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Originally Posted by vickilind
Yeah, I think so too. I think the first person Harry will tell the entirerty (SP?) to will be Remus though. I can almost picture the scene;
Harry has just told Remus and Remus sits, shocked to hear it all. Gathering his thoughts, he speaks to Harry with such kindness in his voice, telling him the burden must be almost unbearable.
Remus would be a good person to tell because he wouldn't be disbelieving or sneery, wouldn't panic [ like Ron and Molly ] or try to give Harry instructions all at once [ like Hermione ]

It may be the first time the two touch in an intimate manner. By that, I mean a hug of some kind. Maybe an arm over Harrys shoulder while he tries to explain why it must be that way.
Yes, I hope they get beyond the physical barriers they've had, they seem to be moving that way by the end of OotP
Makes me want to cry.
Lets cry together

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