball. She quietly escaped the common room with a book and went to the library. Rose felt like she needed to think where she had no distractions.

The armchair in a cozy corner of the library was welcoming. Rose took out her book but didn’t read.

She wondered what she was going to do at the ball since she didn’t have a date. But Rob didn’t have a date either… he’d probably ask some pretty fan girl. Rose was jealous Rob could get a date so easily.

“Why can’t it be that easy to get a date for me!?” Rose desperately wondered out loud.


Rose’s head darted up and she saw Scorpius standing in front of her. Her heart was pounding. Did he hear what she said? He didn’t look like he noticed anything.

“So… how’s life been treating you?” Scorpius said jokingly, sitting down in an armchair beside her.

“Mmmm… pretty okay-ish, I guess,” Rose said absently, pretending to be absorbed in her book.

“Listen, I was just wondering… do you have a date for the ball?” Scorpius asked. Rose’s heart beat skipped a step.

“No, I guess not,” Rose said, as though she had just thought about it.

“I was just wondering… since I don’t have a date… if you want to, that is… I mean, you don’t have too… it’s just,” Scorpius stammered. Rose giggled.

“Get on with it,” she said, punching his shoulder. He smiled and continued.

“Rose, do you want to go to the ball with me?”

~ * ~

Rose sat alone in the common room. Her thoughts swirled around her mind, causing her to have a headache. She was waiting for Alice and Lily to get back from breakfast. They had been planning on getting some homework done and sending some letters home before lunch.

“Aww, is Rosie lonely?” Rob teased, walking through the portrait hole.

“Just a little,” Rose pretended to pout.

“Don’t worry,” Rob said, “I’ll keep you company.” He sat down on the couch next to Rose.

“Sooo… how’ve you been?” Rob asked nonchalantly.

“Um, pretty good, actually,” Rose said. Since Scorpius asked me to the ball, that is. Rose thought to herself. She grinned at Rob.

“I was just wondering… do you have a date for the ball?” Rob asked. “Cause I heard you didn’t.”

Rose’s lips tightened. Who told him that she didn’t have a date for the ball? Was it common talk? Or did everyone just assume that the smartest girl in Gryffindor wouldn’t get a date? Rose felt a sudden rush of anger.

“Maybe… why do you ask?” Rose said, not really paying attention to him. She was thinking about how Scorpius had said the exact same thing to her before he…

“Because no one’s asked me yet, and I was planning on asking you if no one asked me, so -” But Rob didn’t continue, because Rose’s anger point broke.

“So you’re only asking me as a last resort? Is that it? You just presumed that I wouldn’t get a date?” Rose yelled.

“No, that’s not what I meant to say, I really -” Rob spluttered.

“Oh puh-lease, I don’t want to listen to your nonsense!” Rose said, standing up and marching towards the stairs to the girl’s rooms. She looked back at the paralyzed Rob before making her way up the stairs. “Oh, and next time, make sure that the girl you ask is a total loser. She’ll reflect your personality, and she definitely won’t have a date.” Rose turned and stormed up the stairs.

Forgetting his anger, Rob yelled up the stairs. “So wait, does that mean you do have a date?”

~ * ~

Rose, Alice, and Lily found themselves running everywhere before the ball. They were blasting American music and happily getting ready for dance. Alice had just gotten out of the shower and was drying her hair while talking to Lily.

Rose took a breath and dangerously started a new subject. “So, who are you taking to the dance?”

“Since I didn’t like anyone else who asked me, I’m just going with Albus,” Alice said while pulling on her short red dress. She modeled it in front of the mirror. Rose thought she looked great.

“I’m going with Charlie, of course,” Lily said, standing next to Alice to model her knee-length bottle green dress. They were frowning as though the dresses didn’t look right. Rose noticed this and spoke before they could complain.

“Both of you look ah-mazing,” Rose said in a preppy voice. The girls broke down giggling.

“So, Rose, who are you taking?” Lily asked. Her red hair was perfectly straight.

“Um… it’s a surprise,” Rose said. The other girls turned and looked at her.

“Aww, come on Rose, tell us,” Alice said, making puppy-dog eyes.

“Noo,” Lily said. “Let’s leave it be, it’s more romantic for us not knowing. And they’ll escape into the garden and kiss in the moonlight with no one else knowing…” Lily stared into space and sighed.

Alice rolled her eyes. “You and your romantic dreams. I just want to know if he’s hot and what his name is… that’s not asking for much, is it?” It was Lily’s turn to roll her eyes.

Rose reached down and pulled on her dress. It was a thin strapped fitted pale-gold dress.

“Ooh, Rose, you look lovely!” Lily squealed. Alice nodded in agreement.

“Thanks, but I need to borrow some makeup,” Rose said to Alice in particular. She always had the best makeup there was to offer.

“Yeah, me too,” Lily said. “My mother says I don’t need any at such a young age.”

Alice sighed. “If both of you weren’t already extremely pretty, then I’d be in a state of shock.” She pulled out a bag containing everything from nail polish to mascara.

Rose pulled out her wand and carefully applied the gold eye shadow. Lily used hers to make her eye lashes perfectly long and thick with the mascara. Alice put on some lip gloss.

“Shoes!” Rose suddenly yelled. She had completely forgotten on what shoes she was going to wear.

“Don’t look at me, I’m wearing a pair of my mom’s. I don’t have any,” Lily said. She pulled on a pair of satin green ballet flats.

“I’ve got loads!” Alice said. She pulled out her suitcase dedicated to shoes. Rose looked through them and found the perfect pair. They were gold and had high heels. Rose took her wand and shortened the heel length.

“Hey, you better put those back like they were before,” Alice said as she watched Rose.

“Don’t worry, I will,” Rose said. All three girls did a makeup check, nose hair check, mustache check, outfit check, and when they had finally run out of checks, they went down to the common room. The boys were waiting for them there.

“You look wonderful,” Charlie said to Lily.

“Ditto,” an awestruck Albus said to Alice. Rose stared at the ground and left with everyone to the Great Hall.

