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hplova15165 March 28th, 2007 4:03 am

The Last Horcrux
EDIT: I'm going to put this in the Library. Help me edit everything and add details!

This is my version of what will happen in Harry Potter 7. I'm really excited to write this!!
If you do not want to read a different "version" of what will happen in the book, then I suggest you
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling does. I'm just writing out of my love for Harry Potter.
I hope everyone likes it!
**If this helps, I happen to be for Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione shipper. Just so you know. It'll be slightly obvious when you read it, however.



Harry awoke from a small amount of sleep. He had been up most of the night helping with the finishing touches for Bill and Fleur's wedding. Today was very important, so Mrs. Weasley woke everyone bright and early to get started. Bill and Fleur's wedding was to take place that day, and Mrs. Weasley was running around the house, yelling for everyone to go faster so they could leave. The wedding was to take place in a large church near the Burrow. It was a short walk, but Mrs. Weasley still wanted everyone to be there early to get ready for the wedding. Now she was fussing over the state of Bill's hair, saying that he should have gotten it cut at least for his own wedding.

"Bill, dear, it's getting so long, I could cut it off to make it look better. It is your wedding, after all. You want to make a lasting impression," Mrs. Weasley said.

"No mum, I would have gotten it cut if I wanted it cut," Bill said impatiently. He checked his watch. "Come on everyone, let's get a move on. The wedding's going to start in a couple of hours, we need to get ready."

The wedding was about to start, and all the guests had arrived and were in their seats. Harry glanced around the room. It was everything Fleur had asked for, and he meant just Fleur; she had been so picky about what the room should like. The chairs were draped in white dainty cloth, and gold and white flowers were placed on podiums on the end of every row. Everyone participating in the wedding services were wearing pale gold, finishing off the room. The services soon started. Fleur's little sister, Gabrielle, was walking down the aisle with Ginny. Harry's mouth dropped.

Ginny looked absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing a floor length, pale gold, strapless silk dress. Her hair curled slightly at the bottom, giving Harry the impression that he was staring at a princess.

The procession continued, however much Harry wished he could have paused that moment in time, just to keep staring at Ginny.

Fleur walked in, wearing a beautiful silver wedding gown. On top of her perfectly combed blonde hair, she wore a goblin made tiara. Bill, who was standing at the end if the aisle, stood speechless. He watched his soon to be wife walk up to him with an expression of awe on his face.

And the procession continued.

The party afterwords lasted several hours. It was fun till the end, though. The Wierd Sisters had arrived, seeming to have a connection with Fleur's mother. Fleur's mother was a very rich woman who had decided to pay the wedding's expenses.

The Wierd Sisters played a slow song at first, in honor of the newly weds. Bill and Fleur danced, looking lovingly at one another. There were many other couples on the dance floor. Ron, his face burning red, asked Hermione to dance. Harry wanted to ask Ginny to dance, but he was too embarassed. Instead, he was watching her dance with a handsome veela boy from Fleur's family. Hate and jealousy coursed through him as he watched them.

But Harry knew he loved Ginny. He just couldn't bring up the courage to tell her. But, as he was leaving the next day, he had to tell her. He got up, ready to ask Ginny to dance, when Tonks walked into the room.

To Harry, she looked dreadful. It seemed as though she had been crying for a long time, her hair was mousy brown, and her clothes were dirty and torn. She had circles under her eyes, and looked as though she hadn't eaten in days.

She walked straight to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. She whispered something in their ears, and they gasped. Mrs. Weasley burst into tears and started sobbing on her husband's shoulder. Mr. Weasley patted her back, still whispering to Tonks, who was hiccuping as she spoke.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion, everyone, but this was a very -HICCUP- important matter. I'm afraid that the party must -HICCUP- end here," Tonks said sadly, before walking out.

Mr. Weasley walked to the front of the chapel to make an announcement.

"We all need to leave. I'm sorry, but I have just recieved news that our loyal friend, Remus Lupin, was murdered by You-Know-Who," he said grimly, "For those who knew him, you know how great of a person he was. For those who didn't, you now know. Let us take a moment of silence for our dear friend."

Harry took this moment to let the shock register in his mind. Lupin, dead? Harry's father's best friend, dead!? Harry felt sadness creep through his body, growing steadily. The loss suddenly hit him like a heavy stone.

Ginny, who had sat down next to Harry, now turned to him. She stared at him for a long time, with a blank expression on her face. Abruptly, she leaned over and started crying on Harry's shoulder. Harry put his arm around her, trying to comfort her. Harry knew what he had to do at that moment. This had to stop. These killings had to stop.


hplova15165 March 28th, 2007 6:35 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

It was late when Harry, Hermione, and the Weasley's came home from the wedding. There had been a lot of tears shed at the wedding, exactly the opposite of the effect it was supposed to have. Even Fleur, who normally tried to be optomistic and happy about everything, was miserable. She had never met Lupin before, but Bill talked very highly of him all the time. This seemed to even dampen Harry's already thoroughly depressed mood. But there was something else bothering Harry's mind. It was Ginny.

How was he supposed to tell her he loved her before he left? He couldn't do it, not while she was already so miserable. But Harry couldn't just leave the next morning without telling her. He might never see her again. He had decided while they were coming home from the party to tell her after everyone was asleep. While they were coming in the house, he whispered in her ear:

"I need to talk to you in about 2 hours. Meet me in the back yard. This is important."

Harry had changed into his pajamas (one of Dudley's old tee shirts and a pair of shorts) and lied in his bed until Ron was asleep. About an hour and a half later, Ron's snores filled the room. Harry crept out of bed and snuck downstairs into the back yard. He wanted to be out there, alone, just to think about things for a while. Harry opened the door and walked out into the yard. Moonlight shone brightly against the Weasley's home. He gripped the fence, staring into space, thoughts filling his mind.

Several thoughts had dawned upon him after hearing of Lupin's death. The first one was that three of the four Marauders were dead. James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew were the four Marauders of Hogwarts. But as Peter had been evil, Harry's father and his father's best friends were the only people who mattered. My father's memory here is gone, Harry thought bitterly. Harry didn't realize this, but his father's legacy would live on, through him.

Another fact that dawned upon him was that he would not be able to see or contact the Weasley's for another couple of years. He should have had a last good-bye before he left, but he didn't want to upset the already stressed out Mrs. Weasley.

The door creaked open behind him. Harry turned around. Ginny walked up beside him. She was dressed in her pajamas, an over-larged tee shirt and a pair of knee length cotton pants. She spoke softly, as though someone might overhear them.

"Why did you want to see me?" she asked.

"I had to talk to you," Harry replied, "Ron, Hermione, and me are leaving tomorrow. I might never see you again. There are things I need to tell you. Things I may never get a chance to say again."

Ginny listened quietly, her face questioning. It was clear that she had no idea what he had in store to say to her.

"Ginny, I was going to tell you this at the party," Harry was talking fast, letting it all spill out, "I planned on dancing with you and telling you, but I never got the chance. I just wanted to say, I thought you looked beautiful in that dress. I've liked you for such a long time, and I should have realized that before. Like I said, we could have had ages... But this is more important. I wanted to say, I... I..." Harry stammered at this point.

Ginny looked at him with a small grin on her face. "Well, spit it out."

"I love you," Harry said.

Ginny was shocked. For moments, all she could do was stare at him. Then she looked away. "I should have figured that out too. I never really gave up on you, and i've said that before. I'm glad I didn't. I wouldn't be able to say what i'm about to say." She turned and looked at Harry.

"I love you too."

Harry grinned. A happiness and sadness had filled him at the same exact moment. Knowing that Ginnny loved him made him happy, while being away from her cause him to be sad. But Ginny stepped forward and looked into his eyes. Her big, brown eyes penetrated his gaze and saw inside him. He leaned down to her as she leaned forward. Harry closed his eyes and kissed her.



hplova15165 March 28th, 2007 10:57 pm

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

"Wake up Harry! We need to get going!"

Harry woke to Hermione's prodding him. "I"m up, I'm up..."

"I just wanted us to leave before anyone can ask any questions," Hermione said, in her usual bossy voice, "Everyone's still asleep. Now be quiet, I nearly woke Ginny just by walking outside her room. I'll be waiting downstairs with Ron."

Harry looked at the bed beside him. Ron's bed was neatly made, and all the clothes that were normally scattered around his room were missing. Harry walked over to his suitcase and pulled out some clothes. He yawned, thinking how hard it is to Apparate when you're sleepy. They were Apparating there, just to save time. Harry and Ron had taken their Apparating tests several days before the wedding. Even though Harry prefered brooms, Apparating was a faster, more efficient way of traveling. And, in Hermione's opinion, they would definetely need to know how with the amount of traveling they were doing.

Harry closed his suitcase and pulled it down the stairs to the kitchen. Hermione and Ron were sitting at the table eating toast. Ron gestured to the place next to him. "Comeneetarry," he said through a mouth full of food. Hermione looked at him, disgusted.

