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nobi_fawkes April 8th, 2006 1:23 am

Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
This is a fanfic mixed with love and family trauma. This is my very first fanfic I have ever attempted to do, mainly because I don't like writing fanfics but enjoy reading them thoroughly, so please bear with me.

Disclaimer: I'm not JK Rowling, although I'd love to have as great a mind as she has.

Looking up at the enchanted ceiling taking in the wonderful constellations. There was Bellatrix, Andromeda and Sirius. I never once thought this castle could ever be unsafe. But here we are, all students from all four houses lying in the once five table-filled great hall, gazing up beyond the skies.

I remember the events of this evening so clearly that I would seriously doubt I would ever forget. James named it the Black duel. Even with two on our side and one on the opposition, we still struggled to fight her off.

Go I said! This is not your fight to duel out!

The hell its not! James exclaimed. Youre our friend, were not gonna abandon you in your time of need.

You cant say that youre going to fight her all on your own. Shes too dangerous shes family.

She ceased to be family the day she and our parents disowned us. A female voiced sending waves of panic through every cell in our body.

Sorry for this rather short first post, but please leave feedback it would be much appreciated

nobi_fawkes April 8th, 2006 2:55 pm

Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
Thanks to Roach76 and Blue_Rose, I give this slightly better (I hope) than yesterday's entry (or maybe just longer) here goes:

We all jumped at the sight of a much older woman.

“Andi! Oh my god! Why are you here?”

“Hello to you too, sweet cousin, Sirius,” she smiled. “What were you saying about fighting her alone, Lily? James?”

“Point taken now go! She’s probably making her way towards us, now go! Here, you’ll need this,” he pulled out a Marauder’s Map. Then he extracted a watery, silvery substance out of his other pocket.

“Engorgio.” The next thing I felt was a chill go down from my head down to my toes and fingertips. We were under James’ invisibility cloak, and so close together that we both could feel each other’s breath and the thumping of our hearts. In any other case we would’ve been greatly inclined with kissing each other. But given the circumstances one would think it was inappropriate. But even in this tight spot, we seemed surprisingly comfortable.

“Don’t worry, Lily. I’ll always be there for you.” He kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “Come on. Let’s follow them.”

Clutching my cheek, I told him, slightly wavering in speech, “It’s too dangerous. We should go and find Professor.”

“Dumbledore.” He finished off. “You always say the most.”

“Responsible things, I know.” Remembrance of our first major tiff of our acquaintance coursed through my mind as scene by scene played as though it were a film trailer.

The shouting, the restraining. I slapped him on his face and he clutched it smiling as if I kissed him with red lipstick smeared all over it. Then I stormed off frustrated that he wasn’t angry at me.

As quickly and quietly as we could, we made it to Dumbledore’s stone gargoyle. I remember the very first and last time I stepped onto those spiralling staircases. Funnily enough I was with James because of our head boy/ head girl status. That may have been the last time I had the pleasure of meeting the headmaster, but I seriously doubt it was James’ last visit. Being a marauder, afterall, meant making mischief, which leads to Filch, the strange caretaker, and he always leads to Dumbledore.

But as soon as we revealed “cockroach clusters” and we made it to his door, the twinkling blue- eyed, white-haired headmaster greeted us with a smile.

“Hello Miss Evans, Mr. Potter, what can I do for you?”

Even though I'm still inclined to write more... please leave feedback after the beep *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* :lol:

nobi_fawkes April 9th, 2006 11:09 am

Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
I give a special thank you to blue_rose. Well, here we go for another post, just I need more feedback, otherwise I have no idea what I shall do. This one is longer than before... I think
.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

“James, didn’t you find Sirius a little…”

“Strange? Yeah. He usually lets me in on duels and stuff.”

We were patrolling the corridors at night, looking for any strange people lurking around or any students on a night time stroll after curfew, hand in hand.

“No, apart from that. You saw how cold he was on the Hogwarts Express. I know his family have disowned him for a good few years, but I think it has something to do with them. I’m really worried about him.”

“Do you remember before all that happened? When his mother was always slagging him off in letters and at home?” I just looked at his hazel brown eyes as if to urge him to carry on. “He always called you mummy in a really childish way. He used to tell me that I was his daddy and that you were his mummy.”

Tears were building up in my eyes as I felt so grateful to have such a surrogate son as Sirius is. Much as he was annoying to the core, I could see beneath that exterior and what is there is so much truer than what he puts on.

“I do remember that. I love him so much. We don’t need blood to make us mother and son. We love him truly as though he were our son.”

It was a good thing that these corridors were dark, otherwise James would have gotten the idea into his head explaining why I was blushing. His hand, wrapped tightly around mine, squeezed mine gently. By that time, my tears flowed as gently as James’ hand squeezed mine.

Memories of the time I was falling hard for James hit me hard on my head making me cry harder with tears choking me, restricting air from entering my lungs.

I couldn’t take it then, like I couldn’t this moment. I knew how much he suffered rejection at my hands, but to feel it firsthand was hard. I knew how rejection felt when I heard him say he doesn’t love me. I realised in that moment I couldn’t have him and I was going to profess my love for him at that moment.

“Lily? Lily, snap out of it. I know you can do it.” All peaceful measures tried and exhausted, his free hand made its way onto my cheek, as I felt a burning sensation on my face. “Oh my god, what did I do? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Breathe my flower, breathe deeply. In… and out. That’s it… go on, in… and out.”

As my life depended on it, I clung to him so tightly that I wouldn’t let go of him. A while later, we went back to patrolling, without any interruptions and finally went back to Gryffindor Tower and fell asleep in the common room.