Rob ran down beside everyone once they were in the hall. Rose noticed that he looked a lot cuter than he normally did in his hot tux. But Rose felt a hot monster claw her insides when she noticed the person standing next to him. It was the ultimately beautiful Bailey Locks, with her perfect face, long wavy brown hair, and deep amber eyes. She was chased by every guy, but she chased only one. Rob.

Rose tore her eyes away from them and searched the crowd for Scorpius. McGonagall was giving a speech that she ignored. She only heard the last words.

“… assortment of American bands playing their best,” she said. The curtains rose and a band started playing a rock song. Everyone was out on the dance floor. It would be impossible to find Scorpius.

Well I’m not paralyzed,
But I seem to be struck by you,
I wanna make you move,
Because you’re standing still…

She saw a blonde headed person move towards her in the crowd. Scorpius emerged, smiling.

He had reached a different level of cute. His hair fell down slightly over his eyes, and his tux was even better than Rob’s.

“Dance?” Scorpius asked. Rose beamed and took his hand. They danced crazily, holding hands, spinning, mouthing the lyrics… Rose noticed several popular Gryffindors pointedly whispering about her being at the dance with a Slytherin. But she didn’t care. It was just so simple to be with him.

The songs changed from rock to pop and finally to a slow song.

I know a place that we can go to,
A place where no one knows you,
They won't know who we are…”

“Come with me,” Scorpius said. He pulled Rose through the crowd and into the garden. Scorpius walked to a wall and pulled out his wand. He drew an archway that appeared as chalk on the wall. The bricks melted away and a garden appeared. The bushes were covered in light pixies and the water fountain in the middle had floating lilies in it. The music from the Great Hall filled the air inside it. It was all so incredible.

“Wow,” Rose said softly. Scorpius smiled.

“Like it?” he asked. “I made it just for you. It’s not exactly sealed off from intruders, but the only way someone else could get in is if they accidentally stumbled upon it.”

“I love it,” Rose said, looking him in the eye. Scorpius grinned and looked at the ground. His shaggy white blonde hair blew in the wind.

“You look beautiful,” Scorpius said to her. Rose blushed. No one had ever said that to her before.

He put out his hand. “May I have this dance?” Rose nodded, and as though in a trance, she danced with Scorpius.

The music slowly disappeared. Time seemed to slow down. Rose didn’t know how long they danced. She could only see into his grey eyes. She was pulled closer and couldn’t tear her eyes away from his. They sparkled in a way no one else’s could. His face was right next to hers. She could smell his alluring cologne. His lips were moments away from hers.

“He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do.”

Bailey was dancing with Rob. She smiled and her perfectly straight teeth glittered. Rob gave back a fake smile. He looked around the room. Rose seemed to have disappeared half way through the ball. When he turned back and looked at Bailey, she was inches away from his face.

“Robbie, you’re sooo cute,” Bailey said. She leaned in a bit. Rob backed away.

“I… uh… have to go to the bathroom,” Rob said. He walked into the garden where he had seen Rose last.

“But Rob! You can’t go to the bathroom in the garden!” Bailey called after him. He ignored her. Right now, Rob needed to apologize to Rose. He imagined them making up and laughing at their dopey dates who were by themselves.

Rob had walked around the garden. He called her name a few times. But she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Rob leaned against the wall to relax for a few moments, but the wall wasn’t there. He felt himself fall into another place.

“And all I can taste is this moment,
And all I can breathe is your life,
Cause sooner or later it's over,
I just don't want to miss you tonight…”

Rose’s lips touched Scorpius’s. Then time seemed to completely stop. It was just her and him. His kiss was different than Rob’s. It didn’t feel like she had touched an electrical current, it was warm and loving. He pulled her close and deepened the kiss.

But everything broke when she heard a crash and someone yell something at them. “Rose! What are you doing!?”

It was Rob.

He ruined it. The moment was gone. The building anger that was inside her had suddenly come out and was ready to lash itself out on Rob.

“I’m having a good time,” Rose shouted back at him.

“But he’s Scorpius Mal – “ Rob started.

“I don’t care!” Rose yelled. “I like him, I really do! I don’t care if he’s in Slytherin, I don’t care if his dad is Draco Malfoy, I DON’T CARE!”

Scorpius touched her shoulder. He smiled sadly at her. “That was really nice,” he said softly. Rose smiled back at him. Rob came up to them.

“Stay away from her!” Rob said, pushing Scorpius away. Scorpius made no attempt to fight back. He stood up, brushed himself off, and gently moved Rob away from Rose. He took her hand and they left. Rob was left alone in the private garden.

His thoughts were confusing, head was pounding, and his heart felt like it was going to explode. His feelings for Rose were jumbled up and he didn’t know what to do. Rob stood up and walked past everyone and headed to the boy’s rooms. He heard Bailey say his name, Charlie and Albus asking what was wrong, and he ignored them. He just headed to his room. When he finally reached his destination, he collapsed on his bed and beat up his pillow. He then lay down and closed his eyes.

“Everyone knows it’s meant to be,
Falling in love, just you and me,
‘til the end of time,
‘til I’m on her mind,
It’ll happen…”

The Great Hall was filled with people still dancing, and some going to their rooms to sleep. It had been a long night.

Scorpius kissed Rose’s hand. “Good night,” Rose said.

“Sweet dreams,” Scorpius said. He turned and hurried to his dorms. Scorpius knew he needed to get back to his dorm before certain people found him…

~ * ~

Scorpius quietly entered the portrait hole and slipped past the couch where a bunch of Slytherin boys were sitting. He was heading up the stairs when one of the stairs creaked. The boys’ heads darted around and spotted Scorpius.

Scorpius sighed and decided to face his fear. The three boys walked up and stood around him.

“Malfoy… we hear you’ve been at the dance,” Zabini, the tall spindly boy in the middle said. “Have fun?”

“So who’d you go with?” Goyle grunted.

“Nice of you to bring that up, Goyle,” Zabini sneered. “Hear you went with that Weasley girl.” Scorpius said nothing.

