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I have a hunch that everthing that has been protecting Harry thus far will be compromised somehow, for example the Dursley's house on Privet Drive, Dumbledore, Hogwarts and the Ootp headaquarters at 12 Grimmauld Place. For Harry I think it's going to come down to the old saying "no where to run, nowhere to hide".

I agree. While it is true that Voldemort wants Harry dead, there are several things to consider:

1) Voldemort doesn't care who he kills to do it
2) Harry is extremely well protected by the "blood protection" at the Dursley House; 12 Grimmauld Place and Hogwarts. But if Harry steps ONE TOE outside either of those places, he has to have armed guards surrounding him.

I think in Book 7 - Voldemort and his Death Eaters will mount a full scale attack to "smoke out" Harry.

Voldemort is using "stealth" means right now because he's still building up his army and supporters. But I also believe he has spies every where to figure out ways to breach the security around Harry.

And it's not impossible.

BOOK 1: Voldemort possessed Quirrel and got into Hogwarts
BOOK 2: Lucious Malfoy was able to get the Riddle Diary into the school via Ginny.
BOOK 3: Sirius Black was able to get Hogwarts AND Gryffindor Tower AND Harry's dormitory with the help of only Lupin.
BOOK 4: Barty Crouch Jr. was able to become a Hogwarts TEACHER with easy access to Harry by taking out Mad Eye and impersonating him for a YEAR.
BOOK 5: Voldemort was able to get inside Harry's head and lure him out of the school.

Rowling has shown in EVERY book that it's possible to get around Hogwart's security and the people protecting Harry. Add that to the fact that the whole house of SLYTHERIN is full of possible traitors and spies that could work from the inside of Hogwarts to figure out a way to get onto the grounds and mount an attack.

So I think one by one Harry's "safe places" will be taken out. The Dursley house will be first. That's going down in book 6. JK said that Harry will spend his shortest summer yet there.

I fear that The Burrow/Weasley House will be attacked too. A Weasley will die. Maybe more than one. Another place that Harry feels like is home will be taken away from him.

Then in Book 7 - 12 Grimmauld Place will be breached. And I suspect Kreacher will play a big part in that. Since he played a part in smoking Sirius out and luring him to his death.

Then Harry will only have Hogwarts left as a safe place. But all these events will serve to break down Harry emotionally to make him vulnerable as well as making him physically vulnerable.

By the end full out WAR will be on the Hogwarts grounds.

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