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GryffindorSeeker March 23rd, 2004 12:12 am

The Diary of.... Me
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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or anything like that.

Here we go. :evil:

GryffindorSeeker March 23rd, 2004 12:31 am

First of January
The more I've thought about it, the stranger this seems. This is my first diary, given to me by my best friend, Alice, on the Christmas of my sixth year of Hogwarts. I've never written in a diary before, and the concept of it is rather simple, I suppose. Here I am babbling on and on in this book when I can easily write any essay I wish without a second thought. Maybe I am hopeless. Alice said to write anything about myself. My past, present, hopes for the future.... I'll grit my teeth and bare it, I suppose. Yes, that's best.

When I was young, my parents took my sister and me to a sort of fair. There were people peforming muggle "magic tricks." I remember it all seeming so spectacular, so breath taking.... so awesome.

An old women in a tent beckoned my mother and I too her. She was one of those fortune tellers, covered in shawls and jewelry. Without speaking, she grabbed my hand and studied it. She stared into my eyes for along time, then she finally spoke in a creaky old voice.

"Oh, child. My poor child. Your life will be a hard one. Your burden, difficult. Your life will be wondered at by those who you are to love. Your life will be full of trials, child. Keep a record of it, I pray. Poor child. Poor, poor child," the fortune teller shook her head tragically and waved me away.

When we were in safe distance from the tent, I turned to Mother. She was looking odd.

"Mum?" I asked, "What was that about?"

She smiled at me and said firmly, "My dear Lily, my dear, the fortune telling isn't real. Your life won't go that way, honey. Don't worry your little head about it."

I never thought about keeping a "record of my life" until now. Diaries are commonly used, both by muggles and witches. I guess it's time to begin keeping mine.

I hope that was satisfactory for an entry. I hope. Diary keeping is over my head. Maybe that will be the end. Alice won't let me, I know, but it's worth a try.

GryffindorSeeker March 25th, 2004 12:40 am

Jan 6

I'm back at school. On my last day of holidays, I was just outside, watching the snow fall when Petunia came out. I'm not sure about her right now, she's been rather touchy around me for the last six years, ever since I got into Hogwarts.

I asked her, rather shyly, what she was doing. She was waiting for her "young man" as Mum calls him, Vernon Dursley. Him I'm not to keen on. He's rather full of himself, and closed-minded.

When I said, "Oh, him." Petunia turned around and said "At least I have someone!" rather triumphantly. I couldn't help it. I'm rather surprised at myself, but some words popped out of my mouth before I knew what was happening.

"I do happen to have someone! James, James Po-" I stopped myself there. Why had that come out? I guess it was just to prove Petunia wrong, but still, why did I have to use him? He makes me sick. He's horrible, he's arrogant, he's a bully... Argh!

I'll just leave that at that.

I wasn't going to write again, but I knew Alice would make me do it anyway. She marched up to my dormitory after dinner and came down with my journal and a quill, saying "Write."

So here I am, in the common room. James is staring at me. Again. I hope he won't find out what I wrote just now about my conversation with Petunia. He'd freak, but that's because he's had a crush on me for a long time. He won't give up. He ought to, but he's to thick-headed to know that. Boys.

Alice is watching me rather amusedly. I think my facial expressions keep changing. Yes, they do. I should be an interesting sight: a girl in the corner writing a book while making faces! Ha! Maybe I am hopeless at this. I can't keep anything organised in here. I just asked Alice, and she said, quite calmly, "Lily, it just takes practice, but it's worth it, trust me."

How did Alice become the patronizing one? She's a year younger than me, and she's always been quiet. *sigh* Oh well. I can't think of much more to say, so I suppose I ought to close while I'm not jabbering here, feeling like an idiot. Practice, Alice says, practice. Practice.

GryffindorSeeker March 26th, 2004 12:51 am

A/N: I'm going to be using one of the characters, Elizabeth (Eliza), from my other fanfic, Only Family, but it will still make sense if you don't read it, as it's after this.

