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So, in a sense, if Harry was to kill Voldemort, he wouldn't be completely gone, a small portion of Voldie would exist in Harry, and vice versa. This leads me to think that in order to truly defeat/vanquish/end Voldemorts evil Harry would have to die as well. In the same way, if Voldemort was to truly kill Harry, he would have to destroy himself as well.
I agree with your reasoning, but I do not remember when Harry transfered some of himself in book 4. Anyway, I belive that Voldemort will die after his seventh defeat. I say seven beacause:

Book one: Harry gets saved by his parents, Harry kills Quirel "The man with two faces"
Book 2: Appears as his 16 year old self and Harry kills the diary
Book 4: the graeyard and the wand were Cedric meets his death
Book 5: The prophecies and the MOM

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