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My bet is that he goes to Grimmauld Palace for one or more of the following reasons:

He got a good deal of OWLS and they celebrate and possibly have to set it up for their next classes as I did not hear any mention of next years classes, since they don't know if they passed owls in the subjects.

He is given Grimmauld Palace as part of Sirius' will, if he had one.

He goes there to get a head start with Ron and Herms in some EXTRA defense against the dark arts training before school....which would also help them teach the other students in the DA later.

They receive training in order to become part of the OOTP, since they, with Neville and Luna, actually fought the death eaters already in the MoM. Maybe they make them official members of the OOTP.

Maybe he goes to Grimmauld palace as part of a celebration for Fred and George for doing great business in their Joke Shop.

What ever it is we know it is under pleasant situations as I think that is along the lines of what JKR said.

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