“She’s a blood traitor!” Nott said. “A filthy daughter of a Mudblood Gryffindor! WHAT were you thinking?”

“She’s a very nice girl!” Scorpius said, rushing up to Rose’s defense immediately. “I don’t care if she’s in Gryffindor, or if she’s a blood traitor, or a daughter of a Mudblood!”

“Why can’t you understand,” Zabini said threateningly, “that she’s no good?”

“Why can’t YOU understand that she is good?” Scorpius fired back. All three boys moved in on Scorpius.

“I guess we’re going to have to make you understand,” Zabini said. Goyle cracked his knuckles. Scorpius’s face went even paler than it already was.

~ * ~

Rose was in her bed, staring at her dark ceiling. She could see Alice and Lily sleeping in their beds. Rose rolled over. Her face was stained with tears. She couldn’t help but feel bad about what she said to Rob. She rolled over again. Maybe she could apologize to him in the morning.

Her eyes closed and she prayed for sleep. Maybe it would come to her.


Hope everyone likes it! Sorry for not posting in such a long time!


hplova15165 December 6th, 2007 1:50 am

Re: Lovestruck

“You can’t stay in bed all morning!” Lily said, prodding a very sleepy Rose. Rose was lying in bed with a pillow over her ears. It was two days after the Winter Ball. It was the day they left to go back home.

She didn’t want to wake up. Lily was urging her to start packing. They had to catch the train in less than 3 hours. Lily thought that was plenty of time and she could at least sleep for another thirty minutes.

“We’ve got a lot to do in just a little while,” Lily said. “And that means you have to wake up too!” Lily threw a pillow at Alice, who was snoring faintly.

“Fine, fine, fine…” Rose grumbled. She rolled out of bed and glanced at her hair in the mirror. It looked like a poof-ball had exploded. She quickly showered and brushed her hair smooth. Alice was still sleeping like a log.

Lily poked Alice all she wanted to and yelled loudly, but Alice wouldn’t wake up.

Rose pulled out her wand out and pointed it to Alice. In her mind she said, Levicorpus!

Alice’s foot was pulled up and she was dangling from mid-air.


“Good morning to you too, sleepy head,” Lily said. “We’ve got to get ready in the next hour. Rose and I are already dressed. We’re going to go down to the Great Hall for some breakfast.”

“Whatever,” Alice replied once she had been let down. She brushed herself off and grabbed a towel to take a shower. Rose could hear her muttering under her breath things like “waking me up earlier” and “hanging by my leg.”

Alice and Rose entered the Great Hall talking animatedly about inviting each other over for the New Year’s Eve.

“My family always has a huge party,” Rose explained, “So why don’t you - ” But Rose stopped short when she saw the only seats left. They were right next to Rob. She groaned and looked at Alice. Alice rolled her eyes and pulled Rose by the hand over there.

Rose sat down next to Rob but focused on completely ignoring him. She didn’t do a good job, though. He had turned around to her the first moment he could and started talking.

“You haven’t talked to me since the dance,” he said.

“I wanted to apolo - ” Rose started to say.

“Apologize?” Rob finished for her. “Yeah, I figured I need to apologize too. Right after I give you a long speech about never hanging around Malfoy’s again. They’re bad news, Rose.”

Rose became irritated. Rob was constantly putting down Scorpius and the Malfoy’s. But Rose believed that they had changed. Draco and Pansy seemed considerably less rude and inconsiderate towards the Potter’s and the Weasley’s. That itself was an improvement.

“They’re different, though,” Rose said. “I know they’ve changed, I just know it.”

“It’s not that, it’s just… after all your Uncle Harry’s been through in his life with Draco and after Bellatrix killed Sirius… I really don’t think you should talk to them,” Rob concluded.

“Well you thought wrong,” Rose said coldly. “I like Scorpius. A lot. And nothing you can say or do will change that. He’s my friend. And so are you, Rob. And if you can accept that, then I’d be really happy.”

“But – “ Rob began.

“The train leaves in 30 minutes,” McGonagall said, interrupting him. “Everyone finish up your food and grab your belongings. We will go down to Hogesmeade Station and leave from there.” There was a bustle of people trying to get their things out of the Great Hall.

Everyone seemed excited and pumped for the remaining holidays except Rose. She was going to miss the days at school where she got to hang out with Scorpius. But she’d see him again soon.

Lily came up behind Rose, who was walking down to the door. “Why are you looking blue?” she asked.

“Nothing… I’m just going to miss it here,” Rose said. Lily rolled her eyes.

“That’s just like you, Rose. Missing the school,” Lily said sarcastically. “Well, I have some gossip.”

“Hmm… who’s it about?” Rose asked.

“Me, and it’s a major secret that’s been bothering me since the dance,” Lily said. She took a breath and whispered to Rose.

“I think I still may have some feelings for Rob,” she said quietly and quickly. Rose’s jaw dropped.

How was this happening? Weren’t her feelings for Rob supposed to be gone? Rose felt anger bubble in her chest. Lily would lose her wonderful relationship, and Rose couldn’t let her do that. She had Charlie. And Charlie had her. They were perfect together. Lily couldn’t just destroy that for a small feeling for Rob.

“But what about Charlie?” Rose replied. “You can’t do this to him.”

“But I may still like Rob,” Lily said, like a child protesting against her mother.

“So what are you going to do? Dump Charlie and go out with Rob?” Rose said angrily. “I disapproved of you dating Charlie just to get to Rob, but this is just stupid. I’m sorry if I sound rude Lily, but it’s the truth.”

Lily shook her head. “It’s different now, I…” she broke off. She didn’t seem able to explain what she wanted to say; she was somewhat agitated.

“Oh well,” Lily said. “I’m sure I’ll get over him.” Rose hoped she was talking about Rob, but she didn’t dare ask. She was afraid Lily would get upset and start crying. Rose hated fighting with her friends, especially Lily. Lily was so sweet and romantic, but she was also very sensitive and emotional. She was a polar opposite of her mother.

