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HMN January 3rd, 2012 3:36 pm

Project Runway - All Stars
Get ready for All Stars on January 5th, 9PM ET on Lifetime!

What will we think of new host Angela Lindvall, judges Isaac Mizrahi & Georgina Chapman and mentor Joanna Coles???

All Star Contestants:
Kenley Collins (Brooklyn, NY) – Season Five, Second Runner-up
Michael Costello (Palm Springs, CA) – Season Eight, Fourth Place
Gordana Gehlhausen (San Diego, CA) – Season Six, Fourth Place
Mondo Guerra (Denver, CO) – Season Eight, Runner-up
Mila Hermanovski (Los Angeles, CA) – Season Seven, Second Runner-up
Kara Janx (New York, NY) – Season Two, Fourth Place
Elisa Jimenez (New York, NY) – Season Four, 10th Place
April Johnston (Savannah, GA) – Season Eight, Fifth Place
Rami Kashou (Los Angeles, CA) – Season Four, Runner-up
Austin Scarlett (New York, NY) – Season One, Fourth Place
Jerell Scott (New York, NY) – Season Five, Fourth Place
Sweet P/Kathleen Vaughn (Pasadena, CA) – Season Four, Fifth Place
Anthony Williams (Atlanta, GA) – Season Seven, Fifth Place

Can't wait to hear all your thoughts!

Desraelda January 4th, 2012 1:38 am

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
I'll have to watch it when Lifetime posts it on their website. That usually takes a couple of days.

I'm looking forward to Jerell and a few others. Kenley will, of course, provide a lot of the drama so I'll be she'll stay around long after she should be gone.

I didn't like Joanna Coles the one time I saw her on the regular show, but I'll give her a chance. She's no Tim Gunn, I'm sure.

freelantzer January 4th, 2012 2:58 am

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
I am looking forward to seeing some of the designers again. I wonder if the judging will be any different with the new judges. Will have to wait until I get home from Orlando before I can watch it.

HMN January 6th, 2012 3:48 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
I thought that was really fun! It's amazing how short the episode seemed since it was only an hour long.

I'm already sick of Michael C. Sorry, but I didn't like him the first time, don't like him now. I think he needs to gain some more confidence and then try to pull off a TV career.

How cute was Mondo's runway outfit. I wanted to pick him up and hug him. :)

I was really impressed by both Rami and Mondo. Glad they showed how high the stakes are this season. We should get some really good results!

I liked the judges but I miss Tim. There was definitely a point with Austin's dress that I was practically screaming "It's a make it work moment!" lol.

merry18 January 6th, 2012 7:20 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
It was a good first episode, that's for sure. I was particularly excited to see Austin Scarlett back - though I wish they had brought back Jay McCarroll with him. I know he won his season and they didn't bring back winners, but still.

I love Joanna Coles. It would have been annoying if they brought in a mentor too similar to Tim, and I love JC's unflinching ice-queenery.

Rami and Mondo were clearly ahead of the pack this episode. Both of their inspiration outfits were far and away the best in terms of construction/execution, and the same went for their runway pieces.

I loved Jerrel in his season for his firm anti-Kenley stance, and I'm glad his outfits were pretty good this episode. The first dress was very Jerrel...Jerrell? Two ls or one l? His runway dress, while not as stellar as Mondo's and Rami's, was really quite pretty.

Side note - I noticed the host didn't warn them against using fabric-like materials when she gave them the challenge, so I guess the judges don't care so much about that this time around?

Michael C and April both made mop dresses, and I can't help but be annoyed that both of them thought mops would look AH-MAZING on the runway, because neither of them were very good. Not bottom 3 caliber maybe, but not good. Kudos to them for being the most non-fabricy of the bunch, but mops? Yuck.

April's original design was quite bland. I vaguely remember her being averse to colors, so I guess the hasn't changed.