Awww, I like that... ok, I'm outta my daze now :lol: I thought it was longer, but word count says exactly the same number of lines as the post before. Feedback is in my sig, feel free to throw tomatoes at me. But whether it's good or bad, pleeeeeeaaaase give me feedback, in the sig... like I said

nobi_fawkes April 10th, 2006 12:21 pm

Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
Thank you to Hermione_Snape, blue_rose, roach76 and my active brain ;) I give you all this:

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

It was still dark, barely sunrise yet and I heard a soft tapping on the window. With lumos I saw it was Tristan, my owl. Alohomora and the bird flew in. I recognised the handwriting straight away. It was my sister, Petunia. I opened it up.

Dear Lily flower,
I know these past seven years we haven’t exactly been up to terms with each other, but let me be the first to apologise. I’ve always been jealous of how you got all the attention, first when you were a baby, you got all the attention and new toy. Then when you got the letter to that fr- school of yours, you became even more popular with mum and dad.
But I’m writing here to tell you I’m sorry, not to justify my actions, and I’d really like us to be friends again.

Love you always,
Petunia petals

I’ll keep a mental note to owl her back in the morning. Right now, I’ll go back to sleep.

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

The Sunday morning sun shone down on me and James and I noticed I had my back to his front. James was muttering something in his sleep.

“It’s ok mum. I know you’re ill, but you and dad are gonna be fine. Don’t worry, I’m here for you. I’m here for you both.” There was a long pause and then he went on to say. “You’ll see, Lily and I will get married and you’ll be there to see it and you’ll see your grandchildren. You can’t leave me yet. You have to stay with me another year or two. Just keep fighting it. The healers are really good in St. Mungo’s. They’ll make you better.”

“James. Get up. You’re talking in your sleep.” He tossed and faced the sun’s gleaming face. “It’s morning now, wake up darling.” He turned back round and saw me.

“Am I dreaming, Lily flower?” I laughed at his look of disbelief. “Are we married and in bed together?”

“No, not yet to both questions, King James. But I heard you sleep talking, you want to marry me and have children with me.” It was really easy to talk like this with James, we talked endlessly of our future together and what names we would give girls and boys. For a girl, James said, Rose to keep the flower tradition and for a boy, I’ve always liked the name Harry. James gave more flowery names like Daisy and Tulip. I laughed when I recalled Tulip.

“What? Is having children with me so funny?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s letting you call my daughter Tulip that is so funny.”

“I like tulips though. Besides, she’s my daughter as well.”

“Who says I’m gonna have children with you?” I said jokily.

“Says my inner eye.” He kissed me longingly and I knew he was right. We would be together until the day we die.

“Come on, we have to get changed.”

“Just a while longer. I like this illusion just fine.”

“Wait another year, and then we can do just that. But remember once the children come along, we don’t be able to snuggle up in bed all night long. Now let’s get up before…” A loud scream came from the foot of the girl’s stairs. Great, too late, we’ve been spotted.”

“Lily Evans what on earth do you think you’re doing in bed in the common room with your not-so-innocent boyfriend?” Alice Johnson shrieked.

“I was only sleeping, I swear!” I looked at him for support and the next thing he said came as a surprise for me.

“Lily flower, we might as well tell our friends. If you can’t tell them, who will you tell?” why the nerve of that boy that I call my boyfriend for I could just throttle him right now with my bare hands. He caught me off guard and kissed my neck, insinuating a little something we didn’t do.

I got out of the bed that I conjured and automatically it disappeared. James, who was still lying in the bed, fell down two inches with a thud. He held an arm out for me to hold it and I did, but I gave him a two tight slap straight afterwards. With that I left, made myself presentable and went to the owlery for the rest of the day and well into the night.

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nobi_fawkes April 11th, 2006 8:34 pm

Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

“Rem! Remus wait!” I ran up to him after potions class. He was apparently going into the library, as he usually did, no doubt to escape the other marauders, but I stopped him and said, “I need to talk to you.”

He stopped and after a while turned round to see me tear stricken and all red around the eyes. He looked aghast that he ran all the way to me.

“Oh my… what’s happened? Has it got anything to do with James?”

“Why does the source of my misery always have to come from James?”

“So what has he done? Shall we keep walking?” I admitted defeat, nodded and began.

“That’s the problem. It’s not that much of a big deal. But I at least wanted him to support me where needed.” He blinked as if to say ‘go on’ and I took the hint. “Last night we were patrolling the corridors as usual and we were really tired. James suggested we go to the head boy/girl’s private room so we could get some privacy, obviously speaking, but I told him that the common room was closer. I conjured a bed and quilt so we could sleep in it together and after a bit of talking and laughing we fell asleep. Then we woke up and started talking again, like giving our children names. Things were going well until Alice spotted us still in the bed. I swore to her that we didn’t do anything, we just slept but James goes and hints that we did more than that.”

Remus brought me closer and I started sobbing into his chest.

“It’s ok Lily. Things will get better. James will apologise, otherwise I’ll punch him into a pulp.” Even though he isn't the funniest guy in the world, he can make me laugh even through the worse of times. It’s such a pleasure having a friend like him.

“What are you doing now?”

“Oh just finishing off my homework.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Oh yeah definitely! Completing all my homework before the moon gets unusually large is always a source of excitement for me.” In those brown eyes I could see that look of mischief that ALL the marauders had in common.

A small girl came up to me and said Professor Dumbledore wanted to see me in his office. Slightly baffled, I told Remus I’ll get back to him later and I wondered off to the stone gargoyle. Once I stepped onto the twirly staircase and reached the door, I knocked and found the headmaster, not sitting behind his desk, but pacing around his circular office. Seeing me, he stopped and gestured me to take a seat.

“Miss Evans, take a seat. I have something I’d like to show you.”

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

“Moony! Get here; we’re devising a marauder meeting.” James announced across the common room. I joined James, Sirius and Peter.