“Come on, let’s hurry and get a good seat,” Rose said.

~ * ~

Lily saw Charlie by himself. Albus and Hugo had just left to get some sweets. He was sitting alone in a compartment, an expression of deep depression on his face. His straight dark brown hair fell limp against the sides of his face. Even though he was sad, he looked cute.

He was the second person she saw looking depressed today. It was probably something to do with missing the castle, like Rose.

“I’m going to talk to Charlie real quick,” Lily said to her friends. “I’ll be back though.”

“Sure,” Alice said. “Go for it.” Rose and Alice left to get an empty compartment to themselves.

“Hey Charlie,” Lily said, entering the compartment. “You okay?” Charlie turned and looked at her, startled. His eyes flickered with anger for a moment.

“Lily, what made you decide to ask me out?” Charlie asked in an odd voice. It sounded almost strangled.

“Um… I had liked you for a while and I asked you out,” Lily lied. She looked at her feet. She hated lying to Charlie.

“So it had nothing to do with another guy?” Charlie asked, his voice becoming more and more strangled. Lily could see where this was going. “You didn’t stab me in the back, have feelings for another guy, and you haven’t lied to me? Right?!”

Lily’s heart almost stopped. He had heard her talking to Rose.

“No – you don’t get it – that was before, now I really like you, Charlie,” she said, putting her petite hand on his shoulder. He shook it off.

“How do I know you’re not lying to me?” Charlie said. “How do I know if anything you’ve told me in the last couple of months was true?” Lily’s jaw trembled.

“But I haven’t been lying – “ Lily said desperately. “Please Charlie, you need to understand – I – I… I really, really like you.”

Charlie looked straight at her. He gazed into her stunning chocolate brown eyes, searching for something. He looked away, his eyes shining and his voice quavering.

“I can’t – I won’t – Just go away, Lily,” Charlie said coldly. Lily hated the disappointment and sadness in his voice. It made her feel like all the happiness in her life was gone. Lily’s eyes began to water and she stood up. She ran out of the compartment and down the hall.

Her hands were white and trembling. She leaned against the wall and put her hands on her face. She slowly sunk to the ground, sobbing.

Lily’s thoughts were focused on Charlie. She was overcome with memories and emotions. She saw his crooked but cute smile. She was engulfed by his charming, cinnamony scent. His brown eyes were sparkling into hers. She felt his warm lips on hers. Lily clutched her hair in agony.

Lily heard a commotion down the hall and came out of her misery to see what was happening. She looked around.

Rob was talking to Rose. She looked upset and he looked as though he was trying to send her a message. She finally stopped him and said something to him. An expression of outrage formed on his face. He said something angrily back at her. Tears started streaming down Rose’s face. Whatever Rob had said must’ve hurt her.

“Well I hate you too, Rob! Don’t you ever talk to me AGAIN!” Rose said, running down the hall. She ran past Lily, not seeing her. Lily wiped away her tears and went after Rose. Friends first, she thought to herself.

Rose was sitting in the very last compartment by herself, crying. Nobody ever sat there because the lights were broken and the seats were torn and ripped. And Rose, sitting by herself in this compartment of disaster… it was a terrible sight. Lily opened the door.

She sat down next to Rose and put an arm around her. “Are you all right?” Lily asked kindly.

“Rob – Rob is being a jerk,” Rose said between sniffles. “An arrogant, pig headed, self-centered, Malfoy-hating jerk.” Lily put the pieces together and realized what happened.

“He’s just a bit confused,” Lily said gently. “Every family he ever knew has hated the Malfoy’s. And now you’re hanging out with one of them, so he’s probably upset… and maybe a little jealous,” Lily said after several moments of thought.

“He said – he said he hates me,” Rose said quietly, her tear-stained face looking down at her feet.

“I bet he doesn’t – and if he does, it’s probably no where as much as Charlie hates me,” Lily said, mostly to herself.

“Oh, I’m so sorry; I didn’t even bother to ask why you were crying!” Rose said, looking back at Lily. “What happened?”

“Charlie… he heard us talking… I don’t think he understood the last bit, though. When I said I’ll get over him, I was talking about getting over my feelings for Rob,” Lily said.

“You should tell him that,” Rose said. “I’m sure he’d understand.”

“Yeah… maybe…” Lily mumbled, depressed.

“Boys are like… clothes. You wear them one day, then one day you hate them cause they're out of style,” Rose said. Lily managed a small grin.

“See! You’ll survive. Now let’s go,” Rose said. “It’s disgusting in here.” They stood up, leaving the dirty compartment and going back to their own. Alice was sitting by herself.

“Well finally! I thought you weren’t ever coming back,” Alice said. “What’s wrong?” she said, after seeing the looks on both girls’ faces.

“I hate boys,” Rose sighed.

“I hate clothes,” Lily said.

“Did I miss something?” Alice said, a bewildered expression on her face. Lily and Rose laughed. It was the first time they had laughed on the train ride.

She sighed.

Stupid boys...

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hplova15165 December 18th, 2007 5:05 am

Re: Lovestruck

Ugh. Party preparation day. Whoop-dee-doo-dah.

Rose was helping her obsessive mom decorate and clean the house for the New Years party that afternoon.

“These countertops are filthy, what have you been eating, Ron?” Hermione yelled. She pulled out her wand and sent the rags to do the work. “And these dishes – it’s like we haven’t washed any in weeks!” Rose looked in the sink. There were several plates. She rolled her eyes.

“I’ve got the cleaning, mum,” Rose said in a falsely optimistic voice. “Just get the decorations.”

“Oh, I love you Rose!” Hermione said, sighing in relief. She hugged her daughter and rushed off to find some streamers. Rose sighed and picked up the dishes. She wished dearly seventeen. The nasty grime on them was not something she wanted to touch.

The doorbell rang. Rose immediately dropped the dishes back in the sink, brushed off her hands, and went to the door. Rob, Emma Dame (Rob’s mum), and her boyfriend, Dan Brown were standing there.

“Hey, Rose!” Rob immediately said. “We’ve just come to help.” Rose put on a smile, even though she was not at all happy to see Rob.

