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Originally Posted by Cherub
Wow, I had no idea about that interview!

It would be really interesting to read the transcript of the interview if you know where you can get it.
It was mentioned some times here are some of the quotes:
Q:There's an important kind of redemptive pattern to Snape
JK:He, um, there's so much I wish I could say to you, and I can't because it would ruin. I promise you, whoever asked that question, can I just say to you that I'm slightly stunned that you've said that and you'll find out why I'm so stunned if you read Book 7. That's all I'm going to say.
Q:Where as most of the character, like Snape for example, are very hard to love but there's a sort of ambiguity, I think is probably the best word. You can't quite decide, there's something rather sad about Snape as well, something very lonely and you kind of, although he turns out to of course have such a wicked past and it's fascinating to watch how the first book we thought he was the evil one and apart from Voldemort the most evil and in the second we thought that and slowly we just get this idea that maybe he's not so bad after all.
JK:Yeees. You shouldn't think he's too nice, let me just say that. ...He's worth keeping an eye on, definitely.

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