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roach76 May 7th, 2006 3:01 pm

Brains & Braun
Hi, Since I said my tearful goodbyes to Floral Scent I just had to start one about my man Ron:love: and his love interest Hermione. I'll try to stay canon as much as I can. There will be parts taken out of JK's books as well, which will be in italic writing. I am starting off in first year and then working up to book 6, this from both their points of view and there is some Ginny/Harry can you not mention them.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story, I am simply borrowing from our Queen Bee JKRowling.

First Year for Both

It was a lazy summers day, the old home had been brought to life with the fresh aroma of frying eggs, cooked kippers and buttered toast. The laughs and shouts of the children residing in the home could be heard throughout the house.

With all this livelihood, a young eleven year old boy continued sleeping lazily in his bed. The sun had peered in through his window, showing off his orange painted bedroom which was laden with posters of his favourite Quidditch team, the Chudley Canons.

Since it was the summer, there was no need to get up so early, but he knew already that his family members would be seeking him out. It was very hard to have time to yourself when there were nine people living under the same roof. It was actually seven; the two oldest of the seven siblings were away working in the Wizarding world. Try as he might, the sixth child of the Weasley clan fought with all his might to have his moments peace, even if it meant lying in his bed a few extra minutes.

"Bang, bang," came an abrupt sound from the door, before it was thrown open by two identical boys, twins.

"You can have your beauty rest later. It's time to get up," shouted one of the twins.

The boy ignored the his twin brothers. He kept his head under the pillow.

"Oh look Fred, seems our little brother can't hear us under that pillow. Let's help him, shall we?"

"We shall, George." Before he knew it, he was thrown to the floor with a great thud.

Moaning and lazily get himself back up, eleven-year-old (one year and some months younger than his twin brothers) Ronald B. Weasley stood up to his fullest height. He was already their size but much skinnier.

Rubbing his throbbing head he yelled, "Bugger off, will you!?"

The twins snickered as the walked to the door, "Oh, and good morning." They said in unison as they closed the doors behind them.

Ron changed into his clothes, washed up, and made his way to breakfast. He was greeted with a morning kiss by his mother and was told the chore schedule for the day: Dengnoming the garden, feeding the chickens and the pig, and getting his trunk ready for his first year at Hogwarts.

Ron was bit nervous at the thought of going to the school of witchcraft and wizardry. He was born into a magical family; he had no clue what the life of non-magical people was like, although his father was thoroughly interested in it.

Ron's nervousness was the result of his brothers Fred and George telling him of the first task first years had to endure. They had told them to read up on trolls and other magical creatures of the sort. Ron hadn't read any of his school books his parents purchased for him. He reasoned with himself that books and summer do not go hand in hand.

The day had arrived for the Weasley children to board the Hogwarts Express. Mrs. Weasley had accompanied her four boys to say her farewell, her youngest and only daughter, Ginny, came along to say her goodbyes to her brothers.

As they walked along King's Cross, Ron could see the hustle and bustle of the non-magic folk boarding trains.

"Packed with muggles, of course," said his mother.

As they neared platforms nine and ten, Ron noticed a boy who looked to be the same age as him, with black, unruly hair, standing nearby, staring at them.

After Percy had entered the passageway to the train that would be taking them to their new year of learning, the young boy approached his mother. He had asked for help and his mother was more than happy to be of assistance.

Ron noticed his little sister eyeing the boy, which annoyed him a touch. Ron had followed after the boy and entered platform nine and three quarters.

As he turned to look for his other siblings, Ron bumped into a bushy-haired girl, causing a small collision in which she used his face as support. When she pushed herself away, using his face as the source of leverage, Ron could feel something smooth rub against his nose.

"Watch it!" she exclaimed as she walked off cleaning her dark stained fingers with something that looked like a handkerchief.

Ron was taken aback by her abrupt response, as if it was his fault that she was standing near the entrance to the platform passageway. He stopped pondering about the rude encounter with the bushy haired girl when he heard his mother calling after him.

She said her goodbyes with a kiss and a hug. "You have some dirt on your nose, dear," his mother said as she licked her finger to try to clean the black stain off his nose.

The twins arrived as she was cleaning his nose. Fred poked his mom on the back.

"Hey, mum, guess what? Guess who we just met on the train?" said Fred ecstatic.

"You know that black-haired boy who was near us in the station? Know who he is?" continued George.


"Harry Potter."

"Oh, mum, can I go on the train and see him, mum, oh please..." begged his little sister, Ginny.

Ron was very protective of his sister. Yes, Harry Potter was the most famous wizard that ever lived, but he didn't want his little ten-year-old sister anywhere near a boy who was only one year older than her. He was about to protest, but his mother did it for him.

"You've already seen him, Ginny, and the poor boy isn't something to goggle at in a zoo." Mrs. Weasley was not impressed with Ginny's disinterest in the boy's privacy. Ron was grateful for his mother's old school ways, it helped to keep Ginny in line. Unfortunately, it kept him in line as well.

They said goodbye yet again. As he entered the corridor of the train looking for a spot to sit, he noticed it was all full, except one compartment. The very same compartment that held Harry Potter was the only available space. Ron scowled at the idea at having to sit with him, especially after seeing his baby sister get all giddy over him.

Reluctantly, Ron heaved the sliding door open. "Anyone sitting here? Everywhere else is full." Harry invited him in, they introduced themselves to each other. Ron couldn't help but ask questions about his scar. Ron then introduced Harry to Quidditch, and, moments later, the food trolley had come around. He had his sandwich but Harry had insisted he take some treats.

Ron began to ease up on the annoyance he had towards Harry and reminded himself his sister will be no where near Hogwarts this year. She was safely tucked away at the Burrow under the watchful eye of his parents.

Ron had talked about his five older brothers and the disadvantages of being the youngest of the six boys…hand-me-downs and always living in the shadows of the other's. Harry sympathized with him; Ron had learned that Harry had not had an easy life either. This made Ron more comfortable with himself. He then introduced his always-sleeping rat, Scabbers and was about to perform a magic spell when a round-faced boy and a bushy haired girl walked in.

Ron had noticed the bushy haired girl immediately, it was the same girl who he had collided with on the platform. It was the first time he could see her face, since her hands had stopped him from seeing properly. She had thick, bushy, brown hair, her brown chocolate eyes showed an air of strength and knowledge. Although she had her mouth closed, her two front teeth were making themselves known through the folds of her lips. He thought her to be…odd.

When she spoke she had a bossy sort of sound to it. When they had told her they hadn't seen the toad, the girl noticed Ron's wand out.

"Oh, you were going to perform magic were you? Let's see, then," she demanded.

Ron furrowed his brow and tried to ignore her harsh voice. He cleared his throat before starting on the spell. When nothing happened, he looked up to see her with an unimpressed look. She droned on and on about reading all the school books; about being muggle-born. She then introduced herself as Hermione Granger. She was very intrigued when Harry introduced himself; she had told him how she read about him in many books. Ron noticed Harry was embarrassed about being in books. With all ramblings, Ron was not interested, he found her to be annoying and he wanted her out of the compartment fast.

Before he could say something, Hermione Granger stood up and told them to put on their robes. As she slid the door open she swiftly turned to face Ron.

"Do you know you have dirt on your nose? Right there." she said as she pointed to her own nose, with that she was gone.

Ron sat with his eyes transfixed to the door, "She has to be the oddest person I've ever met. I hope that’s the last I see of her," he said more to himself than to Harry.

As he changed into his robes, his mind kept on drifting back to the bushy-haired; buck-toothed girl. She had gotten under his skin so quickly that his skin was still crawling form the odd feeling. He shrugged it off as he thought at how odd she was, and sighed a relief feeling he would never have to deal with her again.

Tell me what you think. Roach P.S. I accidently italiced some of my writing but it's ok.


roach76 May 7th, 2006 10:38 pm

Re: Brains & Braun
Chapter 2 Same Encounter, Different Take

Hermione Granger wasn't your run of the mill kind of girl. Since she could hold herself up as a baby, her parents knew she was different. Some would say, “special.”

As she grew older, Hermione had a confidence in herself that surprised the adults and annoyed her peers. Many considered her arrogant and few were her friends. Many a time she was shunned at her regular school by her fellow classmates. At first, it bothered her. She found refuge in the school library, reading on many subjects. Surprisingly enough, her favourite books were of fantasy. Witches and warlocks; stories filled with enchanted forests and castles. As her passion for this ever-interesting subject grew, her interest to learn more grew too. By the time Hermione turned ten, she soon realized she didn't care what the others thought of her.

For the longest time, she felt different from the rest of the children. The summer of her eleventh year, Hermione Granger and her parents would get a shock: a letter confirming that Miss Granger was indeed different from the children around her.

The bushy-haired girl lay on her cream-coloured duvet cover. Her bed was canopy-style, just like the princesses had in their castles. Two very large shelves laden with books covered one of her walls, while at the other end of another wall was Hermione's desk. Her bedroom, forever neat and organized, reminded one of a showcase room rather than a bedroom of an eleven-year-old girl.

She sat herself up and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She scowled as she looked at her large front teeth. Both her parents were dentists who, for some odd reason, thought that her teeth were just fine. They had tried to make light of the issue by explaining that she would have to grow with her teeth. In the end, their little joke did not help and Hermione began to wear a retainer to bed.

Many a time she wished her teeth would just magically shrink themselves to normal-sized teeth. There were times where she felt a little tingle around the gums, but shrugged it off. After all, there was no such thing as magic, at least in the world she lived in. In her dream, it was different. In her dream world, there were giants, merpeople, handsome wizards that would come to her rescue, and, of course, many books about magic.

As she sat there staring disgustedly at her own reflection, she heard her parents knock at the door, asking to come in. Hermione put on her best smile and welcomed them in.

"Dear, we have a letter for you. Now, before we give it to you, we'll be honest and say it came as quite a shock for us. Whatever you decide, we're here for you and know that you'll chose what's best for you." He father said this in all one breath, as if scared of something.

Her father passed the letter to her and she read it aloud. She paused at the second sentence. She was shocked and thought it all to be a joke. Hermione held her breath as she read her acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When she finished, she jumped on her bed and laughed out loud.

She immediately composed herself. "Oh mummy, dad, this is fantastic. But…how?"

"It was delivered by a huge owl. If this is what you want, dear, then we have to go and get your things," Mrs. Granger was beaming with moist eyes. "Your Headmaster has sent directions on how to get to the stores we need to go to so that we can get your school supplies."

The next few days had gone quite quickly, the visit to Diagon Alley was eventful. Seeing broomsticks on display in the window showcase, purchasing her own wand, and even being magically fitted into her school robes was an adventure.

The day had arrived when she needed to board the Hogwarts Express. She had bid farewell to her parents at King's Cross, since the passage to platform nine and three quarters was not accessible to "muggles," a term she had read in Hogwarts, A History. In her excitement, Hermione had managed to read all her books she had purchased at Flourish and Blotts.

Her parents wished her well and reminded her to write as often as she could. With that, she had crossed the threshold without wincing, since she had read about the enchantment on the passageway.

Hermione entered and saw how full it already was. A small sense of panic took hold of her. She leaned against the wall and took out paper, a quill and ink. She hurriedly began to write a letter to her parents, which she promised herself to mail as soon she arrived at her school.