“Why aren’t you with Dumbledore? Lily is there now. I thought it had something to do with you two.”

“What? I haven’t heard anything.” He asked in disbelief. “Why is she in there then?”

Peter, who looked like he just got hit on the head, said, “What?”

“See, even Wormtail can’t even believe it.”

“I’m sure there’s a good reason behind it.”

“Yes, a good enough reason for us to follow up.” Sirius suggested.

“No, you guys, what if it’s pri…” well, I tried… in vain. I ended up following them all the same. You really can’t stop Prongs or Padfoot when it comes to mischief, even as a prefect it’s impossible. Well, Peter is another matter altogether.

The same girl that spoke with Lily told James, this time, to go to Dumbledore urgently. I then thought my suspicions were correct and held Padfoot and Wormtail back from going. One look and they climbed back up the portrait hole after a disgruntled Fat Lady’s portrait let us through.

oooooh, I like this cliffie. Let me know what you think comes up next

nobi_fawkes April 12th, 2006 12:14 pm

Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
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nobi_fawkes April 12th, 2006 8:59 pm

Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
Thank you to all who have fed me back :D;)
.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

I read the card once more in disbelief. It was from the ministry.

“No. They must’ve got it wrong. No. It can’t be.”

“I’m so sorry Lily.”

“It can’t be true. They can’t be…”

“Lily, I know this is a shock to you, but you have to understand that this is a part of life. The way it is done, however… I’m terribly sorry.”

“Why my parents though? What did they ever do to them?”

“Death Eaters are just the type of people who are merciless and cruel. They don’t care who it is, they just do it.”

“It’s Voldemort’s work, isn’t it? He's getting stronger.”

“I’m afraid it is. I don't have any doubt that he is getting stronger as well.” Those twinkling blue eyes shone down on me as though there were stars in his sky-blue eyes.

“They aren’t coming back, are they? They’ve gone.” The tears flowed easily down. I felt all my family had disappeared, and then realisation struck me. “Petunia.”

“Your sister has not come to any bodily harm. She was engaged elsewhere. It must have come as a shock to find out the news to her as well as you.”

“Yeah, it must have.” Petunia undoubtedly would have shrieked at the fact that an owl came as near as a meter from her, let alone the fact that it brought bad news of our parents to her.

“I, I can’t take it sir. I want to go.” And with that I left the room and met James at the stone gargoyle. I collapsed at the very point and cried my eyes out leaning against the hard surface of stone.

“Lily what’s the matter? Lily talk to me. I love you, talk to me.” He scooped me up and held me in his arms.

“They’ve gone… my… parents… have gone. They’ve gone and… won’t come back… again.”

I knew I reciprocated his fears of his parents and together we cried.

“Your, your sister? Petunia, is she ok?”

“Yeah, she was out at that time.”

“What about the funeral? Who is going with you? When is it?”

“I, I didn’t ask.”

“Come on, we’d better ask Dumbledore.”

“The funeral is on Wednesday,” a voice behind me confirmed. It was Dumbledore. We separated, holding hands.

“I want to go with her, sir.” James stated.

He took one look at my pleading face and agreed to it.

“You have to leave now. There is a portkey set up in my office, and I shall wait for you. Mr. Potter, you will see a black muggle suit to wear in your dormitory. I advise you to wear it. The rest, I shall arrange to be sent to your respective rooms.”

Once inside the common room, looks followed us and questions flew from all directions.

James pecked my lips and whispered, “See you in a bit.”

As soon as we were ready we returned to the circular office. We received instructions from sir and landed just outside a quiet hotel, just opposite from a tube station.

“I guess we’ll have to wait for your sister now.”

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

After about fifteen minutes of waiting and walking around, Petunia and her boyfriend Vernon Dursley finally came. As soon as we saw each other we hugged and stayed like that for what seemed like a week. Out of the corner of my eye I saw James and Vernon shake hands briefly.

The two of us went back to our respective boyfriends and held their hands. One thing I had taken to admire, whilst we were walking to our neighbour’s house, were the many different types of jewellery on her hands and wrists.

“Petals!” I called her by her nickname. “I need to talk to you in my room.”

I muttered an incantation in my head and heard things the James was thinking.

Well, their relationship is getting better.

It is definitely. I haven’t told you about that, have I? It was the day that you decided to, to, to turn your back on me.

I would do nothing of the sort! I love you and you are the world to me. Soon you, Harry, Rose and Tulip and…

“What’s so funny?” my three companions said in unison.

“Oh, just tulips and naming children.”

“What?” Petunia and Dursley asked. They took one look at mine and James’s laughing faces to know it was our business. Shaking their heads the got back to their whispered conversation and we got back to our thoughts.

Are you ok Lily flower?

Yeah, why not? Realisation struck me and tears welled up in my eyes.

Oh no I’m so sorry. Breathe, don’t stop breathing.

I sobbed louder and louder until I gasped for air. “Lily flower, breathe, breathe. Don’t cry now. Come on we’re here now. Will you get her water?” Petals asked James, as we stepped into the place. James sat me down and as quick as a lightening bolt came back with water.

“Lily? Are you feeling better?” I nodded in response to James’s question. James turned to Petals and said, “Petunia thank you so much.”

As the gentleman that he is towards strangers, or people of first acquaintances, or mere relation of mine (most likely the last!), he held out his hand and with great gratitude embraced my sister in a way that caused Dursley to get green with envy. I swear killing curses could have shot out of his eyes, even with him being muggle.

“Vernon. Why don’t you and James get acquainted whilst Lily and I talk upstairs?”

I got up before her and grabbed hold of her right hand and dragged her away, leaving her gasping.

“Lily, I have to tell you something.”

“I’ve already noticed.” I paused for a while later. “Why didn’t you say so?” I asked with hurting noticeably around my face.