Jan 7

I'm back in the commmon, again. We've had dinner, and I already wrote my essay for Charms.

Alice is sitting near me, reading a book, looking exhausted. She's beginning to nod off, I think. She keeps starting and waking herself up. Joan, my best friend in my year, is glaring at the fire, her red hair glowing, looking very evil indeed. Liza, my other best friend in the year below me, is talking to her brother, James, on the other side of the common room. Sirius is with them, moving her books to bother her. How she puts up with them, I don't know. Remus is near them, doing his charms essay along with Peter, who appears to be struggling. It makes you feel almost sorry for him.

Nothing very interesting happened today, except Sirius got a letter from his parents. That rarely happens, but it turned out that they were trying to convince him to quit being a "blood-traitor" as they seem to call it. Sirius got mad and moved rather deliberatly, but his spoon slipped and hit Liza on the face. He appologized and seemed to calm down by laughing when she tickled him.

Liza just came over and sat down. She's talking to me right now about this diary and how we seem "unseperable" or something. I can't quite tell, she's talking too quickly.

Liza's quite a lot like James, but if James was more like her, I might consider talking to him occasionally. She's a bit of a troublemaker like him, and she has the same disregard for the rules, but she's not arrogant and she doesn't draw as much attention as her brother. She's on the quidditch team like him, though. She plays seeker, and is rather good at it.

James just came over, and so did Sirius. They're tormenting Liza. Sirius usually calls her Beth, Bethy, Liz, or Lizzie. He's the only one who does, because she hates it, and not many people want to make Liza mad. She can have a horrible temper, and James, even though most people don't think so, is really protective of her.

Liza looks quite a bit like James, especially with her hair down and her glasses on. She doesn't always wear them, her eyes aren't nearly as bad as James, and she can manage quite well with out them. If Liza has her hair pulled back and her glasses off, it's rather hard to see the resemblence.

I can't believe I just wrote so much about her, but she is rather interesting, and we spend time a lot with each other, so I guess the description was useful. Maybe next time I'll describe Alice or Joan.

James looks like he's trying to read this upside down, so I think I'd better close.

GryffindorSeeker March 27th, 2004 1:25 am

Jan 10

In the Commmon Room, as usual. Joan is watching me, staring. Her stare is rather unnerving. She has grey-blue eyes and the look about her is evil. Evil in an un-Voldemort-ish, just scary type of way. Even Sirius avoids her.

She and I began to be friends at the beginning of the first year when she swore at meand told me me to get away from her bed. I told her I wasn't near her bed, and to watch her language, and she started laughing.

She prefers it when people stand up to her, and when they don't, she squashes them flat. The other girls in our dorm avoid her as much as possible, and the boys, Sirius, Remus, and, Peter mostly, won't go near her. James yelled at her once, and now she's fond of him. She likes Liza too, because when she blocked Lize from getting into her dormitory and told her to explain why she ate one and a half rolls, Liza told her to get out of her way unless she wanted to be hexed apart, of course, Lize didn't have the ability to then, but Joan just laughed and got out of her way.

Alice got angry at her once, so Joan likes her, too. Those that are her friends are her friends for a long time coming, and have her protection.

James and Sirius lost us about fifty points today. They were tormenting Snape again. Honestly, they can be so immature, including Snape. They bait each other and then pretend to be innocent. They hex each other, throw insults, it can be so annoying! I've stood up for Snape a few times, but then he just insults me. I've mostly given up, because it doesn't faze anyone a bit, and Snape just calls me a mudblood and keeps swearing.

Liza just came in from Quidditch practice, followed by the rest of the team. As it''s storming out, you can just make out sodden red and white fuzz balls.

GryffindorSeeker March 30th, 2004 1:25 am

Jan 13

Today went pretty well, except for the end. That would probably be because of the small... er.... large row between James and I after dinner. Well, maybe I was the one that did most of the shouting, but James was the one that provoked it. I suppose I could've just let it pass, but James was being such a provoking little toad all day that I just broke.