In her haste in writing, Hermione did not see where she had situated herself and was accidentally pushed down by two identical looking redheads. Losing her balance, Hermione dropped the ink bottle, causing it to fall all over her hands. Once she balanced herself, she again had collided with something. This time she went forward, which caused her to put her hands out and have them land on the face of another redhead.

"Watch it," she said thoroughly annoyed and extremely embarrassed for using his face as support. To avoid a confrontation on her first day, Hermione quickly walked away while cleaning her inked filled hands with the handkerchief her father had given her when she cried in his arms as they said goodbye.

Hermione entered the train's corridor, where she had found a spot in a compartment with a round-faced boy who shyly introduced himself as Neville Longbottom. He then asked for her assistance in helping retrieve his pet toad, Trevor. Seeing she had nothing else to do and cursing herself for not leaving one of her school books aside for some reading on the train, she and Neville began to hunt for his friend Trevor.

One particular compartment that Hermione was very interested in was the one that held a black-haired boy and a boy with red hair who had his wand out. It looked like he was ready to cast a spell on something gray that he had on his lap.

Her lack of social skills made her a bit nervous. She chose to tackle this introduction, determined to see how well this young boy could perform magic. First thing first, she thought as she slid the door open.

"Have you seen a toad, by any chance?" she asked, the red haired boy just shrugged his shoulders. "Performing magic? Let's see then." She was excited to see some magic being performed, but made sure she did not show her enthusiasm.

When the spell did not work, she was sorely disappointed. When she looked at the boy with red hair she could see a dark smudge on his nose. It looked to be ink…panic took hold when she realized it was the same one she had bumped into earlier that day and used as a support beam.

Suddenly feeling nervous, she began to ramble on about having read all the books during the summer. She continued on and on, once in a while stealing glances at the red head. She stopped talking as soon as she saw the two boys frowning. She was so used to that reaction from her old classmates that she knew better than to continue.

She berated herself mentally for behaving ridiculously and chose to introduce herself. When she heard the boy introduce himself as Harry Potter, her excitement grew again, causing her to ramble on. During her lengthy lecture she noticed that the red head always made odd facial gestures, which she thought were strange. She shrugged it off, thinking that it was a nervous tick of his.

She finally composed herself and reminded the boys to change into their robes. Before leaving, she couldn't help but let the red headed boy know he had a smudge on his nose. She pointed at her own nose, too shy to clean his nose for him.

As she walked back to her own compartment, she thought back to the red-headed boy.

"What was his name again?" She thought to herself, "Ron Weasley, odd sort of boy. Cute, but odd."

Oh look it's double treat for you and me...tell me what you think.


roach76 May 9th, 2006 7:44 pm

Re: Brains & Braun
Ok, I'll be honest it's becoming a challenge to make their story: one year a chapter. Please tell me what you think of this post.

The Hogwarts train had come to a halt. After having that rather odd encounter with that girl Hermione Granger. Ron and Harry were glad to see that they no longer to deal with her again. Their conversation was interrupted by a giant man calling out for all first years to meet him. With all the hustle and bustle of the other students making their way to the carriages, Ron was pushed into the same girl he thought he’d never have to see again.

“Watch it.” bellowed Hermione.

“Oh sorry…” Ron took a double take. “Oy, that was you!” he exclaimed as he pointed at her accusingly.

“Me? What are you talking about?” she asked furrowing her brow.

Before Ron could answer her pathetic question the tall man introduced himself as Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts. He told the first years to follow him to the boats that would take them to their new school. Hagrid made it clear only four to a boat, which made Ron try to work at getting a boat that already had two passengers. He tried to get Harry into a boat with two girls who were identical to one another, but two other boys made it before they could get there.

All the boats were full except one. Ron and Harry were about to get into the boat when they heard someone say. “Have you heard of the term ladies first?” asked Hermione Granger, as Neville Longbottom helped her into the boat.

Ron scowled and answered back. “No but I’ve heard of age before beauty.” Hermione looked daggers at Ron, which made his skin crawl. He didn’t like to feel that sensation.

As the four sat together on the boat, Ron decided it was the best time to bring back the discussion they were having before they were brought onto the boats.

“You know fully well what I’m talking about.” Said Ron as a-matter-of-factly. He thought she would remember what he was referring to, but from her furrowed brow, he could see he was talking to a wall.

“You were the one who used me like a post to lean on and left grease on my face.” He exclaimed.

“Is evertin’ a-right over there?” asked Hagrid.

“Fine,” smiled Hermione. When she looked back at Ron, the smile was gone. She leaned in towards Ron and angrily whispered back. “It was an accident and it wasn’t grease. It was ink.”

“Oh, so that’s supposed to make it better than.” Huffed Ron as he looked away while crossing his arms.

“I really don’t care if it makes you feel better. Like I said it was an accident.” Finished Hermione.

“The sooner we get off this bloody boat, the better.” Scowled Ron.

“At least we agree on that. We won’t have to see each other again after tonight, castle must be big enough to have you get lost in it.” countered Hermione.

Hagrid shouted to all the boats. “Get ready, we’re abou’ ta arrive at the peir. Don’t be gettin’ up til I tells ya to.”

Both Ron and Hermione looked at opposite directions as to avoid anymore arguing. The first years arrived safely across the lake. They entered a passageway where they were greeted by an ancient looking witch. She introduced herself as professor McGonagall, she explained to them about the four houses. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. She left to advise the headmaster to begin the introduction.

“How exactly do they sort us into a house?” asked Harry.

“Some sort of test, I think. Fred said it hurts a lot, but I think he was joking.”
Ron could see how nervous Harry was. When he looked around at the rest of his peers he noticed they all stood silent with fear. The only one rambling on about how she already knew some spells and which ones she should use, was Hermione Granger.

All the first years were led into the Great Hall with trepidation. Ron could hear Hermione explain to one of the twins about the ceiling and how it was enchanted to look like the night sky. Ron nudged Harry’s back and rolled his eyes as he pointed with his thumb at the bushy haired girl. Professor McGonagall silenced the first years as they approached near the staff tables.

The professor explained that they would be sitting on the stool and the sorting hat would put in them into the house that best suited their characteristics. They stood around as the hat sang a song about the four houses when it was finished. It bowed to each four tables and then became quiet and still.

“So we’ve just got to try on the hat! Ron whispered to Harry. “I’ll kill Fred, he was going on about wrestling a troll.”

Professor McGonagall began to call out the names of the first years. Hermione was one of the first to be called. She had tried to compose herself by give herself words of encouragement as she walked up the steps.
“Ok” She thought to herself. “I can do this, whatever place they put me. I’ll make friends, they’re all just like me.” She smiled at the thought of finally making firends.

The hat was placed on her head. Her nervous habit reappearing after so many years, Hermione Granger bit her bottom lip. It spoke to her in her ear. “Good head on your shoulders. Very studious and wanting to learn more, Ravenclaw will give you what you need.” It paused for a brief moment. “I see you have a very strong character, very brave, loyal and may I say a bit of a risk taker…It has to be….Gryffindor!”

She heard it shout. With that said, she leapt from the stool; smiling at her new house she approached the table with the others. She had not seen or heard Ron Weasley groan as he heard the house he wanted to be in, being called out for the one girl he was hoping would not join.

Hermione sat at the table and looked around at everyone sitting there. She had noticed three of the boys had red flaming hair. “I wonder.” She thought to herself. She hadn’t much time to ponder on her thoughts when she heard the sorting hat yell out Gryffindor again. This time the young boy Harry Potter came and sat across form her.

Finally it was Ron Weasley’s turn to be sorted. He sat himself down and felt the old hat rest on his head. The sorting hat sprung to life immediately “Another Weasley!” It said in Ron’s ear. “I see you all were raised the same, not as strong as the oldest, or as lively as the second, more outgoing than the third and not as wild as the fourth boys. But you all are very loyal indeed, want to prove you’re different, a diamond in the rough. Oh! And what’s this? Bit of a temper…hmmm, better make it, Gryffindor.”

Waiting with anticipation, Hermione let out a quiet sigh of relief. She blushed just a bit, hoping no one noticed. As she clapped along with the others, she noticed the girl named Lavender Brown was looking at her and whispering into the other girl’s ear. Hermione chose to ignore them and continued clapping along with the rest.

Ron calmly walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat himself down beside Harry. The other three red heads came over and patted him on the back, congratulating their little brother.

Ron looked up towards Hermione and blushed bashfully, he didn’t want to be babied by his brothers in front of anyone especially her. He knew she would torment him, tease him. He got that enough at home with his twin brothers.

After the meal, everyone was wished a goodnight by the headmaster who had given a speech about the Forbidden forest, Argus Filch and something about dying a most painful death on the third floor, therefore to please stay away.

Entering her room, Hermione gasped at the ancient four-poster beds decorated with the house colours. She noticed that her trunk was already by her bed. She sat herself down on her bed and smiled at the idea of a fresh beginning. She noticed three other beds, when she wondered who she’d be sharing with, the door opened to show her answer entering the room.

“Hi there.” Beamed the girl Hermione recognized right away as Lavender Brown. “This is Pavarti Patil, her twin sister was placed in Ravenclaw. You are?” she held out her hand for Hemrione to shake.

“Hermione Granger, nice to meet you.” She smiled.

While Hermione had some small talk with her new roommates, Ron introduced himself to Dean and Seamus. He had no need to ask the other two boys their names since he had already met them on the train. Harry and Neville made themselves comfy in the room they would be calling home for the next ten months.

As Ron lay in bed still excited from the sorting and the delicious meal. He thought back with disappointment at the idea of having Hermione Granger in Gryffindor. The thought of having to endure her ramblings for seven years was unbearable. As sleep over took him he thought of her bushy brown hair, her round chocolate eyes and the way she bit her bottom lip as she waited for the sorting hat to call out one of the houses. In his mind he called out her name “Mione.” Blissful sleep over took him.

Back in Hermione’s room, she thought back on the day’s events and berated herself for being rough with the brute…Ron Weasley. He really knew how to push her buttons. She had never met a person quite like him before. She was glad she never did, before tonight she was happy to know that she had known some peace and quiet for ten years of her life. She didn’t know why but the little voice in her head told her this boy would never allow her to have one peaceful day ever again. She smiled at the thought of seeing his flaming red hair, sky blue eyes and freckled face in the morning. She would be seeing that face for the next seven years, she sighed as she rolled over to allow sleep to take hold.


roach76 May 10th, 2006 1:12 pm

Re: Brains & Braun
The next day, Ron lazily woke up and greeted the morning with a big yawn and stretch. He finally woke up when he splashed some cold water on his face as he made his way to the common room he was greeted by Hermione’s roommates and a very chipper Hermione. Ronald Weasley was not a morning person and seeing Hermione all chipper at seven in the morning, made him write a mental note of yet another thing that annoyed him about her. To Ron’s relief, Harry Potter wasn’t a morning person either. They half-heartedly waved at the girls without saying a word as they made their way out the common room, towards the Great Hall for breakfast.

Classes began without anything interest really, until they arrived in Professor McGonagall’s Transfiguration class. They were given lengthy information that had to be copied word for word and then were instructed to turn a matchstick into a needle.

