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Originally Posted by atherella
Right. Like I said on Page 5, it was NEVER explicity said that was what Snape would be doing, other than his sarcastic answer to Harry when Harry accused him of being the spy. We do know at one point Snape was a spy for the order, but there doesn't seem to be a way that he could do it now. I think that JKR may have let us all assume that Snape is still spying, but I imagine it'll turn out he'll be doing something else, and something BIG.
Meh, I've already posted my "Snape-is-a-decoy-spy-to-distract-V-from-whoever-the-real-spy-is" theory a couple of times in other threads and can't be bothered to go throught it all again, so instead I'll post a new idea;

Maybe he's actually sabotaging whatever work V and the DEs are doing? Though this could be the same as feeding them misinfomation. Hmm. Maybe he's recruiting DEs to rebel against V?

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