“Because, because… Vernon… proposed to me… last night.” I held her as she spoke between sobs.

“Oh my. It must have come as a real shock to you. To have such a joyous time then… did Vernon see the owl?”

“N-no. He didn’t have to. He saw the house as it is now. Then I snapped at him and told him to go away.”

“Then the owl came to you.”

“Lily? Why them? It was your people. Why did they do it? Why on that night?” thoughts came spilling out of her mouth as incoherently as I had thought with Dumbledore.

“There’s no point in asking questions like those Petals. I’ve already thought about them but there’s nothing we could do. We… have to… accept it.”

For a few silent moments both of our thoughts wondered to the boys we left alone downstairs. It was eerily silent, very unnatural for James to keep silent.

A whole day (well not whole day as such) I've managed to miraculously write this much ;) thanks guys n feedback is in the sig

nobi_fawkes April 18th, 2006 4:42 pm

Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
I'm sorry about the long delay, but here it is. Oh and thank you to roach76, Hemione Snape and blue rose for the feedback

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

When we returned to the living room, we saw Vernon in one corner reading a newspaper and James in another corner looking at the television as though it were something extraterrestrial.

Oh thank god you’re back! What’s this?

It’s called a television. You watch people move and talk. There are cartoons as well. They’re like colourful pictures, which move and talk as well. I might show you when we’re alone. James looked at me with a look that said ‘I can think of better things than watch this when I am alone with you’ but I silenced his look with a cold glare that I used to give him many, many months ago.

“P-Petunia… I want to go see… I wanna go…” she must have understood what I wanted to say because she said to James totally surprised me.

“Take care of her when you go there. Hold her hand.”

With that, we left hand in hand and looked to our right and saw a blue and white tape. Given one look at my horror-struck face, James gave my hand a reassuring squeeze.

Are you sure you want to be here? Are you sure you want to go to the polish station?

Polish station? I looked confusedly at him. As realisation swept me I shook my head disbelievingly. Police station, Jammy, not polish station. They’re like aurors.

Don’t change the subject. It’ll be hard for you. Are you absolutely sure?

I’m positively sure. He shot me a disbelieving look but I countered it with a gentle squeeze of my hand. Besides, I have you with me now, don’t I, James? His reassuring smile spread through me like the glass of water extinguished my tears.

So what exactly is an epilopsy report?

James! It’s autopsy, not epilopsy. That sounds like a really horrible muggle illness called epilepsy. Basically an autopsy report is an investigation into how someone has died. Don’t ask me how. I don’t know. It’s too complicated.

But they won’t find anything out. They were killed by wizard. It’s undetectable. That’s one of the reasons why it’s called an unforgivable curse. He looked around us, where a whole cluster of houses and shops were. Where is this station?
Don’t worry, we’re nearly there. Do you see that big grey building there? I pointed to a building merely three meters away. Here we are.

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

There were policemen and clients everywhere as I went to the front desk. After an officer came to us, he let us see my parents. The sight was… unearthly. So incomprehensible. How could they still look exactly like themselves? They were dead, but they looked so peaceful, almost as if they were sleeping.

“I’m expecting them to turn over.” James looked at me. “Look at mum smiling. It’s as if she were expecting guests. But look at dad, he looks horror struck.”

That’s usually how it looks like when they get avada kedavra-ed.

“When will the results for the autopsy be revealed?” I asked the officer.

“We’re very impatient with the tests. Things just don’t add up. They seem to be in good health. Nothing seems to be wrong apart from the obvious fact that they’re dead. I’m sure it’ll be ready tomorrow.” James and I shared a knowing look.

“Lily flower, shall we go now?”

“Come on then, King James.” I said in a exasperated tone.

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nobi_fawkes April 19th, 2006 5:36 pm

Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
Thank you Blackgem and blue rose for your support and feedback

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

The rest of the day went by with James fusing over me and Dursley, that Vermin doing the same for Petals. My appetite wasn’t exactly healthy, afterall who would be hungry when they just saw their parents’ bodies, and James and I had an argument right in front of Petals and Vermin.

“I don’t want to eat! James, leave me alone!”

“You have to eat! It’s not healthy not to eatLook at petunia, she’s eating.”

“Petunia has a different way of coping Potter!”

“I don’t care Evans. You have to EAT.”

I don’t know why I called him Potter after that, but the fact that he retaliated with Evans got me so mad that I left the room, went into my own and locked the door. This room was the comfort of my childhood. Whenever my family was away, I’d have to stay here and this is the room I would sleep in. There was a window seat that I would star gaze through. In the summer there would be so much light radiating through the window and in winter I could see the snow falling. When I was sad I would sit in the dark corner and wallow in self pity until someone came to rescue me. Just like this time. I sat in the corner crying my eyes out, trying to get that image from my eyes out. Dad looked so shocked. He was always so friendly and calm. I heard footsteps on the landing and calling for me. It was James and he sounded calm.

“Lily, are you here?” I heard him trying several doors. Finally when he got to my door he couldn’t open it. “Alohomora.” He searched the room and ultimately found me in the corner. I could tell he wanted to talk to me, but fell silent at one glance. Instead, he held me tight on the bed whilst I sobbed into his neck.

“How long will it be until we are next?” I whispered into his ear.

“Don’t talk like that. Like I said, we’ll have Harry, Rose, Daisy and Tulip, ok?” the look of pure sincerity could have melted an already molten substance.

“Who says I’m going to have more than one child?” I had a mischievous grin playing on my face. My boyfriend countered it with an equally marauder-ish grin.

“Says your future husband who won’t be able to control himself.” He looked around the room then the bed and back at me. I caught on and jumped right off him.