“Oh very well done Miss Granger.” Ron heard the Transfiguration teacher say. Hermione sat two desks away from her, she did not see him roll his eyes and shake his head.

“Attention class, Miss Granger has managed to transfigure her matchstick. You may notice how it has gone all silver and the tip is pointy. Five points for Gryffindor.” Finished Professor McGonagall.

Ron rested his head on his desk and sulked. “Good.” He thought, “Now maybe Miss-know-it-all could use it to sew her mouth shut.” He scowled.

Bombarded with new information and racked with homework, Ron and Harry begrudgingly started on their homework in their dormitory just to avoid Hermione and her rants about writing a schedule to follow so as not to fall behind.

While the two boys studied in their rooms, Hermione studied in the common room. She noticed no one wanted to sit and do the assignments with her. She shrugged it off, remembering her time at the muggle schools. No one wanted to sit with her either.
“Starting tomorrow I’ll go to the library to do my homework. That’s where I belong.” She thought to herself. “First week here and I’m already scaring them off.” She released a long held sigh as she finished her essay for transfiguration.

Friday arrived with a much harder day for Hermione. Having no friend’s permanent friends to chat with and having double potions with the Slytherin’s was not what Hermione called a great combination.

Being a very observant person, Hermione was quick to notice Professor Snape’s high disregard for the rules when it pertained to other students who were not Slytherin, and his high dislike of Harry Potter. When the professor began to attack Harry with questions, she thought it best to distract the teacher from bothering Harry by raising her hand to every question he asked. She did know the answers to all the questions, she thought by keeping her hand up he would get distracted thus ending the attack on Harry. With every question asked, Hermione grew ever more desperate to get the teacher’s attention.

When finally he asked what the difference was between monkswood and wolfsbane. Hermione could not tolerate his obvious insinuation. She stood up with her hand still in the air.

Harry had answered to her surprise. “I don’t know. I think Hermione does, though, why don’t you try her.”

Hermione stood their relieved and happy to see Harry stand his ground. “Sit down!” she heard Professor Snape snap at her. She sat down all flushed from embarrassment and quite taken aback at seeing Ron muffle a laugh at hearing the Potions master demand she sit down.

The rest of the lesson consisted of Snape calling Neville and “idiot” for having boils erupt all over his own nose, and taking points away from Harry for not telling Neville not to add the porcupine quills to the potion.

As the first years left potions at five to three, Hermione watched Harry and Ron walk towards the humble home of the giant they had met at the platform on the first night upon arriving. Hermione sighed as she turned back up the stairs to make her up to the library to do her homework, alone.

Making their way to Hagrid’s home, Ron took in the fresh fall air with a deep breath of relief. “Tomorrow’s Saturday, no classes.” Ron frowned as he remembered something.

“What’s the matter?” asked Harry.

“We might not have lessons, but we still have to deal with the know-it-all of Hermione Granger. Really, did she see her? Waving her arm about like some mad woman!” exclaimed Ron. The mere mention of her name made his skin crawl, he noticed even her presence his skin crawled. He didn’t like it one bit, it was starting to get on his nerves.

Harry nodded in agreement.

“Bit full of herself isn’t she? Bloody hell, and to think we have to deal with the likes of her for the next six years.”

“Seven.” corrected Harry.

Ron looked at him in disbelief. “I’m trying not to count this one Harry. It makes it feel like less of a life sentence if I don’t count this year.” He explained.

They both laughed at his ridiculous comment while they neared Hagrid’s hut. Hagrid had been waiting for Harry with tea and some rock cakes. Harry introduced Ron had noticed Hagrid already recognized him as “another” Weasley. While they were sitting chatting and complaining about Snape’s behaviour towards Harry, Harry had noticed the newspaper mention a robbery at Gringotts. Harry was telling Ron that the thief tried to make his way into a vault he and Hagrid had visited that same day.

After talking to Hagrid and not getting a proper answer, Harry and Ron walked back to the castle discussing the possibilities.

On Thursday in the afternoon, Gryffindor first years had flying lessons with the Slytherin’s. Ron was excited to get on a broom and try it out. He had always seen his brother’s practice on them. He was constantly teased by the twins about he would never be able to ride one. Today would be the first opportunity to show them they were wrong. As he walked beside the broom he was assigned by his teacher Madam Hooch, he noticed Hermione trembling. He smiled at himself realizing this was the only class that a book couldn’t help her.

Hermione stared at her broom, she wished there was some question and answering first. She had read Quidditch Through the Ages two times after seeing the notice up on the board about their flying lessons. Standing here alone and knowing her fear of heights, well she just couldn’t do it. This wasn’t what she came to Hogwarts to do, “ There must be loads of witches who don’t fly. There’s always a first for everything.” She thought to herself.

After many attempts of trying to get the broom to fly to their hand with the simple order of “Up.” Only Harry’s managed to obey. Later, Neville managed to fly off and hit the ground, causing his arm to break. Madam Hooch had given strict instructions to stay on firm ground, if anyone was caught disobeying. They would be expelled from school. With that said, she took Neville to see the school’s nurse. Malfoy and Harry managed to get into an altercation. Hermione warned Harry but he didn’t listen, as Harry flew up to fight Malfoy for a remembrall that Neville had dropped when he fell, Hermione had walked to Ron.

Ron was paying attention to the scene above him. He did not notice Hermione standing next to him.

“He’s going to get into a lot of trouble.” She said.

Ron’s mouth trembled to fight from yelling at her. Still looking up at Harry flying after the remembrall. Ron answered. “The only way he’ll get in trouble is if he gets caught, and I don’t see any teacher’s. Do you?”

Before Hermione could answer, she heard Harry’s name being yelled by none other than the Head of their house, Professor McGonagall.

As she led Harry away, Hermione couldn’t help but feel a tad guilty. She hadn’t called Professor McGonagall, but just mentioning it made her feel guilty enough. She sat herself down on the grass, waiting for Madam Hooch to return, so she may go back to her dormitory and hope that Harry would not be expelled.

Ron in the mean time was quite upset at seeing his friend being taken away. He did not voice his concern to anyone, he was about to round on Hermione for jinxing Harry with the mere mention of being caught, but he stopped himself after seeing her sulk on the grass. He chose to sit with Dean and the other boys, wondering about what would be Harry’s fate.

It was at dinner that Harry had given Ron the news of being seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Ron was impressed with his friend’s capabilities and was shocked to see that a first year was accepted into the team. From what his brother’s told him, he knew that anyone in second year could try out for the team.

His thoughts were disturbed by the arrival of Malfoy, he had arrived with his cronies evidently thinking Harry had been expelled from Hogwarts. They exchanged words and threats when finally Malfoy suggested a wizard’s duel.

“What’s the matter? Never heard of a wizard’s duel before I suppose?” teased Malfoy.

Ron couldn’t stand how arrogant Malfoy was, whether Harry knew or not, Ron chose to answer for him and not give Malfoy the satisfaction of teasing him.

“Of course he has .I’m his second, who’s yours?” asked Ron.

Malfoy had said Crabby was his second. He then gave directions of where to meet and at what time. With no further discussion Malfoy left alongside his cronies. Harry had looked at Ron. He also asked what a wizard’s duel was and what did being second mean. Ron smiled at his friend he always forgot Harry was raised with muggles. Ron was more than happy to explain every detail of anything Harry asked. Just like Harry explained patiently about some questions Ron had about muggles.

As Ron explained to Harry about what a wizard’s duel was. Hermione in the mean time could not stand it any longer. She had heard the whole exchange Harry had with Draco Malfoy. The urge to speak her mind over powered and she approached the two fools to say what was on her mind. Even though she knew they wouldn’t like it. Hermione couldn’t help following her impulse. It some times dominated her and always landed her into trouble.

This was one of the times. “Excuse me.” She said. She could already see the red headed boy hunch his back.

The two turned to her. Ron’s skin crawled again. “Can’t a person eat in peace in this place?” said Ron irritably.

Hermione ignored Ron’s remark. “I couldn’t help overhearing what you and Malfoy were saying-“

“Bet you could.” Ron muttered.

Hermione thought of how annoying he was sometimes. She ignored his trademark scowl she was already used to seeing. It had become a habit of hers to see if he scowling during the course of the day. She found it cute when she saw him make that face, he would scrunch up his nose. Causing all his freckles to connect together making him look like he had a big red circle around his nose. She noticed though, he didn’t do it much. Only if she was in his presence she could see him scowl, therefore she tried to be in his presence as much she could.

“-and you mustn’t go wandering around the school at night, think of the points you’ll lose Gryffindor if you’re caught, and you’re bound to be. It’s really very selfish of you.” She said in a very mother-like tone.

Harry told Hermione it wasn’t her business, which Ron agreed. How dare she come waving her thick blanket of hair and setting those big chocolate brown eyes on them; how dare she bite her lip while telling them what to do. Ron wondered if she knew that her lips looked moist and swollen just a touch when she bit her lip.

His skin prickling madly, turning his back on her, Ron told her. “Goodbye.”

Hermione left feeling quite put out, as she exited the Great Hall. Hermione Granger rolled her sleeves up. “This isn’t over just yet.”

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Re: Brains & Braun
Oh Merlin! I can not believe it's been more than a month since I entered a post. Please be brutally honest. One section was written more than a month a go and then I entered more last night. If it doesn't flow, now you know why.

Books and Chess

Hermione sat in the corner of the common room laden with books, parchment, ink and quill in hand. She busied away with her homework, or at least that’s what it appeared to look like from Ron’s perspective.

What Ron was not aware of was Hermione was buying herself some time. Time to plan on what she would say and do to stop them from making a big mistake and causing the house to lose points because of their lack of thinking skills. From the moment Hermione saw Draco Malfoy, she could sense the boy was trouble.

Now this was saying a lot considering Hermione Granger was not one to judge a book by its cover. Literally speaking, that is why she always could be found reading a book. She could never ignore a book based on its appearance. Reading it would help to determine if the book held important information or not. All the books the world held deserved to be read and appreciated for the knowledge it gave to the reader.

Books and people were the same to her. There were many a time where she would come across a beautifully decorated book, only to discover the information held inside its beautiful covers held nothing but pages upon pages of.... nothing, vast emptiness and gross dissapointment. While those old tattered books held the world of information that would make her skin crawl and excite the very core of her soul.

Upon first meeting Draco Malfoy he gave such a negative impression on her that she immediately came to the conclusion he was the new book with no pages, just a cover. She knew right away he was up to something, his smugness oozed of the wickedness he had planned for Harry and Ron. She would make it clear to the boys, whether they wanted to hear it or not. Tonight she too would be sneaking out of her room to bring her point across, first her potions essay would have to be checked for spelling mistakes.

Ron sat in the centre of the common room with Harry, his twin brothers and their friend Lee Jordan. Ron furrowed his brow in concentration for his next move. The four boys sat quietly waiting for his move.

“Will, you move already.” Demanded George.

“You do this every time, even at home. That’s why no one plays with you.” Declared Fred.

Still sitting staring at the chessboard, Ron answered, “Ginny and dad do. Even Charlie plays when he visits.”

“Who’s Ginny again?” asked Harry as he too looked at the board.