"Come on Harry, take a piece. We'll leave in a couple of minutes," Hermione said.

Harry took a piece and bit off the end. His thoughts were elsewhere, however. He was thinking about the next time he would see the Burrow, the next time he would see the Weasley's, and the next time he would be sitting at this table and eating. The three of them finished their toast and stood up. "Come on, let's go," Hermione said.

They walked outside, lugging their suitcases behind them. What were the three D's again? Destination, divination... oh whatever. Harry concentrated on where he wanted to be. He thought about how much he wanted to be there. Suddenly, Harry felt like he was being twisted down a tight rubber tube. Harry opened his eyes. He was there.

There was a faint 'pop' behind him, followed by a loud 'PLOP'. Harry turned around. Hermione was standing next to Ron, who, apparantly, had Apparated and fallen face first onto the ground.

"Stupid... ruddy... Apparating," Ron said angrily, brushing dirt off his shirt. It was part of Harry's friendship with Ron that he refrained from laughing.

"Let's go inside. Maybe we'll be able to find it... we didn't throw it out..." Hermione continued muttering to herself, and Harry caught words like, "destroying" and "the next one."

They walked past a house with the number 11 boarded on the front door, music blasting, making the ground beneath their feet tremble. The house after that was number 13. Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked between the two houses and up the steps of a house that seemingly blew up between number 11 and number 13. The three friends entered number 12 Grimmauld Place.



hplova15165 March 30th, 2007 6:34 pm

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

**The part where I mention about searching the cabinet and finding the locket no one could open, that information was stolen from the's What Will Happen In Harry Potter 7?. But I had thought of the idea that Regalus stole the horcrux even before that book was written.


Harry looked around the room. Everything looked damp, old, and derelict. The floor was dusty and peeling on the ends. "Wow... no one's been here in a long time. I guess since the Order started meeting at McGonagall's place, no one's been caring for the house," Harry said.

"Yeah," Hermione said, glancing around the room, "I just hope we'll be able to find it..."

"Hermione, if you're going to explain yourself, you might want to do it now," Ron said, slightly annoyed.

"Well, this will take a while. I suggest you sit down."

Abandoning their suitcases, Harry, Ron, and Hermione went down the stairs and into the kitchen. It was even worse than the hall they had entered in. The place had a musty smell to it, and cobwebs coated the ceiling. Ron pulled out a chair from the table. Suddenly, he backed away, shrinking in fear.

"What? What is it, Ron?" Hermione asked.

"It's a sp-... it's a sp-..." Ron stuttered, unable to speak.

Harry and Hermione walked around the table and pulled out Ron's chair. Hermione rolled her eyes. Ron's chair was covered in spiders. Harry sighed and dusted it off. "There? Happy? Now Hermione... explain," Harry said. They sat down.

Hermione told them that about why her research in the library at Hogwarts had failed her. In her words, "It wasn't a famous person who stole Voldemort's Horcrux."

"Then it could be anyone! How do you know who it was?" Harry said quickly.

"I narrowed it down to one person," Hermione explained, "One person who knew Voldemort's power and decided to come back to the good side. But, as Sirius said, 'You don't just hand in your resignation to Voldemort. It's a lifetime service or death.' Oh for goodness sake Ronald, get a grip." Hermione suddenly gasped and put her hand over her mouth. She had forgotten about Sirius's death.

Harry turned away from Hermione. He had been touchy about Sirius's death, but he knew he couldn't be sad all the time. Before Bill and Fleur's wedding, the topic of Sirius had come up at the dinner table. Harry had looked away pointedly, trying to ignore what they were saying, but he heard Hermione's whisper. She had said, "This isn't what Sirius would have wanted, you being sad all the time." Harry normally would have jumped at her for even mentioning something like that to him, but he knew Hermione meant well.

"It's okay Hermione," Harry said softly, "I really don't mind anymore."

Hermione's expression cleared, and she continued talking. "Well, you know what this means then, don't you? R.A.B. is Sirius's brother, Regalus Black!"

Harry and Ron were taken back. Regalus, the Death Eater, steal Voldemort's horcrux? But he couldn't be... Harry thought for a moment. Then, it all clicked. Harry pulled out a long chain from his neck. It was the fake locket, and Harry now wore it at all times. He opened the front and took out the note. "I will be dead long before you read this..." Harry said, "It's because he was a Death Eater! He knew that Voldemort was going to be after him because he had stolen his horcrux! And when Lupin said Sirius's brother only lasted 3 days after escaping Voldemort, that must have been when he stole the Horcrux! But did he destroy it..."

"That's why we're here," Hermione said, "I think you both might remember the day we were cleaning out the cabinet?"

"Oh yeah..." Ron said, "I remember that. Wait a minute, are you saying that the locket we found, the one that no one could open, is the horcrux?"

"Exactly!" Hermione said happily, "The question is, where is it?"

"Let's split up. We can cover more ground faster," Harry said.

All that night they searched for the locket. It was tedious work, considering the house had regained most of the disgusting creatures that the Weasley's, Harry, and Hermione had worked hard on last summer to destroy. Ron came down the stairs yelling about a suitcase that tried to rip his leg off.

Finally, Hermione's voice trailed in from the kitchen. "I think I've found it!" she said when Harry and Ron entered. "Look..."

It looked like a plain, silver locket. How were they supposed to know if it was Slytherin's?

"May I...?" Harry asked. Hermione nodded and gave it to him. "Revealisis," Harry muttered, pointing his wand at the locket. It shone bright green for several moments. Then, green jewels started appearing on the front of the locket, spreading into an S formation.

"Yep... That's Slytherin's locket," Harry said. Hermione had watched the whole episode in awe. She stood up abruptly and knocked Harry over with a hug.

"Maybe I did manage to teach you something after all," she said. Harry and Ron laughed.

"Come on... let's take a look at it," Hermione said, standing up and walking over to the kitchen table. They followed and sat down.

"Maybe I can open it," Hermione said. She tried, but when that didn't work, she pulled out her wand. Harry heard her mutter a spell. The inside of the locket burned bright, then there was a soft 'click'. Hermione opened the locket. It was empty. She pointed her wand at it and said several more spells, but nothing happened.

"What exactly are you trying to do, Hermione?" Ron asked.

"I'm trying... I don't think... it might be... it's not," she said examining the locket.

"I hate it when she does that," Ron whispered to Harry, " She makes me feel so stupid sometimes." Harry held back his laughter.

"It's not a horcrux," Hermione said finally. Harry and Ron stared.

"How do you know?" Harry asked.

"Because I have a book on horcruxes. It's a very dark book, but it wasn't mine until quite recently."

A million questions exploded in Harry's mind. "Where did you get it? When did you get it? Who gave it to you?"

"Well... er... I...," Hermione mumbled, "You see, Dumbledore gave it to me."



hplova15165 March 31st, 2007 6:30 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

It was night in the forest. Green moonlight spilled onto two figures standing together. Ginny's heart was racing. Harry looked right into her eyes. She gazed back at him, favoring his beautiful emerald green colored eyes. He smiled. Ginny reached out to touch his face, but found she couldn't reach.

Her eyes became blurry. Harry's face became a haze. Suddenly, he turned around.

Rain started falling.

"Harry, where are you going? Harry? Harry!" Ginny screamed.

Thunder boomed. Lightning cast the moon's light to shadows. The rain fell harder than ever.

Her shouts were deaf to his ears. He couldn't hear her over the rain. He walked on.

"No! Come back! Harry, listen to me! COME BACK!" Ginny shouted hysterically. Her hair and clothes were soaked.

Harry's figure disappeared behind the trees and into the distance.

Ginny ran. She ran as fast as she could. But no matter where she went, she was only surrounded by trees. Tall, leering, dark trees.

"No... no... help... someone..."

Ginny sat down, surrounded by trees. She ran her trembling fingers through her wet, tangly hair. Tears leaked from her eyes.

Ginny awoke from her dream, tears streaming down her face. "No...," Ginny muttered, "no... don't go... don't leave me here... unprotected... alone..."

Mrs. Weasley burst into the room and switched the lights on. "Ginny! What's happening? Were you attacked? Did you have a nightmare? I heard you screaming, dear!"

"Mum... it's all right... nightmare..." Ginny said.

Or was it? Ginny thought Would Harry really leave me like that?

Of course he wouldn't. He loves you. her mind answered.

And that, in Ginny's opinion, settled the matter.



hplova15165 April 1st, 2007 7:14 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic
MAJOR HBP SPOILERS!!! If you're still reading the HBP, I suggest you stop reading the story.


Harry and Ron stared at Hermione, speechless.

Harry was the first to speak. "What?"

"Didn't you hear me?," Hermione answered, "Dumbledore -"

"Yes, I know, I know. But why did he give it to you, not me?" Harry said.

