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Lellygreen1 September 27th, 2003 8:50 pm

what would be the best ending?
hey i have been reading threads asking what would be the worst ending for the series - now what would be the best? harry lives and becomes an auora? or become headmaster of hogwarts? or dies just after defeating lord voldemort?

what do you think?

Sebastian06 September 27th, 2003 9:29 pm

Honestly, I think the best possible ending for the series would be for Harry to die, honorably of course, but still die. I don't want a perfect ending, and it just wouldn't make sense, in my opinion, if Harry survived. Since the prophecy says that either Harry or Voldemort will have to kill the other, people naturally think that Harry will triumph over Voldemort, the Wizarding World will elect him the next Minister of Magic, while he simultaneously becomes the Headmaster of Hogwarts, and yadda yadda yadaa. It's just not like Rowling to tie everything up so perfectly and to have the reader be able to guess the ending correctly.

Amadeus September 27th, 2003 9:34 pm

.... And it was then when Harry woke up and realized all of it had just been a very long dream and he was still his 11 year old self living under the stairs.....

That would be interesting...

Actually, the best ending would be to have Harry killed off..

Maybe Ron.... too...:evil:

(Don't get me wrong, I love both Harry and Ron)

If it is the Disney-like 'happily-ever-after' ending, I don't think I would appreciate the HP books as much as I do now... (I think we all get enough of the happily-ever-after stuff from Disney alone.)

Even if Harry doesn't die, it should be a somewhat bitter and dark ending....

Something like the ending of LOTR...

They achieve their goal, yet LOTR is not 'just' an epic of the Fellowship of the Ring and Frodo..

Alcina September 27th, 2003 9:53 pm

My sig says it all really... :-)

But from a point of view other than my own, the most appropriate ending would
be for Harry to die heroicly. I would also like to know what happened to all the othr characters who are in Harry's year; and to know what the future holds for the Wizarding World (and I hope it's more encouraging than the present suggests).

cleansweep11 September 27th, 2003 10:10 pm

Best possible ending?Harry to live but not become an Aurora. I can't really see him as one. And it would seem rather strange........I dno.........but maybe somthing else(not minister or headmaster though......). I can't really think of a job for him. But Harry must live!!

Jessica September 28th, 2003 12:25 am

To be honest, I trust JKR to come up with an ending that's both amazing and conclusive. You know, something that ties everything together and leaves you feeling satisfied that the wait was worth it.

Having said that,I have absolutely no idea what it might be but my preference would be for the trio to survive.

dumbleedore September 28th, 2003 9:31 am

I'd actually like Harry not to defeat Voldemort and leave us pondering what happened...

WeasleyIsOurKing September 28th, 2003 8:49 pm


Originally Posted by dumbleedore
I'd actually like Harry not to defeat Voldemort and leave us pondering what happened...

Oh, Jebus. I would probaly have an aneurism. If JKR ever does that I will hop on the next plane to the UK and DEMAND closure.

Rien September 29th, 2003 2:04 am

The best possible ending is probably something I couldn't dream of guessing. :D

Prof.Aze September 29th, 2003 5:35 am

For me the best possible ending would have to be Harry and Hermione marrying and a very happy life and a happy family and their son having a scar in his forehead also. :) The best... :D

lanifiel September 29th, 2003 9:14 am

I think this i better suited for the Hall of Prophecy

Morgan LeFay September 29th, 2003 10:05 am

IMO it's posibble that Harry will die, but it also can be something like: he won't die, but somebody important to him will. I think it will be very traumatic ending. I can't imagine the ending. It's too hard.

v@sh September 29th, 2003 1:29 pm

IMO, if Harry dies it should be a heroic death where he defeats Voldemort. If he dies, then he will be able to finally return to his family. It would be fitting in a way that he is able to see his parents again.

But the other part of me says that I'd rather Harry live on and live the life he has always wanted - to be a normal wizard without the pressures of the world on him - be happy, enjoy life, and find love. It would be cruel to have him killed off with all that he has suffered throughout his life and then not for him to enjoy any of it once he defeats Voldemort. I reckon that would be the best possible ending and who knows if Luna has someway he can talk to his family behind the veil, he mighten need not to die.

Narami September 29th, 2003 3:25 pm

Am I the only who loves Harry too much to see him die? :sigh: Poor little boy, I've been crossing my fingers since the first book just for the "boy who lived" to live!
So the best ending for me will be very simple in it's basis, Harry lives.
About Voldemort, if he lives then the whole thing it's useless (and Harry would die) but I don't know. I'm sure JK has a great ending, very surprising probably... my signature has what I thought one day (watching the first movie you know when he goes all cutely "I can't be a wizard, I'm just Harry...just Harry) could be the last sentence... people have commented on it before, but honestly I would have a heart attack if it has to something with "When he woke up he couldn't beleive it was just a dream... but he still had his scar". And that wouldn't be very original, still Harry would be alive and I would be thankful deeply. I would also sue someone if in the last book there's no closure, wich thankfully is not very probable since JK has said she wants to tie everything in a big nice knot... I hope that means not to leave us wondering our heads off and becoming mad.

lupe October 3rd, 2003 11:57 pm

i don't want Harry to die but I don't really see him becoming an auror or having an actual job when he graduates.If he died the ending would be more effective but his life would seem so pointless or something because his parents died for him.
I can't really think of the best possible ending. There are too many possibilities.

cleansweep11 October 4th, 2003 12:09 am

I totally agree with lupe! I can't imagine him with a job but I can imagine him living.

Godrics_Heiress October 4th, 2003 12:53 am

Harry will be a professional Quidditch seeker!

HagridLives October 4th, 2003 12:59 am


Originally Posted by Lellygreen1
hey i have been reading threads asking what would be the worst ending for the series - now what would be the best? harry lives and becomes an auora? or become headmaster of hogwarts? or dies just after defeating lord voldemort?

what do you think?

I think it would be harry becomes an auora!

Jesse_Granger October 4th, 2003 1:49 am

I think that Harry should still kill off Voldemort and he's gone, but then from like Exastion or something Harry should die to. (Though it would still be really sad).
That or Hogwarts completely crumbles and there is some mass extinction of Wizards, that would be...interesting.

cleansweep11 October 4th, 2003 2:05 am

I think that Harry should be somthing other then an Auror and a minsiter of magic.......

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