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Tonks September 29th, 2007 12:43 am

RP/Chat Threads
Recently, there have been more and more “chat” threads cropping up with various characters chatting and making up a story as they go along. These are all fun and popular threads and we want to see them continue in a better way that incorporates more members and characters.

So, we are opening 3 new RP/Chat threads called HP Past, HP Present and HP Future to give you a place for this fun game. These threads will house all character chat and will operate much the same way as the current chat threads. Each member will enter a comment based on the one above choosing any character they wish from the thread’s time period. Want to be Sirius in one post and Remus in the next? Sure, go ahead! You can also post in one thread or all three.

As with all threads, please keep in mine our Forum Rules and keep all posts family friendly.

HP Past v3
HP Present v3
HP Future v2

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