"Well... Dumbledore knew I was the "know-it-all" of the group, so he gave it to me. He entrusted me to show it to you at the right moment. And I thought now would be the right time, since we actually found one!" Hermione became excited at the mention of the horcrux.

"Who gave it to Dumbledore?" Ron asked.

"I asked him, and he said Sirius did," Hermione quickly glanced at Harry, who said nothing. "You know how his family was... And, according to Dumbledore, the book was found in Regalus's room."

"That explains a lot..." Ron said quietly.

"Let's see the book then, shall we?" Harry said.

Hermione dashed up the stairs. About five minutes later, she came back down with a black book in her hands. The purple lettering on the front spelled out The Book of Horcruxes. Harry took the book from her hands and flipped through it. It's pages were yellow and old. The first chapter was, "What is a horcrux?" Harry saw several other pages filled with spells to make the horcrux and to find and conceal one.

"This is one book Riddle would die for," Ron said, peering over Harry's shoulder in awe.

Harry kept staring at the book, deep in thought.

A little more than a month had passed of examining the book and searching for answers. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had Apparated to the Leaky Cauldron, where they visited a local wizarding library in Diagon Alley every day. There, they had mapped out where Voldemort's remaining horcruxes might be. All, that is, except two.

"But what could it be! It's not an object of Gryffindor's, McGonagall is guarding the only one that exists. If it's an object of Ravenclaw's, what is it!" Hermione screamed in frustration.

"Keep your voice down, Hermione," Harry hissed. Hermione glared at him.

Harry and Ron were sitting in front of a table covered in papers. Harry picked up a sheet that read:

1. Hufflepuff's goblet
2. Slytherin's locket
3. Marvolo's ring
4. Nagini - snake
5. Something of Ravenclaw's/Gryffindor's
6. Riddle's diary
7. Riddle

There was a check next to Slytherin's locket, Marvolo's ring, and Riddle's diary.

Ron picked up a book from the stack beside his chair. All of the books were about Rowena Ravenclaw, her life, her home, her most treasured possesions, and anything else that could be written about her. Ron had several pages marked. "Look here..." he said, pointing to a page in the book The Hogwarts Founders: Their History and Lives. There was a picture of a beautiful blue and white castle. Next to this picture, there was a smaller one of a room piled with gold and jewels. There was a caption underneath both of them.

"Rowena Ravenclaw lived in her castle with only her house elves. Hermione whispered, "She was a very rich woman with no relatives. All of her gold and jewels were kept in the royal treasury, which was hidden deep in the castle. The place where the treasury happens to be is currently unknown. Researchers are still trying to find it. This must be where the horcrux is hidden! It's too much of a coincidence! Ravenclaw was a genius, she must have put all the protection spells she could on the treasury. And with Voldemort's extra barriers, no one could find it unless they knew where it was!"

"But what about Hufflepuff's horcrux?" Ron asked.

"I think I know where it's hidden," Harry said suddenly. He stood up. "Voldemort hides them in places with significance, am I correct?" Ron and Hermione nodded. "The cave, Ravenclaw's house, and Marvolo's house were important places," Harry continued, "I know another important place that hasn't been mentioned. The first place that Voldemort (shut up Ron!) could ever call home. Did anyone ever think that he might have hidden one of his horcruxes in Hogwarts?"



hplova15165 April 3rd, 2007 3:03 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

Ginny ran around in circles, looking for Harry.

"No..." she whispered, "No... he's still here, I know he is!"

A figure emerged from the shadows. It was Harry.

"Oh Harry, I thought you had left me!" Ginny said, relieved.

"I can't leave you, Ginny," Harry said, staring into her eyes, "I love you."

Ginny smiled at him. He stroked her cheek, and Ginny enjoyed the moment. He put his arms around her and Ginny leaned her head against his chest.

"But Harry, why did you -" Ginny said, looking up.

Harry was gone. Nowhere to be seen.

"Harry? Harry, where did you go! Harry!" Ginny said.

It was happening again.

"No... no... he's still here! I know he is! He said he loved me! But why did he leave me if he loved me? He left, without saying goodbye!" Ginny ranted on to herself.

The tree branches rustled around her. "Harry?" Ginny said cautiously.

"No, not really. I was just watching," the voice said.

"Where is Harry? Did you see where he went?" Ginny asked.

"Oh yes... he left you," the voice said in a bored tone, "After he said he loved you. Now why would he do such a thing?"

"I dunno... maybe he had to be somewhere." Ginny said impatiently. All she wanted to know was where Harry went.

"I don't think so. Do you think maybe... he's playing you?" the voice asked slyly.

"What do you mean!?" Ginny said in a shocked voice.

"Well, he says he loves you and he leaves you," the voice continued, "Does that not send a message through your head? I think that he just said that so you wouldn't rat him out on where he went."

Ginny said nothing

"Look. Someone's coming to wake you up. But we'll chat again later, Ginny. I'll make sure of that..." the voice faded away in the distance.

"Ginny, Ginny dear. Wake up."

Ginny opened her eyes to see her mum's concerned face staring at her.

"You slept late, Ginny. What happened?"

"It's nothing Mum... I'm fine. Really," Ginny said. She didn't know why she was telling people she was fine when she really wasn't.
(Author's note: this is supposed to remind you of someone else...)



hplova15165 April 4th, 2007 1:46 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

"OH MY GOD HARRY!" Hermione yelled, causing Harry and Ron to jump. "Sorry... I think you've truly stumbled onto something! That would make perfect sense! But where would it be... Hogwarts is a big school, it could be anywhere."

"Maybe the goblet's in the Hufflepuff common room," Ron suggested, "You know, since it's Hufflepuff's goblet."

"I don't think so," Harry said slowly, "I think it might be in the Slytherin common room. It's the first place Voldemort actually made friends."

"If you call that friends..." Ron said darkly.

"But anyone could have touched it or found it," Hermione said.

"I dunno," Harry said. "What if there's a secret room somewhere in the Slytherin common room? Some place that Voldemort and his friends used as a hideout, maybe."

Hermione flicked her wand at a quill on the table. At once it started taking notes on a sheet of paper. It reminded Harry strongly of Rita Skeeter's Quick Quotes Quill.

"We'll have to do a thurough search of the Slytherin common room," Hermione said to the quill.

"How are we going to do that?" Ron asked, "The Slytherins aren't exactly going to invite us in with welcoming arms."

"We can just ask McGonagall... she'll understand when we tell her it's about Voldemort," Hermione said.

The quill stopped writing and fell over. "At least now we'll have a sense of where we're going and what we're doing," Hermione said. She pointed the wand at the papers and they straightened themselves up. She waved it again and an large envelope appeared out of nowhere. The stack of papers slid inside it.

"Let's go," Hermione said, picking up the envelope. She staggered slightly under the weight. Ron moved forward and helped her up. Their eyes met. The moment froze.

Harry coughed.

"Oh.." Hermione said, slightly embarassed. She regained her normal stature. "Well then, Ron get that book on Hogwarts. We're going to buy it."

Ron picked up the book with a dazed smile on his face.

They had spent the rest of their day in Diagon Alley, revisiting Fred and George's shop. They asked the lady at the counter where Fred and George were, and she said, "They're taking some time off to spend with their family. Apparantly, one of their family friends had died. Right now, they're helping organize the funeral." Harry glanced at Ron and Hermione and was not surprised to see them looking guilty. They, like him, had forgotten about Lupin's death. But it would be well taken care of.

"I completely forgot!" Hermione whispered to them, once they had left the shop.

"I did too... I feel so bad," Ron replied.

"I wish I could have stayed for the funeral," Harry said, "But I think Lupin would understand why we left."

"He would. I know he would," Hermione said, giving them a knowing look.



hplova15165 April 4th, 2007 3:17 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

Green light shone in the forest. A voice could be heard, shouting in the distance.

"Harry!" Ginny called, "Harry! Where are you? Harry!"

Two arms themselves around Ginny's shoulders.

"Hey Ginny," Harry said.

"Harry, why did you - "

"Why don't we go sit down?" Harry suggested.

They walked over to the front of a tree and sat down. Harry put his arm around Ginny's shoulder.

"Ginny?" he said. Ginny turned her head and looked right into his lovely green colored eyes.

"You know I love you?" Ginny nodded, unable to look away.

Harry leaned forward to kiss her. Ginny closed her eyes and kissed him. She reached for his face, to hold him closer, to never let him go, but found she couldn't find it. Ginny opened her eyes.

Harry was gone. Again.

Tears filled her eyes. "Again... again... again... oh, not AGAIN!" Ginny cried out in agony.

There was a rustling nearbye. "Who's there?" Ginny said susipiciously, suspecting who it was.

"Me again," the voice said.

"What do you want?" Ginny asked, "I'd really like to be left alone. You didn't see what happened. I - "

The voice cut her off. "Look. I saw what happened. Harry came, he said he loved you, then he leaves you. Again."