“Um, wonderful!” Rose said. “Come on in, get out of that snow.” Rose took their coats and invited them in. Hermione was putting up the streamers.

“Oh, good! Some help!” Hermione said, smiling. “It’s so good to see all of you again.” Hermione gave Emma a hug. “I’m in such a hurry. We’ve only got a couple of hours until the party.”

“We’ll help with the decorations, and Rob can help Rose with whatever she’s doing,” Emma said cheerfully. Rose groaned in her mind. It wasn’t fair!

“Mum, when is Lily going to be here?” Rose asked. At least Lily could keep them company, so she wouldn’t be alone with Rob.

“Not for a while, dear,” Hermione answered, fixing the streamers in position. “Harry had some business to attend to before he came.” Rose’s face fell.

“All right, then,” Rose said. She went back to the dishes, followed by Rob.

“Can I help with anything?” Rob asked.

“Yeah… er… you can get the rags off the countertop. I think they’re clean,” Rose said swiftly. Rob picked up the towels and rinsed them off in the sink next to Rose.

“Look, we really need to talk,” Rob said, cutting straight to the point. He turned and looked at her. Rose could feel his eyes penetrating her. “I know you really like Scorpius, but he’s just not good for you, I know – “

“No,” Rose said fiercely, looking up at him. His eyes were full of caring and protection. She didn’t soften. “You don’t know. I really like him, and there’s nothing you can do about that. And he’s coming to the party tonight as well, so get over it.” She savored the last words. She cleaned off her hands and went to fix her mother’s streamers.

Rob wiped off his hands and followed her. “But – “

“Please Rob,” Rose said, close to tears, facing away from him. She hated crying in front of him, so she held them back. “Don’t argue with me.” Rob put his hand on her shoulder. A jolt went through her body.

“I care about you, Rose,” Rob said. “I don’t know what I would do if anything bad happened to you.”

Rose turned around to see him smiling the smile that made her heart swoon. She smiled back and bit her lip. Rob’s face was very close to hers. She could feel his warm breath on her. It smelled like peppermint. His face was suddenly very near hers. She realized what was about to happen, and took a step backwards. Her heart felt like it had dropped a thousand feet and hit the floor with a crash. Luckily, at that very moment, Rose’s mother appeared in the room.

“Rose, did you put up the rest of the streamers?” Hermione asked. Rose nodded. Rob was in between shock and frustration. He didn’t understand why Rose distanced herself from him.

“Rose, I – “ Rob began.

“I’ll go do the rest of the streamers, shall I?” Rose said, picking up the bundle of streamers. Rob sighed and picked up the two that she couldn’t carry. There would be no use in trying to talk to her for the rest of the decoration time.

Rob was right. Rose refused to say anything about what had just happened. They talked about other things, besides Scorpius and the other troublesome problems between them. Rose laughed, her perfect, beautiful laugh. Rob realized how much he missed her laughs. He felt closer and closer to her throughout the day.

“Oh, look at the time!” Rose exclaimed, checking her family clock. “I’ve got to go get ready!”

“Oh yeah… so do I,” Rob said, noticing the late hour it was. They had one hour before the party.

His mother had brought him some clothes. He showered and changed into his slacks and blazer that was set out. Apparently, it was supposed to be a semi-dressy-Muggle party. After successfully blow drying his hair (something Rose made fun of him about… but it made his hair have the right “pouf”… was that such a bad thing?), Rob went down to the kitchen to greet guests. Rose came down right after him. She looked stunning in her teal short dress and black leggings. Her hair hung loose around her shoulders and her eyes were full of excitement.

But she sped past Rob without even noticing him. Lily was at the door, and Rose greeted her with a hug. They immediately started gossiping.

Guests were pouring in. Everyone was chatting and eating snacks and having a great time. Rob sat by himself, bored.

The countdown was about to start and people were filing into a room where the Weasley’s had a countdown machine. Scorpius arrived at that very moment. His parents weren’t with him. Rob noticed a cut over his eye. What had happened?

Lily pointed over at Scopius and Rose crept quietly over to him so her parents wouldn’t notice. She gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. He smiled back at her. Rose ran her finger over the cut on his eyes.

A disgusting feeling was bubbling at the bottom of Rob’s stomach. There was a monster clawing at his heart. He felt terrible. Someone suddenly put their hands over his eyes.

“Guess whoooo??” a girl asked. She giggled.

“Er – “ Rob said, but the girl spun him around and looked him in the eye. It was Bailey.

“Hey Robbie!” she said. How did Bailey get invited?

“Um, why are you here?” Rob asked, not unkindly.

“My Mum works with your mum,” Bailey explained. “But enough of that, come on, let’s go see the countdown!” Rob followed Bailey to the immense crowd of people. Her cute blue dress sparkled and singled her out from the others. Rose and Scorpius pulled up next to them. Rose stood next to Rob, with Scorpius on her left and Rob on her right. Bailey was standing to Scorpius’s left, watching the countdown excitedly. Rob was too busy talking to Rose to notice.

“Are you ready for a new year?” Rose said to Rob happily. He smiled and nodded. Maybe a new year meant changes. Between him and Rose, especially.


“Get ready for the first kiss of next year!” Scorpius whispered to Rose, who giggled. She was excited and anxious.


Rose was almost bouncing up and down.


Rose held her breath.


Rose immediately turned to the person next to her and kissed him full on the lips. The person responded with equal enthusiasm, hugging Rose tightly. The kiss was amazing and warm. Rose felt a wonderful zap go through her body. A familiar peppermint taste entered her mouth. She opened her eyes in surprise.

She wasn’t kissing Scorpius. Rose was kissing Rob.

Rose backed away and turned to see Scorpius kissing Bailey. They let go of each other. Scorpius, noticing who he had kissed, wiped his mouth in horror and looked over at Rose. Bailey was looking just as shocked.

“Oh my god, I just…” Bailey started softly.

“And you just…” Rose said, looking at Bailey.

