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Here is how I look at it. Harry is assertive, the best player around. Remeber in Book 1 wood said he was better than charlie already and charlie could have played for England. That is impressuve. Harry will not stand on the sidelines. He is a good leader who can teach well. And when his is leading he always tries to be very fair. Although im sure Katie is a fine chaser and leader she has already been willing to take lessons from harry as she did in the DA. She had no problem liostening to him. Harry has been on the team just as long as Katie xcept for the tear she was a reserve. Senority is a big part to choosing i think but skill and ability to lead will be far more imprtant. Harry will be captain. Heneeds this more than ever to get his mind off things. Since he isn't a prefect he will need something to take up his time so he doesn't just sit and think about the prophesy. Also he will then have it for two years in a row which will help the team. especially if he wins the cup. I just don't see Katie being the leader. She always seemed to be really quite

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