"I know what you're thinking, and it's not true," Ginny replied angrily. "I don't know why Harry keeps leaving, but he says he loves me!"

"Whatever you say... I know what I saw. What are you hiding, Ginny?" the voice said, "Where has Harry gone? Is he... looking for something?"

"I have no idea where he went. I think you should ask him," Ginny retorted.

"Have it your way..." the voice said, fading.

"Ginny, mum says to wake up," Fred said, "We're going shopping at Diagon Alley for some new black dress robes for the funeral."

Ginny woke up. She glanced at the door frame. Fred was gone.

She pulled herself into a tight ball under the blankets. I know where Harry went, and I won't tell some stupid old voice. It's my conscious, probably. That would explain why it can't show itself. It wants me to admit to myself that Harry's left me and probably found some other girl. And that he just wanted me not to tell anyone about the horcruxes. And that he doens't really love me.

Ginny burst into tears. Again.



hplova15165 April 4th, 2007 4:56 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

Harry woke up to the sound of an owl at the window. It was the owl that delivered the Daily Prophet in the morning. Harry put 6 Knuts in the small bag attatched to his feet and it flew off.

Harry went down to the kitchen. He was planning on making some muggle coffee. Hermione was addicted to it, and she had to have it at least twice a week. Harry looked around for the coffee mix, but he couldn't find it.

Now I have to go to the store. Great. Harry thought bitterly to himself.

He wrote a note to Ron and Hermione and left it on the table. He went back upstairs and changed into his muggle clothes. Harry stuck some money into his pockets and set off. He walked outside and Apparated to a wizarding telephone booth near a muggle grocery shop.

Harry opened the door from the booth and looked outside. It was a cloudy morning. He walked up inside the store.

The lights shone bright and there was a lot of noise. Many people were just there to eat at the cafe inside. Harry walked by the cafe and to the grocery aisles. He looked up.

"Coffee... coffee..." Harry muttered to himself. "How muggles get along without magic... this is going to take forever..."

Harry finally found the coffee section. He hurried into the aisle to grab the coffee and go. As soon as he walked in, he bumped into someone and knocked down all of their stuff.

"I'm sorry," Harry said, picking up some of the boxes. He looked up.

Standing in front of him was one of the prettiest girls Harry had ever seen in his life. She had long, brown curly hair that surrounded her petite face. She was skinny, about 17, wearing normal muggle clothes. Harry thought she was a normal, muggle woman until:

"You're Harry Potter, aren't you!" she said, shocked.

"Yeah, I am," Harry replied uncomfortably.

"My name is Emma. Emma Dame," Emma said, flustered, "I'm a wizard. My mum's a muggle, so I have to wear this when I go out." She gestured to her muggle clothes.

"Nice to meet you, but I really need to - "

"You're troubled," she said suddenly. "You're looking for something, but you can't find it. There are many of them, all hidden. Several are gone. But you have to find the rest... the pressure builds on you, because you are the only one who knows they exist."

Harry stood there, speechless. He didn't know what to say. He finally found his voice.

"How the heck do you know all that?"

"I'm a skilled Legilimens tracker," she explained. "By reading other people's minds, I can track down objects that are hidden. But I'm horrible at protecting my mind... I just can't get the hang of it for some reason." She laughed.

There was a short pause, while Harry was thinking. He smiled as he came up with an idea. "Emma, would you consent on me searching your mind?" Harry said.

"Sure," Emma said, surprised.

Harry pointed his wand at her. Suddenly, he was swimming through memories. Emma as a child... at parties... falling off her skates... walking through corridors... talking with friends... doing magic...

Harry stopped. She was obviously a normal person. Emma didn't have anything to do with the Dark Arts.

Harry thought it over. Emma would be the greatest use to them. They needed someone like her to join their group.

"Emma, we need your help," Harry said, "Come with me."

Emma had quickly Apparated to her house and explained to her father, who was a wizard, that she was going to work with Harry Potter. She then packed her bags and went with Harry. He Apparated them both to the front of number 11 Grimmauld Place

"I need you to swear you won't tell anyone about this place, Emma," Harry said. "Swear on your wand."

She held out her wand. "I solemnly swear on my wand," she whispered. She recited the spell. A string of blue light floated out of her wand. It wrapped itself around her wand then disappeared.

"Good," Harry said, his conscious clear. He led her to number 12 Grimmauld Place. The house blew up and she gasped. "Come on..." Harry said, leading her inside.

Ron and Hermione had been waiting for Harry. At first, they were shocked to see Emma. But Harry introduced her and told them about her. Harry gave her a room and she flew her bag up. When she had reached her room, she gave Harry a hug.

"Thank you for finally putting some use to my talent," she said breathlessly.

"Right..." Harry said, still recovering from that sudden gesture of happiness. "Come downstairs, Ron, Hermione and I will tell you what's going on."

They went down to the kitchen together. Ron and Hermione were already sitting there and waiting. And then, they explained.

They explained everthing. And while they were talking, she was listening. She took in everything and remembered it, somehow.

"Wow..." she said, once they had finished. "That's... that's amazing."

The time had moved so quickly. Harry looked at his watch. It read 12:09 AM.

"Let's get to bed," Harry said.

"Yeah... I'm tired..." Ron said, yawning.

Ron and Hermione left the room. Harry got up and walked to the stairs. Emma appeared beside him, smiling. She slipped her hand in his. Harry pulled away. There was something strange going on with Emma.



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Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic
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Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

Emma's heart skipped a step when she first laid eyes on Harry. He was skinny and handsome, with messy black hair and emerald green eyes. He stood there for a moment, staring at her. He recovered himself quickly.

"You're Harry Potter, aren't you?" Emma said.

"Yeah, I am," he said. Emma noticed that he was a little uncomfortable.

"My name's Emma. Emma Dane," she said, "My mum's a muggle, so I have to wear this when I go out." She gestured to her clothes. She decided to show him her powers. Oh, would he be surprised...

"Nice to meet you," Harry said hurriedly, "but I really need to - "

Emma cut him off. "You're troubled." She saw deep into his mind. There was confusion, pressure, and love. She continued "You're looking for something, but you can't find it. There are many of them, all hidden. Several are gone. But you have to find the rest... the pressure builds on you, because you are the only one who knows they exist."

Emma paused to let the shock register in his face.

"How the heck did you know all that?" Harry said, with a mixture of shock, amazement, and awe.

"I'm a skilled Legilimens tracker," she explained. "By reading other people's minds, I can track down objects that are hidden. But I'm horrible at protecting my mind... I just can't get the hang of it for some reason." She laughed.

There was a short pause, while Harry was thinking. He smiled as he came up with an idea. He was so cute when he smiled. "Emma, would you consent on me searching your mind?" Harry said.

"Sure," Emma said. This was not what she expected.

Harry had checked her mind for the Dark Arts. After this, he asked her to work for him. They were doing secret work against Voldemort. Emma, who had known about Harry, Ron, and Hermione's adventures, just nodded. She was feeling slightly light-headed. I'm going to work for Harry Potter! was all she could think.

They had stopped at her father's house to explain what was going on and to pack her clothes. From there on, it was Harry who did the Apparating.

"Hold on," Harry said. He looked over at Emma. He has beautiful eyes Emma thought as she stared into them. She gripped his warm, strong hand.

Emma's neighborhood disappeared, and was replaced by a dingy, old neighborhood. They were in front of number 11 Grimmauld Place. Music boomed from inside the house.

Harry made her swear on her wand that she wouldn't tell anyone about the house. She consented, and they walked in between houses number 11 and 13. A house blew up in front of them. Emma gasped. Harry led her inside.

Ron and Hermione had been waiting for Harry. At first, they were shocked to see Emma. But Harry introduced her and told them about her. Harry gave her a room and she flew her bag up. When she had reached her room, she gave Harry a hug. She had been wanting to do that for a while.

"Thank you for finally putting some use to my talent," she said breathlessly.

"Right..." Harry said. For some reason, he looked surprised. "Come downstairs, Ron, Hermione and I will tell you what's going on."

They went down to the kitchen together. Ron and Hermione were already sitting there and waiting. And then, they explained.

They explained everthing. And while they were talking, Emma was listening. She took in everything and remembered it. Emma had a wonderful memory.

"Wow..." she said, once they had finished. "That's... that's amazing."

The time had moved so quickly. Harry looked at his watch.

"Let's get to bed," Harry said.

"Yeah... I'm tired..." Ron said, yawning.

Ron and Hermione left the room. Harry got up and walked to the stairs. Emma appeared beside him, smiling. She slipped her hand in his. His hand jerked away. He climbed up the stairs before Emma could say anything.



hplova15165 April 5th, 2007 11:37 pm

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

Harry tossed and turned in his sleep, sweating. Visions were flashing through his mind. Suddenly, they stopped on one.