“And they just…” Scorpius said, eyeing Rose and Rob in disgust.

Rob just stood there, dumbfounded. But he felt better. The bubbling in his stomach had stopped and the monster had started to pur in pleasure.

“Great,” Rose said, tearing up. Lily ran over.

“Rose, have you seen Charlie?” Lily said, looking around. “I can’t find him, but I saw him come…”

“Take me away from here,” Rose said quietly. Lily looked confused, but she pulled Rose away. They walked to a seemingly unoccupied corner of the room. Rose burst into tears, explaining the unfortunate start of the New Year.

“Maybe it was meant to be…” Lily said. “Maybe Rob was really the right one for you, and that was the sign.” Rose bit her lip and thought of this new idea. It sounded wrong, until she realized that she had been enjoying Rob’s kiss. Enjoying it. It might have even been… better than Scorpius’s kiss. Rose shook her head. She was crazy.

“I have a totally messed up life,” Rose said, sighing and falling into a chair.

“You need to sit in a corner and sort out your priorities,” Lily said thoughtfully. Rose laughed, throwing her arm back into the air.

The curtains behind her were shifted to the side. Charlie and a dark haired girl were revealed, kissing.

I’m sooo sorry I can’t write more! I’m not going to be able to write for another month, because I’m going out of the country! It’s terribly depressing. I love writing for this fanfic, and I’m definitely going to miss it. :upset: :upset: :upset:

POST POST POST POST POST FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND ADORE FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!!!! And I encourage any silent readers to give themselves a voice! POST FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!


hplova15165 January 6th, 2008 5:13 am

Re: Lovestruck

"Charlie!" a voice called from the crowd of people emerging from the front door. "Charlie, it's me, Lacy!" A pretty girl with brown waves appeared. She ran over and tackled Charlie with a hug.

"Hey Miss Lacy Chang! How's your mum?" Charlie said, laughing and moving back slightly. Lacy's abrupt greeting caught Charlie off guard. But he shook off the feeling.

"She's great! And I have to tell you that I'm so glad to be here." Lacy said, smiling. "I haven't seen you since we moved and I started Beauxbatons. And let me tell you, it's really tough to have to know French and English!" They both laughed.

"You have a really cute laugh," Lacy said, reaching out and holding Charlie's hand. Charlie moved away and brushed his hair.

"Soo... how've you been doing?" Charlie asked. He glanced around the room. Lily was sitting by herself, playing with a plate of food sitting in front of her. There was a sad glimmer in the back of her beautiful green eyes.

"Pretty good, except my boyfriend broke up with me recently," Lacy said, drawing Charlie back to her, "I've been really sad lately. And my mum's boyfriend left her. It's just been really depressing."

Charlie felt bad for his friend. "I'm sure everything'll be all right," he said, putting his arm around her shoulders.

Rose, Rob, Scorpius, and Bailey all entered the room and walked towards the area where the countdown for New Year's was to begin.

"Hey, come over here to this window," Charlie said, moving away from them. The window had a wonderous view of the stars.

"Wow... it's beautiful," Lacy said. "Look right there... that's the constellation Orion." She pointed out three stars right next to each other. "That's Orion's belt," she explained. She continued to point out stars and constellations. Charlie was impressed by her knowledge, and he continued to listen to her and watch out for Lily. He really didn't feel like running into her.

Her fingers went around and pointed out a heart shape. "That's the Valentine constellation," she said.

"I've never heard of that one..." Charlie said slowly.

"That's cause I just made it up, silly," she said, smiling and playfully hitting his shoulder. Her pretty violet eyes met his.

"You know, I've kind of always liked you," she said softly. Charlie felt suddenly claustrophobic. He backed up into the curtains and she grabbed him close.

"...1!" Everyone shouted from the other room. Lacy kissed him.

The curtains were suddenly pushed away by a small, delicate hand. Charlie turned to see Rose gaping in surprise and Lily, pale and small with tears in her eyes. She covered her face and ran away, Rose behind her.

There were many things that Charlie felt like doing at that moment, but he started with the most important thing on his list. He backed out of the kiss as quickly as possible.

Lacy looked confused. "But Charlie..."

"Listen, Lacy, I don't like you like that..." Charlie explained, "You're only my friend, and I can't make up for your boyfriend just because you think I'm cute."

Next thing to do: Get Lily!

~ * ~

"Rose... Rose... why would he do that?" Lily said, crying and rambling her feelings. She fell over onto the bed in her room. "Why would he cheat and lie and do something so harsh and cruel!"

"I - I don't know, Lily," Rose said. "It's not like him! He's usually so sweet and kind... I just don't know."

"Lily?" Rob asked quietly, knocking on the open door to the two girls. He pulled Lily off the bed and embraced her in a tight hug. She sobbed quietly on his shoulder.

"It's all right..." Rob said. "I saw it all. That girl... I'll see what happened. I'm sure he didn't mean to do what he did. He'd too much of a softie."

~ * ~

Charlie ran up to Lily's bedroom and peeked through the crack. Rob was hugging Lily and Rose was watching with an expression of sorrow on her face. Rob let go of Lily and stormed towards the door. Charlie ducked and whispered, "Locomoter plant." The plant floated and landed in front of him. Rob swarmed past him. Rose ran after him.

Charlie entered Lily's bedroom quietly. She was sitting on her bed, looking out the window at the tree in front of her grandparent's graves. She took a deep breath.

Charlie closed the door. The small thud it made shook Lily back into reality. She stood up angrily.

"Go away, Charlie," Lily said firmly.

"Lily, please let me explain!" Charlie said, grabbing her arm as she stood up to leave.

"No - let go! - Charlie - " Lily said, struggling to get away from his grasp.

"Look at me, Lily," Charlie said. She stared at the ground.

"Let me go," she said.

Charlie forced her face to look at him. "Lily... That girl, Lacy Chang, she's only my friend!"

"Oh, well that's hard to believe!" Lily said fiercely, her eyes piercing his. I'm not going to cry, Lily told herself. Crying's never solved anything.

