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First of all there's the fact that Voldemort can penetrate minds, he can tell when someone is lying or decieving him. I can't see Snape being powerful enough to fool him.
But Snape specifically says that it is possible to lie directly to Voldemort if you are an occlumens. He tells Harry at the beginning of the occlumency lessons.

Also, one thing that's always bugged me. Remember in PS when Snape confronts Quirrell in the Forbidden Forest and goes to such great lengths to prevent him getting the stone. Well, Voldemort was in Quirrells head! If Quirrell knew about Snapes attempts to stop him getting the stone then so does Voldemort.
Yes, but Snape's lines to Quirrell are very vague - "decide which side you're on," etc. Snape could easily lie to Voldemort and tell him that he thought Quirrell was trying to get the PS for his own reasons and not to help V. After all, it does not appear that Quirell ever told Snape - hey you stupid DE, I'm trying to get it to our lord and master.

The only thing I think would be a real impediment is the fact that Snape saved Harry and Quirrell realized this. Not sure how Snape would get around that, but I assume he and DD had a plan or lie already concocted (maybe, "I had to do it b/c of the life debt") based on their conversation at the end of GOF.

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