Ron merely moved his eyes to look at Harry and calmly explained. “Ginny is my baby sister, remember I told you about her the other day.”

“Oh, that’s right. She’s coming next year, isn’t she?” remembered Harry.

“That’s right,” answered George. “The only reason she plays is because she feels she has too.”

“Charlie, well the poor bloke’s stuck with dragon’s all year. Course he’d find playing chess with you fun.” Mocked Fred.

“Course, I’d rather play with the dragon’s.” teased George.

Ron chose not to answer he knew his brothers were trying to rile him up so he would be too distracted to make his move. They did this to him at home as well; the last time Ron played one of them was right before starting school. To their intense annoyance, they had lost the chess game. Ron knew he would never meet an opponent who could beat him at this game.

It was a little blow in their ego considering Ronnikin’s was their baby brother and they felt it was their duty to make his life a living hell.

“Makes you stronger.” They had once explained.

Teasing and taunting him was a way to help build his character. What it basically did was help build his short temper, their constant pranks and tricks smothered him to the point where he would explode at the simplest comment or action. His short fused temper always got him into trouble even when it wasn’t him who started it.

It bothered him to be smothered by everyone. Charlie and Bill experiencing first hand the dangers of the world felt the need to be over protective of him when they were around. His mother encouraged it, adding more fuel to the flame with her constant fussing over her “baby boy” she would say. The twins fed off this, being the jokesters that they were, they loved to watch Ron being treated gently by their two older brothers and especially by their mother. It was live ammunition they needed to torment him even more. Percy the perfectionist always let Ron know what he was doing wrong. Although Ginny was the youngest, she was strong and assertive. Ron figured it was because she was the first of her gender, while he was the last of his. Therefore Ron was technically the ‘baby’ of the family. Being pushed and pulled by everyone, Ron had no choice but to tear in two.

Being the youngest of the boys did not grace him with patience. The only thing that Ron had patience for was chess. His father had taught him when he was much younger; it was his father who had helped him to concentrate all his anger into passion for something so simple like chess.

Chess was not only a game; it was a way of life for Ron. Just like the board, everything was black or white with Ron nothing could ever be in-between. Things were evil or good, easy or difficult and most importantly successful or failure. His temper excelled in demonstrating this belief. Ron was an extremist, a passionate person for the need to succeed in everything he did. It was his own insecurities of his self worth that never allowed him to be true to the people that were important to him. These insecurities were the chains that kept him from reaching his dreams, fear of failure.

He wished he could put his knowledge of the game to practice in real life; he knew that every chess piece was essential to succeed in the game. Just like in his family and friendships each member was important in the role they had in his life. He valued the advice and guidance that was given, but he would never admit it to anyone.

His favourite chess piece was the knight, it embodied all his dreams and ambitions. The knight piece was the one that determined how the game would end. One day he would become the knight. He would be the one to determine his life no one else, tonight he was going to prove it, more to himself than anyone else.


It was half past eleven in the evening when Harry and Ron thought it was safe to leave Gryffindor tower without getting caught by anyone. As they crept quietly towards the portrait to exit, a light flickered on beside one of the sofas.

Ron took a double take when he heard Hermione voicing her disbelief and disappointment in their bad lack of judgement. ‘Just like in chess, she’s set her pieces on the board. This one’s ready to play the game’ he thought to himself. ‘Alright let’s play.’

“You!” said Ron furiously. Go back to bed!” he demanded as he looked over her pink dressing gown. ‘Make your next move, I dare you’ he thought as he scowled.

Hermione could see Ron was looking at her in disgust. She thought to herself, ‘I can read you like a book.’ She walked right up to him and crossed her arms as she looked deep into his eyes.

As if challenging him, “I almost told your brother,” Hermione snapped. “Percy – he’s a prefect, he’d put a stop to this.”

Ron gritted his teeth as he looked into Hermione’s eyes. ‘Can’t believe she took one of my men with that move.’ He thought bitterly. ‘I need to retaliate, take a piece that will have her cowering, then I can yell checkmate.’ He was ready to argue with her when he felt Harry tug on his sleeve.

As he and Harry walked towards the door Ron thought, ‘The nerve of that girl. Who does she think she is?’

‘Who does he think he is talking to me like that?’ She thought. “I’ll show them.” She said quietly to herself as she followed them out through the portrait hole.

Hermione went on about how the two boys were selfish only thinking about some silly duel, they were not thinking of the consequences that Gryffindor house would face if they were caught.

“Besides, it can all be a trick.” Stated Hermione. Ron paused for a fraction of a second pndering on her last comment. ‘She’s taken defences everywhere on the board, she has my men surrounded. Not going to give her the pleasure of taking my knight.’ He kept walking.

Seeing she was voicing her opinions to basically no one, ‘Guess I read him wrong, need study him further.’ she concluded. Hermione turned around defeated and very put out. Facing the portrait of the Fat Lady, she felt her heart enter her throat as she realized the Fat Lady had taken leave of her portrait for the evening.

“Now what will I do?” she thought to herself. Deciding to play it cool, Hermione invited herself to tag along with Ron and Harry.

“I’m coming with you,” she said.

“You are not.” Ron was beside himself, he stared her down thinking he would be able to intimidate her with his stare. She continued talking, Ron realized how truly stubborn the girl was. He grew angrier as he heard her say she would tell the truth if she were caught by Filch.

“You’ve got some nerve-“ said Ron loudly.

Hermione was going to argue again when she heard Harry tell them to shut up. Ron saw Harry draw their attention to a figure coming towards them through the darkness.

‘Filch’ Ron and Hermione thought in their minds. To their relief they noticed the figure was none other then Neville

Neville had explained how the Fat Lady would not let him since he forgot the password yet again. Ron could see Harry was growing restless, he knew Harry wanted to show up for the duel on time. Hermione and Neville were an obstacle that he and Harry never foresaw. Having no choice but to have them tag along, the four were off to meet Draco and his cronies.

Upon arriving they heard Filch looking for them. Ron and Hermione heard Harry yell to run and all four first year students ran as fast they could. Finding a spot on the third floor they hid from Filch.

Hermione knew it was no time to let them know that she was right, but the itch to say it grew intense in her. She took in a deep breath as she whispered triumphantly that she was right. Ron wanted to yell at her for gloating but chose not to waste anymore time. Getting to Gryffindor tower was the focus right now.

As the four made their way around the third floor corridor they heard a door open and out came the one being they least likely wanted to see. Peeves, was a poltergeist of the foulest kind; making the lives of all students (especially first years) was his favourite thing to do.

Ron’s patience had grown thin as he heard Peeves begin to taunt him. Ron began to inhale deeply to calm himself.

‘I will not give in to him; I will not lose it; he is not worth it.’ He chanted in his mind.

Suppressing all that anger, Ron’s mind went blank as he took a swipe at Peeves. Coming back to focus, Ron realized with great horror what he had done. Peeves yelled for Filch letting him know their location.

Ducking under Peeves, they ran to the end of the corridor where a locked door stood in front of them.

“Great, now what do we do?” asked Ron.

Hermione had had enough of their lack of problem solving skills. It was time for her to take the lead. Huffing she demanded they move over as she yanked Harry’s wand out of his grip.

“Alohamora.” Whispered Hermione.

The door unlocked and the three boys followed Hermione into the room. As Harry and Hermione pressed their ears to the door, Ron couldn’t help but admire her skills. For a muggle she was pretty good, but he wasn’t going to share that information with her.

Hermione could hear Peeves tease Filch about where they were. She smiled to herself realizing how calm she could be under pressure. Hermione sighed with a sense of relief as she heard Filch’s footsteps recede. Ready to let Ron and Neville know that the caretaker was no longer a threat, Hermione heard Neville whimper as Harry asked what the fuss was about. Turning her attention to Ron, she saw how his eyes bulge out of his sockets.

Ron had stood frozen to the spot unable to say anything in fear of provoking an early death for him, his new friend, new roommate and the know-it-all. Ron chose to stand there transfixed at the figure towering before him.

Hermione was about to scream when she felt Harry’s hand go over her mouth and pulled her back towards the door he had opened again. Ron feeling a tug on his pyjamas, allowed himself to be pulled back.

Locking the door shut, the four ran towards the tower where they knew they would be safe from harm. No one caring if they were caught by Filch, knowing full well, being caught by Filch was a lot better then being dead.

No one said a word as they caught their breath; Ron shook his head as he thought. ‘A three headed dog the size of Hagrid’s house residing in Hogwart’s.’

“What do they think they’re doing, keeping a thing like that locked up in a school?” said Ron

Hermione breathed in deeply catching her breath and trying to control her temper. ‘Could these boys be anymore clueless?’ She thought to herself. Finally losing her cool for the thousandth time that night.

“You don’t use your eyes, any of you, do you?” she snapped “Didn’t you see what it was standing on? It was standing on a trapdoor. It’s obviously guarding something.”

Seeing their blank expressions, Hermione had had enough. She stood up glaring at them. She was about to stomp up to her bedroom to theorize how men came to rule the world with the lot she had met through her young life, she could easily observe that intelligence never entered the y chromosome.

‘Ron is a hard book to follow.’ there are more to his pages than she first thought. ‘Interesting, but I won’t let him know that.’

“I hope you’re pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed – or worse, expelled. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to bed.” With that said, Hermione traipsed up the stairs to her room.

Ron stared after her, ‘Expelled is worse the getting killed? She’s really got her priorities tied in a knot.’ He thought. ‘Was that checkmate?’ he shook his head ‘no’.

He turned to Harry and said, “You’d think we dragged her along, wouldn’t you?”

Ron had a restless sleep that night, he had the weirdest dream where it involved a three- headed dog, but instead of the dog’s heads in place, three sets of Hermione’s head dominated the body of the dog. The Hermione’s began to taunt and torment him; one recited the story of Hogwarts: A History; the second nit picked at every little movement he made; the third had made his skin crawl as it batted her eyes at him and snickered “Checkmate.”

Waking up, Ron shuddered at the memory of his dream, as he pulled on his blankets to get ready to sleep again. He realized bitterly how Hermione Granger was the first opponent he met who made him question if he won or not. That question still lingered as he fell deep into dreamland again.

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Re: Brains & Braun
*Patting self on Back* Look two posts in one week wow, finally! Well one post in this story and one in my other story. K just came in to say thanks again to all of you for the encouragement, mind you I do enjoy the odd threat once in a while *holding back giggles. Anywho, I'll stop the rambling and reserve it for Becky's feedbackthread. *Big smile*

With Swish and a Flick

Ron woke up Halloween morning ready to take on the day. He had woken up earlier than usual and quite cheerful which surprised his roommates. They had commented how they were used to hearing him mumble incoherent words when waking up in the mornings. Ron just smiled at them he wasn’t about to tell them the reason for being so cheerful.

As he and Harry made their way to the Great Hall for breakfast, Ron couldn’t help but smile in earnest. He heard Harry sigh out loud he looked at his friend with curiosity.

“Is something wrong Harry?” asked Ron.

Harry stopped walking and held out his hand to stop Ron from walking away. “You’re what’s wrong. Last week you were all grumpy and now…”

Ron noticed Harry was struggling to find the right words without hurting his feelings, which for some reason he found quite funny.