“Don’t think I don’t know how to get pregnant.” Apparently, from the look of astonishment on James’s face, witches of our age don’t know a single thing about it. “Courtesy of primary school education. See, muggle education isn’t as backward as you thought.”

“My god, I wasn’t expecting that from muggles. I mean I knew they procreated and stuff, but to teach girls these-”

“Excuse me?” I think if Petals hadn’t come into the room right then, things would surely have got out of hand.With one deep breath and a wave of dismissal things got back to normal.

“Lily, come on. James is right, you need to eat.”

“I’ll try.”

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nobi_fawkes April 21st, 2006 2:29 am

Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
Thank you all for reading and feeding me. A warning, bring a glass of water or a bottle of it, you'll need to calm down after this. No alcohol, please; I think it'll only make you more depressed. Here goes:

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

The day of the funeral finally arrived. There were a small amount of people there including my neighbours, family and close friends. Staring down at their faces was so… so hard. I don’t know how I managed to stay intact the whole time.

I remember it so clearly. Sitting right in front of them. Seeing them covered up and taken away. Seeing gran crying when they took her daughter away and seeing nana do the same for her son. They took them from us; they took my mum and took my dad in cold blood. They didn’t even care. No, they didn’t care. Why would they? I swear I will take Voldemort himself down personally. He called the shots, so I will take care of him. No I will not tell others to do it for me. I will do it myself. I swear I will take him down, even if it’s the last thing I do.

The past days went by with James continually ensuring that I eat something, only to revert it all into the sink. I seriously couldn’t keep it down. The most I could keep in is water and James keeps trying to spike it with sugar.

Seeing my parents in that room looked like they were science experiments, not normal human beings. But that’s what they were, normal human beings who came across freaks like those death eaters.

As we all started filing outside to the graves, James pulled my hand and looked glaringly in my eyes.

“Lily talk to me. You can tell me anything.”

“I want to take down Voldemort. I hate him and I want him dead.”

“We all do, flower. I swear I will help and protect you.” A flame grew in his eyes, the same flame in my eyes, and continued to blaze as violently as mine. “All those people who are targeted by his wrath can ensure we’ll sort it, or at least lead to it being sorted. I don’t care how hard it’ll be but these two people lying in front of me did not deserve this. They deserved a better death. I may not have known them for that long, but I loved them greatly. I loved them and I still do. I’ll protect you, Lily, I’ll protect you if it’s the last thing I’ll do.”

We stood rooted to the spot for such a long time, until a distraction in the form of Petunia came and dragged us outside.

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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
Thanks to every person who has read this and an extra thank you to those who have fed me their yummy thoughts. I hope it's good, but pelting water at me is always welcome. Here goes:

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

As soon as we got home from the church, I slouched down on the one seated sofa and slowly let my eyes close. I heard a soft tapping behind me on the window, but by the time I opened my eyes James had already let Tristan in.

He had a letter tied to his leg, which was addressed to the both of us. One look and we said, “Moony.” I opened it up and skimmed through it. I caught words like ‘dementors’, ‘muggle killings’, ‘sorry’ and ‘Azkaban’. It seemed very glum. It read:

Dear Lily and Prongs,
I thought that you wouldn’t get news of anything from
the prophet so I took matters into my own hands and tell you myself. There have been several dementor attacks and it seems that some of the dementors have joined Vol… Vol… (I could never spell his name right) but the ones that haven’t joined him have helped the ministry a lot. Aurors have gone round to all the muggle areas looking for trouble I dare say!
There were various muggle killings in the past week. There was one mass killing around Padfoot’s parents’ house and his Mr Black was amongst those who carried them out. He was taken into custody in Azkaban and I won’t pretend to be sorry that he couldn’t take it and died shortly afterwards.
This way we don’t know whether he was involved in it at all or even who else
was involved. Padfoot seems to be holding up pretty well. It’s not like he considers Mr. Black family or vice versa. It’s a shame I can’t say the same for Regulus. I haven’t seen him at breakfast, lunch or dinner and in between classes I’ve seen him crying. At least he has his mother to live with. I’m saying that as if it’s a good thing!
Lily, how are you feeling now? How is Petunia? My sincere condolences to you and your family. No one should have to go through what you have to.

With love

“I’m going to talk to Pad when we get to school.”

“I’ll join you…” at the time I had no idea what dementors were. Little did I know that Petunia was nearby and would hear all that was said. But hear, she did. “James, what are dementors?”

“Blimey I forgot. They’re like this dog-like creatures that suck out happiness from a whole place. They literally feed on happiness and ruin a person’s life in Azkaban.”

“Azkaban? Oh yeah, the prison, right? I hope none of us is falsely accused of anything illegal. I’d hate for any of our friends to go there.”

“You freaks! What kind of sick things are there in your world? Can’t you at least talk about something NORMAL at least for this day? This day when our parents got buried because of YOUR KIND.”

“Oh I’m sorry Petunia! You are the centre of the universe, aren’t you? You are the ONLY person who could ever be affected by a person’s death, isn’t it? Well we have just found out that our best friend’s father has died as well. So don’t come here and talk about NORMALITY when other people need it just as much as you do!”

As if sensing our argument the doorbell rang. I looked out of the window and noticed a woman in a black blouse and an extremely flowery skirt.

“Oh my, you’ll never know who is here. Professor McGonagall.” When I got out into the hallway Vermin already opened the door and looked her up and down. The thought of a student doing that at school sent shivers down my spine.

“Lily Evans and James Potter please.” Vermin turned round soundlessly giving the two of us a dirty look. I tried to like him, but one mustn’t try too hard.

“Are we going back, professor?”

“Yes, we’ll apparate there from an alleyway that I found. You are to go to The Three Broomsticks and will fly across to the grounds.”