I hate it when I do that, especially because it seems to make James partially pleased and it makes the rest of the school whisper when he or I pass them for about a week. I guess that's the trouble you get for living in a school full of kids with nothing better to do than gossip and... gossip.

Alice is watching me. She seems pleased with the fact that she was the one forcing me into this. No one that doesn't know her well would never dream that quiet, shy Alice would be so stubborn! I wish she weren't, but I'm not going to tell her that I don't mind this anymore. I just moan for the sake of giving the girl a hard time, and giving her a headache for... five seconds.

Lize is talking to Remus. I'm not sure what about, but she looks amused in a grim way. James, Sirius, and Peter keep whispering and looking my way. It may have something to do with the row not too long ago.

Lize and Remus just came over here. No word of what they were talking about, but they seem to be making an effort to be jolly. I'll have to get it out of Lize later. Tickling always works... it's easier not to use the charm. She's ticklish in enough places!

Peter's here now, too. Liza doesn't look to happy with that. She's giving him rather disgusted looks. She's not to fond of him. I don't know why. Peter's nice enough. I asked her once why, and she had difficulty explaining.

There are too many people over here to keep on writing.

GryffindorSeeker March 31st, 2004 12:20 am

Jan 14

Joan, Lize, Alice, and I are up in Joan and my dormitory. Lize is sitting on my bed next to me, twisting a strand of hair around her finger. Joan and Alice are sitting on Joan's bed, side by side. We're talking, and I have nothing better to do than record our conversation:

Joan, grinning: So, Alice, how's Frank?

(She went on a walk with him earlier)

Alice blushes, and stammers: Oh, he's fine, I guess.

Joan winks at Lize and says to me: See, I think they're getting hooked up, so what about you and James?

I stare at her and answer: James? You wish Joan! He's a sick arrogant idiot, and I don't want to go out with him! He's a bully, he's...

Liza clears her throat: Um, Lily, I know you don't like James and everything, but I would prever if you didn't insult my brother. Especially not in front of me.

I felt myself grow red: Sorry, Lize, I didn't mean...

Lize answers: I know what you meant, Lils, but still, he's my brother. You have a right not to like him, but just don't insult him in front of me. It makes me rather uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable silence.

Breaking it, Joan says: Lize, how's quidditch going?

Lize: Pretty good. The only trouble we're having is that Frank his having problems blocking his left hoop. And we have to catch up on our homework afterwards. I hate OWLs.

Alice laughs: Yeah, and we haven't even taken them yet!

Lize: Ugh. Speaking of which, Lis, we have that charms essay for Flitwick to work on.

Alice: Why'd you have to remind me?

Lize: Because, if I didn't, you'd be frantic tomorrow.

Joan and I exchange looks. Too right she would!

Alice and Lize say goodnight and leave.

Joan grins: I see the row with you and James hasn't yet become old news yet!

I moan.

Joan laughs: how long will this one take? A week? Two?

Me: shut up.

I threw a pillow at her.

She laughs: come on, let's go see how everyone's doing.

Me: just a second.

I haven't gotten what Lize and Remus were talking about out of her yet. I'll keep trying. Maybe I should really try the tickling....

GryffindorSeeker April 2nd, 2004 4:09 pm

Jan 15

Lize isn't giving anything up. Maybe I don't want to know, but she's been trying to convince me that it's his buisness, and I ought to lay off. I guess I will, as she's acting rather desperate about it.

We're in the common room, once again. Alice, Lize, Frank, and a few others have been studying for three and a half hours now. I heard Sirius comment that that was a lot of time for so early, but I don't think so. Lize was really reluctant to start studying, but Alice got her too. Honestly, that girl could get Voldemort himself to do something good... I don't recommend it though, he'd probably kill her, and that wouldn't exactly be good.

Joan's reading a chapter in our potions book, looking bored. Remus just walked over.

"Hi," he sits.

