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Harry and Katie have been on the team the same amount of time except for Harrys expulsion from the team last year. I think Katie will be captain in HBP not because she is better then Harry or because she older but her position on the team gives her a better sitiuanal awareness during games and practice then Harry. Harry as seeker must search for the snitch which requires significant amount of concentration and triing manage the team and seek would be difficult with out it hurting the team. Now I know Cedric was seeker and captain but the 2 matches we know about that he captained Huffelpuff was getting beaten badly and only a dementer attack saved them againt Griffendor. In closing Katie becomes the captain mainly by default.

P.S. I did consider Ron because as keeper he's in perfect postion to manage the game but he lacks seniority, natural leadership, and must of all consistent confidence in his own abilty.

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