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Originally Posted by ikuko
I do not think he will need to INVIDE Hogwarts. if I am to believe the patterns, LV will teach DADA in the 7th book . Perhaps in disguise, though.
see for yourself
Book1. Evil Quirell posessed by LV
Book 2. A pompous self-important mediocrity
Book 3. All around good guy with a tragic secret
Book 4. Evil Crouch Jr. in service of LV
Book 5. A pompous self-important mediocrity

if we follow the pattern,
Book 6. All around good guy/gal with a tragic secret
Book 7. Someone evil in disguise with connection to LV. As Book 7 is the time for the final show-down, I can see JKR breaking her habit of introducing a completely new person for a DADA teacher. He might appear new, but it will be the oldie Voldie we all know and love all the same.
Oh wow. I never thought of that pattern. Wow that may be right. That is a cool thought.

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