Joan nodds eying him carefully. Remus raises an eye at her, and she seems satisfied. She smiles at him and returns to her chapter, her eyes flicking up to us occasionally.

"Your row with James doesn't seem to be blowing over anytime soon," he commented, looking at me carefully.

"So?" I ask, trying not to snap. I succeed, but barely.

Remus shrugs, "He's in a bad mood."

I nodded, looking at him carefully.

He catchs my look and nods, "Just making conversation."

"Why, exactly?"

He laughs, "Because James in a bad enough mood to get Sirius out of his way. No talking to him right now."


"Yeah, and Liza's studying, and Sirius is off with Peter talking to Hagrid. I just got back from the library, so I decided to talk to you."

I nod. Remus occasionally does that. He's nicer than the others, but he never stops him. Peter's nice too, of course, but he's always following Sirius and James. Rather pathetic. Wow, I sound like Lize.

I pull out my astronomy homework, then look up, "Say, do you know when the next full moon is? My lunar charts not here."

Remus looks at me oddly, then says, "The 25."

"Thanks." Why exactly does he know that? Then I realize. Once a month he usually disappears, right? And he always seems to know when the next full moon is. I have a theory. I'll test it.

Remus and I are still talking, but it's nothing intresting enough to write.

GryffindorSeeker April 4th, 2004 3:28 am

Jan 16

I have stopped asking Liza about her conversation with Remus. My reasoning is simple enough. If my theory's correct, it would explain a good deal of my questions. If it's correct, how ever, that would be horrible. There's suppose to lot of pain during that. I'd hate that to actually happen to someone, especially some one I know and like, such as Remus.

Alice seems rather proud of herself for making me write in this journal. I pretend I hate it, but it's just pretending, and I think she's realised it by now.

Sirius is chasing Liza around the common room. She has his wand captive, along with a small mirror. He's yelling and chasing her. They're weaving in and out of chairs, tables and people. Neither of them have tripped. Oops. Spoke to soon. Sirius just tripped over a rug. He fell face first. As he fell, he grabbed Liza by her robes nd pulled her down with him. Now they're in a heap on the floor, laughing so hard they can't speak, both of them with tears rolling down their cheeks.

Lize still has Sirius's wand and mirror. Wait, nope. Remus took that moment to reach down and take them from her. He pats her on the head, only to make her laugh harder, then takes them to the table they were/are sitting at.

Sometimes I can hardly see what Liza sees in them other than the family ties, but she enjoys it to such an extent, I think that it may kill her from the excitement. Alice and Joan sometimes go with her to over there and enjoy it, but I never go over there. I would want to, if it weren't for the fact that if I'm within ten feet of that git she calls her brother, he asks me out. Annoying prat.

Other times, I can see that they're really nice people, with a bit of git mixed in. Oximoron or not, that's how I feel. But then, where that lot is concerned, I'm not quite sure how I feel. All I know is that Joan is intimidating Peter, right now, and I think he's about to cry. Should I rescue him? Let's just watch it unfold...

GryffindorSeeker April 6th, 2004 12:00 am

Jan 17

No, Joan didn't make Peter cry, much. He just stood up and ran up the stairs. Joan nearly fell off her chair laughing.

I can't see Alice and Lize. They're hidden behind this pile of books .... completely hidden. James just came over here and asked if I'd go to Hogsmeade with him. Any guesses to what I said? No, of course. He didn't seem that surprised, just turned around and walked away.

I'm sure he'll ask me about 25 times until the Hogsmeade trip. At the Hogsmeade trip, he'll ask me about twice more. Stubborn idiot.

Joan's asked me if I feel sorry for him in the she leaned back in her arm chair.

I answered of course I did, any one who is so hung up on someone, but also happens to be a complete git is someone I guess I pity.

She asked me if I won't actually just go out with him once, at least.

I answered that I wouldn't, at least not until he stops being such a bigheaded arrogant git, and starts acting human.