“Yes miss.” We both said in unison. “May I say? No it’s probably best if I don’t talk to my sister now.”

We left and went into an alleyway and disapparated. I felt the familiar compressed feeling, but knew it would all be worth it when I’d open my eyes. Flying across to the other side of the lake, we caught a glimpse of our home.

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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
“Care to take my arm?” he held his right arm out. He behaved rather gentlemanly but had a childish glint in his eyes nevertheless.

“Don’t mind if I do, actually.”

As we got into the castle, I breathed a sigh of content. Although it was mere a couple of days away from here, it felt like an eternity had passed since I breathed that magical air.

“I think we should…” I began.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

“Just because the password might have changed.”

“Cockroach clusters.” James called out.

The usual happened and we stepped into the circular room. The headmaster looked slightly worried, but carried some twinkle in his eyes.

“Ah! Lily, James, how are you both feeling?”

“We’re ok, thanks, Sir.” A short pause proceeded until I said, “Sir, has there been any changes with the passwords or any other kinds of changes.” He seemed to inspect our minds thoroughly.

“I take it you know what passed over with young Sirius’s and Regulus’s father.”

“Yes sir. Moo-Remus told us about it via owl.” His gaze seemed to linger on us.

“There are no password changes.”

“Thank you, sir. Will we be doing our duty tonight?” for the last time his gaze lingered on us.

“If you feel up to it.”

“That will be fine, thanks, sir.”

He sat back in his chair as if to say ‘meeting adjourned’. We made our way back to our common room as fast as we could, with our little fingers interlocked.

As soon as we got into the common room, we were greeted by a peaceful silence. I heard a few scratches of quills on parchment, and figured it was Remus.

We walked up to him and said together, “Hi Moony.”

“Hi, Lily and Prongs,” he said absent mindedly. Once he looked up he was shocked out of his mind. He embraced us with a tight hug. “Oh my god, you’re back! Did you just come?” he looked totally glad to see us.

“Yeah, but we’re not staying long. We have duty tonight.” James said animatedly.

“That isn’t until after ten. We’ve still got two hours for that. So, how is your sister coping, Lily?” asked a generally concerned Remus.

“Don’t ask.” I rolled my eyes upwards.

“Ah. I take it things didn’t go very well.”

“She was fine at first with my flower, but then I think she must have heard our ‘dementor conversation’ and freaked out.”

“Oh my. Oh no. This was my fault. I was the one who brought up the subject. I’m so sorry Lily, I jeopardised your relationship with your sister.” I waved my hand dismissively.

“It was bound to change anyway. She’s getting married, did you know that? I wonder if I’m invited.”

Before either Remus or James could retaliate, a burst of chit-chat came from the girls’ staircase. They all fell silent then screamed once they saw Lily. The three girls hoarded around Lily shoving James to one side.

“Excuse me!” James yelped, without the girls taking any notice.

“Lily you’re back! We missed you so much!” Alice exclaimed.

“Speak for yourself Liss! I missed you so much Lily!” my friend Melinda said.

“You lot! Let me see my friend!” my lovely petit friend, Ophelia requested.

Ophelia, like me, is muggleborn, and her parents who in their youth studied the Shakespearean play Hamlet fell in love with the name of Hamlet’s only love interest, Ophelia and saw fit to call their only daughter the same.

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

After hours of talking and exploding snap James and I managed to get away to our duty. Before long, we searched every corridor passageway and cheated a little bit by looking at the map. Seen as though no one was there, or at least no one that wasn’t supposed to be, we went into our special room.

“How about another all-nighter?” I requested.

“I’m all up for it.” He seized me by the hips and kissed me rather slower than what I expected. His lips caressed mine so carefully that I don’t think they were a single cell that wasn’t in contact with his.

I loved you James. I love you so much. Never leave my side.

You’re too good, how could I ever leave you? You are mine. Say you’re mine.

A moan escaped me as if in recognition of his thoughts. We parted and apparently I had a look of disbelief spread across my face.

“Why so confused?” he laughed at my look.

“W-w-what’s my name?”

“I know your name is Lily, but what’s mine? You kissed me back senseless.”

“I kissed you back senseless, James? You kissed me completely and utterly senseless.”

“Lets do some more of that. I’m sure it’ll keep me up all night.”

Without further ado I kissed him with all my might and keeled over onto my bed.

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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)

Without further ado I kissed him with all my might and keeled over onto my bed. James fell on top of me and knocked the air outta me. We laughed for a hearty minute. It wasn’t long before tongues lashed, feelings warred and legs intertwined again. I felt pleasure sweep over me once again, as James’s tongue caressed my own. His lips left mine, and after a second of regretful absence, his lips found my skin. I shivered at the contact but grew comfortable… right up until he ran his hands down my waist. I started to squirm underneath him apparently giving him the message that he’s overstepping the boundaries.

He looked at me through a dazed look then finally noticed that his hands were on my waist

“Oh dear.” He managed at first. He flopped on the bed. “I’m sorry, Lily. My desires got in before my brain.”

“It’s ok, it’s ok!” the explanations drew an amused look on my face. “I wanna do something really funny with you.”

“What’s that, Lily flower?”

“Well, King James, I have a book that will amuse the two of us, immensely!” he sported a suspicious look.

“It’s a muggle book. Well, you act it out on a stage. It’s quite funny. Give it a try. You be Hamlet and I’ll be Ophelia.”

“Now that is impossible, you can’t be Ophelia and Lily.”

“Very funny, King James.” I summoned the book and flew into my hand. “Let me see… this is where…” my thoughts trailed off until I found the right page. “Ooh, I think I might have to be the Queen as well.” I showed him where I was. “Come hither, my dear Hamlet, sit by me.”

“No, good mother. Here’s metal more attractive.” He said quite nicely. “I don’t get that. What does he mean?”