I knew Mila's original dress was hers before they even showed her name/played her voiceover. While I appreciate being able to name the designer just from the garment (same thing happened with Mondo's and Jerrel(l)'s original dress), I feel like Mila's is a little too one-note. She needs to do something else.

Sweet P, I thought, was a questionable choice to be an all-star. The fans liked her and she's a nice lady, but she was never at the head of the pack on her season. Her runway piece kind of reflected that, I thought. Not good.

Elisa's original design wasn't bad. The dress was quite flattering and the wings were okay. Her runway piece, though, was just kind of...horrible. The wings were no longer okay, and the judges were right when they said the garment shouldn't need a five-minute explanation from the designer in order to make sense.

just in case
Spoiler: show
I'm glad Elisa was eliminated. I thought she should have been first-off on her original season and was only kept around too make "interesting" TV, and I'm glad the judges didn't pull that again. Sweet P's dress was just as bad as Elisa's, but I'm glad they kept her. She really is a cool lady, and Elisa's clothes are just too weird for my taste.

Spacecadet January 7th, 2012 11:34 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
I really like the all stars. I dont like the new host's delivery of lines like sometimes you are in and sometimes your out etc, and Im not even sure she should be trying to use heidi's signature lines. But I did like there critiques and agreed with them for a change.

I agree with the comment about fabric like materials. Jerrell's was nice but handkerchiefs is pretty obvious for a material. I really liked mondo and rami's they are definitely going to be the ones to watch.

I was surprised kenley wasnt as obnxious as i remember but its only been one episode so i imagine she's going to get worse. And her designs definitely havent changed they ar equally as bad as i remembered them.

Desraelda January 8th, 2012 12:16 am

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
Good show. Absolutely loved Rami's design. It's the kind of thing that's been missing from the show for too long. Mondo, too.

I do not agree with who was eliminated. Sweet P should definitely have gone home.

Seeing the designers, I'm now putting a name to a face and remembering more of them. I really don't think they are the most controversial and daring designers as Lifetime claims. Some are controversial and some are daring but some are neither.

The hostess was okay and I liked the judges. Joanna Coles could go home this week. I don't think she added anything to the show. Maybe she'll get better as time goes on.

I'll definitely be watching next week.

Rastaban43 January 8th, 2012 9:35 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars

Originally Posted by HMN (Post 5960701)
How cute was Mondo's runway outfit. I wanted to pick him up and hug him.

OMG, who didn't? Will come back with more substantial comments later, but I LOVED his (so much more than a) little black dress, and I'm sure we'll be seeing much more where that came from since he was the most shafted designer in PR history.

freelantzer January 8th, 2012 10:20 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
I loved the first episode! It was great to see some actually good designs! Rami and Mondo were fantastic, of course. Can't wait to see what they do all season. I'm glad Elisa was eliminated because I found her incredibly annoying on this episode. I liked the new judges but I find the new host seriously boring. I miss Heidi's loud, chipper, accented delivery. :D

Rastaban43 January 10th, 2012 8:40 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
I agree about Heidi. She will be missed, but I did like all the judges and even thought Joanna Coles did a great job with the designers. I was most nervous about her, but it turns out she can be very constructive and perhaps the designers will listen to her in a way they wouldn't with Tim because of familiarity. There were a lot of great designs this week even if there were a few zonks. After looking at the season preview, I wonder what the rest of the season will bring. I really hope Mondo makes it this time. If this first week was any indication, he's still one of my favourites from all the seasons.

HMN January 10th, 2012 11:20 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
My random thought today - after this season (if it continues to be as good as the opener) is that regular ole Project Runway will be a total snooze. I hope All Stars is a kick in the pants Lifetime needs to step it up when the regular season comes around.

Desraelda January 11th, 2012 5:42 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars

Originally Posted by HMN (Post 5962825)
My random thought today - after this season (if it continues to be as good as the opener) is that regular ole Project Runway will be a total snooze. I hope All Stars is a kick in the pants Lifetime needs to step it up when the regular season comes around.


