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Originally Posted by vickilind
Wooden, I agree. I don't think it would be prudent for Harry to see Ron or Hermione yet. He has so much to deal with and while the two of them are well meaning, they tend to push him to talk before he's ready.
Yes, they can pretty pretty blunt sometimes and a little Molly-ish. As early as GoF we see Harry thinking twice about confiding in them because of how he knows they will react.
Time alone with Remus will be a time of healing. Harry needs that.
They both do.
I have a question; do you think Remus knows the wording of the entire prophesy? I think DD has kept it between himself, the keeper of the prophesies and now, Harry, but I would like some thoughts on it.
He knows about the prophesy and that is about Harry and LV, but I don't think he knows the specifics or has heard it for himself, no. I think you're right that the only people who have are Harry and Dumbledore.

"It occurred to Remus then that Sirius was perhaps the smartest idiot he knew. A mind so sharp it could slice through the most convoluted of puzzles, and yet so flexible it repeatedly managed to sidestep the obvious answer" - from "The Wolf Who Cried Boy"

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