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Originally Posted by on previous thread
Katie is the captain


I think Katie will be the Captain of the Quidditch team. She is the oldest remaining player on the team.

Here's my lineup of for HBP

Chasers - Katie, Ginny, New person

Beaters - Seamus is a possibility, Returning beaters

Seeker - Harry

Keeper - Ron.

With the whole will the captain let Ron stay thing, I think JKR was joking. Remember in OotP Ron wanted to quit the whole time, but Angelina wouldn't let him.

Why do everyone think that the Creevy's will be the new beaters? That doesn't make sense to me. They are both very small and unless they put on huge growth spurts this summer, I don't think they'll work out. Besides other than as a fan neither has shown any interest in Quidditch. Also a player has never been replaced on the Quidditch team unless they left school or got kicked off by Umbridge. This would lead me to believe that the two guys who were beaters in OotP will also be in HBP.

The same goes for Dean Thomas. The only reason that I can see him being on the team next year is because of Ginny. With those two going out, he might try out for the team.

I tend to agree about Katie being captain. It seems unlikely the two beaters Andrew and Jack would have been 7th years in book 5 so they should be available. That leaves another chaser required, assuming Ron stays as goal, and Harry seeker, with Ginny trying for chaser. Dean hasn't shown any interest so far, but he could try out to join his girlfriend. Seamus would have been asked during book 5 as well. Alternatively another 5th or 4th year might take an interest.

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