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This is something that has just crossed my mind. And I apologize if it has been said before.

Now that I think about it, I find that Harry being called "The boy who lived" isn't a very promising nickname.

Since, it is in the past tense I gives me the feeling that Harry is already dead, that he was never truly alive at all. I hope you all can understand what I am saying, because I am starting to confuse myself a bit. Then I consider the prophecy, and I get the sense that both Harry and Voldemort must die or both live together. I don't know why, but I always imagined that Voldemort transfered a portion of himself into little baby Harry. And at the end of book four, Harry (though not willing) transfered a portion of himself into Voldemort.

So, in a sense, if Harry was to kill Voldemort, he wouldn't be completely gone, a small portion of Voldie would exist in Harry, and vice versa. This leads me to think that in order to truly defeat/vanquish/end Voldemorts evil Harry would have to die as well. In the same way, if Voldemort was to truly kill Harry, he would have to destroy himself as well.

I see Harry realizing this fact first, and doing what he must to defeat Voldemort.

So, yes, I must agree with the others that I think Harry's death would be the best (and most likely) ending. And I don't see it as negating what his parents did for him. They died so that he may live, and so he dies so that others may live. I see it as Harry continuing has parents heroic legacy, not negating it.

But that's just my two scents.

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