Harry was walking down a deserted corridor, seeming to be following something. He saw a light coming from inside a room. He opened the door.

Harry walked inside a room with a couch and two chairs next to a fireplace. The light from the fire flickered across Harry's face. There was a small, open window on the wall. An owl flew in, handing a person sitting on the couch a letter.

"Come, Wormtail..." a cold voice said. The hairs on Harry's neck stood up. He knew who the voice belonged to.

Harry saw a man emerge from the shadows. It was Peter Pettigrew, nicknamed Wormtail. "Ye-yes my Lord?"

"I have just found out some very interesting news, Wormtail," Voldemort said, "Very... bad, interesting news."

"Wha-What is it, my Lord?" Wormtail said, terrified.

"I have the results from Bella. He's the one, Wormtail."

"What? Who?" Wormtail asked.

"HE'S THE ONE, YOU IDIOT! HARRY POTTER IS ONE OF MY HORCRUXES!" Voldemort bellowed. Harry had never head Voldemort yell as he did now. Voldemort turned around and walked around the couch, staring at the fire. He looked exactly like he had the night Harry had last seen him. He was wearing long, black robes and his face was more snake like than ever. Anger and frustration filled his eyes.

"The night... the night I went to kill him. I made him a horcrux. I MADE HIM A HORCRUX!" Voldemort cried. He flung the parchment that Bellatrix had sent him over his shoulder and onto the ground. Harry walked carefully over and picked it up, analyzing it. It had a bunch of strange symbols that he could not interpret.

Voldemort suddenly turned around. He looked in the direction Harry was standing. Harry knew Voldemort couldn't see him because it was a dream. But Voldemort could feel the magical presence in the room.

"Who's there?" he called out. Voldemort pulled his wand out.

Harry turned to walk out of the room, but Voldemort immedietely yelled, "Wormtail, the door!" In a flash, Wormtail had slammed the door and stood in front of it.

"I'll get you... whoever you are..." Voldemort said. "You must be a spy. The moment you speak, the moment you move, the moment you breath, you will die."

Harry was frozen where he was. He looked over to the window. He plucked up his courage and walked gently over to it, each step taken with great caution. Harry stepped on a loose floorboard. It creaked. Harry spun around.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" Voldemort yelled, pointing his wand at Harry. Harry experienced a blast of green light and a rushing noise in his ears. There was another shout, this one coming from Wormtail. He jumped in front of Harry, yelling, "NOOOO!"

Harry woke up.

Harry was hot and sweaty as he got out of bed. Ron, Hermione, and Emma had immedietely run up into his room at that moment. "Harry, are you okay? We heard screaming!" Hermione said, scared.

"I'm fine... a dream..." Harry muttered, looking away. Emma walked up to him and touched his shoulder.

"You're still troubled, Harry. Dying, even in a dream, is a horrible experience," she said. Harry turned and smiled at her gratefully. She could really understand him.

Hermione gasped. "Oh my goodness, Harry what happened in your dream?"

The contents of the dream rushed back to him. "Oh my god..." Harry thought as he sat down. Emma looked at him, then put her hands on her mouth in horror.

"Harry! Oh no! This is dreadful... you can't... how will you?" Emma said. She was sounding a little bit like Hermione.

Hermione and Ron looked at each other, then at Harry. "Harry, what happened? I think we need to know," Ron said.

Harry told them every detail about what happened in the dream. When he reached the part about Voldemort killing him, his voice wavered.

"It's all right, mate. You told us as much as you could, being through a rough night and all," Ron said. "But you, a horcrux? How can that be!"

Hermione pointed her wand in the air and muttered something. Her horcrux book came zooming into the room. She pulled it down from the air.

"Undoing a horcrux," she said to the book. The book's pages turned and stopped on a page. It was filled with complex spells and symbols like the ones on Bellatrix's letter to Voldemort.

"Here it is!" she said, excitedly. "Harry, it might take me a while to learn them, but I can undo the spell!"

"Excellent," Harry, Ron, and Emma said in unison. They all laughed.

"I'll get a start on it tomorrow," Hermione said, yawning. She walked out of the room, still holding the book in her hands.

"Night, Harry," Ron said, Apparating out of the room.

"Good night, Harry," Emma said. She leaned forward and her lips brushed his cheek. "Don't have any more nightmares," she said, winking at him. She walked out of the room.

Harry sat down on his bed. His feelings towards Emma were confusing.

It was just a friendly kiss. Nothing more. Harry thought firmly to himself. I don't like her as much as I like Ginny. She's just a friend. And she doesn't like me any more than a friend, either. That settled the matter. Harry laid down and drifted off to sleep. That night had been a hectic one.



hplova15165 April 9th, 2007 5:00 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

Harry was sitting in an armchair in front of a fire. It was early in the morning, so early, in fact, that it was still dark. He was thinking. Ginny had sent him a very important letter that day, and he knew he couldn't reply. He was worried it would be traced. But the letter was so important... he was wondering if he could make a little sacrifice for her... Then there was Emma. Emma was still sleeping, but Harry couldn't help but feel something strange going on between them. The kiss the night before... Emma was feeling something Harry wasn't. But his thoughts were cut off by Hermione and Ron arguing. And when they argue, it's quite loud.

Harry heard Ron first. "We can't just do that, do you know how much of a sacrifice that is? We could get it from some animal - "

"I'm telling you, it says HUMAN! Right there, read it and weep!" Hermione yelled.

Harry spoke. "What are you - "

Ron snatched the old horcux book and scanned the page. "Bloody h***..." he whispered.

"You see!" Hermione said smugly, "Now who's going to do it, you or me?"

"Do what?" Harry asked.

"I'll do it," Ron said immediately, ignoring Harry, "You can't just do that for Harry, and I'm much more - "

"What?" Hermione interrupted, "Stronger? Better? Healthier? I could do it, really!"

"No, Hermione," Ron said firmly, "I'll do it."

Hermione's face fell. "I guess it's probably for the better..."

"Could someone tell me what you guys are talking about!" Harry practically shouted.

Ron and Hermione glanced at each other. "Well, mate, one of us has to make a sacrifice for you..." Ron began.

"A sacrifice? What type of sacrifice?" Harry said warily.

"The thing is, the book says that the potion that I need to make requires a sacrifice of human... human..." Hermione's voice faded.

"Human blood," Ron finished quietly.

Harry sat there, stunned. He couldn't take blood from one of his friends! How could he do that! But then how was he going to get rid of himself being a horcrux?

"I can't let you do that!" Harry said, "What if you take too much blood or something?"

Hermione laughed dryly. "Harry, I was the smartest witch in our year, even you said that. Do you honestly think I'd make a mistake like that?"

"No, now that I think about it, I guess not..." Harry said.

"Good. Now... the book says that we need a potion and a spell to get rid of the horcrux," Hermione continued, as though nothing had happened. "The potion requires 2 months to brew. Considering all the other potions I've made, that's really not a long time. But there's something tricky about the potion and the spell..." Hermione flipped through the horcrux book. "Ah... here it is... the potion and performing the spell: The horcrux will be transferred to another object after the potion is drunk and the spell is performed. I'll use a book as the object so we can destroy it afterwords."

"Okay, but first, I need to talk to you," Harry said. He gestured towards the couch next to him. They sat down. Harry handed them Ginny's letter.

Dear Harold,

Hey! Sorry about the name... but you know what Crazy-Eye says... How are you doing? I know I shouldn't be worrying about some trivial thing such as this, but I had to ask. I've been having the strangest dreams lately... Most of them are about you. I see you... we're in a lovely green forest... you tell me you love me, and then you leave. Vanish. Disappear. Like you did the day after we had that little conversation. I think it might be that I just miss you. But there's something else... I've been hearing a voice in my dream. It might be my conscious, but it's been taunting me. It tells me that you've been playing me, pretending that you liked me so that I wouldn't disclose to anyone about where you went when you left. I know people want to know, and so does that voice. It tells me to tell it where you went so that it can get revenge on you for playing me. I don't know what to do Harold! And even though I know you won't reply because you're afraid that this letter will be traced, I had to send it. I just had to.


P.S. Tell my good-for-nothing brother that I haven't forgiven him for not saying good-bye. And tell Hermy I really miss her. It's hard not having another girl around the house.

"God..." Hermione whispered, "Do you think that - "

"Voldemort is entering Ginny's dreams and trying to get her to tell him where I am?" Harry said. "Yeah, I do."

Ron s******ed. Harry and Hermione looked at him, surprised. "Ronald, you could at least act like you were taking this situation seriously," Hermione said angrily.

"No, it's just the nicknames... Harold... Crazy-Eye... Gean... Hermy... but me! A good-for-nothing brother! Harsh..."

Hermione gave him a look that plainly said 'we have better things to worry about'.