"Wait a minute... Lacy Chang!" Lily said. It dawned on her who the girl was. "That's Cho Chang's daughter! Cho was that emotional freak that destroyed part of my dad's life! I can't believe you like her!"

"Forget her," Charlie said, "Forget everything I did! I want you to know that I'm sorry, and she's the one that kissed me!" He shook her until her face was right in front of his.

"I don't know if you're telling the truth, though," Lily said softly. Her lips were dangerously close to Charlie's.

"Trust me," Charlie said. And he kissed her.

So sooo sorry that was soooo short but it did explain a lot... I feel bad! But I'll write some more later.

And sorry again for such a short post after my break...


hplova15165 February 4th, 2008 4:31 am

Re: Lovestruck

"My head feels like it's about to explode," Lily said to Rose in the kitchen.

"I can't stand all of this anymore," Rose said, agreeing. "I need a break from everyone."

"You know what? I'm going to tell Charlie I need a break," Lily said. "I feel way too... too... over sensitive about everything right now."

"I totally feel the same way," Rose said.

~ * ~

Rose, Lily, and Alice were unpacking at school several days later. Lily had just updated Alice on the on goings over the break. Alice was shocked.

"I wish I was there," she said. "I missed so much drama!"

"Oh, you're lucky you weren't there," Rose said, sighing and remembering what happened.

"And guess what? Charlie totally understood!" Lily said excitedly.

"I wish Scorpius was the same... he seemed kind of upset. He hasn't talked to me in a while, and he's always avoiding me. I have this weird feeling that something's up," Rose said.

"Just forget about it for now," Alice said. "You definitely need a little break away from cute guys." The girls laughed and Rose threw a pillow at her.

~ * ~

Scorpius slumped in his chair in front of the Slytherin fireplace. Stupid Rose. Why would she need a break? Maybe she didn't like him anymore. Maybe she's in love with Rob. Stupid Quidditch playing, pretty-boy Rob. Rose probably fell for him. And now she's leaving me. That's it - that's why she said she needed a break. Stupid Rose.

"The other Death Eaters haven't enjoyed how you’ve been hanging out with the Weasley blood traitor,” Zabini said from behind him. Goyle and Nott circled his chair.

“You wouldn’t want something to happen to her, now, would you?” Nott said happily, a gleam in his eyes.

“I don’t care what happens to her,” Scorpius said. “So the Death Eaters have no reason to harm her, Garston Zabini.”

“Surnames only, Malfoy! And don’t you dare lie to me! We have ways of finding out of you’re lying… and if you’re caught, things could happen to you,” Zabini snarled.

“Just understand that I’m with you, Zabini!” Scorpius said loudly.

“Prove it,” hissed Goyle.

~ * ~

Several weeks flew by. Rose’s grades were amazingly high and she was happier than ever. Scorpius seemed to have taken a toll on her life, and now she was happy it was back to normal.

It was a cold Friday morning in February. Rose was eating lunch at the Great Hall when Alice arrived. “Ugh… I hate Valentine’s Day,” she said, sitting across from Rose.

“But Valentine’s Day is the day after tomorrow,” Lily said slowly.

“I know!” Alice said, “And I still don’t have a date for Hogsmeade!”

“Hey – neither do we,” Rose said, motioning to herself and Lily. “Don’t feel so sorry for yourself.”

“I just want to go with you and Rose,” Lily said to Alice. “Who did you want to go with?”

“Oh – you guys, I guess,” Alice said, but Rose saw Alice’s eyes wander towards Albus. He was flicking food at the Slytherin table. Alice smiled.

“Charlie and I may go,” Lily said, “but if you guys want me to hang out with you, it’s all right.”

“Do whatever you want,” Rose said, laughing. “Don’t let us hold you back.”

The girls got up and were ready to go to their last classes. Rose looked at her schedule. She groaned.

“Double Potions,” she said, “with the Slytherins.”

“You know, sometimes I think evil spirits look down on us when they're bored and smite us,” Alice said, looking sadly at the schedule.

“What’s going on?” Lily said, reaching the dungeon. Albus was being pushed by a Slytherin.

“Watch your mouth, Goyle!” Albus said, pulling out his wand. “Scourgify!” Goyle’s mouth was filled with soap suds.

“What is going on here?” a voice drawled. It was Professor Eliv. “Ah! A fight… and that will be 20 points from Gryffindor. Oh, and detention, Potter.” Albus was clutching his fists tightly. He stormed into the classroom and took his seat. Rose took the seat next to him.

“What – “ Rose started, but Albus started before her.

“It’s that filth, Goyle!” Albus thundered, his green eyes full of anger, “He was threatening me! Talking about rising Death Eaters, and how our family’s blood traitors and we’re going to be the first ones taken! And he said – he said…” Albus’s eyes fell suddenly and he spoke no more.

“And he said what?” Rose said, urgently.

“Sshhh! Do you want me to fail this class? Start your potion!” Albus said heatedly.

“Since when have you paid attention in Potions?” Rose said, grabbing him and turning him around. “Tell me what he said.”

“Well… he said… I just… you shouldn’t really… “ Albus started, but Rose gave him a look that told him she meant business. “Fine… he said you’re the first to be taken. And he called you a – a – he called you dirty blood.”

Rose’s head was filled with thoughts, but Professor Eliv interrupted them.

“Do you have a question, Miss Weasley?” he said. Rose shook her head, too confused to think. She began adding the ingredients listed on the board to her potion. What was Goyle talking about? She was first for what? And the whole Mudblood business just seemed dirty… and was Scorpius behind the problems as well?

~ * ~

“I’m so worried about that test in History of Magic!” Lily said, groaning.

“I’m pretty much done studying,” Alice said. “History of Magic is easy.” Lily gaped and looked jealously at her.

“Not for me, it isn’t,” she said. “I wish it was.” She shut her book and stared into the Gryffindor fireplace. It was the evening, and Rose was falling asleep on the comfy couch.

“Hey people,” Rob said, dropping his bag on the couch and sitting next to Rose.