HMN January 13th, 2012 10:07 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
Another good episode. I'm sort of liking the hour format better than the 90 minute...

I might be a total snob, but seriously I can't imagine going to sit through a 3 hour opera in a backless dress. Ew. The seats - while beautiful and plush are made from red scratchy velvet. I've sat in them. Michael C should have provided a shawl for that dress at the very least. Ew. The neck and collar of his dress was very pretty - I'll give him that - but then it was fairly vulgar in the back. Way too plunging. Not to say that Anthony's was any less risque, but I felt like with Anthony's a bit of tape could reduce the exposure level.

Austin - where do we start with him. Get out of the vintage 80's closet. I swear the clothes didn't look good then, and they don't now! That being said, his dress was the winner. It was an appropriate silhouette, the right color, and the right amount of coverage. We're talking about the Opera here, not the red carpet, and not the charity ball. And good for Austin for being so gracious on the win.

And speaking of a ball gown. I missed the first 5 minutes of the show, but how did opera turn into ball gown? I mean unless it's opening night, people don't dress up that much for the opera. And a good ball gown doesn't make one look preggers!

April - how could I not mention her dress. It was so bad. Bad I say. Trying too hard, the dye was terrible, she's just not going to last that long.

And poor Sweet P. The dress she had on was much more suited for the opera than the one she made for the show.

It's weird having the judges be so nice! It's a bit hard to tell whose they don't like sometimes! They're so complementary!

And ps. Still think Mondo is the cutest thing ever. :)

freelantzer January 14th, 2012 2:12 am

Re: Project Runway - All Stars

Originally Posted by HMN (Post 5964086)
Another good episode. I'm sort of liking the hour format better than the 90 minute...

And ps. Still think Mondo is the cutest thing ever. :)

I like the hour so much better than the 90 minutes. I feel like we talked about that last season, too--how much it dragged. So far all stars has felt like the old runway that we loved instead of the mess it was last season, and for me it isn't because we have old designers back. It's because we have good designers and good challenges. The focus is on design and not creating forced drama with a group challenge every other week. The judges comments are more constructive than mocking and their decisions make sense.

And Mondo is totally adorable. :D

Rastaban43 January 14th, 2012 9:49 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
Yay, pictures are back! I can only be bothered because these people have talent and the judges, for the most part, are actually, making sense with their critiques. I actually am glad they switched back to a 60-minute format, and that comes from someone who loved the extra half hour. I just think they realised they had a problem with filling 90 minutes with content instead of drama, so seeing it all squeezed into 60 minutes makes the show quick and refreshing.

It's funny to see the critiques, though, because I've noticed even on the "bad" looks, the judges are praising quite a few of the aspects of the designs. It is confusing in a way because you really want that bit of blunt honesty when you're standing up there, worried about going home. Either that is a something the editors are doing, or it'll change, hopefully. And is it just me or did the old judges say "styling" far too much? Because these ones haven't said it once, have they? Anyway, on with the critiques.

Plunging necklines and backlines? It wasn't terrible, but I would have made it a touch more modest. Perhaps tape would work, like you said, HMN. I did like the way he used white, though. I did like the look overall, but like Austin's, I just thought this looked a touch dated. And that said, I am not sure Miss Anthony is going to make it much longer because he is a one-trick pony.

The old judges would have called this a hot mess, and I kind of miss that. I just hate it when designers try to do ombre because most of them utterly fail at it. I can't say that I've ever been terribly fond of April, and I seem to remember always criticising her inabilty to pull of a well-finished look. This just seems vindication of all my criticisms. I do like April and her point of view (and she really does have a point of view which is more than I can say about all of the top three this week), but she just isn't quite good enough. :(

OK, I shouldn't say that Austin doesn't have a point of view at all, but it's very vague to me. He makes pretty dresses, to be sure, but that's about it for me. I did like this dress, but it didn't do a whole lot for me. I would say top three is fine, whatever. But winning? I mean, I guess it's the most muted of all of the "opera dresses" and perhaps what a socialite may end up wearing, but it lacked something creative to me.