"But if Voldemort's been in her dreams, then he could know where you are any second... this means - "

Emma had walked in the room that very second. She yawned. "What happened? Did I miss something?" she asked.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione all exchanged dark looks. They handed her the note. "Who's Harold? Wait a minute..." she looked at Harry. Comprehension dawned on her face. "Oh... then who's Gean? I think I know who everyone else is. Harold is Harry, Crazy-Eye is Mad-Eye Moody, Hermy is Hermione, and good-for-nothing brother... well the name about explains that one. Is it Ron's little sister or something?"

"Yeah," Harry said, "Her name's Ginny. I... she..." Harry's voice trailed away.

Emma looked away. She knew what was going on. Harry was in love with her. It's not fair she thought angrily to herself. Every time I find a guy I like... he ends up with another girl.

"So," she said, recovering her voice. "What are we going to do about this? I know, the voice is You-Know-Who." Ron and Hermione stared. "Legilimens, remember? But what are we going to do?"

"I have an idea," Harry said suddenly. "But it requires a sacrifice on our behalf..."

"Speaking of sacrifices - " Ron cut in.

"Not now. We'll tell her later," Hermione said.

Harry continued. "I think that Emma could teach her Legilimens. It would only take a couple of weeks, I mean. But how do I tell her what I know? I obviously can't send her a letter..."

"How about I set up a portkey? To her bedroom?" Hermione suggested.

"That's probably the best idea," Ron said, agreeing.

"Yeah," Emma said. "I'll visit her before bedtime and teach her. We'll see if she's improved every visit."

"That will work. But I'll have to tell her that she can't tell anyone that I've been to see her. They'll want to see us. I know they will. But we can't let that happen," Harry said.

"Come on Harry, I want some coffee," Hermione said. Harry groaned.

"See you guys later," he said. They both left.

Emma burst into tears. Ron stood there akwardly, not knowing what to do or say.

"I'm... so... sorry," Emma said, sobbing. "It's just, I really liked Harry."

Ron came over and put a comforting arm around her. "I'm really sorry, Emma. But Harry is completely in love with Ginny. It must be really bad for you."

"It is," she said. "I've dated a lot of guys... all of them break up with me, telling me that 'I'm sorry, but there's only one girl for me, and that girl isn't you.' And now it's happening again." She broke into a fresh wave of sobs.

"That's a load of sh**," Ron said calmly. "You're a very pretty, smart, kind girl, and one day, a guy will realize that."

Emma turned her head. "Thank you," she said softly. "Most guys would have run when I started crying, but I'm glad you stayed."

"Hey, what are friends for?" Ron said. She smiled. Emma leaned over and kissed him. It wasn't a long kiss, she just brushed her lips against his.

Emma sighed. Ron gave her a hug. She hugged back, grateful to have a friend by her side.

Unfortunately, at that very moment, Hermione walked in. She looked at the both of them in shock. Ron pulled out of the hug, ready to explain. There was a mixture of hate, disappointment, sadness, and anger in her eyes. She turned around and left.

"Hermione, wait! Let me explain!" Ron yelled after her retreating back. There was a small sob and a door slammed.

Emma looked shocked and sad. "I'm so sorry Ron! I know you liked her, I shouldn't have broken down like that, I - "

"It's all right Emma," Ron said quickly, "I just need to talk to her." He got up and left.



hplova15165 April 10th, 2007 5:58 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

It was an early summer morning. Emma and Harry had taken the portkey to Ginny's room. Ginny was fast asleep. Harry walked over to her side and prodded her gently.

"Ginny. Ginny, I need you to wake up," Harry whispered.

Ginny's eyes opened a little and she murmured something incoherently.

"Ginny, wake up," Harry said a little louder.

Ginny's eyes snapped open. "Harry... Harry, is that you? Oh, Harry!" Ginny said joyfully. She jumped out of bed and hugged him. Harry hugged her back. The look of pure happiness on his face killed Emma. She looked away. D@mn it, they really do love each other Emma thought angrily.

"Harry, come downstairs, we've got to tell Mum!" Ginny said, excited. "What's happened? Did you find the horcruxes? Did you get my letter? Why didn't you reply? Is that why - "

"Ginny," Harry cut her off. "About the letter... I think Voldemort's trying to get into your mind. To tell him about where I'm going and about the horcruxes. So I've come to help you. I want you to learn Occlumency against him. And there's another thing. I can't have you telling anyone that I'm coming and visiting you. It's too risky. And I mean don't tell anyone. Not your Mum, Dad, anyone."

Ginny sat back down on the bed, looking downcast. "Well, at least you're here," she said, brightening up slightly. Harry sat down on her bed and faced her.

"Yeah... I'm here," Harry said. He leaned forward...

Emma sneezed rather loudly.

"Oh God! Who are you?" Ginny said, almost falling off the bed.

"Sorry," Emma said, not feeling sorry at all. "I'm here to teach you Occlumency."

Ginny turned to Harry. "I thought you were going to teach me," she said in a small voice.

Harry looked at her. "You know how lousy I am at Legilimency. Remember the Snape episodes?" Ginny laughed. Emma had no idea what they were talking about.

"Okay... I guess it'd be fine. But when should we meet?" Ginny asked.

"How about... once a week," Harry said. "What day is the best?"

Ginny thought for a moment. "How about every Wednesday at 2? Mum's always out buying food for the week and Dad's at work. There's really no one else in the house."

"Perfect," Harry said brightly. He stood up. "See you soon, Ginny," he whispered in her ear. Harry kissed her on the cheek. Emma looked away again.

"Nice meeting you, Emma," Ginny said. Emma forced a smile.

Harry and Emma both held the portkey. They were whisked away.

Ron was banging on Hermione's door. It had been like that for the last week, ever since Hermione had caught him with Emma. Harry and Emma were out, both having taken a portkey to Ginny's room. This was the night they were telling her of their suspicions. But Hermione and Ron were alone in the house, and Ron had some explaining to do.

"Hermione, open up! I have to explain," Ron yelled. This had been going on for ten minutes.

Hermione finally opened the door. Her eyes were filled with anger. "Ron, I really don't want to hear your excuses," she said. "You've already caused enough damage, why can't you just LEAVE ME ALONE!" She slammed the door in his face.

Ron walked over to the stairs and sat on the top step. He ran his fingers through his hair. I can't loose Hermione! I lo- like her. I really like her. Ron caught himself in his thoughts. He had been evading that simple subject for a while. But it had finally come up in his mind. Did he love Hermione?

* * * * *

Hermione had sunk down against her door. Tears slid down her face. Millions of thoughts were running through her head. I can't believe Ron would do this to me! I really thought he liked me. I must have just mistaken our friendship for something more. How stupid! I'm such a prat... Because he ditched me. He ditched me for Emma. That pretty, smart girl... It's not fair. I can't believe this is happening to me. Hermione broke into a fresh wave of tears and wails.

Emma and Harry appeared in the living room of the house of Black. There were loud sobs coming from upstairs. Harry sighed. Ron and Hermione had been bickering for weeks. Of course, Emma was apologizing to Ron profusedly, but the sight of Emma around Ron didn't make Hermione feel any better.

"It's getting late..." Emma said akwardly, "I'd better go to bed." She tried to leave the room, but Harry grabbed her arm. Fire blazed on her nerves.

"I need to talk to you," he said quietly.

They sat down on the couch. "I just wanted to ask you what happened that day with Ron," Harry asked. "Cause Ron's my best mate, and I can't let someone hurt him. You know he likes Hermione, right?"

"Oh, it was nothing like that," Emma started to explain. "I was just crying over some... er... personal issues, and Ron was being a good friend and comforting me. It was nothing really. I was just really grateful to have a friend there. I gave him a quick kiss and a hug. Hermione saw us hugging, and she got mad. I know he likes her. I don't like Ron like that, trust me Harry."

There was a loud noise as a person ran up the stairs. Harry and Emma heard more loud sobs. "Oh no..." Emma said in horror. "She didn't know... oh my God... no..." Emma got up to talk to Hermione, but Harry put a hand on her arm.

"Wait until she's calmed down. Hermione's a smart girl, and I don't really want you turned into a toad, Emma," Harry said.

Emma bit her lip. "All right... I'll wait..."

But Hermione seemed just as mad at Emma as she was at Ron. Hermione completely ignored Emma anytime she walked passed her. She became oddly polite towards her, only speaking to her when necessary. She also spent most of her time working on the potion to turn Harry back to human. It was progressing steadily. But how Hermione was going to get blood from Ron without talking to him was a mystery to Harry. It's only been brewing for two weeks Harry thought. She'll have made up with him by the time she needs the blood.



hplova15165 April 10th, 2007 11:51 pm

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

It was Christmas time in Grimmauld Place. There were little decorations, seeing that none of them got to go out much. Emma was still going to the Burrow every Wednesday to help Ginny with Occlumency. But Ginny's dreams weren't getting any better. She had another one recently, and this one was worse than the rest of them.

Ginny was in the forest again. Harry had disappeared, but Ginny new he was somewhere around there.