“…You’re all cheerful, what’s this all about anyways?” Harry by this point looked quite put out.

Ron had a silly grin and shrugged his shoulders, he was going to explain to his friend why the change in mood.

“It’s been a week.” Ron paused to see if Harry caught on.

“A week? A week since what?” asked a very perplexed Harry.

“Since we had our encounter with the beast,” Ron paused, he was dying to say this for a while he wore a huge smile as he continued. “Oh, and the three headed dog.”

Harry furrowed his brow not comprehending what Ron had just said. Ron simply crossed his arms and chose to wait until his friend caught on. Ron could see the wheels working in his friend’s expression. Then he saw the light flash in his eyes. “There we go, he caught on.” Thought Ron cheerfully.

“Beast, really Ron. She was just trying to make sure we didn’t get into any trouble.” Ron frowned hearing Harry defend her. “Then again, she is quite a bossy sort isn’t she?” Now Ron was finally calm in seeing the reality of who Hermione Granger was.

“Exactly, a whole week of not having to hear her boss us around.” Sighed Ron contentedly. “Yup, I quite like it like this. Now I can finally say this year is going to be great.”

“How about the nightmares are they all gone too?” asked Harry. Ron felt comfortable enough to tell Harry about the nightmares he was having where Hermione taunted and tortured him with her shrill voice.

“No more nightmares” smiled Ron.

“I’ll be honest with you Ron it doesn’t effect me if I hear her or not. She doesn’t really bother me as much as she bothers you.” Said Harry.

“Well, of course she doesn’t bother you. You’ve been used to people like her, from what you told me, your uncle and aunt are just too much. I may have a huge family and I can put up with their rubbish, but to listen to her. Besides, it’s enough we have to listen to her in class and that’s the only place we have to hear since she goes missing right after classes are over.” Explained Ron.

“Speaking of her going missing, I wonder where she Ron’s off to?” asked Harry.

“Who cares, enough about her Harry let’s go catch some breakfast before my appetites ruined. The suns shining this great Halloween day,” Ron took in a deep breath. “Nothing is going to ruin this day, not even the mention of Miss know-it-all.”

Ron and Harry walked on down to the Great Hall telling each other jokes about three-headed dogs.

Meanwhile, Hermione was sitting at the Gryffindor table eating her toast spread with marmalade when she saw Harry and the git enter the Great Hall.

She sighed inwardly and thought about that night she had tried to stop them. ‘I thought I was helping them out. If I had not been there that dog would have taken their heads off, they probably wouldn’t have reached the dog because they would have entered the trophy room and Filch would have had a field day with them.’

She looked around her table and saw that she was the only one who was by herself she bit her bottom lip as the realization crept in to her mind. ‘It’s like before’ she thought sadly. ‘Am I that impossible to get along with?’

She turned to watch Lavendar and Pavarti talk excitedly about something. They were her roommates and were very nice to her, but they never really approached her with invitations to eat with them or sit with them in class, not even to do each other’s hair in the dormitory. Hermione knew, even if she were invited she would probably decline. They were nice girls, but their interests were the polar opposite of what she found interesting. Hermione did like boys and did appreciate an attractive boy when she saw one but not to the extent her roommates took it. No, there were more interesting things to talk about than boys all day.

She then turned her attention to Harry and the boy with fiery red hair. She noticed he had become cheerful and at ease.

“The git.” she thought. For some odd reason she focused all her attention on those two, she was drawn to them, she had no idea why and that’s what kept her up at night. After the fiasco with the three-headed dog, she was surprised to feel exhilarated at breaking the rules but she would never let on that she enjoyed it. If anyone were to ever ask, she would simply explain that she had a responsibility to uphold the integrity of this school and if breaking some rules were part of it then so be it. She rolled her eyes at how ridiculous that sounded.

The day after seeing the dog Hermione gave the silent treatment to the boys thinking they would come up to her and apologize and maybe even thank her for helping them out, but they never did. To Hermione’s disappointment they didn’t look like they would be apologizing any time soon. It was like being slapped in the face, she was alone again.

She resorted to seeking escape to the only place she found comfort, the library. It was in the library where she befriended a much older red headed boy by the name of Percy Weasley. Percy had introduced himself after apologizing for bumping into her, he told her about his very large family. She sat in awe of hearing there were seven siblings one of which was a girl, the baby of the family as Percy explained quite proudly. She had learnt that Ron was the youngest of the boys and that Fred and George were the biggest challenge in the family to which Hermione was not at surprised. She had seen the twins in action, she could not imagine how the twins could be related to Percy or to anyone for that matter, the only thing that popped to her head at the time was ‘bless the lady who was brave enough to raise those two for it took a very strong character to keep them in line.’

Being an only child Hermione couldn’t help but be a tad envious. She remembered saying her thoughts out loud, “ I had always wished for a sibling or two. Maybe then I would actually be normal.”

Percy had simply laughed, “Hermione, you are by far more normal than all these students put together. I’ve heard the professor’s comment on your more than perfect skills in magical arts. You may feel like you are not normal simply because you notice the superior difference you have with your peers, they just feel inadequate compared to a bright mind such as yours.”

Hermione never told him it was his own brother who brought out these worries and insecurities. Feeling the moisture rise up behind her eyes she composed herself and began to gather her things to go to her first class, she was looking to charms. She couldn’t wait to escape into the library and leave all her worries and sadness behind her.


Hermione paced around the girl’s stall, her eyes swollen and red from the crying. She had been crying since leaving Professor Flitwick’s Charms class, she had not dared leave the stalls even after Patil sisters tried to coax her out with admonishing Ron and letting her know they thought he the biggest prat in the whole of England. Although it did make her stop crying for a while she did not budge.

She wanted to go and join the Halloween feast but she couldn’t bring herself to leave. Remembering back to the events that caused the floodgate of tears to escape through her eyes. She had sat in charms listening intently at professor Flitwick and was shocked when she heard the professor pair herself and Ron Weasley together to practice a levitating spell he had just instructed to the class.

Reluctantly the two set to the task of practicing with the spell that when done correctly should be able to levitate the feather that each student had received to perform the spell “Wingardium Leviosa”

Hermione had noticed Ron was having some difficulty pronouncing it so she thought she’d help him out by sounding it out for him in a way he comprehend. She was taken aback by his outright rudeness, she only meant to help but he had dared her to make the feather float which she did which only made him even more annoyed with her. She noticed his trademark scowl had made its appearance and had not left throughout the remainder of class.

Upon seeing him leave the classroom immediately, Hermione thought it better that she apologize for what… she had no idea but just wanted to put an end to this feud or what have you. Besides, someone had to be the mature one and it certainly was evident Mr. Thick-head wasn’t about to apologize so it was up to her. Making her way through the throng of students, Hermione was about to tap on Ron’s shoulder to get his attention so she could apologize when she heard the most awful thing anyone could say spewing from the mouth of the boy she thought could one day be her friend.

“It’s no wonder no one can stand her, she’s a nightmare, honestly.”

Hermione froze up like a glacier but then felt herself melting into tears. The only thing she could do was colliding her body towards the boy who made her hopes of having friends diminish with that one sentence. She wanted him to feel an impact, any impact would suffice to show him how his words impacted her very core. With low spirits the only thing she had strong enough was to budge up against him to let her presence be known. She then made her way to where she was now present.

Trying to muster up the strength to exit the washroom and make her way up to the dormitories before the others could see her, Hermione walked into one of the stalls to blow her nose. When finished blowing her nose her sense perked up at feeling like she was no longer alone. The loud grunting and the powerful thumping of the ground as the being entered the girl’s bathroom. Hermione caught her breath not only to stop herself from gagging on the stench that polluted her olfactory senses. She braved herself to peek through the door of the stall only to discover a massive mountain troll boldly standing in the girl’s bathroom. Panic took hold of her but than brain went into overdrive trying to remember the weaknesses she had read about mountain trolls so she can then use it to her advantage. She chose to leave the stalls and run under the sinks, she immediately realized her error when she saw with great terror the troll advancing on her.

Her panic was interrupted by the shock of seeing the two people she least expected to see. Harry and Ron entered the girl’s bathroom with very determined look in their eyes. She saw as Ron seized a tap and threw it at the troll causing to veer away from Hermione. She stared awestruck witnessing how brave he was, the next thing she saw was a pipe hit the trolls shoulder, which the troll seemed to not have noticed. But then it turned when it heard Ron yell out.

Harry had broken her transfixed eyes on Ron when he demanded that she run. ‘I can’t’ she thought. The fear set in when the vision of Ron being crushed by the club the troll held in its massive hands came crashing in her mind. She felt Harry pull on her arm but she stood stalk still. Hermione’s grew large when she saw that the troll cornered Ron.

What happened next came as somewhat as a blur for Hermione was in shock as she witnessed Harry jump on top of the troll. The club had almost hit Harry and a Ron a couple of times. She had then heard Ron use the levitating spell, with a swish and a flick the club began to float up into the air and then drop on the troll’s head.

She smiled to herself as she thought, ‘He was listening to me even though he doesn’t realize it.’

She joined the two boys observing the unconscious troll sprawled on the floor. She was about to thank them when they heard the washroom door crashing open. With great annoyance in their eyes stood Professor Snape, Quirrell and the head of their house Professor McGonagall.

They demanded an explanation; professor McGonagall began to berate the boys for their foolish idea of thinking of taking on a troll. Hermione could not take it any longer, worrying that they would be expelled.

Hermione in a very small interrupted her head of house and went on to tell her that it was she who had gone looking for the troll mentioning the fact that she read about them and thought she could take it on. Hermione in telling her story made a shocked Harry and even more perplexed Ron the heroes of this story.

Hermione had never lied to a teacher before but felt quite proud of her performance even though the professor began to lay into her about her lack of better judgment and how she was very disappointed, she hung her head so she could think about she thought observed on Ron’s face. ‘Was that a look of admiration?’ she thought to herself, ‘He might be impressed or could it just be indigestion.’ She hoped it wasn’t the latter and stuck with her first thought.

She was then allowed to leave for the feast as she walked towards the Great Hall she could not hold back the smile that was fighting to come out while she was being reprimanded for something she did not do. A big thanks was due to give the boys, with her mind made up Hermione stood by the towering doors to the Great Hall waiting for Ron and Harry.

She saw them approaching, she was ready to thank them as they came closer to her the words could not come out for the emotions of the days events threatened to make there appearance.

The three stood awkwardly quiet. ‘Oh honestly.’ She thought and blurted out “Thanks.” She looked up and smiled when she realized all three thanked each other at the same time. Harry held the door open for them to enter, with her held not so high Hermione made her way through the doors with Ron and Harry walking at her sides. The three sat down together ignoring the gaping looks they received from not only their peers, Hermione even noticed that some Slytherin’s gaped open-mouthed at the trio.

As she watched Ron help himself to heaping servings of everything available and saw a small smile on Harry, Hermione quietly sighed. It was a humbling moment for her. She realized for the first time since the sorting hat Hermione was entering the Great Hall with the most something she will cherish for a life time, she not only had one but two ‘friends’ and she had them without having to yell or even splurt out knowledge from a book. It was all thanks to a twelve-foot troll, his club and a little swish and a flick.