“A magnet. He’s the magnet and goes over to the metal, he’s talking about Ophelia.”

He shrugged off the confusion and continued. “Lady, shall I lie in… what?! I don’t wanna say this!”

“Oh come on! It’s funny!” he looked at me inquiringly.

“If you must insist… in your lap?”

After a fit of laughter, I replied. “No my lord.”

“I mean, my head upon your lap?” it looked like realisation struck him.

“Ay, my lord.” What struck me as very odd was that James actually put his head on my lap. It was entertaining nevertheless. I shifted the book so that he could read.

“Do you think I meant country matters?” he looked expectantly at me.

Without looking at the book I closed my eyes and the book and said, “I think nothing, my lord.” A refractory period occurred between us.

“Lily? What does country matters mean?”

I laughed silently to myself. “What we might have done minutes before.”

He shifted more towards me and kissed my flat belly. “This time next year this will be curved. Not huge, but curved. This time next year, I’ll do this to you,” he kissed it again. “I’ll do this on our bed in Godric’s Hollow. And Harry will be saying ‘I love you mummy and I love you daddy. Just wait another few months for me’.”

“I will wait. And I would even die for you Harry.”

We stayed like this the whole night talking and occasionally kissing until we realised we should head down for some breakfast.

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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
Thank you to roach76, Blondie51760, blackgem, and IMissPadfoot for the feedback... I owe this to you. Thank you to all the guests out there who read this as well.
. `v` . . `v` . . `v` .

At the mouth of the Great Hall, I was surprised to see Severus eating so early. He looked up to see me and looked as if he needed to talk. I smiled at him, only slightly but then was dragged by an impatient James. Whilst we ate, we talked a great deal about nothing and everything.

What says you? Shall we see Padfoot?

Good idea! We havent really asked him how hes feeling, but after the crucio and everything else, we havent really had a chance.

Yeah. Thats true. But we must see him, now of all times.

My gaze kept drifting off to Severus. I could tell he wanted to talk to me. After the sorting in our sixth year, he came up to me and told me he was sorry for calling me mudblood the previous summer. I told him we could never become good friends like we were in the past, and that we could only be classmates. This upset him but we remained civil towards each other.

A frantic Peter came running into the great hall, dragging James out of the place. I dont think he noticed me, but Ive noticed that he hasnt been around much. I wonder what hes up to. Hes hardly around the marauders as well. This is odd, something is up.

Prongs! You need to come now.

They left and suddenly Severus and I were the only two students in the room. I watched him as he stood and walk to the Gryffindor table. He came and sat opposite me.

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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
This goes to Kaz, who isn't feeling very well right now and to Ren for being herself and a great friend :D I wouldn't be able to do this without you two, my two sides

“You’re looking perky.” The black haired man wore a smile that reached his eyes.

“Yeah. James and I stayed up last night. Reading and things of the like.”

“Ah, yes, speaking of him, I see your boyfriend is keeping his end of the deal.”

“He has a name; it won’t poison you to say it once in a while.” I told him with mirthful eyes. “I told you I won’t let him do anything to you, but I agree with him concerning his only condition.”

“Like I’ve told you before, I’d only do anything if he does. Make sure Black does it too will you?”

“Don’t order me round like a house elf. Don’t you think I’m better than that?”

“Of course you are.” his hand was progressing towards mine, but I subtly put it on my lap. “I just don’t know any other way of asking you to do something for me.”

“You just need to say ‘can you do this for me please, Lily?’” I told him in a whisper.

“Ok, point taken.” At that time we caught a sight that surprised the two of us. “Oh my. I thought he wasn’t eating nowadays.” Regulus just entered the great hall. “I… I think I better go, Lily.” Severus got up and made his way to a grim Regulus.

He sat down beside him and started talking to him in whispers. It was such a sweet sight that I felt as though I was intruding on someone’s silent affairs. Instead I saw fit to go to the hospital wing and visit Sirius.

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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
thank you so much to all of you who give me my confidence
.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

When I got to the hospital I was greeted with a surprising sight. Melinda and Sirius staring into the other’s eyes. I thought it would be best to just leave the two alone, but Sirius caught me turning round.

“Mum!” I gave up and walked over to him.

“It’s ok you two. I’m glad you’re together now.” The youngsters turned the deepest shade of red imaginable.

“Come and stay, Lils.” Melinda requested. “How have you been? I didn’t hear you come in after your duty.”

“Oh James and I had an all nighter. It was fun.” Their eyes grew in surprise.

“Don’t look like that at me. It was harmless fun. We read and talked…” Sirius snapped his fingers in from of my eyes and I awoke from the trance I didn’t know I was in. Their hands were clasped together in such a way that was so ambiguous and so well concealed that it almost slipped my detection. I gave the two a knowing smile and stood up to leave.

“I think I’d better go. I probably have a mountain of work to do by now.”

“Good luck!” they both said in unison. We all shared a laugh as a harassed looking James burst in through the door.

“God! That Wormtail is such a little traitor! I could kill him right now.”

“What he do?” I asked him.

“I don’t wanna talk about it. Come on, we’d better catch up on our work. I went in our room and saw a pile of it to do.”

“See you guys later.”

.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

“James, tell me what Peter did.”

He heaved a sigh. “How long have we got?”

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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
I'd just like to say thanks to blackgem/Ren for keeping me sane

“Something tells me this is going to take a while.” I took one look at his pained look to know that he was being sincere.

“Do you remember he dragged me away? He led me to a trap.” With a look of utter disbelief, he proceeded. “He took me to a corridor where a bunch of Slytherins were. I don’t think he was expecting them there, but he ran away. I knew what I was in for, being death eaters and all, so I stunned them and nearly ran. That is until I saw a limp Regulus, he was with them. I panicked but revived him and made him go to the Slytherin common room right then.”