I actually really liked this dress apart from those splits in the front that were just far too high. It brought all attention to her crotch. If she had done something slightly different with the front, this could have been my favorite look.

This was one of the worst looks too, and he should count himself lucky there were three worse ones. I mean, was his model preggers or what? This dress was so ugly it's vulgar, and those irregular feather boobs? Sheesh, what happened here lol!

This deserved to be in the bottom, though. One thing the old judges would have said is drapes. This isn't a terrible dress, but it's a little homely, and it's not at all something one would wear to the opera. It was a tough call between Kara and Sweet P, and Sweet P had the writing on the wall, but I dislike Kara so I would have been happy to see her auf'd.

And what was this? This wasn't a pageant queen challenge, was it? LOL! She narrowly escaped the bottom, too, because this did not meet the challenge in the slightest. It wasn't completely hideous, but I can't imagine any Project Runway challenge this dress would have received high praise for. Has there ever been a prom night challenge?

I really wanted to hate Michael's look, but for all the talk about Austin, this is just as much Michael's forte, and he did a great job. I love that neck piece. Just love it. It really made the look for me. I do like the back, but have to agree with comments that it doesn't seem entirely practical. It's perhaps a touch too much for the opera, but runways are always supposed to be a little bit more than practical. I wouldn't have been gutted if he had won, but I think the judges would have seen pretty quickly, this is the kind of thing Michael does every challenge.

I was really surprised how much I liked Mila's look. I think she has really grown since her first appearance on Project Runway, and she's really come into her point of view really well. She's going to be tough competition this season, I can tell.

And I only hope Mondo keeps doing such a good job. This was another of my favourite looks this week. I was a bit miffed he didn't make it into the top, too, but oh well. I mean, Anthony got praised for his unique use of white, but he did a good job of styling. Mondo actually did something really interesting. This is how I explained it to some friends last night: you can look at dresses like all of the top three and praise them for mimicking existing (what I would call dated) "opera house" fashions, or you could ask yourself what is new and interesting about them. Mondo's dress is new and interesting. Hehe, and I hope I don't just sound crazy defensive of Mondo because he's a favourite. XD

Didn't love it, didn't hate it. Just safe. I would have expected a little more from him, though.

I don't care what the judges say would have fixed the bodice, nothing can fix that color and pattern scheme. This just isn't opera. No. Sweet P. Oh, Sweet P. LOL! This is more something Maria would have worn in Sound of Music, only those drapes were green, not salmon. I still would have rather seen Kara go because she had the same problem of floral drapery and I like her less, but this color was just too offensive.


Just for fun, I'll say I think Mila and Mondo will be in the top three. I think Austin will make it to the top five or six but no further. April will probably go just before him. Anthony won't make it much longer. Kara won't either. Not sure who else will be in the top three yet -- maybe Rami, maybe Gordana if she starts editing, maybe even Jerell. But this competition is between Mila and Mondo. That's what I'm seeing so far.

freelantzer January 15th, 2012 2:36 am

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
:clap: Yeah! The pics are back! Thanks, Rastaban! :)

Spacecadet January 15th, 2012 6:57 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
i agree i definitely like the hour long format much better. And I like the judges decisions better on all stars they seem to make more sense.

I have no idea what sweet p was thinking nor april, or kara. Kara's print was terrible. but i agree sweet p should have gone home.

I was a bit surprised mondo wasnt in the top but i agree either austin or michael should have won. Just seems silly to have a winner now when it doesnt really mean anything.

HMN January 16th, 2012 7:38 pm

Re: Project Runway - All Stars

Originally Posted by Spacecadet (Post 5965094)
Just seems silly to have a winner now when it doesnt really mean anything.