"Harry! Harry, where are you? HARRY!" Ginny yelled.

There were voices in the distance. Two voices. One of them was Harry's. The other's was a girl's. Ginny hid behind a tree and watched them.

Harry was talking to a girl. The girl had long brown hair and blue eyes. She was laughing at something Harry had told her. Harry then leaned over and kissed her.

How could he kiss her! Ginny thought. How could he do something like that to me? He said he loved me! He said he loved me... No... I should have listened to that voice. But Harry said that voice was Voldemort.

"But what if he was lying to you?" the voice said.

"How can you hear my thoughts!" Ginny said, aghast.

"Dear, it's your dream. Anyone can hear your thoughts," the voice said smartly.

"But Harry wouldn't lie to me! How could he?" Ginny said.

"He just did. Didn't you see him kissing that girl over there? Wasn't her name Emma or something?" the voice said.

Ginny suddenly remembered. That girl was Emma. But Harry doesn't like Emma more than a friend! How could he?

"Harry doesn't like Emma more than a friend. And like you said, this is a dream. Why should I believe you?" Ginny said suspiciously.

"You don't have to," the voice said, "I know you already do."

The dream had ended there. Ginny hadn't told Harry about what had happened. She didn't want to appear jealous. But Emma was everything: pretty, smart, accomplished Legilimens, and she got to go search for the horcruxes with Harry. It was hard not to be jealous. But Ginny had told Harry that she had another dream. From then on, Emma had doubled her efforts in helping Ginny.

It was the Wednesday before Christmas and Harry came with Emma to go to the Burrow. He had a present for her, and he wanted to give it to her in person. The Burrow was beautifully decorated; there was a large Christmas tree in the living room and there was holly and mistletoe strung over every door in the house.

Ginny wasn't there yet, but there was a note on her bed. It said:

Be there in 10 minutes. Mum wants me to help her with a grocery list before she goes.


"Wow," Emma said softly, "The place looks beautiful."

Harry wasn't listening. He was standing in front of the door, under the mistletoe. There was a small smile on his face as he watched it.

"What's got your wand in a knot?" Emma said.

"Oh nothing... It's just, it was something that happened at school," Harry said, embarassed.

"What, your first snog?" Emma said conversationally. Harry blushed.

"Yeah... I was telling her how the mistletoe was probably infested with nargles," Harry said. She looked at him questioningly, but Harry said, "Don't ask."

"Well... how about another one?" Emma said. She moved closer to Harry, but Harry backed away. Emma didn't seem to notice. She pulled him closer and kissed him.

Harry tried to back away, but Emma pulled him closer. There were footsteps and a voice on the stairs.

"Harry, I'm back, but Mum might be a little suspicious of what I do, so I - " Ginny stopped and stared at them. Harry pushed Emma away. Emma fell back, hurt.

But Ginny just continued to stare. "No..." she said quietly. "NO!" she said again, louder. "Harry, I trusted you! You said you loved me! I really thought you meant it! But now I see. I should have listened to that little voice inside my head! I can't believe you'd do this to me!" She started crying.

"Ginny wait, it's not what you think, I - " Harry began.

"Just go away, Harry," Ginny said. She ran down the stairs and dissolved into tears once more.

Harry groaned and walked back in the room. "Harry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I - " Emma said. Harry cut her off.

"Forget it..." Harry said. He put her present on her bed. "Come on, let's go. I think she needs some time alone."

Emma and Harry touched the portkey and disappeared.

* * * * *

Ginny was in tears at the foot of the steps. She was shaking madly. I knew this was going to happen, I just knew it! She's so much better for him. But I can't believe he lied to me! Why would he do that? Ginny thought. A sigh escaped her lips. Why can't love be simple?

Emma was angry at herself. She had let her emotions get away with her. And what had it led to? Ginny getting mad at Harry. She would probably never speak to him again. And according to Harry, it had been a year since she had last seen him. Why do I have to ruin everything? Emma thought to herself.

Harry didn't speak to anyone for the next couple of days. Most of the time, he sat in an armchair and gripped his hair. To make matters worse, Ron and Hermione were being rather short with the both of them. Emma watched Harry sit miserably in the chair while Ron yelled at Hermione to allow him to explain. She had ruined all of their love lives.



hplova15165 April 17th, 2007 12:00 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

"The potion's ready! Harry, get over here! We can get rid of the horcrux!" Hermione's yells echoed throughout number 12 Grimmauld Place. Her yells were soon joined by Mrs. Black's. "Filthy mudbloods, traitors, people of scum, destroying the house of my fathers..."

Harry ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, closely followed by Emma and Ron. Hermione was standing in front of a bubbling couldron, a book propped upwards, and many potion ingredients.

"Come over here, Harry," Hermione said. He noticed she didn't mention anything to Ron or Emma, but they followed anyways. "This is going to taste horrible, and the spell may hurt. But we don't know what is going to happen to you once the horcrux is transferred to the book. So be on your guard."

Harry nodded, noticing the now simmering blue-purple potion anxiously. His nerves were already up, for he had just visited Ginny. He had tried to explain what happened several times, but she refused to speak to him. There was another yelling match before Mrs. Weasley came home. He shook his head, trying to forget. Harry turned to Hermione for instructions.

"Drink this Harry, but be careful," Hermione warned. She handed him a silver goblet full of the potion. Swirling white mist was floating from it. Emma and Ron observed him nervously.

Harry gathered up his courage and drank the contents of the goblet. The potion felt snow cold against his throat, and once he finished it, he immediately dropped the goblet onto the floor. There was a loud 'CLANG'. Harry clenched his stomach. It was churning fast, and his head was aching. He fell to the floor in a faint.

"Harry!" Hermione yelled. She got to the ground and shook him. "Harry, wake up!" Emma bent down and clenched his hand. It felt like ice.

But the same white mist from the potion was now floating out of Harry's mouth. Hermione seemed to remember something, for she stood up quickly and grabbed her book on horcruxes. She flipped the pages, finding the right one. She pointed her wand at Harry.

"Mobalirslis," she said. A blue light shot from her wand and formed a cage around the swirling white mist coming from Harry's mouth. Hermione pulled another book off the table, The Dark Arts: A Complete Guide.

She whispered, "Wengardium Leviosa!." The book floated in midair. Hermione directed the book with her wand towards the caged white mist. It entered the cage. The mist swirled faster, flowing in and out of the book. Suddenly, the blue cage and white mist were sucked into the book. It fell to the floor with a clatter.

Harry woke immediately. "Is the horcrux gone," were the first words from his mouth.

Ron nodded soundlessly. Words failed him. Emma stood up, shaking. "You fainted, Harry," she said. "You felt like ice! It was horrible!"

Harry put his hands on his face. "I feel horrible," he replied. "That potion was no pumpkin juice."

Hermione smiled bitterly. "Now... to get rid of the horcrux here." She flipped through the book again. "Here it is... but everyone remember, be on your guard. There's no knowing what will come forth from this horcrux."

Hermione pointed her wand at the Dark Arts book lying on the ground and said, "Cantracorpus." The book glowed. White rays were coming forth from it, slowly making their way to people in the room. The first one reached Emma. It wrapped itself around her like a snake, squeezing her. "Help... Harry..." she whispered. Harry, Ron, and Hermione ran to the back of the room, Hermione rambling to herself.

"Ha! I've got it!" she said to them. She turned around and pointed her wand at Emma, who's face was turning white, and said, "Releasias relashio!" A blast of light hit the white ray and it disappeared. Emma fell to the floor. She soon was up on her feet and running to the end of the room where they stood. The other rays were sneaking their way along the floor, ready to strangle them.

"Everyone together, on the count of three!," Ron said, "The more wizards, the more powerful! Point your wand at the book! One... two... three!"

They all pointed their wands at the book and yelled, "Releasias relashio!" There was a roaring sound and all the rays of white light melted into the floor.

"Ugh..." Emma said. She felt terrible. Her body was aching from her near death. Hermione looked at her carefully.

"I'll heal you up," she said reluctantly. "Go upstairs, I'll be right up. I need to heal up Harry real quick." Emma went up the stairs.

Hermione walked over to Harry and felt his forehead. "Harry, are you all right?" she said, "I'm so sorry... I should have explained more detailed on what would happen... It's all my fault... let me heal you up, you'll feel better."

Harry and Ron exchanged a knowing glance. Harry rolled his eyes. "I'm fine, Mum. Really. I probably need some rest, that's it."

"I'll go upstairs to heal Emma. I bought another book before we left from Madam Pomfrey, so I should find some remedy in their." Harry and Ron stared at her. She had brought a trunk full of books on healing and cursing spells.

"You think you'd have brought enough books," Harry said.

Hermione gave him a look. "Shut up. I can have as many books as I want," she said firmly.

Ron looked at her. "Why are you so wierd?" he asked.