“Is he ok? I mean emotionally.”

“I think he’s holding up better now than before. I pity him. His mother will mentally kill him if no one else will physically do it.”

“No doubt about that. I wonder what he’ll do now. Not that his dad was any better than his mother. Same old pureblood fanaticism.”

After a moment of quill scratching, I broke the silence. “What’s going to happen with Peter? You don’t think he did that on purpose, do you?”

“I don’t know anymore. He’s not hanging around us anymore. Not taking an interest in any pranks. You’ve seen how he was before. He loved our pranks. He helped us a little as well.” I really don’t know what to make of him now.

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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
Hiya guys. Before I say anything, youngsters probably shouldn't read this. Unless you want to blush furiously :lol: But those who do, I hope you like this one, it's fun writing it right now :D, thank you all, I love you:

After a few hours of companionable silence, a tonne of homework, class work and essays, James and I fell into being the slaves of our own desires.

Still sitting on separate chairs, our mouths moulded together in a perfect sculpture, giving an increased sense of longing. The kiss was slow and easy and began to taste nice once James slipped his tongue in my mouth. I moaned out of appreciation whilst James’s arms wound around my waist, bringing me closer.

I don’t know how it happened but I ended up on his lap, my arms encircling his neck and fingers combing through his hair. He leaned down even more, deepening the kiss. Without warning, without even breaking the kiss he carried me over to the bed and continued kissing me. We were on our sides, but one push from me and I was on top of him. Apparently feeling uncomfortable, James bucked his hips to position me better onto him and wrapped his mile long legs round mine. I shifted upwards and you wouldn’t believe the sparks that emanated from us. All the while our lips and tongues were instigating their own personal analysis of each others’ mouths.

I felt my hairclip come apart and my hair cascade over my shoulders and envelope my boyfriend’s face. I broke away from his supple lips and started kissing every inch of his face. I started with his eyelids, first his right, then his left from there I went to his forehead, feeling his breathe tickle my neck. Next were his cheeks, so soft and well defined, it was really no wonder so many girls fell head over heels in love with him.

My lips trailed down his neck, tasting his natural flavour and I knew other girls hadn’t done this. In my moment of retention I remembered only James kissed girls on their necks. It was never the other way round.

“What’s the matter?” James asked me.

“Has any other girl kissed your neck?” I asked outright.

“What?!” I remember that look and laugh back at it.

“You heard.”

He paused and looked suspiciously at me. “You do remember I persisted in asking you out every single day, right?” I nodded. “I’ve loved you since 1st September 1974, Lily Evans. No other girl can compare.”

“But you gave up on me the night I felt love for you. The night I was going to confess my feelings to you.” I burst into tears.

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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
thank you so much to adam_12, roach76, blackgem, IMissPadfoot, HarryForGinny for feeding me, as well as blue_rose for attempting to do so ;) also to my cousin who came here as a guest. I love uuu:

He held me tightly rocking me back and forth. He made shushing noises so I could calm down, rubbing my back soothingly. Once I stopped crying against his cheek, he let me go and inspected me closely. “That was the last straw for me. I was so madly in love with you for so long, I couldn’t handle it. It was so unbearable that I couldn’t handle you rejecting me one more time.”

“You sounded so rude when you rejected me though. You sounded like you hated me.”

“I thought you were mocking me! Do you think I would’ve believed you after the one thousand five hundred and eighty ninth time of rejection?” I fell silent. “Besides, do you think I could not love you whilst doing this?” he swayed my hips towards him and hugged me tightly. “Do you think I don’t love you when I do this?” he pushed me down on the bed and caressed me all over. “Do you really think that I don’t love you when we both this?” he whispered hotly in my ear just before kissing me on my lips. My mouth was already open, ready to protest… until his soft lips rubbed against mine. He was about to let his tongue enter mine, when mine pushed it out of the way. It felt good feeling his tongue under my own. I broke the kiss only to catch my breath.

“I-I think it would be advisable for us to go to lunch.”

I got up to leave, but he stopped me by the arm. Standing up beside me, he wound his arms to my behind and pulled me closer to him. He whispered into my ear once more.

“You are lunch enough for me.” I melted once more at the contact his whole body moulded into mine, becoming one, inseparable component.

“You have no idea what you’re doing to me.”

“I think I have some idea.” That was the last thing he said before lowering his lips onto my neck. It felt so good, but my stomach indicated that I was hungry. With that he stopped and we both went once more to the Great Hall.

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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)
thank you all for feeding me and for just reading this as well. This is for you all:
.• `v` •. .• `v` •. .• `v` •.

Melinda, Ophelia, Alice and I were in the Great Hall eating our breakfast as usual, discussing the latest news. We were discussing the Hogsmeade weekend prior to the Christmas holidays.

Are you looking forward to the next Hogsmeade weekend?” Ophelia asked.

“Ooh yes. I need to refill my sweets and chocolate supply.” I said. Ophelia and I have always had a fascination with wizard sweets as we were used to only sweets like skittles and chocolate like Twix. Just the normal uninteresting things muggles like.

“I need to get new robes.” Melinda said. “Oh and will we all be seeing our boyfriends in the afternoon?” she added.

“I guess so.” I spoke first.

“Jee you sound enthusiastic!” Alice retaliated.

I kept quiet, but Alice gave me a suspicious look. That look really unnerves me. Thank god Frank came and distracted her.

“Hiya. Have you heard about the Hogsmeade weekend?”

“Yeah, it was on the message board.”

I looked over at the entrance door and noticed Sirius there, shortly followed by the other marauders. They had wide grins on their faces, probably because they had their best friend back.

Hiya guys, thats all... thought I'd leave you with another cliffie

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