She laughs and asks if I don't think going out with him might show me that he is actually capable of human emotion.

I answer that if he can't show any human emotion with out my help, then he's a completely idiotic moron.

Gosh, I'm mean. Oh, well. I guess he deserves it. Too bad I'm doing this with out someone to stand up for him. Like Lize.

I guess now that I'm feeling guilty, I'm not going to be able to write with out devoting several pages to him, something I wouldn't want to know. For one thing, it's a complete waste of paper, and for another, if James found out, it would just make his head swell to a much bigger size. If that's possible.

GryffindorSeeker April 8th, 2004 2:40 pm

Jan 20

Joan and I had to drag Alice and Liza outside today, away from their studying. Actually, it wasn't that hard, at least not Liza. She was staring out the window, her feet kicking long before we decided to go outside. It was freezing out there, and the snow kept blowing into our faces. With in seconds, Liza was covered in snow and her pent-up energy was coming out.

Joan and Alice were taking a neat walk through the snow, and Liza dragged me into a snowball fight. Joan and Alice were amused, and when ever one of our snowballs nearly or did "accidently" hit them, they'd send a rocketting lot to us. After a while, we wandered around the lake. Then it started snowing again, so we went to see Hagrid. We don't often, but Liza goes with her brother, Sirius, and all, sometimes.

Hagrid was rather cheerful, and asked if we wanted some tea. We declined, but then he told us we were either going to have something warm, or freeze. We thought he was exagerating, and he probably was. He then gave us cocoa, which was different than usual. Liza was immediately thirsty (she has a weakness for it) and made us have some.

When we left, Liza chased Joan half way to the castle, before Joan began chasing her. They ran around in circles, before falling over. Alice jumped onto Liza, and rubbed her face with snow. Joan tackled me, and the attack continued. We went up to the castle tired, wet, cold, and.... cold.

That was our outing.... and now we're completely calm, and doing our homework. Actually, no, Liza just got up and tackled Remus. Okay, then. That was odd. Now she's back to doing her homework, and Remus is rubbing the back of his head, looking confused. Sirius is doubling up with laughter, and I'm going to finish this essay.

GryffindorSeeker April 10th, 2004 3:37 am

January 25

It's just after dinner. The moon is full, and my theory remains intact. Remus left after lunch, looking pale. When questioned about it, the answer came as, "I'm not feeling too good. I'm going to the Hospital wing," and he left.

And so, my theory stands unchallenged. I'm glad I figured it out, but I'm not happy that it's true. There's been a rising ridicule on werewolves of late, and I think it's going to get worse. Lord Voldemort's been recruiting them, I think, but it may just be a rumor.

Liza just stood up, and walked away from our table, crossing the commmon room towards a window. She's staring out it sadly, almost longingly. I look around and see that James, Sirius, and Peter have quietly disappeared. If they're not back in a few minutes, I'll question Liza.

The sun has just set. I went to Liza and stared out the window along with her. We stood, almost in a silent vigil for a while, until I saw shapes in the distance. Something that looks like a dog, no two that look like a dog, but one's more like a wolf. A wolf! A werewolf? I see a stag, perhaps, but Liza points towards the lake and I see the squid's tentacles waving, almost in greeting to us.

When I looked back, the shapes were gone. I suppose it was just something of my imagination, I wouldn't doubt it, it seems to be running away in less pleasant ways lately.

James wasn't as unbearable today. He seemed rather preoccupied. I'm sure he's aware of this, so that may be the answer. Also, when my bag split, he helped me get my books collected with out being a complete prat. He's not horrible all the time, I suppose.

Liza stared sadly out of the window, then turned to me, her voice soft, asking:

"You know, don't you?"

I nod, and she smiles sadly, "He handles it well, better than I ever could, I bet. Sirius, James, and Peter do what they can."

I look down and nod.

We fall silent, and exchange looks.

