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Originally Posted by DumblysArmy
No one can lie to the Dark Lord, the Dark Lord always knows. This comes from Ootp and it shows that Snape fears Voldemort greatly. It also tells us that Snape is no match for Voldemort. If Snape is returning to Voldemort to spy on him and the DE's I am sure Voldemort will know. Voldemort is much to powerful for Snape. This is from Gof, Karkaroff is the coward, Snape is believed to have left forever. This shows that Voldemort is already onto Snape and he will be killed.
It is obvious that Snape is a spy because of that scene in the OotP, where Harry was learning Occlumency from Snape.


Snape: It is not your job to find out what the dark lord is planning, Potter!
Harry: No that's your job isn't it?
Snape: (He smiles in a wicked way)Yes Potter, that is my job.

But I don't believe that Snape still might be a faithful servant of Voldemort. And I believe that Voldemort trusts him also or else Voldemort would have killed him a long time ago.

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