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Personally, I think as DD said, there are worse things than death. Look at the Longbottoms. I don't want Harry to die, but I'd rather him die defeating Voldemort than to live in a horrible state for many years after the fight.

In my "ideal" world, poor Ron will sadly but nobly die, along with most of the Weasley family, save Fred and George, who were hiding in the basement protecting their merchandise. Ginny is the last to die, and poor Harry is left alone with Hermione. In their sadness, they unite, and they have two children, whom they name Ron and Ginny. Neville gets Bella and his parents finally are able to pass on in peace.
They all live, Hermione and Ron get together, Harry and Ginny get together, and they all are one big, happy, Weasley family.
They all die, save Neville and Ginny.

I do think it would be awfully sad to have created such a tragic character as Harry Potter, with such a sad and violent life, to only kill him in the end, or to kill all the people he loves and leave him in pain. He is an orphan though, so maybe he'd be the perfect tragic character to sacrifice for the sake of peace. But, I know JKR is much more creative than I am, so I'm sure I'll be satisfied with whatever she intends.

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