GryffindorSeeker April 13th, 2004 12:46 am

Jan 26

Remus came to breakfast later than usual, looking pale, tired, and weak. Lize gave him a grin, which he returned. She poured him hot chocolate. He accepted, raising his eyebrows slightly, before laughing and drinking some of it.

The other three were tired looking too, but looking rather cheerful. Why they were tired is beyond me, and Lize keeps ignoring my questions on it. But she did, when we got into the common room tell me that I should tell Remus that I know. I was startled and asked why, and she just shrugged, and answered:

"Well, I think he'd feel better knowing that you told him that you knew rather than you keeping that from him. It would make him a bit more comfortable around you, also."

I asked if she didn't think he'd be upset, and she answered:

"Him? No. Trust me, I know him well, and he'd be a lot happier knowing you knew and didn't mind rather than not being aware of it at all."

I though that was odd, and told her so, but she just called Remus over anyway.

I told him that I knew, feeling rather nervous, but he just nodded, and asked if I minded at all. I told him I didn't, and his expression cleared, and he smiled. He teased me about James, and Lize rolled her eyes while we debated about him. He caught me in a corner, as he knows more about him and managed to tie me up with my own argument.

We were rather relaxed, and watched Peter fall asleep and fall out of his chair. Then he told me he had to go do his essay for charms. I answered saying I was finished.

Now I'm watching him. He only seemed slightly startled I knew, but after he realised I didn't mind, he warmed up. Maybe that's not the right term, but I'm tired, so I'll head up to bed.

GryffindorSeeker April 16th, 2004 12:23 am

Jan 31

I thought I was going to make a whole week of no writing, but Alice cornered me, and put me under the tickling jinx until I gave in. How I love giving her a hard time!

James has asked me to go to Hogsmeade with him a total of 27 times so far. That's neartly a record! At this rate, he'll ask me about 54 times before the actual Hogsmeade visit. Of course, I may have to come in contact with him more often, these coming days. I hope not, but it's possible.

The Quidditch team just trouped in again. They're soaked. Their uniforms are dripping, but apparently they made it here without Filch or his cat getting a hold of them. Liza's leaving a little river behind her.

Ouch. Alice just came down the steps and slipped on Liza's puddles, bump, bump, bump, bump, the rest of the way down the staircase. She's not hurt, she's sitting at the foot of the stairs, laughing.

Joan is watching the procedures with an odd look on her face. Her eyebrows are raised, her eyes cool, and her face emotionless. I think it's due to that look that many people are afraid of her.

When I ask her what's going on, she hisses, "Make him look away."

I looked to see what she was talking about. Then I saw. Sirius was looking at her curiously, staring, almost. I drew his attention to me and shook my head. He gave me an apologetic/not exactly so grin, and turned away, talking to James, who just came in.

GryffindorSeeker April 21st, 2004 12:19 am

Febuary 2

This I wish,
This I plead,
Will you be my date to Hogsmeade?

Ug, not the best poetry I've read. It's probably the most pathetic, though. That James has to try to.... try to woo me with a poem is sick. That was one of the ways he tried to get me to go to Hogsmeade with him. It's also the least drastic!

When Lize read it over my shoulder, she began to laugh so hard that tears rolled down her cheeks and she couldn't breathe. She's been quite amused by her brother's attempts at getting me to go to Hogsmeade with him. She shouldn't be allowed to be as amused as she has been. She's spent most of the day, laughing till her face is bright scarlet and her sides ache.

I've lost count of all of the times James has asked me. Today was far worse than the two weeks put together. Why he's suddenly so.... enthusiastic is beyond me. Thankfully.

Sirius as also been acting... odd. So has Joan. They seem to be avoiding each other. Speaking of which, Sirius is heading over here and Joan is in the library. Lize and Alice are sitting here. Remus is with Sirius.

"Hello!" Sirius says brightly.

Remus grinned and nodded to us.

"Hello," Liza says suspiciously.

"How's your day?" Sirius says conversationally, but Lize doesn't take it as such.

"What do you want?" she asked sharply.

Sirius sighs, "Oh, Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie."

