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On one hand I want to say yes Voldemort does know. Simply because everyone says he is so great at legitamacy. And if he is as good as everyone says you would think that he would be able to breeze might through Snapes brain and figure out that he is the spy. But on the other hand, Snape is still alive and working for the order. So, that leads me to think that Voldemort doesn't know. Because you would think that if he did he would have done something to Snape by now. Perhaps Snape is better at occulmency (not sure on the sp) than Voldemort is at legitamacy. But then Harry broke through Snape at one point. (oh wow, I am getting so off topic!!)
Anyway, I'm going to say that Snape just rocks at the occulmency thing and that's why Voldemort hasn't seen through him yet!

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