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I have to agree, I think Katie Bell (being the oldest on the team) will get the captainship for Book 6, with either Ron or Harry taking over in Book 7 (my bet is Ron, as he's already made Prefect and I suspect he'll make Head Boy *crosses fingers for the Mirror from Book 1 to come true*)

I think Ginny is a shoein for one of the Chaser spots, and the other I think Seamus might try out for, which I think would be cool.

As for the Beaters, I would assume the two that replaced Fred and George will return, unless Katie bumps them down to the reserve team, but I'll bet they return.

I hope JRK keeps at it with the ammount of quidditch in her books, I would hate to have the ammount of quidditch we saw in the PoA movie, actually turn up in a book!

My pen wouldn't write on the screen *shrug*
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