She raises a dangerous eyebrow.

"Fine. I came over to ask you something. Will you go to Hogsmeade with me?" Sirius asks almost humbly.


"For a date, of course."

"Of course? Honestly Sirius, what do you want?" she looks exasperated.

"Just that."

She looks suspicious, "Oh, really? Fine then, what do I get out of this?"

Sirius attempts an even more humble look, "My undying gratitude."

"Oh, shove it! What do I get?"

"I... I...." he looks wildly around at Remus for help.

Remus grins and says, "He'll be your servant for a week."

"Make it two, in the holidays, and have him sign a slip. That would make that a deal. With witnesses, mind."

Sirius looks relieved, "Thank you so much!"

I decide to draw up the slip:

I, (Sirius's signature), hereby become (Liza's signature)'s slave for the first two weeks of summer holiday on the condition that she is my date for the upcoming Hogsmeade trip.

(Remus's signature)
(Alice's signature)
(My signature)
(Frank's signature (he came over to see what the rucus was about))

Sirius seemed very relieved.

GryffindorSeeker April 24th, 2004 3:56 am


The more that I have talked about it, and thought about it, the stranger this begins to seem. What is so strange is that Sirius asked Lize. Not only is that the strangest and most..... destructive couple ever imagined, they consider each other as siblings! To Sirius, Liza is a sister he can tease during all hours of every day. To Liza, Sirius is her other brother, one that she can't tell on and he can't tell on her to her parents. He's another soul to tease, and he's another friend to talk to. Them as a couple is one of the scarier things I've ever come across. Almost.

Another thing is, the part of the conversation after I stopped writing it all down. (Sirius was trying to read it, so I had to slam it shut and glare at him ) Here it is:

Lize: What's James going to do?

Remus (laughs): Oh, him? He's going stag! (more laughs)

Lize: Really? Literally or no?

(That part made absolutely no sense, but Sirius, Remus and Lize all laughed)

Sirius (thoughtfully): You know, I think he is going literally.... I mean, Lily e won't go with him, so maybe.

Lize: What about Peter?

Remus (shrugs): I think he's going with some Hufflepuff girl. What was her name?

Sirius: Alexis, I think.

Lize: What about you, Remus?

Remus: Well, I was going to go with Alice, but now she and Frank have finally gotten together. Maybe-

(Joan comes in, Sirius gets pale. Joan pointedly ignores him.)

Joan: Hi Remus, Hi Lize, Lily, Alice

Remus: Hi Joan. Do you want to go with me to Hogsmeade?

Joan:Yes! I will!

(She looks slowly at Sirius, almost pointedly. He smiles and nods to Liza. Joan's eyes become icy, and she smirks and nods to Remus. They seem to have been almost showing off the fact that they had dates with other people. When Sirius and Remus left, Sirius had an odd look on his face, almost sad. To my surprise, so did Joan)

Then I got it. Why would they have those looks on there faces? Why are they so uncomfortable around each other now? Why were they so eager to get dates? Other people for dates? I nearly laughed when I realized it. They are such idiots! But then, maybe I'm no better off then them.

GryffindorSeeker April 30th, 2004 12:05 am

Febuary 4

Absolutely nothing interesting is going on. Nothing! At all! THe only thing half way so is that Joan and Sirius were having a rather silent fight of glowering during dinner. James couldn't keep a straight face and ended up falling, laughing, into his mashpotatoes. Alice looked vaguelly amused, and Liza and Remus were exchanging looks, both of them grinning.

But, Alice is making me write this, and has me covered with her wand, even though she's too busy studying to notice that I've been pretending to tear out all of the pages.

Maybe I should try to discribe my friends???

Physical: She's tall, thin and pale. She has rather shadowed eyes, and they're gray. Her hair is curly and a dark red. She usually has a look on her face that could freeze the sun, or boil blood.