"Because I met you," she replied shortly. She turned around and stomped up the stairs.

"I think you made her mad," Harry said to Ron. Ron sighed. He stared at the stairs.

"I just hope she'll forgive me..." Ron said quietly. Harry didn't know whether he meant to say it out loud or not, so he chose not to comment.



hplova15165 April 21st, 2007 1:53 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

Ginny was in the forest again. It was the same dream, and the same thing kept replaying in front of her. Harry kissing Emma.

Ginny felt like running up, pulling Emma off him, and strangling her. Ginny was the one who loved Harry. Ginny should have been kissing him. It should have been Ginny in his arms. It just wasn't fair! She ran through the woods, not caring that tree branches were scratching her face and tearing her clothes. She finally stopped and bent over to think.

She wanted revenge. Ginny wanted revenge on Harry for betraying her.

"I can help you there." It was that voice again! That creepy voice in all of her dreams. Harry said it was Voldemort, but how could she know he wasn't lying to her that time too?

"I can help you get revenge on Harry. But I need something from you," the voice said.

Ginny really wanted that revenge. And she would do anything to get it. If her conscious wanted to help her, she was all for it. But what was this price she had to pay?

"The price," the voice continued, as though reading her mind, "is that I need you. I need you to help me get revenge on someone."

Ginny was surprised. Her, help this voice? How could she do something like that? She was no brilliant mind, after all. But if this voice was going to help her get revenge on Harry, then she didn't care what she had to do. All she could feel at the moment was anger towards Harry. Indescribable anger. And for Harry, that wasn't a good sign. Ginny would do whatever it took to get back at someone when she was mad.

"I'll do it," Ginny said finally. "I'll help you if you help me."

"Good, good... well then, the official contract lies in front of you. Go ahead, sign," the voice said.

Ginny looked in front of her. There was a piece of yellow parchment with fading, silver words. Next to the it, a gold quill was floating in the air. If she wasn't angry, Ginny would have read the parchment to make sure she knew what she was getting into. But Ginny was very angry, and angry people don't usually think - they rush into things. Instead, she breifly scanned it, not thuroughly checking it. She caught words such as, "revenge" and "Harry Potter". That suited her enough. She would sign.

"Come on now, hurry up," the voice said impatiently from above her. Her thoughts melted away as she picked up the quill. She looked for the signing spot. It was at the bottom of the parchment. It was a long line with an 'x' on the left side. The quill scratched on the paper as she signed her name:

Ginevra Molly Weasley

The page disappeared. There was a cackle of laughter that did not soothe Ginny's feelings. Her anger had suddenly turned into fear. She was thinking about signing the parchment without reading it. The only thought that crossed her mind was: What have I done!?

She stared at the wood around her, searching for the voice. Come to think of it, she didn't even know the voice's name! How could she accept an offer from a voice of someone whom she didn't know? The woods were now black. It was still night, like it always was, with one difference. The moon had gone out.

Ginny woke up, startled. She looked around to see what woke her. It was the morning owl, delivering the Daily Prophet. She grabbed several coins from her bedside table and shoved them into the bag tied around it's foot.

"Go on, scat," Ginny said, harshly, "I've got things to think about. And I don't need an owl here, to top it off." The owl looked extremely ruffled, but did not fly away without biting her finger.

"OUCH!" Ginny yelled. She sat up on her bed and stuck the red finger in her mouth. But then she remembered her dream. What was she going to do? She had been so careless, so angry, and so stupid. She didn't want to hurt Harry. She loved him, even if he didn't love her. But this voice thought she wanted to get revenge on Harry, and now she had signed this official contract, she had no choice. And she didn't even know the contract said!

"I feel like an idiot!" she said. Ginny groaned and fell backwards onto the bed.

Her mother's voice called from the kitchen. "Ginny? Did you scream? Was it another bad dream?"

Ginny stopped to think. Should she tell her mum? No. This was none of her business. Her mum didn't even know that Ginny loved Harry. And it would be to much to explain at the moment. She got out of bed and walked to her slighly open bedroom door.

"I'm fine Mum," Ginny said, "Yeah, it was a bad dream. A really bad dream..."

Fred and George walked into the room, still in his night clothes. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. George began talking. "Honestly, Ginny. You never have nightmares."

"But you've been waking up, screaming to them all the time!" Fred chimed in.

"Waking us up too..." George muttered under his breath.

"Ginny, you really need to sit in a corner and sort out your priorities," Fred finished. The twins left the room.

I really do, Ginny thought miserably. I really, really do.

"LUKE... I... AM... YOUR...


hplova15165 April 25th, 2007 3:14 am

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic
I could do with some feedback from those who've read this. It's not helping when no one posts any!!! Special thanks PadfootLuvsMe for the feedback.



hplova15165 May 3rd, 2007 11:11 pm

Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic

Harry had tried again and again to get Ginny to talk to him. But she continued to ignore him or pretend he was part of the wall whenever he came to visit. He had just come back from the Burrow when he heard some interesting news from Hermione.

"Harry! Harry, come here! Look at this!" Hermione was shouting from the kitchen. Mrs. Black's shouts joined hers.

"Pieces of filth, disgusting, Mudbloods, treating this place like their home! she yelled. Harry turned and cast the silencing charm on the portrait. She gave him a furious look, but the curtains closed.

Harry rushed down the stairs to find Hermione holding a letter at the table. "I got a letter from McGonagall, Harry! Read it." Harry took it from her.

Miss Granger,

Thank you for the letter. I didn't see you last year at school, however, so I was upset. Now I see the truth. You would never abandon Harry in his quest to kill You-Know-Who.

I understand that you need to search the Slytherin common room. Voldemort business? I could arrange it. How's this weekend at 4:00 PM? Students are in class for several hours, and I'll warn the Slytherins not to go in the common room. Just check in with me before you go in.

If you wish to share any of the information on where you are, what you are doing, and what's going on, I'd definetely be delighted to hear it. We also have extra rooms, so you may stay the night. I would like to be updated on the current situation in which you happen to find yourselves in.


Headmistress Minerva McGonagall

P.S. - My favorite class is Transfiguration.

Harry looked up at Hermione when he finished reading the letter. "How did she send the letter when you don't want to be traced?"

Hermione smiled mischeviously. "McGonagall and I have our ways."

Harry didn't question her any further.

Harry told Ron and Emma about the letter to McGonagall since Hermione refused to speak to them. So far, Harry had refrained from questioning Ron about Hermione because he was having the same problems with Ginny. Ron had brought up the subject before they left.

"We'll get through this rough time, mate. They'll understand," he had said. Harry wasn't so sure.

They Apparated to Platform Nine 3/4 with their luggage to catch the train to Hogesmeade. It was a quiet ride. No one looked each other in the eye. Harry stared out the window, watching the one place he could call home come closer and closer. Finally, they reached the Hogesmeade station. They walked a short distance to the school.

It was exactly as Harry remembered it. He was home again. The Febuary air blew cold in their faces. Harry shivered and beckoned them inside. Emma was staring at everything in wonder and delight. When Harry had asked her, she had told him she had been home schooled. She had never been to a school before.

Harry whispered to them, "Pull your hoods up or questions will be asked." They obeyed.

The group of four walked through the maze of hall and towards the gargoyle statue that guarded the Headmistress' office.

"Transfiguration," Hermione whispered to the gargoyle. It moved aside and the Harry, Ron, and Hermione jumped onto the moving stairs. Emma just watched in fascination.

"Hurry, Emma, or it'll go up without you!" Ron said, giving her his hand. She took it and jumped onto the stairs.

"Thanks," she said breathlessly. Emma gave him a small smile. It faltered under Hermione's evil gaze. Hermione turned and refused to speak until they reached the McGonagall's office.

"Come in, come in," McGonagall said. They walked in the room.

"Harry, Ron, Hermione... good to see you!" she said, greeting them. Her sight fell on Emma. "And who is this charming young lady?"

"My name is Emma Dame," she told McGonagall.

"Nice to meet you, Emma," McGonagall said. "Please, sit." They sat down in front of her desk.

The office looked the same except for minor differences. For one, the strange objects were gone. Second, Fawkes was gone. But the room still held an mysterious air that made Harry feel like exploring it. But these were small matters. They had bigger issues.

"So why are you here?" McGonagall said, getting straight to the point. Hermione glanced at Harry.

"We can't tell you the whole story, Professor. But, long story short, an object of Voldemort's is in there that we must destroy," Hermione explained.

"That's in then?" McGonagall said, "There's nothing more you can tell me?" They all shook their heads. McGonagall sighed.

"You can still stay in the rooms since you already brought your luggage," she grumbled, "And you may get food from the kitchen as well. It'd cause too much havoc to go into the Great Hall. You don't need directions to the kitchens, do you?"

"No," Harry said, exchanging a smile with Ron, "we'll manage."

"You may leave then," McGonagall said. The four teens left the room. It was going to be a long day.



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