“Hey Rob,” the group mumbled quietly.

“What are you doing?” Rob said, picking up Rose’s book. “Ah… studying. And not just any subject, History of Magic. Don’t you girls ever get out?”

“We can’t with you stealing our books all the time,” Rose replied, snatching her book back.

“Such a shame,” Rob said. “because there’s this great Hufflepuff party going on in the secret corridor behind the tapestry…”

“I’m there!” Alice said, dropping her books and standing up.

“No, you’re not,” Rose said sternly. She pushed Alice back down and shoved the History of Magic notes into her hands. “Study.” Alice groaned.

“You’re such a party-pooper Rose,” Alice said. Lily giggled at Alice’s attempt at “American slang.”

“I want to go!” an excited voice said from behind them. Rose glanced behind Rob. It was Bailey.

“Um… you know, Bailey,” Rob started slowly, “I really need to study. Big History of Magic test. Rose says to keep those brain cells working. So I better stay here.”

“Well, can I study with you, Rob?” Bailey said, making a point not to include the other girls.

“You see, Rose is… um… she’s… she’s tutoring me,” Rob said, a sudden inspiration hitting him. “Yeah… I need help on one particular time period. The trolls. I can never remember their names.”

“Oh,” Bailey said, her spirits falling. “Then I’ll catch you later, Rob.” She left without looking once at the girls.

“Someone’s a bit blind,” Rose said to Lily and Alice, “I mean, it’s almost as if she hated us!”

“It’s not really us…,” Rob said, “It’s mostly just you.”

“What?!” Rose exploded. “What have I ever done to that girl! That stupid, pretty-faced, wannabe – “

“It’s only cause she sees us hanging out all the time,” Rob said quickly, trying to quiet down Rose.

“What?” Rose said, startled by his reply.

“So do you girls have dates for the Valentine’s Day Hogsmeade trip?” Rob asked.

“Should we?” Alice said. “It’s this weekend, but everyone asks each other at the last minute.”

“Yeah… but it’s the Valentine’s Day trip!” Lily said. “Everyone asks each other early!” Rose started worrying. Nobody had asked her yet.

“Well nobody’s asked me yet,” Alice said defiantly.

“I’m going with Charlie,” Lily said. “He told me he had to go with me, even though we’re taking a little break.

“Nobody’s asked me,” Rose said glumly. “Now I’m depressed.”

“Yeah,” Rob said, “Bailey asked me to go right when we heard the news about it, but I’ve wanted to go with someone else.” Rob slightly glanced at Rose.

Rose hadn’t seen that coming. That must have meant that Bailey liked Rob… a lot. And Rob didn’t return these feelings, or he would have been dating her… which meant that she thought Rob and Rose liked each other as – which meant that Rob liked Rose as -

“I have to go,” Rose said suddenly. She made a motion for Alice and Lily to follow. Her head spun as she tried to avoid the conclusion she had reached.

“Wait,” Rob said. Alice and Rose seemed to know what was coming and leaned back to talk to each other about some book for Divination.

“Rose,” Rob said gently, grabbing her hand. Her heart almost stopped beating as he looked at her with his stunning light blue eyes. “Let’s talk a little longer.” Rose sat down obediently.

“So why hasn’t anyone asked you to Hogsmeade yet?” Rob asked. Rose had wanted to avoid the question, but she knew she couldn’t.

“I dunno. Maybe it’s because I’m not appealing,” Rose said depressingly.

“What?” Rob said, smiling.

“Or because I’m ugly,” Rose continued, “and fat, and unpopular – “

“Stop it,” Rob said, “I can’t see you degrading yourself! You’re beautiful, popular, and simply amazing. I can’t imagine why no one’s asked you to Hogsmeade yet.”

“Well, no one has,” Rose said. “End of discussion.” She got up to leave, noticing that Alice and Lily had gone upstairs. She heard a rustle behind the table. Or maybe they hadn’t…

“No!” Rob said, grabbing Rose’s arm. He pulled her back. She couldn’t look away from his gorgeous face.

“Will you go to Hogsmeade with me?” Rob said. Rose caught her breath.

“Just as friends?” Rose said, almost not wanting to hear the answer of ‘yes’.

“No,” Rob said. “As a date.” Rose smiled.

“Yes,” she said happily.

~ * ~

“Guess we’re not taking a break from guys anymore,” Lily said the next day during breakfast.

“I still can’t believe you were spying on me,” Rose said, taking a spoonful of cereal.

“What else were we supposed to do?” Alice said, “Wait for you to tell us?”

“Yes!” Rose said, grinning.

“Hello, girls,” Rob said, sitting down next to Rose. He inconspicuously placed his arm around her hip. Alice hadn’t noticed and started a conversation about Quidditch, but Lily just smiled.

~ * ~

Scorpius scowled at the scene taking place at the Gryffindor table. Rob had his hand around Rose’s waist. And she didn’t seem to mind. This was slowly beginning to confirm his suspicions… but he didn’t really want to believe them.

“Goyle, heard the latest LamoGryffindor news?” Zabini said, loud enough for Scorpius to hear. Zabini took a seat in front of him.

“What?” Goyle said stupidly.

“Rob Dame over there asked Rose to Hogsmeade on Valentine’s Day. And she said yess,” Zabini hissed maliciously. Scorpius’s face whitened and his eyes narrowed.

“Where’d you hear this?” he said.

“From the girl herself,” Zabini said conversationally, “She was talking to her friends about it.” Scorpius scowled.

Rose said that they were going to take a break. That they’d think about dating after the break. Because she was tired of boys, so she said. But seeing her, sitting over there with her Hogsmeade date’s hand around her waist, it was hard to believe. Scorpius held back the stinging tears that were forming in his eyes.

“Don’t cry, Malfoy,” Nott said, appearing next to him. “At least not where others can see you.”

“Shut it,” Scorpius said, standing up and stalking out of the Great Hall. Stupid Rose.

Soooo sorry for the lack of updates in the longest time! But I hope everyone’s still reading this!!! Hopefully I’ll post more soon!!!



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