Personality: She's frightening and proud of it. She thinks it's best to scare respect out of a person then become their friend. She says it keeps them loyal. Where she came up with that, I don't know. She's not good with 'good' emotions. I think they scare her. She's intellegent and is best at Defense Against the Dark Arts, which has caused a few rumors.

Physical: She has straight, light brown hair. She has a constant smile and a round face. She's slightly short, and has amber colored eyes.

Personality: She's usually cheerful, and is studious. She's a sweetheart, and is embaressed almost easily, but she does have a hard side. She can manipulate people to do what she wants them to do, trying to convince them that it's good for them. She's had a crush on Frank for almost ever, but she usually goes to Hogsmeade with Remus, as friends. She's rather studious, too.

She's medium height. She has messy black hair, and hazel eyes. She's thin and wears glasses. She looks alot like her brother, but if she pulls her hair back and takes off her glasses, she looks very different.

She's full of energy and laughter. She plays pranks as she draws breath, and gets on well with her brother's friends, except Peter. She can be sweet, too, but she's far more stubborn than is probably good for her.

Okay, my hands tired, and Alice has finally stopped covering me with her wand.

GryffindorSeeker May 6th, 2004 11:06 pm

Feb 8

I can't help but notice that a lot of my entries so far have been about so and so, and how so and so likes such and such. I'm finding that rather annoying, so the subject will change. At least for this entry. Of course it's not a very cheerful note, but I guess that's the way it has to go.

Murders in the past week: 23
Torturings: countless

There have been several articles on the papers about how Voldemort's supporters tortured and killed muggles in varying areas. There going around Surrey to seperate towns. In my opinion, that's to close to my parents for my liking. At least the chances of it being them that get tortured and killed are rather low; the deatheaters seem to just take a couple random houses per town and torture the living daylights out of them.

Defense Against the Dark Arts is getting rather intense. Our professor this year is a retired Auror, Professor Synca. He has us doing quite a bit of dueling, and learning about curses. Joan and James went up against each other for a duel. They held their own very well, and after 20 minutes, Synca stopped them.

GryffindorSeeker May 11th, 2004 12:34 am

Febuary 11

I over heard a conversation between James and Lize. I have nothing else to write, so I'll copy it down here.

J: I just don't get it! Why doesn't she...

E: Honestly, James. It's because Lily's not shallow.

J: I never said she was! I was just asking why she won't...

E: Go out with you? Take flattery in your attention? She's not one of those girls. She doesn't swoon over you because you're popular, or....

J: Or handsome?

E: Poor, poor James. Poor, poor, dillusional James.

J: Hey! I take offense in that!

E: (dramatically) Oh! How ever will you go on? (sound of someone falling against the wall)

J: (laughing) Honestly, Iza, why?

E: She doesn't want some arrogant idiot who can't care for anyone but himself!

(I wonder how many conversations about me they've had? This one's making me feel slightly awkward, I will admit)

J: I am not arrogant! I care about other people!

E: (sighs) I know that, but I've known you all my life. She doesn't know you that well, and everytime you go near her, you act like such a git that I don't know why I'm related to you! You hex people, you scoff, you act all high and mighty, I mean James! You're better than that! She doesn't know that because you've never been normal around her!

J: She should stop putting up that 'Hard to Get' Act! She knows she likes me!

E: James!

J: Yeah?

E: Stop acting like a freak and get over yourself!

It sounded like they were about to leave the room, so I left in a hurry.

GryffindorSeeker May 12th, 2004 12:23 am

Feb 14

Tomorrow's the Hogsmeade visit, and I've discovered I don't know what I'm going to do! Everyone but me is going with a date it seems (except Potter, but who cares about him).

Alice is going with Frank.

Joan is going with Remus. (very strange couple)

Eliza is going with Sirius. (I see a strange trend)

James is going.... stag. (Why do they keep saying literally and laughing. I see there's a joke in it, but I don't get it!)

Peter is going with some Hufflepuff girl... She's a third year. (I see a very strange trend.)

[big blot]


[another big blot]

Oh! He's going down!

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