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Re: Brains & Braun
Whirlwind of Thoughts

The night before leaving for King’s Cross, Hermione Granger sat comfortably on the settee, the reflection in her eyes burned deep as she sat hypnotized with the crackling sound and wild dance of the fire that escaped from the Gryffindor fireplace. Hermione could honestly say that her first school year as a witch had been the best time of her life; although she had been unintentionally thrown into chaos the moment she had befriended Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.

A whirlwind of memories drowned the noise the rest of her peers made. Images of Harry flying on his broom while playing Quidditch on the Gryffindor team as seeker, only to be dangling moments later by an unseen force. Hagrid and his new pet dragon Norbert; being caught by Filch after giving Norbert to Ron’s dragon tamer brother, Charlie; detention in the Forbidden Forest; the discovery of the philosopher’s stone, fashioned to give immortal life to its creator, Nicholas Flammel. Finally, deciding to enter the trap door the three-headed dog guarded. It was here that there bravery, friendship and loyalty to one another was tested. Although she sat near the roaring fire, Hermione could not help but shiver, as her mind was flooded with all these images.

The only sounds that kept her mind aware that she was sitting safely in the Gryffindor common room were the sudden outbursts her two best friends made while playing the barbaric game of wizard’s chess.

She smiled to herself as she watched him play chess, his freckled face set in deep concentration as he strategically made his next move. Hermione remembered the moment she realized her feelings for Ronald Weasley was more than mere friendship.

Hermione never understood why she sometimes felt awkward around him. At first she thought she felt threatened by his height, but then she rather liked his height it was useful in moments where her small stature was an obstacle. Like in the library, he always brought down any book she requested that was at the very top of the bookshelf. She then thought about how he could never take anything serious or how temperamental he was. There were times where she thought his ridiculous comments were quite funny and ironically insightful. She was big fan of his temperament, but she soon discovered he was passionate about many things, just as she was passionate about her studies.

It was the night they had chosen to go after the philosopher’s stone Hermione discovered how important Ron was to her. Already aware of the possible enchantments placed to protect the stone, it had first annoyed Hermione when she saw Ron panic in the devil’s snare. She was then impressed watching him manoeuvre himself on a broom, he flew gracefully as he helped Harry seek out the key that would allow them to enter the next room. Once the key was caught by Harry the three made their way to the next challenge. Hermione watched as Ron took the lead in this challenge, just like the knight chess piece he had become, Ron bravely led them to near victory when to Hermione’s utter horror couldn’t help but scream as the white queen struck Ron in the head causing him to slam into the floor. It was at that very moment she realized how brave and noble he was, he knowingly put himself in danger.

He may be loud and obnoxious sometimes but he truly was chivalrous; the last of his kind she thought. Reflecting on memories of her childhood, she remembered how she read and even dreamt about knights. Although she was only eleven, Hermione already knew that Ronald Weasley was her one and only knight.

“Galleon for your thoughts Hermione.” teased Ron.

Hermione shook her head as Ron’s voice cleared the fog surrounding her mind. She looked around the now empty Common Room. “What?” she asked as she rubbed her eyes.

Ron smiled at her as he shook his head. “I said you look like you were sleeping with your eyes open.” He bent down to put the chessboard away.

Hermione stretched her body while Ron placed the board back on the shelf. She let out a yawn as she asked about Harry. “Where’d he go?”

Ron sat himself across from the settee Hermione was sitting in. “Went to bed, it’s quite late you know.”

“Guess I was sleeping with my eyes open. Just my mind was full of thoughts about our first year here.” avoiding his eyes as she said this.

Ron let out a snort before he spoke, “What a way to end our first school year. Not even going to tell my mum about it, but I’ll have to let my little sister Ginny in on this I suppose.”

Hermione finally looked at Ron he sat across from her with a lop-sided grin, her stomach fluttered when he did that. Remaining calm she said, “That’s right Percy told me about your little sister starting next year, can’t wait to meet her.”

Ron shifted uncomfortably on the sofa. “Hope you like her.” he said, as he scratched the back of his neck. “She’s bit of a brute sometimes. Guess that’s what happens when you only have brothers taking care of you. All in all, she’s grand.”

Hermione couldn’t help but smile at him, “I don’t think brute would be the word to describe your little sister. Although I don’t know her personally, she's assertive, confident and very self-assured. She would have to be with so many brothers.”

They sat quietly for only a brief moment before they both stood up and wished each other a goodnight. The next day they were on the Hogwart’s Express rapidly making its way to their final destination. Immediately arriving, the three took turns crossing the threshold into King’s Cross. As they made there way from the gateway, Ron happily invited them to stay at his home over the summer.

Hermione was about to answer after Harry thanked him, when she heard someone exclaim.

“There his is, Mum, there he is, look!”

Both her and Ron turned towards the voice, she noticed Ron scowl as he looked straight at the young red head girl who Hermione guessed was Ginny. Beside her was an older red head female who obviously was the matriarch of the Weasley family. The thought of being introduced to Ron’s mother made Hermione quite nervous. Her nerves were put at ease as she was so warmly greeted by his mother and sister.

A large portly man, a skinny woman and a very frightened miniature version of the portly man rudely interrupted Hermione’s sudden fill of euphoria. To Hermione’s dismay she noticed the man’s roughness was directed to Harry. She couldn’t believe that someone could be so rude with someone as sweet as her dear friend Harry. What surprised her more was seeing a smile on Harry’s face, when he explained his relative’s didn’t know about the rule of no magic allowed out of school, Hermione smiled back at him and gave him a hug goodbye.

As she watched him leave Hermione began to scan the platform for her parents, when she turned her attention back to Ron, she noticed all five sets of eyes were on her. Mrs. Weasley’s twinkled as she took the sight of Hermione in, the twins were s******ing behind their mother’s back, while Ginny had a bemused look, Percy winked and he smiled at her appreciatively. Ron for some reason was looking quite red and looking anywhere but at her. Hermione couldn’t help but blush and wonder where her parents were, she had a sudden urge to flee. She knew they were sweet people but the fear of them noticing she fancied Ron was frightening her immensely. She made a mental note to keep Harry close by the next time.

Mrs. Weasley walked up to her with warm a smile, “We’ll keep you company dear while you wait for your parents.”

“Thank you Mrs. Weasley, they should be here soon.” As soon as she finished, she heard her name being called by a very familiar voice. She quickly turned around and was pleased to see both her parents.

“Dad, Mum!” she exclaimed as she ran and threw herself into her father’s strong arms.

She laughed as her father picked her up and twirled her around, causing her ever out of control hair to whip into her face. He set her back down gently and placed a kiss on her forehead. He then stepped aside to allow his wife to greet their only child. Hermione hugged her tight as her mother greeted her with a bear hug. They finally released from the tight embrace, Hermione turned her attention back to the Weasley’s.

“Mum, dad, I’d like you to meet my friend Ronald Weasley, his mother Mrs. Weasley, his brother’s Percy, Fred and George and his sister Ginny.”

They all shook hands as they merrily greeted one another. Hermione couldn’t help but smile, she noticed Ron’s ears turn red as he gave them his hand to shake.

Hermione’s attention was distracted by a tug she felt on her jumper, Ginny nodded her head to the right silently requesting Hermione to follow her. Hermione swiftly walked away from her parents and Mrs. Weasley, she also noticed Ginny was steering clear of her brothers.

“Now that we’re finally alone.” said Ginny.

Hermione stopped herself from laughing, she noticed Ginny’s need for privacy was quite comical. She then felt dumb, of course Ginny would want some kind of privacy. A home full of over protective brother’s, she probably never had a moments peace.

“I just wanted to introduce myself properly before my overbearing brothers become too much and make me hex them into next week.” she smiled, “They’re great the majority of the time, but sometimes they act like such brutes you know?”

This time Hermione did laugh, she was reminded of the conversation she had last night with Ron. He had used the same word to describe his little sister.

Ginny giggled, “Course you would know, you were stuck with them the whole school year.”

Hermione was about to say how she rather enjoyed their company when she heard Ron call out. “Oi, Gin it’s time to go.” Both girls looked up at Ron making his face turn ever more red.

Both girls turned their attention back to each other. Ginny smirked, “Guess this is goodbye, we’ll chat some more this summer.”

“Wait, how’d you know about this summer?” asked Hermione.

“Ron told us when you were saying good bye to Harry,” Ginny bit her bottom lip when she mentioned Harry. “Why do you think everyone was gawking at you?” she giggled.

“Can’t be the first time Ron’s invited a friend over for the summer.” mused Hermione.

“Course it’s not, just first time he’s invited a girl.” Ginny wiggled her brow, with a huge smirk on her face she then hugged Hermione goodbye.

Hermione said nothing, she quietly made her way to her parents and shook everyone’s hand farewell. She felt her breath catch when Ron reminded her about this summer. Hermione sat in her parent’s car daydreaming about staying at Ron’s house with Harry and Ron’s family. She sighed knowing that it was best not to follow her feelings right now and focus on getting to know him more first before making any declarations. She was only eleven after all, plus they had just become friend’s she didn’t want to ruin her chances at a first friendship experience. No, no more thinking about Ron as her knight, that chessboard will just have to be put on the shelf until she feels ready to play.

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Re: Brains & Braun
Just like the good old days of Floral Scent. My little buddy adam_12 is helping out, a big thanks to you Adam! Much appreciated. So I'll dedciate this to all of you lovely's; to Becky-Jo for being the birthday girl. I'm all excited, today I celebrated my 365th day on this beautiful forum. I already made a wish on it, you know, the whole "Star light, star bright the first star I see tonight..." So on that note, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Letters and Squeals

The bright sunlight shone its approval on the Burrow in a fine August fashion. The plump chickens clucked merrily as they moved around the property giving the old rickety home a more countryside appeal. Anyone who happened upon the aged home would gawk at it in wonder, for how could a home like this stand erect for so long without it toppling over? It had five chimneys perched atop a very bright red roof. The roof itself was barely visible from ground level; the house looked more like a wild flower weeding its way up to the sky with its added floors creating a zigzag appearance. It was evident that the builder had constructed it without a care in the world. But like so many things, appearances were deceiving for in this very home resided a family well known for big hearts and welcoming demeanour.

The Weasley’s were a loving family, but unlike many other families, the Weasley’s were not your common folk, they came from an exceptionally long lineage of witches and wizards. They had made this house a home with the birth of their first child Bill, followed closely by their other five sons Charlie, Percy, the twins Fred and George, finally the youngest of the boys, Ronald Bilius Weasley.

Ron rested his long body against the ancient willow tree that had protected their fair skin many a time from the strong rays of the sun. Sitting with his palms together on his lap, Ron admired the natural beauty that surrounded the Burrow. Along with a wide assortment of wild flowers, peonies blossomed and graced the front and back entrance of the residence. A pebbled fence surrounded the property; the backyard was a considerable size, many family gatherings were enjoyed in the backyard; from Sunday brunches to Quidditch games to Fred and George’s fireworks displays to sipping tea and enjoying each other’s peaceful company. An old archway led to the garden, flourishing with a variety of vegetables that contributed to countless delectable meals prepared by Ron’s mother. The rest of the landscape was decorated with wild green grass and a modest pond with fat frogs ridding the Burrow of many pesky flies.