YES! I am so surprised they're not pulling a Top Chef All Stars thing and giving cash prizes out for wins. That would certainly motivate. I'd argue to give less cash at the end and starting with 8 contestants left, start doling out 5k-10k cash prizes. You'd really see some stepping up of design if that were the case!

Rastaban, thanks for posting the pics! And glad to see Mila's again. For me, that should have been on the top. It was better than Anthony's by far. Mondos (yes I'm biased) was great too because you could always take off the back piece for a totally different dress.

merry18 January 18th, 2012 12:41 am

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
Ah, so glad the pictures are back, Rastaban!

Let's see...

Sweet P - yikes. I figured she would be an early elimination. She always seemed to skate by on her original season, and the possibility of that happening again were slim to none. And wow, was her dress horrible!

Side note: I, for one, strongly dislike how the judges are insisting on being nice to even the low scorers. Like when they suddenly declared Sweet P an expert at using color. Um, what? One of the sweetest (pun intended) ladies to ever be on the show, but I wouldn't call her a color expert.

Kara - Meh. I was 'meh' on her designs during her first season and i'm still 'meh' on them now.

April - She's kind of boring. Her designs have never impressed me much, and her dress this week was just blah. For the record, I LOATHE ombre, and if you do ombre poorly....yikes. Her personality kind of cracks me up, though. Like when Michael C was freaking out about the red and she was like "if you wanna do red just do f!$#ing red!"

Gordana - I loved the top of her dress, but the bottom was weird. I wish the entire skirt had just been that solid blueish color.

Kenley - I hate pink, and I almost always hate polka dots, and I really dislike Kenley. I mean, she usually has well executed designs and every once in a while makes something that I will begrudgingly admit is good, but I can't erase my memories of her villainous ways on her first season. Her designs are mostly far too girly for my tastes/

Jerrell - I was SHOCKED that his dress wasn't bottom three. It was hideous. Kara's wasn't opera and April's was drab, but this was just all kinds of unflattering. Jerrell was my favorite on his season, so I really need him to step it up.

Rami - It was fine. Below his usual standard and I thought the execution was way off, but it wasn't bad.

Mila - Her dress was super slinky, and if I had to pick one to wear myself it would be this one. It wasn't my favorite (my third favorite, actually), but her design aesthetic is very much in line with my personal taste. So yeah, I loved her dress.

Mondo - I'm guessing if they had had a top 4 this would have been in it, because it was cool. It was unique without being too weird, thought I thought the huge bow/pillow on the back was a bit much.

Anthony - I don't usually think 'polished' when I think of Anthony, but this dress was pretty darn polished. The double-plunge was maybe a little too much, as were the gloves, but overall I thought it was a pretty good look.

Michael C - I was in the minority on liking Michael during his season (at least it felt like it), and I still feel hesitant to pronounce how he's still a contestant I really like, because apparently I lot of people still don't like him. I was glad his dress was awesome this week, though, because for once most people agreed with me on loving one of his designs. The previews have hinted at him being a villain this season, but I will defend Michael C as a good character until the internet dies! On an unrelated note, his model looks a lot like Leslie from season 6 of ANTM. I haven't checked, but does anyone know?

Austin - if only the bust hadn't been so high and maybe not so pointy! I kind of loved this dress outside of that minor flaw. I thought the tulle looked cool. I kind of think Michael C should have won, and I almost think the judges gave the win to Austin because they felt like they should because of his King of Couture title, but I still really liked this dress.

freelantzer January 18th, 2012 2:05 am

Re: Project Runway - All Stars
Many people have said how much they dislike Jerrel's dress, and I didn't care for it either, but it did look like Jerrel to me. It reminded me of the dress he made on the last episode of his season to get into the finals (or get to make a collection). The silhouette was very similar. Anyway, I thought it looked like something he would make, though it isn't my taste. He also made a lot of other things that season that I really liked so I hope he does more of that here.

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