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I think we are all agreed that Harry will need to stay in Privet Drive for at least a wee while (2 weeks, less...?) But I think the reason he will leave could be a few different ones that I have mentioned already. Stay with the Weasleys, tuition for defence, (either just Harry and co. or open to anyone), stay at Hogwarts, stay at 12 GP but not sure about that one. It could be a combination of some like staying at Weasleys and getting tuition.

I think it will be 2 weeks or less in Privet Drive. I think it says somewhere that he needs to stay for a week each year so I don't see the need for him to stay much longer and I think others will think the same. If he needs to go back for protection he can. Maybe they could set up a port key that only they know about and not the dursleys so he can get back if he needs to...

"Harry looked up at him and saw a tear trickling down Dumbledore's face into his long silver beard"
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