The atmosphere immediately changed with the arrival of Ron’s eleven yr. old sister Ginny. Not only was she the youngest but the only girl. She and Ron were only 16 months apart in age and were very close, with the exceptional argument creeping its way through their close relationship. They had many things in common which made them enjoy each other's company even more. Lately though there was one interest that Ginny had that bothered Ron to pieces. He first enjoyed the common interest they had in this person, until Ron realized too late that his sister's interest went beyond admiring fan. Today he knew would be no different; he needed to put a stop to it immediately.

“If you’ve come to bother me with questions about my mate, you’re wasting your time Gin,” huffed Ron. “I think a month of listening to you ask me bizarre questions about Harry and hearing you squeal like a pig every time I mention his name is driving me mad.”

“Don’t be such a git, Ron, and I don’t squeal.” snapped Ginny as she sat herself down beside him.

Ron laughed mockingly at his naïve sister. “Yeah, you do.”

He was worried about his sister; she was always tough and never shied away from anything or anyone for that matter. The mere mention of his best friend’s name, Ginny transformed into one of those star-struck giggling girls he had the misfortune of seeing back at school, like that Lavender Brown girl who was in his school house.

“What’s gotten into you? I’ve never seen you act this way about anyone before, he’s a regular bloke just like the rest of us. Here you are sulking over someone you don’t even know and for what, ‘cause he’s got a lightening bolt scar?” Ron said, sounding quite concerned.

Ginny protectively hugged her knees close to her body as she rested her head on them. Ron couldn’t help but smile at his little sister, he knew she was strong for someone as tiny as her but there were moments where he could see how innocent and vulnerable she still was.

“I don’t know,” was all Ginny could muster.

Ron frowned at how down she was about her own lack of understanding of what had become of her once incredible assertiveness.

He hoped it was a passing fancy so he decided to indulge in her girly antics and talk about her favourite subject which was Harry Potter, “The Boy who Lived.” With much reluctance, Ron began by telling her that Harry’s birthday was two days ago. He rolled his eyes at her when she cut him off and told him she already knew that. He told her about writing to Hermione, asking if she hadn’t heard from Harry. Her answer was no, she was concerned about their friend’s well being.

“I heard dad last night, he told mum about how Harry received an official warning about using magic in front of muggles.” He paused to see Ginny’s reaction to the news, she said nothing but she was ever paler than her usual self. “I think something’s happened to Harry.”

Ron stopped when he heard Ginny let out a strangled gasp. Her eyes were wide; Ron held his breath at what he saw in her eyes. Carnal fear, as if she had been a prey caught by her predator. His skin crawled as he saw unshed tears form in her light brown eyes, passing fancy was not the word he should have chosen to describe his sister’s feelings for Harry Potter, but another word should not be used at such a tender age of eleven. How could a feeling like love be present in the heart of a person as young as his sister? His thoughts immediately erased in his mind as he concentrated on what his sister said next.

“You’ll go get him right? You won’t leave him there to suffer by himself will you?” her eyes and her voice pleaded with her older brother.

Ron was worried for the safety of his best friend but he also knew Harry could take care of himself. He witnessed first hand Harry’s awesome abilities in the art of magic and survival skills. Hadn’t Harry survived years of abuse at the hands of his relatives? Ron also thought about how he’d go about helping Harry out. The one factor that made him decide to help Harry out was Ginny. If it brought his sister peace and comfort he would do anything.

With final resolve Ron held his hand out caressing Ginny’s petite face and smiled at her. “Course I’ll get him Gin.” Seeing her smile again calmed him down a lot. “Just going about how to get him is my biggest problem.”

The two siblings sat in silence, the fresh breeze that escaped from the swaying branches of the willow tree added adrenaline to their body’s as they came up with ideas on how to get Harry without using magic.

Ginny was first to speak up as she snapped her fingers and exclaimed. “The car! It's just sitting there in the shed, dad's already enchanted it to fly so there would be no need for you to do it. ”

Ron like always was impressed with Ginny, now with the idea placed it was Ron who began to strategize a plan.

“We’ll need help on this one Gin.” He said.

“But who? Can’t ask mum now could we?” responded Ginny.

Ron didn’t answer her; he stood himself up before helping his little sister up. He held her hand guiding her into the house and leading the way up to the bedrooms. The stopped at the landing where explosions and laughter could be heard behind the door that read, “Enter at Your Own Risk, ‘cept mum of course.” Ron released Ginny’s hand and pounded on the door. The two wisely backed away from the door, it was habit of the twins to set their many pranks loose on the fool waiting for the door to open. For some reason the twins could sense when it was their parents, nothing ever happened to their parents when they knocked on the twins’ door. There was that one time when mum’s shrills could be heard through out the house, after that the twins were more cautious. Today Ron’s brothers released a bright green smoke that lingered on the landing he and Ginny stood on. It was smelt rancid and made Ron want to throw up.

“Oi! What you want? We’re busy,” said Fred as he cleaned the green smoke up with a sponge.

“I’ve come to ask for your help,” answered Ron.

“With what, may I ask, will you pay us with?” inquired George.

“You haven’t a sickle to your name, not even muggle money,” said Fred, laughing.

The adrenaline he had moments before disappeared from his body with the sad reality his brother’s would only help if they were getting paid.

He was ready to make his way down the stairs when he heard Ginny say, “You won’t be getting paid, not if I can help it.”

She stood defiantly staring at her twin brother’s ready for them to challenge her. It may have been the stance or the stare Ginny had acquired from their ever-determined mother that made the twins smile disappear form their faces.

“Harry’s in trouble and Ron needs your help to bring him back here,” finished Ginny.

George’s cheeks were red, “‘Course we’ll help, Gin, I mean Ron.” He shook his head, “Harry’s our teammate; we’re glad we can help.”

“What have you got in mind Ronnie?” asked Fred as he led his siblings into their domain.

Ron explained his strategy to the twins; he made sure they understood that the plan would be laid out only if he had not received word from Harry by tomorrow afternoon they would go that very night. Seeing that the twins were in agreement he stood up and made his way to the door.

“I’ll write to Hermione and let her know what’s going to happen.” He said this more to himself rather than to his siblings.

By the time he had realized he had said it out loud it was already too late. His body froze full stop as he heard his twin brother’s howl with laughter.

“Go on; tell your bushy heard angel what you’re planning on doing. See if she’ll give ya permission,” Fred teased through his laughter.

“Careful she might not let ya go, wouldn’t want to upset her would you now?” guffawed George.

Ron’s ears burnt red as he scowled at his brothers, he kept his mouth shut knowing that if he as so much retorted they’d back out. Teammate or not, the twins took full pleasure in seeing Ron squirm.

As Ginny followed Ron to the door, she turned back staring daggers at the twins and rather vocally said. “She’s your best friend, after all.” Stepping on her tiptoes she then whispered in his ear. “Sounds like a grand idea, she’ll appreciate you letting her know. Go, and leave these two to me.”

As Ron made his way to his bedroom he couldn’t help but smile and be grateful he was in Ginny’s good graces. He set to writing a letter to Hermione.

Hello Hermione,

Just letting you know I’ve written to Harry again, if I don’t get a letter back from him by tomorrow afternoon I’m off to get him. Fred and George will be helping me out on this little adventure. Thought you should know, don’t worry about Harry so much he’ll be fine once we get him to the Burrow.

Ron paused and thought about the exchange in letters he and Hermione had during the summer. He was disappointed when she had declined his invitation, saying her parents missed her very much and wanted to spend as much time together as possible. He understood but he would have liked to have had her come to the Burrow and spend some time with his family. His allowed his family to think what they wanted, after their introduction to Hermione and her parents, the twins had been relentlessly teasing him all summer. He didn’t like her like that, as a matter fact there wasn’t a girl who had caught his eye yet. Ron figured his attention would be better applied in more important things like Quidditch, eating, and chocolate.

No, Hermione was simply a friend, he didn’t even think of her as a girl. In his eyes Hermione Granger was in a league of her own; she wasn’t into worrying about her appearance or giggling like a brainless twit when a boy spoke to her. Hermione was comfortable with her bushy brown hair, two large teeth and ink stained hands. She was smart enough to never be intimidated by the opposite sex. Hermione would be the perfect female role model for his baby sister; she’d teach Ginny to respect her self so others would too. Ron would never tell Hermione this but he admired her very much.

Not wanting to leave the letter with such a sombre note, he decided to add some casual questions.

Don’t know if I’ve already mentioned this to you, but I really wished you could have come to the Burrow and spend some time with Ginny. I understand spending the two short months with our parents is only fair, but I think they do look forward to seeing us go. This will be the first time in a very long time my parents will be together without any children, it’s the honeymoon they never had.

So, how’s your summer so far? Have you planned on going to London anytime soon? Can’t believe we’ll be starting our second year at Hogwarts. Well, must run. Oh say hi to your parents and stop worrying.

Missing you,
Ron Weasley

Ron would never know that the letter he had just sent that evening would make Hermione Granger squeal with delight.[/quote]

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Re: Brains & Braun
Seeing that I haven't posted in like forever I thought it would be nice to post a couple of days before the Holidays i hope yo enjoy and I do hope my brain works some more to continue on this Journey with my fave man Ronaldo Bilius Weasley Prewitt and his lucky lady Hermione Jane I-may-seem-tame-but-the-hair-and-the-temper-show-a-different-story Granger

Here I go again...on my own? (Title from Whitesnake but changed just a tad.)

The steam from the train rose high into the clear blue September sky fogging up the beautiful view that a twelve-year-old girl was admiring from platform 9 ¾. Hermione Granger waited anxiously for the arrival of her best friend’s Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley; she already had a pleasant visit with them while in Diagon Alley a week before school was to commence.

As always the day was frothed with adventure and drama. Hermione had the pleasure of meeting Ronald’s father Arthur Weasley, she beamed as she watched her parents talk amicably with his parents; the arrival of Draco Malfoy and his father Lucius rudely interrupted the pleasantries her parents and the Weasley’s had exchanged resulting in a full blow out fight between Mr. Weasley and Lucius Malfoy.

Looking back at the days events brought a smile to Hermione, she fondly remembered how she now discovered where Ron inherited his temper and his need to be the chivalrous gallant knight she had known him to be. It was evident Mr. Weasley may have been a humble gentleman with a sweet disposition but when it came to defending his family he showed his family pride most passionately another quality Ronald Weasley had acquired.

“What are you parents going to think?” asked Ron as he helped to pick up the books that were thrown around during the fight.

Although Ron appeared calm his voice gave way to the embarrassment he felt for his father’s behavior; she also couldn’t help but notice how red his ears appeared to be reflecting the blush that should have appeared on his freckled cheekbones.

Hermione gave her friend a reassuring smile. “My parents are not blind Ronald, they saw it wasn’t your father’s fault at all. Besides, I truly believe Draco’s father deserved to be pushed into the stack of books. I only feel sorry for the books that got the brunt end of it.”

Ron did not answer her; he simply gawked at her comment. Hermione felt her heart flutter when she noticed the color escape his ears, which then rushed to his cheeks making his face become a big red dot.

The one moment that stood out for Hermione was when Ron first arrived to Diagon Alley, he and his family were worried about Harry who had never arrived at the Leaky Cauldron through the floo network. Ron was in such a state he had forgotten to brush the soot off of his ever adorable freckled face, without a moments haste Hermione brushed off the soot from the places she could only reach with her out stretched hands, she remembered blushing when her small fingers brushed the ash off his chin, feeling his skin for the first time took her breath away.

The heat she felt on her flushed cheeks made her run her trembling hand through her hair. She thought 'Just breathe, act calm when you see him; he’s your friend after all.'.

Without realizing it Hermione began to chant this idea in her head as she paced back and forth near the entrance to the platform from King’s Cross Station.

Hermione soon stopped pacing when she saw a storm of red hair run through the threshold. With a release of breath she unknowingly was holding, Hermione made her way to the Weasley family. She only had time to greet Ron’s parents with a hasty hand shake when her small twelve year old frame was suddenly pushed towards the train as the last whistle bellowing from the gut of the train’s engine echoed in the air; warning the students to board the train for the long journey to their beloved Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Once they boarded the train Hermione hastily made her way to an empty compartment she had figured the two boys would seek her out since they were the ones that were late boarding. As she gazed out towards the sunbathed trees Hermione couldn’t help but notice she had been waiting for far too long.

'Did I do something wrong? 'she wondered. Sighing in frustration Hermione took out her favourite book of Hogwarts: A History and began to read, hoping it would distract her from that annoying feeling she had in the pit of her stomach. Luckily she hadn’t had enough time to dwell on the prospect of being ditched from her new friend’s when a petite red-haired girl appeared at the door of her lonely compartment.

“Do you mind?” asked Ginny hesitantly, “George and Fred are being rather annoying at the moment.” She smiled shyly. “Giving me rules about boys and the like.” She finally huffed as she made herself comfortable in the seat opposite Hermione.

Hermione gave her a weak smile trying her best to look like she understood as she crossed her arms over her chest. “They’re looking out for you, it’s quite nice of them actually.”

“Yes well, they’re less annoying then Ron, he gets right into my face about it.” Ginny shook her head disapprovingly. As if a light bulb flashed over her head Ginny asked Hermione. “Where is he by the way?”

Hermione furrowed her brow, “I was just about to ask you the same question.”

“I thought they were with you.” Ginny answered with a squeak.

The two girls looked at each other before getting up and walking to the door together. Just as they slid the door open they were greeted by a second year boy, he beamed at Hermione and with a high pitched “Hello.” and red plump blushing cheeks Neville Longbottom made his way into the compartment.

Hermione hurriedly introduced Neville to Ginny and was about to excuse herself from his presence when Neville asked, “Where are Harry and Ron?”

That one question made Hermione feel queasy. The only thing she could do was to shrug her shoulders letting him know she had no idea. Sensing her stress Neville simply answered.

“I’m sure they’re around here Hermione, probably looking for you as we speak.” He smiled reassuringly at her.

Hermione appreciated his intent on making her feel better, together the three set off to look for Harry and Ron.

‘Did they get sick of me already?’ she thought to herself.

As if sensing her thoughts Ginny answered, “Ron has been doing nothing but talking about meeting up with you on the train…the nerve of him, when I see Ron I’ll take him by the ear and have a good talking to.” She huffed.

Hermione couldn’t help but be grateful to Ginny’s attempts to make her feel better, but the one thought that raced through her mind was the same ‘They grew tried of me.’

The three sat down getting to know one another better with a few interruptions by fellow second years coming to have a visit with Harry Potter. One visit made Hermione's heart boil the nerve of her to assume things.

“We had thought he was with you seeing that you followed him like a lost puppy last year –“ explained Lavendar Brown.

Trying her best to keep calm Hermione answered her blonde roommate, whom she noticed had entered the stage of a young lady. In Hermione’s mind Lavendar was far from being a lady but her hourglass physique showed otherwise.

“- Yes well as you can see Lavendar he and Ron are not here.” Stated Hermione.

“Who?” asked Lavendar.

“You asked about Harry did you not?” Hermione was growing rather tired of Lavendar and her lack of intelligence.

“Yes I did Herm dear –“

“Her name is Hermione.” Ginny cut in. Hermione had noticed how red Ginny’s face had become.

“I know that,” Lavendar rolled her eyes at the first year. “I mean the bloke you just mentioned. Ron? Who is he?”

Hermione could not help but look at her roommate and shake her head in disapproval. “Ronald Weasley, he’s in Gryffindor; second year.” Seeing how clueless Lavendar was Hermione couldn’t help but grow more annoyed with her. She was ready to go on a rampage about how rude and self-centered she was on how she could not notice a boy like Ronald Weasley. When she heard Ginny say…

“The red headed boy.”

It was like a light bulb had turned on in her roommate’s empty head; Hermione saw Lavendar’s eyes catch on and then she noticed her face screw up into a face of disgust. “You mean that tall one? Well, yes he’s a right sight isn’t he?” she had the audacity to laugh.

“He’s my brother.” Huffed Ginny as she stood up to face Lavendar. Hands fisted at her sides, Hermione hoped somehow the inevitable could be stopped. Yes Hermione couldn't help but stay seated, in her mind Lavendar was going to get her come-upen's.

It was like the grace of the gods that Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas and the Patil twins arrived.

“Oi! What goin on here?” Enquired Seamus as he made his way to Lavendar's side.

The four stood stalk still once they had a better view of the young first year and their friend Lavendar staring each other down.

“Red hair, freckled face and a lovely disposition. Aye, I see we have another Weasley in our midst.” Teased Seamus.

“What a fine observation the leprechaun’s made, don’t you agree brother?” interrupted one of the Weasely twins as he pushed his way into the compartment.

“A fine deduction George, I say the lucky charm’s right on one thing brother.” Stated Fred.

“What’s that Fred?” asked George as he rounded on Seamus.

“We do have a lovely disposition, especially the youngest of us.” answered Fred as he too made his way to his sister's side.

Hermione couldn’t help but notice how Seamus kept glancing between the door and the twins. She smiled to herself knowing how much he must be regretting opening her compartment door today.

Taking on a role of maturity; which Hermione could soon see was more acting then actual behavior; the twins took on the stern look of the Head of their house; Professor McGonagall. It was hard to take what they were saying serious; hearing the high pitch voices that escaped their mouth was too funny to be anything but.

“Now, now dear children we mustn’t bicker within our house. It is unbecoming and unhumourous.” Ranted Fred.

“I find we’re unhumourous at the moment and I do believe there's no such word. Therefore, I will make observations befitting of a high ranking scholar such as myself.” Finished George with a wink.

“Take Irish eyes here for example,” George said finishing in his regular deep voice. “sorry.” he coughed to clear his throat. “Can’t do the female rant for too long. Where were we Fred?”

“The Irish git.” Answered Fred as he eyed Lavendar Brown up and down; giving her a lop-sided smile, which for some reason annoyed Hermione.

“Thanks Fred, now Seamus here has forgotten that since there is another Weasley, that means there are more Weasley’s which therefore means there are more ears and more eyes. So if you’d be so kind to remember Seamus, tease our little sister now…”

“…Because it’s the last time you will.” Finished Fred.

Seamus slightly coward at the last sentence since Fred further made what he said more effective by standing side by side with his twin brother. From Hermione’s position she could see how effective the move was seeing that their broad bodies towered over Seamus and covered his vision of their little sister Ginny.

“She was the one that started it,” stuttered Seamus. “Lavendar’s my friend, I wasn’t about to let a first year come in and harm her. Be side’s I know you would defend Angelina from a first year…” he squeaked as he felt Fred push into him “…if they were glaring daggers at her. It’s a Gryffindor thing to do.” He finished throwing himself against the compartment wall.

As this was going on the Patil twins had made themselves comfortable on the opposite seats from Hermione, Ginny, Neville and now Dean. Hermione observed Dean glance her way, but she could swear he had been eyeing the young red head. Lavendar in the mean time stood watching the interaction between the Weasley brother’s and the poor bloke who only came in to see if the ungrateful blonde needed his assistance.

“Too true Seamus, I’ll give you that.” Answered Fred, he and his better half turned their attention onto their little sister.

George was the first to enquire. “Tell us Ginny…”

“Ginny? That’s a nice name.” Stated Dean in quiet voice.

Hermione held her breath when she saw Fred softly pat Dean’s black hair down. “It is a nice name so is her full name, would you like to hear it?”

Dean innocently nodded his head. Fred and George were ready to say their baby sister’s name when she stopped them.

“If you even dare, so help me I’ll hex you so bad that our own mother won’t know which part is your head and which is your backend!”

Fred turned his attention back to his little sister, “Now, now don’t get yourself all bent out of shape. Let’s ignore this shall we?”

“Yes we shall.” Piped in George.

“Ta George.” Thanked Fred.

“Anytime brother of mine.” Saluted George.

Hermione rolled her eyes, “For the love of Merlin will the two of you just get on with…” Hermione flayed her arms about the compartment “with whatever this is.” She finished exasperated.

She couldn’t help but shrink in her seat as all eyes were on her. “Well, I mean really don’t you feel stuffed up in here? There are too many of us and alls I want to be is comfortable and well rested for the feast.”

“Right.” Said Fred, “As I was saying; what was it that bothered you so much Ginny?”

“She insulted Ron.” She stated while pointing at Lavendar with a glare.

“And?” asked George as he shrugged his shoulders.

“She acted as if she never knew who he was, as if he never existed.” Ginny said with a huff. “She’s been living in the same dorm as my brother for a year and now entering their second year and alls she wants to know is where is the Boy who lived.”

George spoke suppressing a laugh, “There’s no crime in that Ginny; we even forget who Ron is half the time.”

“Speaking of the git where is he?” asked George looking straight at Hermione.

The anxiousness she was feeling before all hell broke loose in her compartment came flooding back.

“I don’t know.” She said looking down at her nails.

Dean wondered, “Could they have had another encounter with Malfoy and his cronies?”

The ten young teens looked at one another, without saying a word they all got up trying to go in an orderly fashion to the compartment door. With many “Watch it!”, “Ow, that’s my foot you git!” and “I can’t breath!” the ten people painfully made their way out to the corridor. Neville was the last to vacate the compartment, as he turned to close the door, Hermione noticed his eyes grow wide.

“What is it Neville?” asked Hermione, the other’s turned their attention onto Neville.

“Nothing!” he yelped. “It’s just that I think I just saw a blue car flying just out our window.”

Hermione noticed everyone but the Weasley’s were laughing.

Seamus shook his head. “Bugger Neville, I think you’ve been watching too many muggle movies. There’s no such thing as flying cars, flying brooms yes but... I’ll lick Snape’s greasy hair before I see a flying car.”

Hermione looked from Fred to Ginny and couldn’t help but see the gleam of mischief in their eyes. She also had the sneaking suspicion Ron’s three siblings knew exactly where he and Harry were. As Hermione made her way through the corridors with her fellow schoolmates, she couldn’t help but smile to herself as she thought ‘Another interesting year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and witchery.’

Hope it was a good one for you all and Happy Holidays all the best to you in the new year. The Link-meister

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